You can’t go wrong with Nordgreen Gift Guide: 5 selections

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There are so many choices to make when buying a watch. Do you want something for work or for the weekend? Something for daily wear or special occasions? Which colors — and what kind of strap? If you want versatility, it can feel like you have to invest in a few cheaper models that you can swap around. These fashion watches can look great, but the quality may suffer. How can you get a quality watch and have the freedom to mix up your look?

Enter Nordgreen. This Scandinavian newcomer has a focus on beautifully made and sustainable timepieces. Every part of their process is carefully considered. The watches are designed by award-winner Jakob Wagner, who has also worked with design powerhouses like Bang & Olufsen and Cappellini. When it comes to production, Nordgreen ensures their factories are union-certified, following European labor laws. Even the packaging is made from recycled materials.

There’s a lot to love about Nordgreen. In particular, we love the flexibility in look that the brand offers. They liberate your style by providing a high quality timepiece with easily changeable straps. Their beautifully minimal dials mean that a different strap can take you from a suit to jeans and a tee.

Altogether, with the different dials and straps, Nordgreen watches have 1500 unique combinations. That’s a little overwhelming! They’ve made it easy by curating watches and straps together in bundles. These bundles include a watch dial and two or three straps, rather than the single dial and strap that Nordgreen also offers. It saves you up to 20% — that’s basically a strap for free. 

Does a different strap really make a difference? We certainly think so. We’ve found that shifting a strap depending on the colors of an outfit, the season or the function can take a watch from an irrelevant accessory to a key part of a look. One of the first things that people notice when talking to you is your hands. In the same way bitten nails can detract from an impression of you, so can a watch that clashes with your look or the event. The devil’s definitely in the details — and Nordgreen’s bundles make it easy to get it right.

5 Best Gift Bundles

Whether you’re picking out a gift for a loved one or picking out a treat for yourself, we’ve put together a list of the best bundles from Nordgreen.

The Philosopher is one of Nordgreen’s bestsellers — it suits almost everyone. It’s a great choice for those who like a clean, minimalist look without sacrificing functionality. The eye is drawn in by inclusions like the date and a seconds hand, all highlighted by the subtle cone shape of the dial.

The classic white coloring of the dial is paired with a choice between four metal finishes (silver, gold, rose gold and gunmetal) and two sizes (36 or 40mm).

As more of us start to work from home as well as the office, we’re looking to include more versatile pieces in our wardrobe. We still want to feel like we’ve made an effort and look stylish, even when we’re dressed more casually. This silver three-strap bundle, with black leather, brown leather and matching silver mesh, lets you style your watch for the occasion. While the mesh and black leather give a formal look, the brown is more everyday. It still looks great on your wrist during a video conference, but looks more natural with a shirt and jeans. ‘

This bundle sets you up with the statement-making silver mesh, ideal for formal events, the office classic black leather and the cafe-chic brown leather. Matched with the universally stylish silver finish, it’s a perfect bundle to get three very different looks out of one watch.

2. Pioneer Bundle in Gun Metal

Is the Philosopher a bit too stripped-back for you? The Pioneer, Nordgreen’s award-winning chronograph, comes full of features while maintaining that signature Scandinavian simplicity. The key feature of this watch is the stopwatch, as well as its seconds hand and date.

It’s definitely their biggest and most detailed watch, with a width of 42mm and sunken sub-dials. It also offers three dial colors (black, navy or white) and three different metal options (silver, gun metal and rose gold).

It maintains its Scandi minimalism by a perfect balance between its focal points, making full use of its breadth. Like all good design, it makes a statement without shouting.

This two-strap leather bundle, featuring the black dial, sets you up with two quintessential options for daily life. We like the black dial with the gun metal finish as it provides subtle contrast in the dark face. This is accentuated by the black leather strap, creating a formal, uber-stylish watch. When this feels a bit serious for the occasion, the easy substitution of the brown leather means that you maintain the same good looks while keeping a relaxed aesthetic. 

3. Native Bundle in Rose Gold

Maybe you want to keep the dial simple and express yourself through the straps. The Native is Nordgreen’s true minimalist, with nothing but the time. Even the minute marks are invisible at first glance, though they’re there when you need them. This is coupled with the domed mineral glass to create a watch that’s truly simple and truly beautiful. 

You’ve got lots of options to customise the Native before you even get to the straps. The dial comes in three
sizes (32, 36 & 40mm) and three colors (white, black and navy). Then there’s the choice between the four metal finishes (silver, gold, rose gold and gunmetal). You can really make the Native your own!
This rose gold bundle includes black and brown leather straps and a matching mesh. The feature is the black dial, which sets off the rose gold. It lets the elegance of the design speak for itself. We’ve spoken a bit about the benefits of the black or brown leathers. They’re wonderful options for this watch as well, and transition it to daytime, but the real standout of this bundle is the gold mesh.  The way it shines at the wrist elevates any formal outfit, adding a glamorous touch to eveningwear.


4. Philosopher Bundle in Rose Gold

As one of Nordgreen’s most popular models, it’s not surprising to see the Philosopher again on this list. In rose gold, it’s a watch that is subtly beautiful without looking gaudy.

If you want to go beyond the classic leathers and mesh, this bundle offers unique strap options. It includes olive green nylon, grey and white leather straps. The leathers still let you have a formal look, but the lighter colors keep it fresher overall, and suit a modern style. If you like pushing the boundaries with your fashion, or even having a few accents that set you apart from the crowd, these leathers would suit you well.

The olive green nylon brings in a new texture. The color matches a surprisingly wide variety of clothes, including classic wardrobe staples like white, navy, black and brown.

 As the more casual of the bundle, it pairs well with a breezy cotton button-down and Sunday brunch. 
The three different straps in this bundle give you the ability to switch up your look while maintaining a signature color palette.


Last but not least: the elegant Infinity watch. The glass at the dial curves inwards, creating a subtly interesting piece that draws the eye in. This model only comes in a 32mm size, which favors a small wrist. The refined design, however, makes sure that small doesn’t mean boring. It features the classic white dial and a choice of gold, rose gold or silver metal. 

The simplicity of the Infinity makes it a great option if you want to style it with some more unusual strap colours. This bundle includes leather and mesh straps in sophisticated tones of white, navy blue and silver. Again, these leather options push past the typical black or brown while maintaining their refinement.

If you like to dress for the seasons, the white is a superb option for the warmer months, and the navy for the cooler. The mesh allows you to add a touch more flair and sparkle when you feel like it.





What if none of these are for you?

So none of these bundles feel quite right, but you still want to take advantage of the discounted price?

Nordgreen’s gift guide is here to help!

You can browse their bestselling bundles by men or women. They also filter by dial if you know you like the look of the Philosopher, Pioneer, Native or Infinity. You can see the other bundles they’ve put together and find out which combination of straps would work best for you.

Whichever bundle you pick, Nordgreen’s customizable watches mean that you’ll be able to find a watch that suits your style, every day of the week.