30 Best Black Sunglasses

Black sunglasses have always been a top of the shelf product when it comes to all-time, all season choices for eye gear. The black sunglasses never go out of style and always pack panache and flair. A must for every man and woman, black sunglasses are a go-to choice be it format or casual outdoor outing. You can wear anything you like, but sunglasses that compliment the shape of your face can make a great fashion accessory. Sunglasses also provide several kinds of protection for the eyes, if you choose the right composition.

Sunglasses come in more designs and styles than imaginable. It has never been more fashionable to be safe. Regardless of whatever design you select the bottom line is the sunglasses are protecting an important asset, your eyes. Here, we have selected 30 assorted lists of black sunglasses under men, women, and unisex category. These sunglasses are good to cover all sorts of events. However, you can find the best match based on your specific needs. 

We have brought together sunglasses that offer sturdy construction for long term usage. We have recommendations that give ultra-comfort and a lightweight experience. We have included in this list sunglasses that can provide superior protection and razor-sharp vision. So, all you need to do is browse through these recommended products for black sunglasses and decide your pick. The black sunglasses are also available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can find the classic aviators, Wayfarers to modern rectangular or oversized pieces. It is worth noticing what kind of shape and design fits you best. Do explore these marvelous designs to find your next black sunglasses.

1. Michael Kors Women's 0MK2024 black sunglasses

Michael Kors Women’s 0MK2024 is a quality option when it comes to black sunglasses. Michael Kors specializes in fashionable accessories and the 0MK2024 model of black sunglasses does justice to its long range of fast-moving accessories. These black sunglasses come in 57 mm width good for anyone. It uses a composite lens with a coating for UV protection to keep you safe in the sun. The acetate makes a plastic frame that supports the lens with strength and adds more style. The hardware logo etched at the temples add subtler aesthetics. The temple size is 124 mm and a weight of 1.2 0z.  

2. Bifocal Reader Sunglasses Marlene Dietrich Reading Glasses Under the Sun

The Bifocal reader sunglasses by Marlene Diet under the black sunglasses category carry a unique design and bring something different to the table. These sunglasses have a well integrated bifocal lens that is almost invisible. Good for people who want to read outside and need power and protection from sunlight. These sunglasses can provide the dual benefit and that too with all the style of regular black sunglasses. It has a polycarbonate lens that UV400 coating for 100 percent protection against harmful UV rays. Along with this, these sunglasses are lightweight and durable. 

3. zeroUV - Retro Oversized Square Sunglasses for Women with Flat Lens 50mm

The zeroUV sunglasses for women comes in Square shape and oversized design. This combination gives these sunglasses its retro look. This sunglass has a flat lens of 50mm in width. The lens is mirrored and non-polarized. It does have the necessary UV protection coating. The frame is lightweight and made of plastic. The frame carries a classic horn rimmed design which makes it a great choice for unique fashion. A great choice if you are looking for something different and want to explore under budget. The shades are priced quite competitively. 

4. Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses

The under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses in shiny black and chrome mirror shade gives you the sporty look that adds more flair in our casual day out or donning them while engaging in any sports or outdoor activities. These sunglasses have UA Game Day Lens that makes moving objects more clear and sharp to see. These Armour Sight lenses carry marks of superior engineering with ultra-optical clarity and unhindered vision. The lenses also impact resistant, so, you can rely on them for long term performance. The overall fit of these black sunglasses is secure and comfortable.

5. Oakley Men's Oo9239 Crankshaft Rectangular Sunglasses

One of the better black sunglasses in the market, this Men’s Oo9239 Crankshaft Rectangular Sunglasses by Oakley is a breathtaking piece of quality, engineering, and design. Made with patented high definition optics (HDO), these Oakley black sunglasses offer superior clarity and sharp vision at every angle. The Plutonite lenses protect you from all harmful UVA, UVB & UVC rays. Also, it gives protection of up to 400 mm blue light. The frame is lightweight and has Oakley’s injection molded thermoplastic O-matter frame that gives this frame strength and flexibility like no other. The three-point fit frame provides superior comfort.

6. Ray-Ban Rb4165 Justin Rectangular Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban’s Rb4165 Justin Rectangular Sunglasses in black are the quality eye gear that carries style with ultra-comfort. The fit is lightweight and with slip-on closure. It is made with high grade plastics that provide strength and keeps it lightweight. These rectangular sunglasses carry the hint of design of classic wayfarers and performance of Ray Ban’s vintage line of eye gears. The lenses provide 100 percent UV protection and reduce the stress on your eyes. Good for long term usage this black sunglass is a fit for all occasions. The lens is non-polarized.

