3 reasons these sunglasses will be your favourite accessory

When it comes to sunglassesMessyWeekend‘s NEW DEPP model is the ultimate all-rounder. But what do we mean by that? When we say all-rounder, we mean that it checks all the boxes in terms of quality materials, fit and price. Unlike other premium eyewear brands with expensive price points, MessyWeekend’s sunglasses all come with a very reasonable price tag at only £65 – £85. Not only is NEW DEPP super stylish with a range of colours to suit you, but the classic shape flatters just about all faces – for only £75. And that’s why people love it so much. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Unbeatable quality

The NEW DEPP frame is beautifully handcrafted from quality acetate. There are almost 200 steps in the production of these sunglasses, a manual process that can take somewhere between six and eight weeks to complete. Each pair is assembled using nickel and lead-free hinges (very important considering you don’t want those metals on or around your face) and features shatterproof lenses with full UV400 protection.

Additionally, all frames are fitted with lenses that provide 100% UVA + UVB protection, so you can rest assured that your peepers will be well taken care of. Both brown and green lenses are suitable for highly sunny days as they reduce glare while brightening shadows. What more could you want in a pair of everyday sunglasses?

NEW DEPP Bestsellers

NEW DEPP – Champagne Green
NEW DEPP – Amber Green
NEW DEPP – Crystal Green

2. The perfect fit

NEW DEPP‘s thin yet sturdy frame is lightweight and offers a comfortable feel and fit, best suited for medium-sized to wider faces. For narrower faces, DEPP might be the better buy.

Helpful little tip: Most acetate sunglasses naturally loosen over time. The good news is you can easily adjust them yourself – no fancy equipment required!

  1. Simply warm up the temples (that’s the sunglass arms) using the heat from your fingers.
  2. Gently bend the temples inwards & downwards, so they hook around your ears comfortably.

You can adjust back and forth until they fit perfectly. See the full guide here.

3. Purse (and planet) friendly price tag

These beautifully designed, high-quality sunglasses come with an affordable price tag of £75, a price well below comparable models from similar brands. Especially considering the quality you get for your buck.

But there’s more! For each pair sold, MESSYWEEKEND donate part of the revenue to their Clean Ocean partners, Plastic Change and ReSea Project, to facilitate the clean-up of the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles / 100 straws / 10 plastic bags from our rivers & oceans! We love a brand that takes steps towards being more sustainable, as do most of their Trustpilot reviewers, who gave MESSYWEEKEND 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Fresh new colours!

MESSYWEEKEND has recently launched their new 2023 collection, featuring three new must-have colourways: Champagne Blue, Grey Crystal Blue and Coffee Brown. Standout colours guaranteed to make a statement, these are sure to become staple accessories in your summer collection!

NEW DEPP – Champagne Blue
NEW DEPP – Grey Crystal Blue
NEW DEPP – Coffee Brown