25 Most Comfortable Headphones With Great Audio

Do you love the sound of music? Do you love to unwind yourself by listening to some of the favourite sings and music all day long? If you have just nodded yes, you surely need some of the best and comfortable headphones with great audio. We all know that when it comes to headphones, the variety at hand is endless. There are umpteen brands that make different kinds of headphones but not all of them offer the best of clarity or specifications.

Shopping for headphones today can be very complicated. They have become very sophisticated and different styles are specifically designed for different types of listening. This is the reason, we need to keep an eye to detail and must know how to find the best headphone that can pack in decent volume, has the best of clarity, and will serve the need at the same time. So, here we have brought some of the best designs of comfortable headphones that will surely appeal to you. You should keep an eye on your budget and understand the type of specification that is important to you. This will allow you to ensure that you can find the right kind of headphone for you and you will be happy with your purchase too. So, feel free to check out the different details right now.

1. JLab audio studio pro over ear headphones

JLab has managed to make quite a name for itself in the field of headphones. It is a wired over the ear model and comes with ultra plush faux leather. The cushions too are spot on as they are made with the softest quality of foam. They have an ergonomic shape and can fit the natural contouring and outline of the ear. They also come with a tangle free design and the sound is spot on as it works on the Crystal Clear Clarity technology. The ear cup allows you to control the way you want your music without hassles.

2. OneOdio A71wired over ear headphone

OneOdio is a renowned brand in the world of headphones and this model seems to be quite a popular and promising choice. It has an over the ear design and has a super professional look and feel to it. The stereo sound that it emits is suited for keyboard, guitar, and other musical instruments too. It comes with soft padded ear cushions that are designed for extra comfort and form fitting. It also helps is isolating the noise and it also has a long foot cord which means you don’t need the adapter.

3. Acoustic Sheep Wireless headphones

This is one of the top rated brands that is known for making the best quality of headphones in the market this model is a travel friendly choice and boasts of a wireless design. It is also used profusely by those who want to sleep with music on. It comes in several colour options. They are designed to be ultra thin and are flat in design which ensures that you can wear it even when you are sleeping. It comes with a great range and has a long battery life. The audio quality is top notch as the clarity is really impressive.

4. Cowin E7 active noise cancelling headphones

If you are on the lookout for headphones that can cancel active noise and help you unwind yourself truly, this might be a great model to keep an eye out on. It has a wireless over the ear design and comes with the best protein ear pads that are designed to be super comfortable to use and wear. It comes in several exciting colors and works on the active noise cancelling technology. The bass offered is spot on and the sound is powerful, crisp, and clear at the same time. It comes with built in NFC technology.

5. Vogel over ear headphones

If you want a good quality decent and economical headphone, this might be a very good choice to opt for. It is a wired model that is foldable and comes with a deep bass. It also has noise isolation feature too and the sound quality is really impressive as it works on HiFi technology. The form factor is spot on as the over ear pads and even the headband comes with the best of soft memory cushion. The headband is retractable and the ear pads come with a swivelling design. It also has a hassle free calling feature integrated to it.

6. Cowin SE7active noise cancelling headphone

This brand is looking to set a firm foothold in the world of headphones and this is one really impressive model you can surely check out. It has a wireless over the ear design and comes with the best of ear pads that are designed to be super comfortable for use. It comes with an impressive battery life as it can last 30 hours easily. Available in several colors, it comes with active noise cancelling technology and helps in truly enjoying the music even in a crowded environment. It has a sound rating of 90 dB.

7. Mpow H7 Bluetooth headphones

Mpow is a well known name and this model seems to pack in the best of decent features as far as a headphone is concerned. It has a wireless over the ear design and is available in several color options. It has the finest professional 40mm drivers that give you profound sound clarity. It has a long battery life too as it can last for nearly a week on a single charge. It comes with easy controls and the connectivity offered is top notch too. The design is made portable and travel friendly as it is light in weight and also comes with hands free calling feature.

