25 Best Women’s Ripped Jeans

The only thing constant about the fashion world is, nothing is permanent. Trends come and go, only to make a comeback years later. Fashion trends stay in the memories of people and keep coming back. One such trend that has caught on with men and women alike is the ripped jeans. Also called distressed denim, it is quite popular among celebrities, models and commoners. Denim is the most wearable casual found in everyone’s wardrobe. The denim market is humongous. It rakes in billions annually in popular markets. When put together, the numbers are colossal. The concept of ripped clothes is not new. It has been around since the 20th century. While jeans came into existence during the 1870s, it took fashionistas a very long time to come up with the concept of ripped or distressed jeans. However, the manufactured ripped jeans came in recently. In 2010, designer brands and manufacturers introduced manufactured distressed jeans in the market, and since then it has been trending. Here are some reasons why it has been an instant hit and continues to be a favorite.

-It looks fashionable
-Pre-ripped jeans skew attention
-The rugged look enhances the appearance

There was nothing more suitable than these ripped jeans for those who hardly got traumatized by critics and most of the times had been busy to entertain people. Actually, ripped jeans designed in such a way that every woman of different structures, sizes and shapes can still suit perfectly their best. They consider that every person in the world is a unique person and they differ from each other. While people in earlier times ripped their denim themselves as the fabric in those times used to be lightweight. The pre-ripped or distressed jeans make more sense now as the denim fabric is thick doesn’t rip off easily. There are a plethora of choices on the market for distressed jeans, check the below list of 25 best women’s ripped jeans.

1. TheMogan Distressed Girlfriend Straight Relaxed Jeans

Made of cotton and lycra, the ripped denim from TheMogan has a convenient zipper closure at the front. The mid-rise waist is comfortable to wear, while the straight fit enhances the overall look. It fits perfectly around the hips and thighs. The classic five-pocket styling allows sliding in a small pocket wallet or a cell phone, etc. Also, the belt loops add more details to the front. The light blue color shade complements well with all solid and printed tops. Besides, it looks cool and matches with all colors and shoes.

2. Muhadrs Women's Stretch Skinny Ripped Distressed Jeans

The 01 vintage blue colored distressed jean looks classic and stylish. Match it with a crop top or a short one and even a shirt, it complements all perfectly. This denim is made of 68 per cent cotton, 2 per cent spandex, 27 per cent polyester and 3 per cent rayon. It sits well around the waist and the zipper closure with a button adds to the convenience. It has five pockets at the front and back. The slim fit denim is made with 4-way stretchable denim and takes up body shape, for a better look.

3. Resfeber Women's Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Cute Distressed Jeans

The chic jean from Resfeber looks modish and cute. If you don’t already have the light blue (6712) color in your wardrobe, buy it right away. It has a zipper closure with a button, which holds it tightly around the waist, hips and thighs. Besides, it has five pockets at the front and back. Made with premium quality natural and chemical fibres, it is super comfortable and soft. Also, wash it separately in the washing machine with like colors. They are so comfortable, look great, are really flattering, super trendy, and for the price, are really good quality.

4. 2LUV Women's Distressed Skinny Jeans

The skinny jean in black looks modish and chic. It has a zipper in front and a button for closure. The denim fits perfectly around the waist, hips and thighs. The super stretchy fabric is made of 80 per cent cotton, three per cent elastane and seventeen per cent polyester. Perfect wear for a casual outing to the supermarket or a coffee shop, it complements well with solid and printed tops, shirts, etc. Wear it with crop tops or sandals for a chic look.

5. Resfeber Women's Ripped Skinny Jeans Stretch Distressed Jeans

The distressed pair of jeans in a manhattan blue (1901) with a zipper button closure looks chic and fad. It is made of 98 per cent cotton and 2 per cent spandex. The classic five-pocket stylish resonates with the traditional denim. It is stretchable, features ripped holes and is slim through the hip. Skinny from legs and thigh, it takes the body shape. Besides, the soft cotton denim is super comfortable and can be worn through the day. Casual tees or sweatshirt with fashion boots is also perfect for you to wear it. Also heels will make you more elegant.

6. Utyful Women’s Stretchy Skinny Jeans Button Slim Fit Ripped Denim Jeans

Easy to maintain, this machine-washable distressed denim in a high-waist feature distressed details in the front. The zip fly button closure adds to the convenience. Skinny fit enhances its appearance and fits well across legs, waist and thighs. The long pants cover the ankle, and slightly stretch material makes it comfortable to wear. It has a classic rise that sits at natural waist for that perfect fit feeling every time. Pair it with casual, formal tops or boots, sandals, etc. it complements perfectly with everything. It is a perfect casual wear for a movie, coffee or grocery outings.