7. Tifosi Roubaix Wrap Sunglasses

The Tifosi Roibaix wrap sunglasses with Grilamid TR-90 frame comes in a black frame and multiple colored lenses. The all popular smoke gray lensed is paired with Ac Red and clear lens as well. You can switch the lenses as you wish. Thus Tifosi wrap sunglasses are made for a secure and comfortable fit. The frame has an adjustable temple and an adjustable hydrophilic nose piece. The Polycarbonate lens gives sharp vision and protection from UV rays too. It provides 100 percent protection from UVA, UVB & UVC rays. With a wide 75 mm lens, the arm is 125 mm and good for casual activities and leisure.

8. COACH Women’s 0HC8240

The Coach Women’s OHC8240 Model comes in black shade and rectangular shaped design. These black sunglasses are made with an acetate frame. Such construction makes the overall sunglasses lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. The coach sunglasses are durable and good for casual outings, light outdoor activities, etc. The lenses are not made of glass and are non-polarized. The sunglasses also provide 100 per UV protection against harmful UV rays. The pricing is quite competitive and well under the affordable range for quality black sunglasses.

9. Kate Spade New York Women's Kiya Square Sunglasses

The Kate Spade New York Women’s Kiya sunglasses comes in square shape and distinct black shade. These black sunglasses with an ace emblem etched on the arm look great and add more style to them. The frame is made up of plastic. It provides strength keeping the frame lightweight. Also, the plastic construction makes this sunglass impact resistant and can sustain unprecedented occasional fall. The glasses are Rx-able and you can choose your desired power. Hence, a suitable choice for everyday use.

10. Calvin Klein Women's Ck19538s Square Sunglasses

The Calvin Klein Women’s Ck19538s black Sunglasses are made in a square design that gives you the unique look you are looking for. These black sunglasses are made of plastic which makes them lightweight and durable. The lightweight sunglasses are comfortable to wear to does not put any unnecessary stress on your face. Calvin Klein is known for the latest fashion and these sunglasses ensure that you get the fashion wear you can boast everywhere. These are good for all occasions be it a formal occasion or casual ones outside. The pricing is value for money and a worthy investment to own a piece of iconic Calvin Klein shades.

11. Carrera New Safari/S Pilot Black Sunglasses

The Carrera New Safari/ S Pilot black sunglasses are an imported piece of eyewear that packs style, design, and comfort. It has plastic body. It is made with high graded plastic material which makes it durable and safe against impact. The polycarbonate lens gives a clear vision. The lens also has a UV protection coating. This coating protects you 100 percent from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC light. With a large width of 62 mm it covers your eyes well and allows you to see through even corners.

12. Prada PR01OS CONCEPTUAL Square Sunglasses For Women

The Prada PR01OS Square Sunglasses are a specimen of style and fashion. These black sunglasses by the luxury fashion wear maker Prada is about carrying your style. These Prada PR010S sunglasses are unique and have a mark of Prada’s stylish heritage. These sunglasses are made of a plastic frame and plastic lens. The material is durable and lightweight ensuring comfort and long term usage. The mirror coating on the lens gives it a shiny appeal as well. The color code is 1AB3M1. The unit comes with free eye care kit as well. You need not sweat to find an eye care kit separately as you will get all the essentials along with the main product.

13. Bvlgari Women's BV6103 Sunglasses

The Bvlgari Women’s BV6103 sunglasses is a luxury piece of fashionable black sunglasses. These sunglasses are hard to miss and carry a unique design that is not to be found anywhere else. This hexagonal shaped sunglass is an eye-catcher and meant for spreading your style appeal. The composite frame is built strongly and it is good to carry around and wear it without any worry of stress or impact. The lens is glass made for an authentic look and has a UV protection coating as well. The lens has a width of 57 mm.

14. Quay Australia HIGH KEY Men's and Women's Sunglasses

The Quay Australia High Key series of sunglasses are unisex sunglasses that go with both men and women. These sunglasses are based on the classic Aviator design. On top of that, it carries a flat lens design. The lens is reflective for a shining appeal. Made with polarized glass and gradient lens the sunglasses cut any unnecessary glare. Overall carrying a metal frame construction, the sunglasses are strong and can sustain impact and stress. The oversized design has a good appeal to it and surely a worthy consideration.

