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25 Best Monitors Risers & Stands on the Market

Working on a computer, be it a desktop or a laptop, has become very common as it simplifies work and reduces the time taken in completing a job. If choosing the right accessories results in healthier living, not positioning them correctly increase the level of discomfort and cause serious health issues. A computer may come with most of the vital parts, it misses out on accessories that make it comfortable to use. One such add on is a monitor riser.

A monitor riser helps raise computer height to eye level. It supports the neck to improve body posture. Bad posture triggers severe pain in neck or shoulder, which restricts working on the computer. Thus, a monitor riser plays a key role in avoiding aches and pains caused by stress. It reduces neck strain considerably by maintaining the natural alignment of the spine. The frequent use of computer accessories like monitor risers, standing desks, and adjustable chairs not only prevents health risks, but also maximizes productivity. Here are some suggestions to ensure the position of your monitor is correct.

Tips to follow for an ergonomically positioned monitor

  • Level the top of the monitor with your eyes
  • Always place the monitor screen at your arm’s length
  • Sit in an upright position
  • Keep your neck in a relaxed position
  • Do not look up while viewing the monitor.

While the above tips help with positioning the monitor correctly, below-mentioned points help with features to consider in a monitor riser.

There are primarily two types of monitor risers, adjustable and fixed-height.

  • The adjustable monitor allows adjusting the right height.
  • It also enables resetting the monitor height for multiple users.
  • Monitors with fixed height cost less.
  • They can hold more weight.

Based on the above tips we have curated a list of 25 monitor risers you can consider buying.

1. Monitor Stand Riser, 2 Tiers Wood Monitor Riser Stand with Storage Organizer

The two-tier monitor stand made from high-quality eco-friendly MDF wood features premium polish and paint that doesn’t fade away for a long time. Use it for your office or keep it in your study, bedroom or even living room, it is great for organizing. Measuring 5.6-inch high, it provides a perfect height to keep the screen at your eye level. This ergonomic position prevents neck strain and stress due to the wrong posture. Features such as cable slots, mobile stand and shelf provide ample space for storing.

2. Adjustable Monitor Stand Riser with 2 Drawers with Organizer Drawer

The height-adjustable monitor comes with two pull out drawers and shelves for extra storage space for keeping daily necessities.   It features standing legs that act as stacking columns, adding up to utility space. The monitor riser allows elevating height for an ergonomic and comfortable viewing position. Side compartments come in handy for adjusting extra stuff. The two drawers are removable through a lighter weight mount for creating more space below riser. It can be assembled easily and cable management prevents clutter.

3. WALI Monitor Stand Riser for Computer, Laptop, Printer, Notebook and All Flat Screen Display

The large monitor riser made from durable metal shelf accommodates most flat-screen display such as laptop, desktop and printer. It helps raise the height of your computer by 3.9-inches, monitor by 4.7-inches and notebook by 5.5-inches. Anti-skid rubber pads avoid slipping or prevent the surface from damaging. It has a sleek, modern design complimenting with most of the desks. Add more space underneath the stand for storing things used in daily work such as pencils, pens and much more.

4. 1home Monitor Stand Riser, 2 Tiers Wood Monitor Riser Stand with Storage Organizer

The 1home two-tier monitor riser stand made of premium eco-friendly MDF wood is sturdy and comfortable. Zero air-pollution manufacturing ensures environmental safety. It features an exclusive finish and polish. The monitor riser allows positioning the height of your desktop, laptop or a notebook by 5.6-inches. Ergonomic positioning ensures a strain-free work, preventing you from stress.  It has slots for managing cables, making it clutter-free. There is a cell phone holder also for keeping away the distraction as you work. Soft rubber feet keep your device stabilized and prevents scratches from ruining the desktop.

