30 Best Cashmere Sweaters for Women

Winters are the most amazing weather as they give us the liberty of choosing our clothes. While people have started wearing thick jackets which are more on a sportier side and possess a ruff and tuff appeal, there are certain down to earth, simple and plain and manageable stuff available. We are talking about the knitted pattern of the clothing and ro be precise, about the Cashmere woolen wears.

Cashmere wool comes from the Cashmere goats which look different to the normal goats and have a thick and long wool. These goats are now available world wide but have their roots in India. This is the reason the word Cashmere is very close to India’s Kashmir which is the originating place of these goats.

The Cashmere wool is a thick ply of wool which gets soft after frequent washes and remains in shape over a longer period of time. They look super elegant when used as a pure ingredient in sweaters while it also gets mixed with synthetic and other natural yarn to add variety to it and make it cost effective.

Here we have come up with a variety of Cashmere woolen garments which are among the best picks for your casual and formal occasions. Here’s the list:

1. State Cashmere Essential Crewneck Sweater 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover for Women

Cashmere wool is known for the softness and the warmth it produces. The state Cashmere essential crewneck long sleeve sweater is a pure luxury. It has a round neck with fits perfectly and keeps you comfortable for extended hours. It is proper ribbed to let you stretch as per your comfort. The stretchable nature of this fabric keeps your arms flexible and fits you properly. A real Cashmere wool doesn’t get pilled off and so is this sweater. The state Cashmere sweater is a great source of pampering and elegance. The navy blue shade of this sweater is accompanied by several other shades as well but this one suits all your outfits.

2. DAIMIDY Cashmere Women's Turtleneck Cashmere Soft Sweaters

A sweater always enhances the wearer’s personality. Hence the reason, it is considered as an elegant outfit and mostly worn on casual and formal occasions. The Daimidy Cashmere women’s turtleneck soft sweater is an amazingly knitted sweater which goes good with almost every outfit you wear depending upon the matching colour. It has a mixed fabric with 82% Tencel Blend and 18% Cashmere wool. Together they form an exquisite combination of wrinkle free and warm garments. It has ribbed collar and cuffs for best fit and presence.

3. Cashmeren Oversized Tunic Side Slits Turtleneck Pullover 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Sweater for Women

The high neck garments started off as a fashion inclusion and they have come up a long way. Most commonly, we see them in winter clothes as they remain warm and keep the wearer cosy. A pure Cashmeren wool high neck looks amazing and helps a lot in chilly winters. The Cashmeren oversized tunic side side slits turtleneck pullover sweater is a great add on to your wardrobe. It has a shorter front and slightly longer back which would suit your youthful appearance. The cloth quality is top notch and keeps you relaxed.

4. Kallspin Women's Cashmere Blended Sweater Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Pullover Office Sweaters for Fall Winter

Winters means being cosy with a lot of thick and fatty clothes. Though not everyone is happy with this season and they still want to be free and not packed in all that fluff. If you also need something which can keep you warm while keeping yourself free, Kallspin women’s Cashmere blend sweater deep V neck long sleeve pullover is a perfect match for your needs. Ithas a blended fabric with a mix of wool, viscose, polyester, nylon and Cashmere. The perfect blend of these 5 fibres make it ultra soft, wrinkle free and fashionable.

5. Cashmeren Soft V-Neck Sweater Cashmere Wool Classic Knit Long Sleeve Pullover for Women

Crafting a simple yet eye catching outfit is a tough and creative job. It requires a premium touch with a minimalistic appearance to suit almost every occasion. The Cashmeren soft V-neck sweater pullover is a perfect mix of these propositions and offers you an elegant and smart looking winter wear. This pullover sweater has a tapered fit for an easy wear. The fabric is a mix of Cashmere and Merino which makes it warm, long lasting, and smart. It won’t get pilled off and offers decent fit and comfort while keeping you warm.

6. DAIMIDY Cashmere Women's Turtleneck Cashmere Soft Sweaters

As soon as someone talks about winters, the high neck pullovers instantly come to mind. Women’s fashion has seen a lot of winter wear and high neck sweaters have always been the popular one. The Daimidy Cashmere Women’s turtleneck sweater is a good example for the same. The bright blue colour looks fab in the get up and would suit any contrast or denim lower with a pair of long boots. It has a blended fabric which is super soft on skin and stretchable enough to keep you relaxed during extended hours.

