25 Best Workout Shorts for Men

A workout short is an important bottom wear category for men. With the rising trend and need for workout shorts, we have here brought shorts that you can consider and choose to support your workout sessions. Choosing a pair of mens elastic waist shorts for any form of exercise or other athletic activity will guarantee a much more positive experience. Comfort should be your absolute top priority when you are shopping for shorts, so make sure not to overlook this important detail.

Here, we have picked 25 shorts ensuring a mix of several variations, colors, high-tech fabric, and features to give you options to pick from. These shorts deliver high performance, comfort, and different fits. 

We understand that one fit for all does not work and when it is something like trousers or shorts, personal preference does dominant the choices. Incorporating this insight into account, in this catalog, you will get shorts of different fit and length catering to different tastes. 

For instance, some men want a tighter fit, while some like it lose. Likewise, preference would warry with the material used, internal lining, in-seam length, length of the shorts, etc. Do consider the choices which you are more comfortable to use and want to explore for your next workout session. Also, these shorts provide multi-purpose usage. You can use it for jogging, running, hiking, trek, gym, weightlifting, cycling, boxing, etc. Good for both indoors and outdoors use, having these high-performing shorts will ease your experience. 

1. Under Armour Men's Raid 10-inch Workout Gym Shorts

Under Armour has brought workout gym shorts for me in blackish graphite shade and comfortable fit. The shorts are made with 84 per polyester and 16 per elastane. This makes these gym shorts ultra-soft and smooth. These shirts are made with 4-way stretch construction as well ensuring further comfort. The anti-odor technology keeps the shorts safe and resists the growth of odor-causing microbes. The materials wick sweat and keep it dry during your intense workout sessions. It is also good for outdoor workouts. With UPF 30 its protect you from harmful rays of the sun. 

2. Amazon Essentials Men’s 2-Pack Loose-Fit Performance Shorts

The Amazon Essentials has brought an exciting pair of shorts. These shorts have loose-fit make and help you deliver high performance. These pair of shorts are lightweight and support your light to intense workout alike. The shorts are quick dry and have moisture-wicking properties with closed-hole mesh. It has an inseam of 8 inches. The shorts are easy to maintain and machine washable. Having a loose-fitting, the shorts supports all kind of motions – stretching, jumping, running will not be a problem. The drawstring closure shorts are good for your daily workout or running a quick errand outside.

3. Champion Men's Jersey Short With Pockets

Champions men’s jersey short is high performing shorts for men. These high performing shorts are made with a mix of cotton, polyester for maximum comfort and performance. Available in Navy, black, and granite heather shade these Champion shorts have drawstring closure with an elastic waistband for a secure and comfortable fit. The inseam is 9 inches and non-chafing. The pockets have convenient storage space and good to carry your iPods and cell phones during training. The shorts are machine washable and do not require any special care making them suitable for workouts.

4. Real Essentials Men's Active Athletic Performance Shorts with Pockets - 5 Pack

The Real Essentials Men’s shorts are made for active athletes and individuals who are looking to break a sweat. It comes in a pack of 5 shorts making it a good economical option. The fabric used is 100 percent polyester which makes these shorts last long without losing its shine or performance. The fabric is made with moisture-wicking technology. This keeps the shorts cool and dry during the workout enhancing your performance. These breathable shorts with an in-seam of 9-inches are multipurpose and can be used for a range of activities and workouts like running, jogging, hiking, boxing, etc.

5. Pinkbomb Men's 2 in 1 Running Shorts Gym Workout Quick-Dry Men's Shorts

Pinkbomb Men shorts are the shorts that would provide high performance both indoors and outdoors. Designed for multipurpose use, these excellent shorts will amaze you with their strength, durability, and at the same time being ultra-comfortable. You will not be hindered in motions be it a high-intensity workout, high stretching activities like cycling, or high agility games like basketball or boxing, these shorts will suit all types of activities and games. These shorts are also good to wear casually. Moreover, these multipurpose shorts don’t cause a dent in your pocket and are value for money.

6. COOFANDY Men's Gym Workout Shorts Weightlifting Squatting Short Fitted Training Bodybuilding Jogger with Pocket

COOFANDY Men’s shorts are multipurpose. Specially designed to support activities like weightlifting, squatting, bodybuilding related activities. This short is made with 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex. This makes the shorts more stretchable and comfortable. It has a soft touch and gives a smooth feel throughout. The fabric is good for all seasons too be to summers or winters. This short has easy maintenance. You can wash it with cold water and good to wear regularly. The elasticized waist is of quality and does not wear off or get loose with usage.

7. Nike Men's Dry Training Shorts

Nike, one of the popular sportswear and accessories maker carries industry expertise in understanding the user needs and demand and come up with best in class products to meet them. These Nike men’s dry training shorts are also one of the best options available under this category. Made with 100 percent polyester, these shorts last long and deliver comfort and high performance. It has a drawstring closure to adjust and have the right fit. The main feature of this short its exceptions sweats management which allows the shorts to stay dry, cool, and circulate breathable air while motioning. Nike’s dry technology keeps both the fabric and skin dry and odor-free.

