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5 Reasons To Start Off The New Year With A Nordgreen Accessory

The new year is upon us! 2022 is over with, and we’ve finally broken into 2023 – a year of new beginnings. But sloping off of the holiday season can sometimes leave us feeling a bit blue. So fast have the days passed, spent in the company of friends and family gathered around the fireplace, sharing stories, gifts and good food. But on goes winter, with January, February – some places even March – enveloping us in crisp, cold blankets of gray and ice. It can take a treat or two to keep us upbeat and get us through these months, as we prepare ourselves for greener months ahead, chirping birds and sunshine.

Lucky for you, Nordgreen is well aware of both the come-down symptoms and the remedies that can help cure them, and is thus offering irresistible deals on select pieces from their archive. Whether it’s a watch or some additional straps to spice up the model(s) you already own, this Sale is bound to uplift your spirit once more and up-level your style-bar for the rest of 2023. Now, we’re not ones to endorse senseless shopping for the sake of quick-fix satisfaction though. Because of this, we want to give a deeper glimpse into why the philanthropic Danish accessory brand’s products are worth every penny you invest in them – especially when you can save up to 80%. 


Choose your favorite watch model up to 60% off, a watch bundle up to 45% off, and/ or individual strap(s) up to 80% off, from our exclusive archive sale.

Create a personalized accessory kit with your choice of watch and up to two additional straps, or choose from amongst Nordgreen’s pre-curated combinations,
for him and for her, and save up to 15%.

5 Reasons Why Nordgreen Should Make Your X-Mas Shopping List:

1. They’ve Made Longevity A Priority


Quality is key at Nordgreen, so the company has taken every measure known to make sure their customers are satisfied with their goods for as long as possible – quite in contrast to some of their quick-fix-reliant peers. Their accessory collections are made with Sapphire crystal, stainless steel, bio-acetate, brass and even diamonds, and every watch, piece of jewelry or pair of shades comes with a 2 year warranty. The site also offers detailed guides on how to best maintain your new companions. Their newest family member, the Guardian, is even said to have been made to last for up to 100 years. 

This endurance pertains to the manufacturing and materials of the watches as much as it does to the aesthetics of Nordgreen. Even new iterations of core collection pieces – like recently added colorways, crystal embellishments or Clous de Paris textures for watch dials – are kept subtle enough to add edge without falling victim to superfluous fads, which, in turn, plays right into reason number 3 later…


2 year warranty
◾ Durable Materials 
◾ Care guides on the website

Discover the Selection

all timepiece bundles Up to 20% off

Crystal Sunray Dial
/ Gold Mesh Strap
Crystal Sunray Dial
/ Silver 5-link Strap
Textured Black Dial
/ Black Leather Strap
Textured Grey Dial
/ Silver 3-link Strap

2. They’re Scandinavian, Duh.

Nordgreen is based in copenhagen, denmark.

One of the more obvious and perhaps even most persuasive reasons is simply that the brand derives from Denmark – a place known for its offensively stylish people, its great design traditions, and gray skyscapes. If anyone knows how to combine poise and practicality, it’s the Danes. Dress to impress? Yes, but also: Dress to function, come wind, come rain – a mantra the company’s award-winning designer Jakob Wagner is well-familiar with. Having cut his teeth at brands like Bang & Olufsen, HAY or Cappellini, Wagner now lends his skilled eye to Nordgreen’s timewear, merging beauty with pragmatism.

Nordgreen’s watches are timewear’s embodiment of these sentiments, a manifestation of timeless fashion-forwardness and high adaptability in performance. Every single one of their models clocks in at at least 3, and up to 10 ATM, and can thus withstand light drizzles, heavy showers, and icy blizzards alike – all whilst adding that final, je ne sais quoi element (that’s French, not Danish, we’re aware) to your layered look. 


