3 Reasons to Buy a Pair of Blue Light Filter Glasses From MessyWeekend

It’s no secret that we are spending more and more time in front of our digital screens. In fact, according to a recent study the average person spends around 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their phones. And that’s not even including the time spent in front of your computer screen at work or the on the couch watching tv in the evenings. The artifical blue light emitted from these screens can lead to dry eyes, eye strain, tension headaches and even difficulties falling asleep.

Luckily there is a solution for that!

MessyWeekend Blue Light screen glasses block those pesky blue light rays, helping to reduce the eye discomfort so that you can spend the whole day behind your screen and still have energy for those messy weekends.

But what even is blue light?

You might be wondering – “What is blue light and is it actually bad?”. And that’s a great question. The answer: not entirely. We are constantly exposed to blue light naturally throughout the day from the sun. In fact our eyes need this to see. But with the influx of technology comes an increased use of digital screens, which also emitt blue light.

Without getting too technical, blue light emitted from screens travels in short wavelengths, which means that it scatters more and causes your eyes to misfocus. This puts strain on your eyes as they work extra hard to process the rays. The outcome? You end up straining your eyes and blinking a lot less, which leads to those itchy dry eyes we’ve all experienced after a long day at the office. Glasses fitted with blue light blocking lenses can help reduce these effects.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why you should invest in a pair of MessyWeekend Blue Light glasses:

NEW DEPP Blue Light

1. Relieve eye strain and headaches

DEPP Blue Light

We’ve all experienced it. That pounding headache after a long hard day of endless emails and constant zoom meetings at the office. It’s not good to stare at the same thing, at the same distance, for hours on end. And sitting in front of a computer screen strains your eyes and can cause tension in the form of headaches. This tension can be worsened due to poor lighting conditions and especially overexposure to blue light from your digital devices. 

That’s where screen glasses come in. MessyWeekend’s Blue Light glasses are designed to reduce light scatter and increase the contrast on your screen, helping make your eyes feel more focused and less tired, actually improving productivity! 

2. Improve your sleep quality

Like we said, the blue light that comes from the sun is not bad. Actually your eyes will happily absorb this light and use it to differentiate between night and day. The problem comes when your eyes are overexposed to blue light at the wrong time – like say, late at night before bed.

And this is exactly where the issue lies. When you’re mindlessly scrolling on your phone at night, the blue light emitted from your device tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime. Blue light has a high energy frequency that can increase alertness and delay your body’s release of melatonin (the hormone which helps induce sleep). 

MessyWeekend‘s Blue Light glasses are designed to reduce the negative impact by blocking blue light rays, so you can use your devices in the evening and still get a good night’s sleep. Try turning your phone on night mode for that extra layer of protection. 

NEW DEPP Blue Light

3. Quality to price ratio

LENNON Blue Light

MessyWeekend is all about quality glasses for a price that don’t break the bank, and this rings true for their Blue Light glasses as well. 

NEW DEPP is MessyWeekend’s bestseller and the frame is flattering on just about most face. Handcrafted from acetate, you can easily adjust the temples (or arms) of these glasses so they fit just right. Available in almost all the same colorways as the sunglasses: CrystalBlackTortoiseHorn and Champagne

DEPPthe smaller cousin of NEW DEPP, is the newest Blue Light model and comes in the two popular colorways Champagne & Tortoise. MessyWeekend recommends this model if you have a small or narrow face.

LENNON is your classic, round, metal frame that offers a sophisticated look. The lightweight frame is great for all-day wear, and the adjustable nose pads means they’ll sit on the bridge of your nose comfortably. LENNON Blue Light is available in Gold and Black

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NEW DEPP Blue Light - Crystal
LENNON Blue Light - Gold
DEPP Blue Light - Champagne