8. PUMA Men's Liga Shorts

Puma is a famous brand among athletes and commoners alike. These Puma shorts carries a distinct Puma signature design which makes them more desirable. You can flash your style while working out in the gym, or cycling in the park. The fabric is made with a dry cell. It functions brilliantly in ensuring that the moisture is evaporated instantly leaving no room for sweat and odor. The fabric keeps the shorts fresh for a long hour of usage. It has a bio-based wicking finish. The elastic closure gives the short a secure fit. The yellow shade is surely eye-catching and can be worn casually as well.

9. adidas Men's Tastigo 19 Shorts

Adidas, the brand needs no introduction when it comes to sportswear and accessories used by amateurs, professionals, and anyone who aspire to include any active workout, gaming sessions part of life. These Adidas shorts reflect the same legacy and are quick in drawing attention with its unique signature design we associate with Adidas products. These soccer shorts are sweat-wicking and do an excellent job of managing moisture and sweat. It has an elastic closure and also has a drawcord to provide you the right secure fit. Also, the adidas brand focuses on sustainable products and these shorts are a part of such a noble initiative by using 100 percent recyclable polyester.

10. Monsta Clothing Co. Men's Bodybuilding Workout (MuscleSymbol) Gym Sweat Shorts

These Monsta Clothing Co. Men’s men shorts are one of the recommended picks in this catalog. These shorts have all the features you need from your shorts. Fit for long hour workouts, these shorts are good at managing moisture. Sweat is a constant companion of any athlete, an individual who likes to train. It could create problems and having cool breathable shorts can be a huge relief. So, for men struggling to find the right match, these shorts will be just the answers you are looking for. Also, packaged in an economical deal, the price range is just right and will encourage the onlookers to consider this option.

11. TBMPOY Men's Outdoor Sports Quick Dry Gym Running Shorts Zipper Pockets

The TBMPOY brand has brought to you exciting men’s shorts especially for summers or warm conditions. These shorts are made with quick-dry material which is both lightweight and breathable. Overall, you will have a cool experience without odor and a quick-dry feature. This makes it more suitable for summers, however, good to wear in the moderate cold as well. The zipper pocket keeps the content safe and protects from falling during the workout sessions. The drawstring closure makes the fit better and more secure.

12. Gaiam Men's Yoga Shorts - Performance Heather Gym & Workout Short w/Pockets

The Gaiam Men’s Yoga shorts are comfortable and high performing shorts in the market. In a subtle navy blue shade, these shorts are good for both workouts or to be worn casually. The short is made with 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex. This blend keeps the short lightweight and stretchable. This high performing exercise apparel delivers promised performance all day long. The elastic waistband like most of the good shorts features here as well. However, Gaiam shorts have a knit poly span fabric that fits better at hips and legs and overall provides comfort and fit like no other.

13. Under Armour Men's Launch Stretch Woven 9-inch Shorts

The Under Armour Men’s shorts have superior stretch and designed for workouts and training that require have such stretch needs. The shorts are made with stretch woven fabric for unrestricted movement. It has a 4-way stretch i.e., you can move in all directions without any hindrance. It also has an internal mesh liner that helps in better moisture management. The mesh lining ensures that the shorts are kept moisture free with high breathability. So, if you are looking for superior ventilation, odor-free performance, this Under Armour shorts is the right pick for you.

14. Reebok Men's Drawstring Shorts - Athletic Running & Workout Short w/Pockets

Reebok Men’s shorts in a slim-fit design is recommended shorts for fast active action. Designed for running and workouts, the slim-fit shorts by Reebok gives you free movement and breathable performance. Made with quick-dry fabric, the shorts keep the moisture away from the skin and dry quickly. In a snug fit, one may be wary of sweat and odor but these Reebok shorts ensures you don’t have to stop and continue without worry. Made with 100 percent polyester the shorts are also lightweight.

15. HMIYA Men's Casual Sports Quick Dry Workout Running or Gym Training Short

HMIYA men’s shorts are well-designed shorts for running and workout sessions. The HMIYA shorts are made with quick-dry fabric for excellent moisture management. It has side mesh panels for added ventilation. This makes this short more suitable for summer or warm conditions. It has an inner drawcord for securing the right fit. The zipper pockets are a thoughtful addition to keeps keys, phones, earphones safe during workouts.

16. Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Men's 9" Cross-Training Workout Gym Shorts

Anthem Athletics Hyperflex shorts are designed with the intent to provide the right gym shorts at very affordable pricing. It has paid attention to minute details and reinforced the design to make it right. Like the zippered pockets have reinforced stitching along with the flatlock stitching to keep the shorts strong, stretchable, and durable. The pockets are spacious and deep. These are good to carry your portable device, cell phones, etc. The price is a key distinguisher here and Anthem Hyperflex offers excellent quality at great pricing.

