5 Reasons to Buy a Pair of MW Metal Sunglasses

If you’ve heard of MessyWeekend Copenhagen (Danish eyewear startup), you’re familiar with their handcrafted sunglasses and their belief that good quality shouldn’t equate high prices. If you haven’t heard about them just yet (no sweat, they’re only 2 years old), they offer handcrafted designer sunglasses starting at only €60. However, what’s been lacking from their collection is a selection of metal frames. Now, that is no longer case! 

MessyWeekend has just launched three new metal frames – ARI, LENNON, and QUENTIN.

Without further ado, here are the five reasons you should consider investing in a pair of metal frames from MessyWeekend!

1. The price point is beyond compare

The (relatively) new metal collection will only set you back between €90-€115. Yes—we know, that’s still a considerable amount, but if you’re looking for a pair of high-end shades that will keep your eyes safe and your face looking gorgeous for years, we suggest you continue reading.  

The handcrafted frames and hinges are first-grade stainless steel (100% nickel free), the lenses are American Triton, and some of the models come with hand-stitched leather patches on the temples and between the lenses. The shades are delivered with a vegan leather case for safekeeping and a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

In short, comparable brands will cost you 2-3x more, and that makes this a seriously interesting deal.

2. Danish design at its best

If there is one thing Danes know, it’s design…and pastries, but that’s for another time. The new models ARI, LENNON, and QUENTIN are all designed in Copenhagen. They’re sleek and stylish, yet each model has its own design details that set it apart. LENNON is the most simple of the three, but that’s part of its charm. It works on anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere. Classic. 

ARI is definitely best suited for those who like a statement piece. The oversized lenses and leather accents give these sunglasses an air of exclusivity and some major wow factor. Prepare to make heads turn.

With a trim in either black or tortoise around the lenses, crisscross etchings in the metal temples, the new signature MW logo subtly imprinted close to the hinges, and leather stitched onto the ends of each temple, QUENTIN packs the proverbial punch—design-wise, that is. 

Essentially, there really is a pair for everyone, which brings us to our third point.

3. A fit for anyone and everyone—and they’re adjustable

It’s great to have different sunglasses for different outfits and occasions. But design is really only half the story. If they don’t fit you, they really aren’t worth anything, right? Luckily, all of these metal frames are well-suited for most faces—plus!—they are adjustable. As they are metal frames, they all come with nose pads that can be moved, so they sit just right on your beautiful face. 

I think I might’ve just heard a collective groan through time and space from all of you with long hair. Yes, as practical as adjustable nose pads are, they can sometimes be tricky if you want to place them on top of your head. No need to worry, because along with the better quality materials, these sunglasses also got an upgrade in storage! Each model comes with an MW vegan leather case that’s easy to open and close, so you can place them safely and save yourself a tangled mess.

4. Risk-free shopping: free shipping, 30-days free return AND two-year warranty

The butterflies in your stomach just aren’t there? No worries, send ’em back! MessyWeekend offers free shipping and free returns, so this is some good ol’ fashioned zero-risk shopping. Order a pair from their website, try them on, and if they aren’t quite right, just return them at zero cost to you. You could put on a little runway show for your friends, family, or pets—entirely up to you. And when you find the perfect pair, you’ll enjoy a 2-year warranty! What’s there to lose?

5. Your purchase will facilitate plastic clean up

For every pair sold, MessyWeekend donates part of the revenue to an NGO, securing 2 kg of plastic waste is cleaned from our oceans. Also, known as their 1 = 2 initiative, you can read more about the project on their website, on the Clean Oceans page. In today’s day and age, people are starting to expect more and more from the brands they buy. The focus is mainly on the large brands, as they are seen as more capable of bringing about greater change, but this startup has proven that any brand, no matter the size, is more than capable of doing their part. Bravo, MessyWeekend!