8. OneOdio over ear headphone

Another entrant in the headphone category by OneOdio, this model too seems to be a very popular and decent choice. It has a 50mm driver that packs in quite good sound output and the clarity too is decent. It has a foldable design and is light in weight to make it travel friendly. It also comes with mic and share port as it can be used for both recording and mixing podcast. So, it can be used with a professional setup. The built is super comfortable and doesn’t require any additional adapter.

9. Avantree HF039 long coiled cord headphones

Avantree is a pretty decent brand and this is one corded over the ear headphone that enjoys a lot of popularity among people. It can be used with TV or PC and comes with the best of volume control. It comes with an extended coil that gives it an improved range and the sound quality is one of the very best as it comes with top professional 40mm drivers. It also has a clip that allows it to attach it to shirts and collars. The design is completely ergonomic and makes it suited for all round day use.

10. Sleep Bluetooth headphones

These headphones are designed to be used mainly when you are lying down or sleeping. It runs on Bluetooth 5.0 and is a wireless model. It is completely washable and is entitled for travel. It comes with 3D eye mask and the new design is such that you can truly unwind yourself and wear them as you drift off to sleep. The eye area is such that it will completely block the light and allow you to fall asleep sans disturbance. It is made of breathable material and has slow rebound memory sponge.

11. Zihnic Wireless over ear headphones

Zihnic has some of the best economical yet good quality headphones in the market and this model seems to pack quite a powerful set of features in it. It comes with a foldable and wireless design and has really soft earmuffs. This ensures good ergonomics and makes it suited for day long use. It is light in weight and can be used for travel too. It also comes with stereo headset and built in mic. Available in several colors, the model has really good bass and very impressive sound clarity too.

12. Avantree E171 sports ear buds

Are you on the lookout for the best of sporty design? These ear buds by Avantree have been designed keeping the needs for sporty look in mind. They are wired and come with a microphone. The design has been made sweat proof and they have a wrap around style and comes with an over ear hook to ensure it stays put even when you are engrossed in a game of sports or working out too. The fit is comfortable and snug and has an ergonomic style. There are 3 silicone bud sizes.

13. Upgraded Cowin E8 noise cancelling headphone

Cowin is a top rated band and they have several headphones in the market. This upgraded version of the E8 model is a top choice. It comes with active noise cancelling technology and also has deep bass as well. The design is wireless and over ear. The kind of audio it pumps is top notch and it is 25% stronger than the previous model. The sound rating is 100 dB. The ear cushions are super soft and come with 90 degree swivel rotation to ensure the best of form factor. It supports good connectivity with the Bluetooth connection.

14. Danus Bluetooth 4.2 headphones

If you are on the lookout for a stylish headphone that packs in some of the smartest specifications and looks super trendy, this is the model to keep an eye out for. These are mostly ear hooks and it comes with a great catchy design. They have the right hardness and are free of the hassles of tangles. It comes with the best HD sound and the bass is unmatched. The design is anti-sweat as the sound chambers make use of the waterproofing technology using nano coating. The battery life is really long too.

15. Audio-Technica ATH M20x professional studio headphones

If you are on the lookout for an impressive headphone, this is one model you have to keep an eye on. It boasts of advanced build and architecture as it has been designed not just for regular day to day use but for mixing and studio tracking. It comes with sharp 40mm drivers. They are packed with rare earth magnets. These greatly boost the kind of clarity and sound you can enjoy. It also has the finest circumaural design contours. This helps in the best kind of sound isolation you can ask for.

16. Sephia SP3060 earbuds

If you want some of the best earbuds with a modern design and powerful specifications, this seems to be quite a good model to explore. It has a wired in ear design and comes with 6 diferent sizes of ear pads to offer the best fit for everyone. It comes with a 10mm Neodymium ear bud magnet. This is responsible for offering breathtaking clarity of music. It also helps is isolating the noise and improves the feel of music altogether. It comes with a standard headphone jack that allows it to connect to several devices sans hassles.