7. JENNIE LIU Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Ava V Neck Pullover Sweater

A formal outfit is about a collar. Usually people wear a V Neck sweater over it to expose the collar properly. However, wearing a V Neck without shirt makes the outfit a casual one. Consider it as a pro tip while moving out with your mates to a club or dinner venue after your office. The Jennie Liu women’s Cashmere long sleeve pullover sweater is a perfect match for your varied moods. It is ribbed around the cuffs and neck to fit properly and exert necessary weight to it. The length of this sweater is adequate and covers you up to the thighs.

8. JENNIE LIU Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover V Neck Sweater

If you are a working professional, you would probably love wearing a pullover. Jennie Liu women’s Cashmere pullover is an ultimate choice of millennials due to its pure wool configuration. This sweater has ribbed cuffs and neck for best support and comfort. It is a two ply Cashmere V Neck sweater and a must have for every woman’s wardrobe. YOu can wear this sweater in formal as well as casual occasions. The dense knitting is strong enough and status for years.

9. JENNIE LIU Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover Turtleneck Sweater

Jennie Liu is your one stop destination for your Cashmere wear. They have a legacy of manufacturing one of the finest Cashmere wearables. The long sleeve pullover turtleneck sweater is a high neck offering from Jennie Liu. The black shade has a genuine touch of the wool it uses along with the soft and cozy feel. This sweater can be worn alone without any shirt or T-shirt as it sef looks fab and has enough warmth to keep you going during the chilling winters. Keep it maintained with hand wash and lay flat dry.

10. JENNIE LIU Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie Cardigan Sweater

You would seldom find someone without a hoodie. It has become a necessity and without this, you may miss the real fun of winters. Though, if you haven’t had a hoodie for yourself, it’s never too late and here is one of the best Cashmere winter wear for you. This pullover sweater is front open and has a decent hoodie to serve you winter warmth. The grey colour is simple and can be worn on almost any shade. It has 2 pockets to get extra cozy during those late night walks.

11. Enza Costa Women’s Cashmere Blend Cuffed Crew Top with Thumbholes

Light winters always keep us smiling as we need not lock our hands under arms or wear those heavily puffed clothes. This season is best to wear full sleeves and long tops with light portions of woolen material. The Enza Costa Women’s cuffed crew top is a good pick for similar fantasies. This top has very less percentage of Cashmere wool and hence can be worn in mild winters. The touch and feel of this fabric is luxurious so that you can wear it in your formal parties and casual team outings. Wear it with a contrast shaded lower to emphasise the effect.

12. Ckikiou Women Sweaters Batwing Sleeve Casual Cashmere Jumpers Winter Pullovers

While people find extremely cozy clothes during winters which are nothing but a reformed quilt, wearing lighter clothes that can get you a considerable warmth is a favourable deal. The Ckikiou women’s batwing sweater is a jumper winter’s pullover for casual outing and weekend get together. The fabric is very elastic to keep you in your comfort and stretch as much as you want. You can easily machine wash this sweater on a regular basis without much of a fuss.

13. Liny Xin Women's Cashmere Oversized Loose Knitted Crew Neck Long Sleeve Winter Warm Wool Pullover Long Sweater Dresses Tops

Designer clothing is a hot segment and when it comes to woolen, the variety just skyrockets. A loose top with designer knitting is a pure gem and wearing the same offers an amazingly comfortable experience. The off white pullover loose top looks really good and has a perfect fit. It makes a great combination with long boots and could be an ideal outfit for club and pub parties. The fabric is good for hand wash and can be maintained for long.

14. State Cashmere Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover for Women

If you are fond of wearing lighter shades during winters, sky blue is an all time favourite. While this colour looks amazing in V collar sweaters, it has an amazing appearance with high necks too. The State Cashmere ribbed turtleneck sweater is a long sleeve pullover winter wear which is a perfect delight for casual, formal and daily wear. The soft woven fabric is made out of 100% Cashmere wool and henec, it’s warm enough to keep you going. You’ll be comfortable with the ribbed waist, cuff and collar.