15. Readers.com Sun Reader, The Cassia Bifocal Reading Sunglasses Plastic Square Style

The Cassia Bifocal reading sunglass is a rising category to mix reading power with your cool sunglasses. A very handy eye gear if you wish to sit outside, at the beach, at your garden, and want to read comfortably without hurting or stressing your eyes. The bifocal allows you to make your sunglass as per your prescription. The frame is made of plastic for lightweight and durable performance. The acrylic lens with its flat top make allows integrating of the bifocal design subtle and without drawing too much attention.

16. FEIDU Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Men Sunglasses Man FD9002

FEIDU black sunglasses are specifically designed for men. The FD9002 sunglasses have polarized glasses and available in Aviator design. The aviator design looks great on all occasions. The glasses give you glare-free clear vision. The polycarbonate lens maintains durability and keeps the overall sunglass light. The glasses also have a mirror coating. The frame is made of metal. Overall these polarized Aviator sunglasses for Men is a great recommendation for black sunglasses. With a clarity of vision, stylish frame, and design, the Feidu sunglasses offer quality at great pricing.

17. Polarspex Polarized Woman's Classic Jackie-O Cat Eye Retro Fashion Sunglasses

The Polarspex Classic Jackie-O Cat Eye black sunglasses have a retro feel to it. These sunglasses with a style statement of their own in a retro touch are a great fit for women for all occasions. The sunglasses are polarized. This ensures clarity and glare-free vision. The sunglass also has a protective coating. This protective coating helps protect your eye from harmful UV rays. It provides 100 percent blockage of UVA and UVB rays. The frame is plastic made along with a plastic lens. The retro style combined with the latest technology makes this sunglass a recommended option.

18. Quay Women's Sweet Dreams Sunglasses

The Quay Women’s black sunglass comes in a non-polarized variant. It has a gold tone trim and provides a great look. The frame is plastic made. This construction ensures that the frame is lightweight and durable. The frame can take impact and stress. The gradient lens provides clear, glare-free vision. You will not want a sunglass which eventually would compromise your vision. Having a clear vision is a key aspect of Quay sunglasses. The dimensions are those of a regular sunglass that can fit all. It has a 55 mm lens height and 125 lens width combined.

19. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Th1556/S Square Sunglasses

The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Th1556/S Square Sunglasses comes in a square design. The sunglasses are Rx-able meaning you can use them all day long without hurting your eyes. For people with prescribed power have difficulty using the sunglasses as they mostly it does not have the right power. Addressing the issue, Tommy Hilfiger has Rx-able glasses. The plastic frame keeps the sunglasses lightweight. The glasses also have a 100 percent UV protection coating from harmful rays. Hailing from the fashion wear maker Tommy Hilfiger, these are stylish and have the right set of features for everyday use.

20. GUZTAG G9260 Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women

The GUZTAG G9260 model is a great choice of sunglass for both Men and Women. These are Polarized Sunglasses for your everyday use covering you on all occasions. Made with Aluminum Frame these sunglasses have the strength to sustain impact, wind, and dust. Hence a recommended choice for people who drives often in the sun. It also blocks UV rays and provides a complete 100% protection from such harmful rays. Having aluminum construction, the frame maintains lightweight at the same time a string built. It also has an adjustable nose pad for a secure and comfortable fit.

21. Arnette Men's AN4179 La Pistola Sunglasses, Black/Polarized Grey, 55 mm

The Arnette AN4179 model for Men is a great piece of the black sunglass. The sunglass comes in a 55 mm lens not too large not too small but a fit for all lens. The lens used is polarized and have 100 percent UV protection. This ensures you have all the necessary protection and good to go even under intense sunlight. The Polarized lens gives you the right contrast and reduces glare too. The sunglass has the provision to make it as per your prescribed eye power. The frame is also lightweight.

22. NIEEPA Men's Sports Polarized Sunglasses Square Frame Glasses

The NIEEPA Men’s sunglasses have a sporty feel to it. These sporty sunglasses come in a square frame that gives it a great look and comfortable fit. The glasses used are polarized. The lens also has an anti-reflective coating. Such coating enhances the clarity of vision and protects the eye from any direct sunlight. The Nieepa sporty sunglasses also have a scratch-resistant coating. This makes these sunglasses good for everyday use. Also, fit for all seasons and climates, at beaches or in snow, the performance is of a quality piece of eyewear.

