5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Ahold Of Nordgreen’s New Jewellery Collection

If Nordgreen sounds familiar to you then you’re probably thinking about their award-winning watches, or their newly released line of responsible sunglasses. What you’re most likely not thinking about is their jewellery collections – yet. But that is about to change. Come October, the Danish accessory brand is ready to seize new territory.

After having successfully made waves in both time- and eyewear, the B-Corp Certified minimalists are ready to introduce to the world their latest creative outpourings, which come in shape of delicate bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Below, learn all you need to know about Nordgreen, how they aim to change the world for the better with what they do, and meet their new family members.

5 Reasons to Go For Nordgreen's New Jewellery Collection

1. They’ve Made Longevity A Priority


Quality is key at Nordgreen, so the company has taken every measure known to make sure their customers are satisfied with their products for as long as possible – quite in contrast to some of their quick-fix-reliant peers. Their hot-off-the-press jewellery collection contains stainless steel, lavastone, even diamonds, and every piece comes with a 2 year warranty. The site also offers detailed guides on how to best maintain your new jewels so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. 

This endurance pertains to the manufacturing and materials of their product palette as much as it does to the aesthetics of Nordgreen’s assortment. Even new iterations of core collection watches – like recently added colorways, crystal embellishments or Clous de Paris textures for dials – are kept subtle enough to add edge without falling victim to superfluous fads, which, in turn, plays right into reason number 3 later…


◾ 2 year warranty
◾ Care guide on the website
◾ Exquisite Materials: Stainless steel, Mother of Pearl etc.

explore the brand new Jewellery Collection

Rope Bracelet, Green


Smoky Quartz Bracelet, Gold


Earring Set, Stainless Steel and Mother of Pearl, Gold


Earring Set, Stainless Steel and Diamond, Silver


2. They’re Scandinavian, Duh.

Nordgreen is based in copenhagen, denmark.

One of the more obvious and perhaps even most persuasive reasons is simply that the brand derives from Denmark – a place known for its offensively stylish people, its great design traditions, and gray skyscapes. If anyone knows how to combine poise and practicality, it’s the Danes. Dress to impress? Yes, but also: Dress to function, come wind, come rain – a mantra the company’s award-winning designer Jakob Wagner is well-familiar with. Having cut his teeth at brands like Bang & Olufsen, HAY or Cappellini, Wagner now lends his skilled eye to Nordgreen, merging beauty with pragmatism.

Nordgreen’s accessories are the embodiment of these sentiments, a manifestation of timeless fashion-forwardness and high adaptability in performance. Every single one of their new jewellery items is made to accompany you through any mood, weather or occasion  – all whilst adding that final, je ne sais quoi element (that’s French, not Danish, we’re aware) to your layered look.


◾ Timeless Scandinavian aesthetics
◾Award-winning design
◾ Tasteful and diversified

3. They're FAR More Than Vapid Fashion Goods

Profound craftsmanship & EFFORTLESS VERSATILITY

What’s great about Nordgreen is that they design with a refined sensibility for the contemporary without riding the coattails of trends. Their products are not just stuff for stuff’s sake or cheap rollout made for and by ephemeral social media fads. Every collection, every model has a profound origin story and creative foundation that evolves over time and fleshes out the item’s standalone personality – jewellery is no exception here.

A premier for the brand that has become known and loved for their watches, Nordgreen introduced its clientele to a variety of bespoke jewellery items that reflect and resonate with the young company’s central ethos. Across three primary aesthetic virtues – Earth, Ocean, Urbanity – Nordgreen offers an array of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, for him and for her. 

Inspired by the likes of Amelia Earhart or mediterranean mythology, the pieces radiate with elegance and sophistication, without ever reading as heavy-handed. Available in hues of silver, gold, and rosé, the women’s line seeks to grace the wrists, necks and lobes of an eclectic, modern woman – a woman unafraid of expressing herself but uninterested in being defined by how she looks or what she wears. For men, we see sleek bracelets, in Bronzite, Lavastone or cotton, perfect to underpin his understated confidence. 


◾ Eye-catching accessories that don’t overpower the wearer
◾ Distinct, thoughtful collections
◾ Made to journey from day to night
◾ Immune to trends

explore aw22 ACCESSORIES

Brushed Stainless Steel & Diamond Bracelet, Gold


Polished Stainless Steel & Diamond, Silver


Polished Stainless Steel & Mother of Pearl Necklace, Rosé


Stainless Steel & Bronzite Bracelet


4. They Care For Planet Earth

respect and responsibility at nordgreen

As previously implied, Nordgreen puts heavy emphasis on their environmental responsibility. This becomes evident, for instance, in their use of recycled materials for their packaging. The aforementioned Guardian model is the epitome of said mantra; a watch made from 85% recycled stainless steel, delivered in 3D-printed packaging that consists of retrieved and refined plastic waste, and strategically engineered to be disassembled in the event of its return, so its components can be reused and contribute to a more circular supply chain. 

Similarly, Nordgreen now offers a range of Jewellery that intends to enrich the owner with a luxurious, delicate accessory, whilst simultaneously bleeding into their mother company’s good deeds. Nordgreen’s line of Refurbished watches, so timepieces that were sent back and repaired, obviously play into this as well, granting once-flawed timepieces a second chance at life instead of being tossed in the trash. Further, both vegan and animal-based materials, like leather, are ethically sourced and certified to meet the greenest of standards, and emissions are offset in partnership with CleanHub


◾ Responsible product materials
◾ Responsible packaging made of upcycled plastic
◾ Refurbished collection available
◾ Vegan leather collection available
◾ Carbon emission offset

Nordgreen's responsible collection

from refurbished, vegan to science-backed watches


From £124


From £154


From £154



5. They Give Back

every watch supports a great cause.

Last but certainly not least, we have the fact that Nordgreen is a brand that gives back, quite literally. An operation led under the “Giving Back Program” moniker, the Scandinavian watchmakers allow customers to personally engage in the company’s efforts for a better tomorrow. A portion of every timepiece sold’s revenue is donated to one of three benevolent organizations – Cool Earth, Water For Good, or Pratham UK – to benefit causes relating to the preservation of Latin America’s rainforests, Central Africa’s water distribution systems, or the education of children in India, respectively, alongside the support of other seasonal, localized initiatives per sales-territory. 

If you’re not currently on the hunt for anything bling, check out Nordgreen’s watches or their brand new sunglasses, all of which, of course, comply with the same commitment toward respecting and protecting all communities of people, the grounds we live on, and navigating into a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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