17. FLYFIREFLY Men's Gym Fitness Drying Workout Shorts Running Short Pants with Pockets

FLYFIREFLY Men’s shorts is short for high performance and versatile activities. These shorts are good for both indoors like gym, training, etc., and also for outdoors like hiking, jogging, running, etc. It has a drawstring closure and helps you get the right secure fit. The material used has 95% Polyamide and 5% Polyester making the shorts extremely soft and comfortable. Also, it makes the shorts lightweight as well. Being lightweight it is recommended for long hour activities. The FLyfirefly men’s shorts have breathable performance and keep you cool throughout, a much-required feature from activewear for activities where you exert yourself and sweat.

18. adidas Men's Designed 2 Move 3-Stripes Cool Shorts

Made with vintage Adidas design, the three stripes on the sides give you the Adidas look and feel that will match your style. A subtle signature design with high-performing short construction provides you a blend of style and utility you will rejoice in having. The Adidas shorts are made with 100 percent polyester. This manages to keep the shorts lightweight and breathable. Moisture management is exceptional with quick-dry and odor-free performance. It manages heat too and keeps the shorts cool. With elastic closure, the fit is exceptionally comfortable and secure.

19. Champion 3.7 oz. Mesh Short

The champions shorts specialize in making workouts shorts right. Made with 100 percent polyester fabric and 100 percent polyester mess, the shorts are made for maximum breathability. As the shorts maintain good airflow, the moisture and sweat are evaporated quickly resisting odor or any discomfort. The black-colored shorts with meshed design shows intent to train and support high performance without a doubt. The champions shorts are recommended for people looking for workout shorts with breathability for long workout sessions be it indoors or outdoors.

20. Under Armour Men's Rival Fleece Shorts

The Under Armour Men’s Rival fleece shorts are cotton-blend fleece shorts good for workouts in winters. These shorts ensure that the cold doesn’t stop you in your tracks and you can continue to train. It has a brushed interior which keeps the shorts extra warm. Along with being warm the shorts are also ultra-soft and do not cause any uncomfortable sensation you may get in a winter fleece. The short has open hand pockets and snap back pocket. The drawcord elastic waistband provides a secure and right kind of fit.

21. PUMA Men's Liga Training Shorts

Puma men’s Liga training shorts are stylish and have a great appeal. In a puma black color with a puma white logo, the simple design manages to catch the eye. The puma black color is good for casual wear too. Made with 100 percent polyester, the Puma shorts last long and are suited for high-intensity workout and long training sessions. The fabric is made with a dry cell which helps maintain consistent moisture management keeping the short dry and cool. You can work long hours all day long in these breathable shorts.

22. Ouber Men's Gym Workout Shorts Bodybuilding Running Training Jogging Pants

Ouber Men’s shorts for Gym and bodybuilding comes in a cool black shade. This black short is multi-purpose and can be used both indoors and outdoors activities. The shorts are good for jogging, training, etc. The shorts have drawstring closure which helps you to have a secure and right fit. The shorts have a 7-inch inseam and have fit just above knee length which looks quite stylish. The rough edge cut also helps in making the shorts more breathable. The fabric is moisture-wicking and delivers excellent moisture-wicking properties. The shorts stay cool and dry.

23. Nike Flex Woven Short 2.0

Nike flex woven short 2.0 is another activewear from Nike that will provide you right kind of support and feel during the workouts. Available in a range of exciting colors, you can choose the shorts based on your preference and include some style in your workout session. Carrying a simplistic design, the Nike shorts fulfill most taste preferences. The fabric is stretchable which ensures maximum agility. The fabric also is made with dry-fit technology keeping the shorts breathable and moisture-free. This property helps you perform better, sweat more on the floor without worrying about your shorts and their maintenance.

24. Amazon Brand - Peak Velocity Men's Build Your Brief Liner Run Short

Amazon brand – Peak velocity has brought a high feature short with options of multiple inseams. The short is made with 89 per of polyester and 11 per spandex that gives its moisture management and flexible feel. This short is crafted for 4-way stretch ensuring you stay uninterrupted in your pursuit for strength and more during the workouts. Also, the shorts have zip pockets and stash pockets to keep small items safe. Being lightweight you will feel the difference in comfort compared to its rival products.

25. PROGO USA Men's Classic-Fit Casual Fleece Jogger Gym Workout Short Pants

The Progo USA has brought to a high performing long-lasting shorts. These shorts can be used for multiple purposes – great as workout shorts in the gym and also great outdoors while cycling, jogging, etc. Also, good to wear casually, these shorts are surely good to have. The shorts have an elastic waist for a secure and comfortable grip. The shorts come with two side pockets and one back pocket. These are good to carry your gadgets iPods, iPhones, Cellphones while working out.