23. THOM BROWNE TB-805-A-BLK-GLD-59-Z Sunglasses Matte Black-RWB-18K Gold/D.Grey-Gold Flash-AR 59mm

Japan made Thom Browne sunglasses carry a hallmark of quality hailing from Japan. Japanese products know for unbelievable quality control and delivering the quality in reality what they state on paper. Thom Browne black sunglasses have a luxurious touch and feel to it with its matte black frame and gold flash arm. It would draw attention and eyes once you don these marvelous black sunglasses. It has a composite frame with a non-polarized lens. The anti-reflective coating and UV protection coating provides protection in all kind of sunlight. The lens width is 59 mm good for clear vision.

24. Ray-Ban RB2027 601/W1 PREDATOR 2 Sunglasses Black /Crystal Polarized Mirror Grey Lens

Ray-Ban RB2027 Predator sunglasses is a stylish piece of eyewear from the fashion capital of Italy. These Ray Ban’s are good for both men and women and covers you for all occasions. It has a secure fit which makes it good while driving or any other outdoor activities. The lens is made of plastic for more durability. The frame is also plastic make giving these Ray Ban sunglasses a lightweight feel. The lens has a mirror coating as well. The lens width is wide to 62 mm and provides interrupted vision and clear side angles as well.

25. RBRMOS Round Polarized Sunglasses for Women and Men Driving Sun Glasses UV Protection

RBRMOS black sunglasses come in a round design. These round-shaped sunglasses are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. These sunglasses have polarized lens and give great protection even under intense sun. The anti-reflective coating further ensures you are not troubled by light getting into your eyes or hindering your vision. The frame is a metal made that gives the sunglasses its retro look. Want to carry a vintage piece of fashion accessory, these sunglasses are great to explore, in the budget, and will not disappoint you. These are fit for all seasons – be it summers or winters these black sunglasses will be the right match for you.

26. Oakley Men's OO9417 Holbrook XL Sunglasses 59 mm

Picking a sunglass can be a tricky thing owing flurry of choices in the market. Oakley with its high-performance trade record and variety of options to choose from gives some incentive to make the search easier. Further, looking at the features and specifications provided the Oakley’s sunglasses stand out and you can rest assured you would be carrying a superior piece of technological advanced stylish eye gear. The patented HDO lenses for superior clarity and vision along with the Prizm grey lens make a black sunglass which you will enjoy to wear every day. The lens width is 59 mm suitable for most men.

27. Oakley Men's Oo9343 M2 Frame XL Shield Sunglasses

Oakley Men’s Oo9343 M2 shield sunglasses are yet another quality piece of sunglasses from the popular eyewear maker. Oakley is a reputed name in both RX-able and non-Rx-able glasses category. It carries industry expertise and continuous integration of technological advancement to address user’s needs and increase convenience and comfort. These sunglasses are made with a stress-resistant frame with its injection-molded thermoplastic O-matter frame. The trademark Oakley’s plutonite lenses provide sharp vision, top of the class clarity, and UV protection.

28. Wood Sunglasses with Polarized Lens in Bamboo Tube Packaging Woodies

The Wood Sunglasses are a unique piece of sunglass that will surely hold the eyes of people looking to try something new. These wood-framed sunglasses give a natural look without drawing too much shine. These great black sunglasses have an anti-reflective lens. They are polarized and give you maximum protection in the sunlight. The frame is made of Real Walnut Wood. It is a great deal too as it comes with extra wood goodies as well. It includes a bamboo tube, a wood guitar pick too. The wood sunglasses are exotic and high on style for everyday needs.

29. Ray-Ban Rb3025 Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban is one of the most popular eyewear makers in the world. With an age-old legacy and expertise in the industry, Ray Ban’s sunglasses are well identified with quality and superior-top of the class style. The category-defining sunglass maker excels in understanding users and provides even something more that becomes the benchmark. These Ray Ban’s Rb3025 Aviator sunglasses are rich in style and carry all the essential protection and coating needed under the sun. These have polarized lenses with 100 percent UV protect the coating.

30. Ray-Ban Women's Rb4171 Erika Round Sunglasses

These Ray Ban’s Rb4171 black sunglasses are the recommended piece of eyewear that will suit your everyday need perfectly. Made with the quality house of Ray Ban, these eyeglasses have years of expertise and precision for sharp vision and clarity that you will get hooked to. Carrying the classic design, Ray Ban’s black sunglasses have all the necessary features to protect your eyes too. It provides 100 percent UV protection which could be harmful if you are exposed to intense sunlight more often. These sunglasses are durable and snuggle right into your face for an ultra-comfortable fit.



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