About Us

Our Mission

Do you ever feel like it is impossible to navigate around the good and the bad products when shopping online? We feel like that all the time, and that’s why we started Supreme Five. Whatever you are looking out to buy, we will try to give you the best possible recommendations for your needs.

Our recommendations are made through thorough extensive research and testing. They are in no way biased by anything but our personal opinion. We strive to provide the most accurate information, thus we carefully pick the products for our articles and select the most important qualities of them.  

Naturally, it can be hard to make recommendations that suit everyone. Each person has a different style and preferences, so we try to give you a manageable selection of different products to choose from. If you find that we are missing any product or review, you are more than welcome to contact us, and we will try to look into it.

Do we earn money from blogging about specific products?

The short answer is yes. We may receive a small commission from products that are sold through affiliate links on our website, but this does not affect our recommendations or reviews. We always write our recommendations and editorial content without any commercial or economic interest. We always have you, the reader, in mind and we want to provide you with the best quality products and content. We would never recommend anything to you if we didn’t like the products or feature a product because we could earn some money if you bought it.

We do by no means earn money from every single product that we recommend. In fact, most of the products we recommend we don’t get any commission if you buy through a link from our website.

The most important thing to us is that the readers of the blog can trust us. If we were biased in our recommendations, readers wouldn’t trust our work, and the whole purpose of our blog would fall to the ground.