15. State Cashmere Oversized Turtleneck Tunic Sweater 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover for Women

If you are pretty sold to the turtleneck sweater as we saw above, you would definitely like the State Cashmere oversized tunic sweater which is a must have for your casual day out. It is a long tunic sweater and is made out of 100% pure Cashmere wool. It is basically an oversized boxy garment which has ribbed cuffs and collar. It is a comfort fit wear to enjoy a high tea or may be an after office party. Being 100% Cashmere, you can hand wash it in mild detergent.

16. State Cashmere Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Button Front Long Sleeve Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater

Formal wears are the most decent and simple looking outfits. Winters usually remain a headache for formal wearers as they don’t find any alternative to their blazer which isn’t comfortable all the time. Hence, something as warm as a blazer but lighter that the same would do great for them. The State Cashmere Women’s long sleeve sweater is a front open full sleeve cardigan. It has a waist length with round collar that looks amazing with collar and non-collar shirts. It has 8-9 sets of buttons upfront for a proper fit.

17. State Cashmere Women’s 100% Pure Cashmere Knitted Loungewear • Add Both to Cart for Set

The loose and off shoulder sweaters are made for comfort and casual occasions. A full length set of woolen top and lower is cozy enough to keep you warm all day. It’s a wonderful combination for travelling and weekend trips to the countryside. The bright colours adds to the elegance and look of the wearer. It has a round neck for optimum warmth. The neck, cuff and waists are ribbed for snug fitting. The lower has a strong elastic along with a belt that looks trendy. The lower has 2 usable pockets for your phone and others.

18. State Cashmere Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Button Front V-Neck Cardigan Long Sleeve Sweater

Just like the chilling winters, mild winter seasons also have a plethora of fashion options. The State Cashmere women’s V neck cardigan is a superbly stylish sweater. The V-neck provides good styling and comfort. It has ribbed cuffs that you can pull upwards for better styling and comfort. A ribbed cuff feels good as it doesn’t fall down easily and remains snug fit all day. This rib is self contracting and gets back to original shape once pulled back down. The button down closure is well suited for all formal and casual occasions.

19. State Cashmere Mid-Length 100% Pure Cashmere Open Cardigan Long Sleeve Sweater for Women

A long profile sweater works great as an overcoat. The snug fit cardigan style long sweater is warm and offers good warmth. All day. Usually it is worn over a shirt or may be another sweater and can be removed as soon you reach the destination. Hence, it is a good pick for travelling purposes. The state Cashmere Mid-length open cardigan sweater has 2 ply densely knitted yarn of the finished Cashmere wool. It has a above knee length for a better glaze.

20. State Cashmere Women's Mock Neck Sweater Dress 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Sheath Pullover Style

Wearing a one-piece dress is a glazeful and exquisite fashion. It has a lot of positive attitude to it and keeps you flexible in terms of comfort. The State Cashmere women’s mock neck sweater is a tasteful dress for your formal and casual events. It has knee length and full length sleeves for optimum coverage and warmth. Wear casual canvas shoes or long boots, it goes perfectly well with either of them. You can also wear a leather belt above it to add a new statement to your style.

21. State Fusio Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater Cashmere Wool Long Sleeve High Neck Pullover for Women (Runs Small)

The waist length pullovers are most common when it comes to winter wears. The State Fusio ribbed turtleneck sweater pullover for women is a real piece of elegance. It is super warm for your daily office wear. Being a mixed fabric of Cashmere and merino wool, it keeps you warm and you may not require an undershirt as it is extremely soft and comfortable. The high neck or turtleneck design is an added advantage to serve your neck. The collar and cuffs are ribbed and stretches well as per the wearer’s measurements.

22. State Cashmere Women's 100% Cashmere Turtleneck Short Sleeve Stripe Sweater

A turtle neck sweater with short sleeves is a very rare sight. We usually don’t come across such wearables and hence here’s one to keep you distinct from the crowd. The State Cashmere women’s turtleneck short sleeve sweater has horizontal stripes below the chest. The high neck is decent and covers you with enough warmth. You can wear it as a solo T-shirt during the arrival or end of winter season so that you can remain comfortable even in the field. It is made out of very soft cashmere wool and has  high quality hypoallergenic fabric for your comfort.