◾ Timeless Scandinavian design
◾ iF Design Award (2021) & RedDot Award (2020)
◾ Watches’ Water Resistance : Up to 10 ATM

3. They Create Personalized Sets

One or two additional straps, or Jewelry to accompany your timepiece

What’s great about Nordgreen watches is that they are all designed to feel contemporary without riding the coattails of trends. Nonetheless, we all like a bit of variety and to switch it up a little bit every now and then. Unlike many other watches in, above or below their price range, Nordgreen watches are easily editable to accommodate your every move. What that means in practice is that the vast selection of watch straps offered are easily interchangeable to lend effortless versatility.

So, if you can foresee yourself getting bored, go ahead and create your own set, according to your own taste. With the help of their website’s Set Builder, you can choose your model and select up to three accompanying straps, making your personalized timepiece immune to any style-, occasion, or moodswing. NEW: Sets now also come with your choice of a watch and a piece of jewelry, offering you a genre-spanning constellation of high quality products to wear together or as singles, to the office or the club.


◾ Easily interchangeable straps
◾ Customize a set or choose amongst pre-built ones
◾ Save up to 15% by opting for a bundle

explore pre-made sets

special Holiday prices

Crystal Sunray Dial
/ 5-link & Leather Straps
Crystal Sunray Dial
/ Mesh & Leather Straps
Textured Black Dial
/ 3-link & Leather Straps
Textured Grey Dial
/ 3-link & Leather Straps

or you can create your own

4. They Make Affordable, luxurious Jewels

Hot-Off-The-Press Jewelry with Respect and responsibility at its core

Recently, as a brand that has become known and loved for their watches, Nordgreen introduced its clientele to a variety of bespoke jewellery items that reflect and resonate with the young company’s central ethos. Across three primary aesthetic virtues – Earth, Ocean, Urbanity – Nordgreen offers an array of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, for him and for her. 

Inspired by the likes of Amelia Earhart or mediterranean mythology, the pieces radiate with elegance and sophistication, without ever reading as heavy-handed. Available in hues of silver, gold, and rosé, the women’s lines of bracelets, necklaces and earrings seek to grace the wrists, necks and lobes of an eclectic, modern woman – a woman unafraid of expressing herself but uninterested in being defined by how she looks or what she wears. For men, we see sleek bracelets, in Bronzite, Lavastone or cotton, perfect to underpin his understated confidence.



◾ Jewelry for Him and Her
◾ Inspired by Nature and Modernity
◾ Available with Watch Sets
◾ Stainless Steel, Lavastone, Diamonds and other materials

5. They Give Back

every Product supports a great cause.

Last but certainly not least, we have the fact that Nordgreen is a brand that gives back, quite literally. An operation led under the “Giving Back Program” moniker, the Scandinavian watchmakers allow customers to personally engage in the company’s efforts for a better tomorrow. A portion of every product-sold’s revenue is donated to one of three benevolent organizations – Cool Earth, Water For Good, or Pratham UK – to benefit causes relating to the preservation of Latin America’s rainforests, Central Africa’s water distribution systems, or the education of children in India, respectively, alongside the support of other seasonal, localized initiatives per sales-territory. 

As previously implied, Nordgreen puts heavy emphasis on their environmental responsibility. This becomes evident, for instance, in their use of recycled materials for their packaging. The aforementioned Guardian model is the epitome of said ethos; a watch made from 85% recycled stainless steel, delivered in 3D-printed packaging that consists of retrieved and refined plastic waste, and strategically engineered to be disassembled in the event of its return, so its components can be reused and contribute to a more circular supply chain. 

Similarly, Nordgreen offers a range of Refurbished watches, so timepieces that were sent back and repaired, granting them a second chance at life as opposed to simply being tossed in the trash. Further, both vegan and animal-based materials, like leather, are ethically sourced and certified to meet the greenest of standards, and emissions are offset in partnership with CleanHub.


◾ Responsible product materials
◾ Responsible packaging made of upcycled plastic
◾ Refurbished collection available
◾ Vegan leather collection available
◾ Carbon emission offset

Nordgreen's responsible collection

from refurbished, To vegan, to science-backed watches


From $151


From $189


From $189





Check out Nordgreen’s watches, sunglasses, and jewelry pieces, all of which are committed to respecting and protecting all communities of people, the grounds we live on, and collectively navigating into a more sustainable future for generations to come.