7. Resfeber Women's Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Resfeber women’s jeans in the dark wash (6712) shade look cute in boyfriend style. The stretch-skinny jean with a zipper and a button closure is convenient to wear. It is made of premium quality natural and chemical fibre. Made with soft materials, the denim fit comfortably around hips, thighs and the waist for a long duration. Skinny legs enhance the appearance. Match it with tops, t-shirts, shirts and cute sandals it goes well with everything. Preferred Hand wash but if you are using machine wash separately in cool water. Don’t bleach it and go for tumble dry low.

8. Allegra K Women’s Stretchy Mid-Rise Distressed Jeans

A dark blue jean is counted as a wardrobe essential and this distressed denim from Allerga K is a perfect casual wear for your window shopping. It has classic five-pocket styling, button closure with a zipper and belt loops for belt. The mid-rise waist fits comfortably around the hips and thighs. The convenient zip fly button closure holds it tightly and sits comfortably on the waist. Moreover, the distressed details on both side look fashionably stylish. It is always exciting to choose necklaces and earrings which are similar in colors with your jeans.

9. Vibrant Women's Juniors Faded Ripped Knee High Waist Skinny Jeans

For women who swear by the high-rise jean, this is a perfect option in a ripped styling. The faded jeans with ripped knee look stylish and are very comfortable to wear. It fits perfectly, taking shape of your body for an enhanced appearance. Match it with crop tops for a cute look, or with shirts for a formal and tees for a casual look, it complements perfectly with everything. Faux front pockets with pockets in the back with Zipper and button fly. The dark denim is a must-have in your wardrobe with just the right amount of ripping around knees.

10. Wax Women's Juniors Mid-Rise Skinny Jegging Jeans w Distressing

Black can never go out of fashion. It is a classic shade and an essential in your wardrobe. A ripped jean in black is an ultimate piece of casual clothing one must not miss. This black ripped jeans with a comfortable zip fly button closure adds to the convenience. Light distressed cuts down the front side. Also, the mid-rise waist sits well around the waist and fits comfortably. Wear it for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. The five-pocket styling for a traditional look enhances its appearance.

11. Just Love Ripped Denim Jeggings for Women Jeans Leggings

The dark ripped denim made from 98 per cent cotton is stretchable. Wear them with a cute crop top or a solid tee or a shirt it goes perfectly with everything. It fits perfectly around the waist, thighs and hips. The soft denim is made of 98 per cent cotton and 2 per cent spandex. Stay comfortable in these jeans through the day and slay the casual look. Pair them with your favorite shoe, sandals, etc. The dark denim is a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. But you can always choose between dark denim, light denim, medium denim.

12. COVER GIRL Women's Cute Mid Rise Waisted Ripped Distressed Torn Jeans

The faded distressed jeans is made with 98 per cent cotton and just 2 per cent spandex. This imported pair of denim is washable in the washing machine. It has a basic five-pocket styling, akin to traditional denim. The distressed details at the front, back and bottom enhance its overall appearance. Rips and slits for a vintage jeans look and comfy soft feel. Also, the patched and distressed style complements well with all your favorite tops and shirts. At the front, it has a convenient zipper closure with a button which holds it tightly. Great for all seasons.

13. Cello Jeans Women's Juniors Mid Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans

A classic white shade distressed jeans is a head-turner. Zipper closure with a button at the top ensures it sits around the waist comfortably without showing any discomfort. Traditional five-pocket styling looks good and enhances overall styling. The soft denim is made from cotton and spandex. It is slightly stretchable which means it is easy to wear and stays comfortably for long hours. Moreover, it is washable in the washing machine. It is not necessary to be a rock star or a celebrity to wear these trendy ripped jeans, you always looks dashing with this jeans.

14. Roswear Women's Essentials Ripped Mid Rise Destroyed Skinny Jeans

Blue distressed jeans is a must-have in a women’s closet. This pair of blue denim is made of multiple materials such as cotton (75 %), spandex (2%), and polyester (23%).  It has a zipper closure with a button at the front which holds it conveniently for a long time without any discomfort. The stretch fabric fits comfortably and takes your body shape. This durable pair of denim in a skinny fit looks great and tapers at the bottom. You will find your next go-to, perfect pair of jeans with varied selection of styles and washes.

15. Lucky Brand Women's High Rise Bridgette Skinny Jean

Made with tencel (34 per cent), Elastane (4 per cent), polyester (14 per cent) and cotton (48 per cent), the high waist distressed denim in a lonestar destruct shade looks rugged and chic. Add this stylish pair of jeans to your wardrobe and slay your casual look over the weekend. The skinny fit denim comes with a zip fly button closure and is washable in the washing machine. It features a traditional five-pocket styling used for holding small items such as a cell phone, wallet, etc. Also, the distressed knee detail adds to its aesthetic appeal.

16. Vibrant Women's Juniors Ripped Rise Skinny Jeans

The ripped black jean in a high-rise waist sits comfortably around the waist. Skinny fit clings to the thighs and takes the body’s natural silhouette. The large hole on the knee adds to the front details and narrow bottom enhance its overall appearance. It has traditional five-pocket styling and the convenient zip fly button closure. The belt loop around the waist accommodates a sleek belt for adding style. This distressed denim in a dark black shade complements with stylish sandals, shoes and boots. These are the best-ripped jeans that people simply can’t stop raving about.