23. JENNIE LIU Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Celine Cable-Knit Open Cardigan Sweater

A stylish Cashmere overcoat is an extreme luxury that you just can’t afford to miss. The elegantly designed coat style open cardigan sweater from Jennie Liu is made up of pure Cashmere wool and has the glaze that you would expect from a casual cum formal apparel. It has a nice self pattern on the belly and the shoulder which has its own attitude. The shoulders are slightly puffed for better comfort while the arms and sleeves are skin tight for fashionable getup. The collar works as a soft shawl for extra cozyness.

24. Cashmeren Long Profile Button Front Cardigan 100% Pure Cashmere V Neck Fashion Long Sleeve Sweater Coat for Women

A casual long coat without a collar and with a V-neck looks super cool. It can be worn with a smart looking contrast or matching scarf for better delight. The Cashmeren long profile button cardigan is an amazing bliss for winters as it’s made up of 100% Cashmere wool with a deep V neck. It has a big button upfront with patch pockets for storing usable things like smartphones. The sleeves are long and cuffs are ribbed. It is extremely soft to wear and comfortable for longer hours.

25. Cashmeren Lightweight Open Front Cardigan 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Sweater for Women

A cardigan usually possesses a buttoned front and may have a variety of neck designs. However, a buttonless cardigan may look even better when worn with a contrast T-shirt. The Cashmeren lightweight open front cardigan is a long sleeve sweater for women which can also work as a shrug. It is super comfortable and manageable during winter noons and helps you find your sweet warm spot as soon as you wear it.It has anti-pilling genuine 10%% Cashmere wool which makes it durable and soft for extended hours of usage.

26. cashmere 4 U 100% Women's Cashmere Button Front Long Sleeve Crewneck Cardigan Sweater

If you like having a buttoned cardigan for your daily wear, have a look at Cashmere 4 U 100% Cashmere front button cardigan which is made up of finest quality fabric. It has a round neck without a rib collar. The sleeves are long and have a ribbed cuff with two buttons. This style looks extremely formal and you can easily wear it in your office or during professional meetings. The waist line is also ribbed for best support and can be manipulated or kept open for a different style.

27. JENNIE LIU Women's 100% Pure Cashmere 4-ply Cable-Knit Drape-Front Open Cardigan Sweater

Drapes are not everyone’s choice. There is a separate set of audience for the same and it happens to be a funkier outfit than a formal one. The Jennie Liu women’s Cashmere drape front cardigan is a well designed sweater and is made out of 100% genuine Cashmere wool. It is densely knitted with 2 ply wool and doesn’t pills off during normal usage. It is made to comfort you and can be paired up with any shade of pants, however denim fits the best with such sweaters as it brightens up the cardigan’s glaze.

28. State Cashmere Oversized Tunic Crewneck Sweater 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Side Slits Pullover for Women

As we already showed you a lot of products for mild winters,but this one is quite different. It is the State Cashmere oversized crew neck sweater which has side slits for comfort fit as well as keeping you warm on the go. The oversized design and side slits keep the front fairing which looks different to what you usually wear and feels more on the casual wear side. It is a soft fabric and has a good classic touch to it which, by the way, is quite modern.

29. State Cashmere Color Block Mix Knit Turtleneck Sweater 100% Pure Cashmere Contrast Wide Rib Pullover for Women

Ribbed fabric keeps the cloth tight to your body which basically adds more to the confidence which basically helps you remain more confident while doing things and work more actively. The State Cashmere color block mix knit turtleneck sweater has a contrast rib pattern on the neck and around the lateral (hands). The design is quite unique and refreshing for a weekend getaway. You may not count it in formals but may like to use it in office.

30. State Cashmere Women's 100% Pure Cashmere Cowl Neck Cami Half Sleeve Sweater

So were you finding a cowl neck. Don’t worry, we got you covered. The dark blue cowl neck cami half sleeve sweater from State Cashmere is an amazing match for your denims and trousers. The half sleeve lets you work comfortably while the cowl neck keeps you warm and pampered throughout the day. You can wear it for a day long easily. Though being a Cashmere product, you may wash it in cold water without much twists and lay it flat for drying. You’ll find it even softer after every consecutive wash.