17. AfterShokz Aeropex open ear headphone

For those who emphasize greatly on the form factor and are always looking for the buzzing styles in the market, this is the right model to keep an eye out on. It comes in several variants and has a truly wireless design. It works on the patented bone conduction technology that helps in pumping the most premium quality of audio. It is light in weight and super comfortable to use as the bud free design makes it suited for day long use. It also has IP 67 waterproof rating too and comes with moisture detection alert.

18. PeohZarr on ear headphones

If you are looking for budget headphones, this model seems to be a great choice in the market as it packs quite decent round of features too. It is light in weight and comes with a folding design making it super compact and travel friendly. It has a wired design and comes with 1.5M cord that is tangle free. Available in several colors, it comes with 40 mm drivers that offer high definition sound. The bass is rich and crisp. It comes with really soft ear cushions that have been designed for super comfort.

19. Riwbox XBT-80 folding wireless

Available in several colors, this wireless Bluetooth headphone is packed with the best of features. It comes with a super comfortable design that allows it to fit comfortably over the ears. There is both wireless and wired design to it and you can also enjoy prolong use as it come with a very good battery life to. It has a wide frequency range and the bass is deep and the sound is of top clarity.  It comes with a foldable design that makes it portable and the connectivity offered is top notch too.

20. Axirtni 3.5mm in ear earbuds

If you are looking for a trendy in ear earbud design of headphones that will give you stunning quality of audio, this is surely the model to keep an eye out on. It comes with the best of noise cancelation feature and has a remote microphone as well. It enjoys a wide degree of compatibility and has an ergonomic design. It is extremely light in weigh and comes with the best of sound quality. It also has the finest noise reduction feature that helps in improving the sound aspects and has a good frequency response too.

21. Doqaus over ear Bluetooth headphones

If you are looking for a decent and economical over the ear headphones, this is surely a great choice to opt for. This model comes with 3 different EQ modes and has a Hi-If stereo. It boasts of a foldable design and has a deep bass that helps in enhancing the sound clarity by several notches. It comes with really comfortable ear pads too and if needed, you can also use the wired mode. It comes integrated with high quality CSR chip and the transmission speed is stable and it has low latency too.

22. Ideaplay active noise cancelling headphone

This headphone comes packed with advanced features and enjoys a great degree of compatibility. It is used for both TV and airplanes as well. It comes with a wireless over the ear design and makes smart use of active noise cancellation technology. This in turn ensures that the sound generated is top notch and the clarity is really impressive. It comes with dual 50mm stereo drivers that are dynamic and give very detailed sound. It is also light in weight and comes with a long and impressive battery life.

23. Anker sound core Life Q20

This is a well known brand for those who like to buy great headphones in reasonable budget as well. It packs some of the best specifications in this model as the playtime is amazing at 40 hours. It also comes with the finest memory foam ear cups and the bass is deep and clarity of sound is incredibly amazing. It has high resolution audio and offers extended high frequencies too that can reach a max of 40 kHz. The comfort offered is one of the very best as it allows you to enjoy the snug fit.

24. Bose soundlink wireless headphones II

When budget is not a matter of concern, you really cannot get a better headphone than Bose. Known to be one of the finest luxury brands; this model is a real rage among music lovers. Available in two colors, this model is known for the finest EQ, and the best kind of immersive sound experience that it has to offer. It works on the latest Bluetooth technology that offers seamless connectivity and the voice is crystal clear and HD. You can switch between 2 Bluetooth devices seamlessly and the wireless range is intact up to a distance of 30 feet.

25. Boltune active noise cancelling headphone

A wireless design, this headphone comes with the finest quality of protein pads that are sure to offer you the desired level of comfort. It has a deep bass and the sound clarity is spot on. With a battery life promising 30 hours of playtime, this model is used for travel as it is super portable. It makes use of the upgraded hybrid active noise cancelling technology that cuts external noise by 96%. It comes with 45mm drivers that have large aperture and are responsible for the finest HD sound.