17. Vibrant Women's Juniors High Waist Jeans Stretchy Ripped Jeans

The heavily ripped distressed jeans sporting the natural denim shade looks chic and stylish. High-rise waist fits comfortably around the hips, thighs and the waist. Wear this modish, casual denim to your grocery shopping or window shopping it will enhance your appearance by two folds. The functional pockets at the front and back add style. It enables holding a wallet, cell phone and other small items. The super comfy denim is made of materials such as cotton, spandex, modal and T400.

18. SweatyRocks Women's High Waist Stretch Ripped Skinny Jeans

A slim-fit jean with a distressed look that sits high on the waist is all you need for your weekend look. Whether planning an outing for hanging out with friends, cool, chic and comfortable denim completes the look without compromising on your comfort. Made of 85 per cent cotton, 2 per cent spandex, and 13 per cent polyester, it is soft and cosy. The slim fit, stretchy jeans feature a raw hem and ripping at the front. It is washable in machine, wash it separately in cold water.

19. LookbookStore Women's Mid Rise Ripped Jeans

The imported jeans in light blue shade impart a cool and chic look. Knee holes and front ripping enhance its appearance. The stretchy washed denim feels soft and fits comfortably around the body. Perfect for daily wear, these comfortable pair of jeans in a mid-rise waist complements well with shirts, tops and blouses. Wear it with sandals, shoes, boots and other stylish foot wears, it matches well with everything. Size Small fits US 4-6, Medium fits US 8-10, Large fits US 12-14, X-Large fits US 16-18.

20. HUE Women's Ripped Knee Denim Leggings

The classic white jeans with rips on knees sport a minimalist look. The imported pair of denim is made from cotton (98 per cent) and spandex (2 per cent). It is washable in machine, wash separately with like colors. Besides, functional back pockets are useful for holding small, lightweight items such as a pocket wallet, a cell phone, etc. Faux front pockets, on the other hand, add more details to the front styling. The stretchy cotton blend fabric on these genuine denim leggings creates a custom weaving for durability.

21. Women's Hight Waisted Butt Lift Stretch Ripped Skinny Jeans

Made with premium quality lightweight denim, the ripped jeans in black sits comfortably on the waist. The high-rise jean has natural rips on the thighs and knees. Traditional five-pocket styling adds to its aesthetics. Also, the belt loops enable accommodating a sleek belt for adding details to styling. These durable and comfortable pair of denim is perfect for casual wear. Wear it with sneakers, sandals, boots or stiletto it complements well with everything. The stretchy cotton blend fabric on these genuine denim leggings creates a custom weaving for durability.

22. SOLY HUX Women's Denim Skinny Stretch Jeans Pants

Primarily made of cotton (85 per cent), the pair of heavily distressed denim has a mix of polyester (13 per cent) and spandex (2 per cent) materials. The casual ripped jean sits on the waist, and the zipper with a button closure adds to the convenience. Also, the mid-waist is super comfortable, looks stylish and fashionable. It has pockets at the front and back. Wear it with tops, shirts, blouses, etc. The stretchy cotton blend fabric on these genuine denim leggings creates a custom weaving for durability.

23. Blue Age Multistyle Denim Cotton Skinny Jeans

Women have an affinity for pink. Their closet is full of different shades of pink. No matter how many pairs of pink clothing they have, it is never enough. This ripped jeans in a soothing pink color is a funky and stylish casual wear for the teenagers. The high rise waist with an ankle hem looks neat and classic. The butt lifting pattern on the slim fit denim adapts to the body shape. Known for its comfortable and loose fit and favored by many fashion icons, the boyfriend jean is the epitome of effortless chic dressing with a touch of boyish charm.

24. SweatyRocks Women's Hight Waisted Stretch Ripped Skinny Jeans

The heavily ripped jean in blue 3 shade looks cool, chic and stylish. Made of cotton (75 per cent), spandex (2 per cent) and polyester (23 per cent), the slim fit, skinny jeans has a raw hem and distressing styling at the front. Wash it separately in the washing machine in cold water. Pair it with all types of tops, solid and printed or with all kinds of sandals, the chic denim complements with everything. You can wear it at any casual occasion as this skinny jeans are well received by women of all ages.

25. Jvini Women's Pull-On Ripped Distressed Stretch Denim Jean

The ripped denim in roll cuff-blue color looks fashionably chic and stylish. It is super stretchy and hugs your curves. Also, the zip fly with button closure is convenient and holds it tightly across the waist. It has holes in the front for adding more details. The faded look enhances its appearance. It is perfect casual wear, pair it with your favorite blouse, crop top, polo t-shirt and formal shirts, it complements almost everything. Hand wash or machine wash separately in cool water.