5. Monitor Stand Riser, Jelly Comb Foldable Computer Monitor Riser, Computer Stand with Storage Drawer

Adjust the height of your computer to an ergonomic viewing through this jelly comb foldable monitor riser stand. It features drawers for storing daily necessities such as pens, pencils, eraser, sharper and much more. Besides, it helps reduce eye strain, enables typing and reading comfortably. It is useful in relieving neck pain caused due to constantly looking down. The sturdy and durable structure can hold heavy-weight of your computer, laptop or desktop. There is a smooth surface coating which prevents scratches from ruining the aesthetics.

6. Superjare Monitor Stand Riser, Adjustable Screen Stand for Laptop Computer/TV/PC

It comes with not one, or two, but three separate units. Adjust angles to your preference for an ergonomic position. There are extra metal parts and pre-drilled holes to hold all three pieces together preventing the board from sliding. Height of the inner board is 3.15-inches, and the other two boards are 3.94-inches high. Built with P2 particleboard, the monitor riser abides by California’s Composite Woods Products Regulation, indicating no environmental harm during the manufacturing. The thick board is durable and sturdy, it can hold monitor computer, printer, laptop and even TV.

7. FITUEYES 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Length and Angle, DT108001WB

Featuring special design, the FITUEYES monitor riser in black allows raising three monitors at the same time. Adjust the angle and length according to your convenience for an ergonomically viewing position. The built and structure is solid, which means it can hold heavy-weight with ease. It can also be used as an effective desk organizer for storing daily necessities such as ‘notebooks, stapler, papers, clips, cable box and other gaming devices. The shelves are made of environmental-friendly material which provides stability.

8. Monitor Stand Riser for Computer, Laptop, Printer, Notebook and All Flat Screen Display

Made with durable metal shelf, the monitor stand riser from WALI features vented steel top that compliments every desk. It features a non-slip pad at the bottom of legs which keeps it stable. The riser helps raise the height of your laptop or computer by 4 inches providing ergonomic viewing. The large ventilated platform offers ample space for holding your device, be it a computer, laptop, printer and other flat-screen display. It has additional space underneath the platform for storing daily use accessories which keeps the surface clean.

9. Simple Trending Metal Monitor Riser Stand and Computer Desk Organizer with Drawer, Black

The comfortable and durable monitor riser in black is suitable for holding a computer, laptop and other devices. Keep it at your office, study, living room or even a bedroom it can fit easily. It helps raise the height of your monitor to your eye level and allows ergonomic viewing. The integrated sliding drawer adds to the convenience. The four side storage pockets and two compartments, provide ample space for storing daily use stuff at a handy distance. The drawer can be used for keeping the keyboard, gaming console, etc. Anti-slip suction cups underneath prevent accidental sliding as they stabilize the riser.

10. 2 Pack Computer Monitor Riser with Height Adjustable Multi Media Desktop Stand

The large computer stand can easily accommodate devices such as laptops, desktops and even TV. It offers enhanced comfort and improved visibility, thanks to the ergonomic positioning. Raising the height of your device helps reduce neck strain, back pain and stress substantially. It improves your posture and aligns your neck with your spine. Besides, it is also useful for placing streaming devices, printers and much more, providing a neat look and making your space clutter-free. It enlarges underneath space used for storage purposes.

11. Monitor Stand Riser - 3 Height Adjustable Monitor Stand

Featuring a simple design, this monitor stand can be adjusted in three different heights depending on your convenience. Choose the most ergonomic viewing angle for a strain-free posture. Adjusting the monitor riser height is simple, just press the button on the leg to lift the platform to your eye level. Also, the no-tool assembly saves time and energy. The monitor stand made with powder-coated steel features perforated mesh holes on the platform for increased air-flow. It prevents overheating and keeps your device cool.

12. Vaydeer USB3.0 Wireless Charging Aluminum Monitor Stand Riser

The monitor stand comes with a wireless charging pad which charges phone automatically without using any wires or additional accessories. It can charge most Samsung phones, iPhones phones (barring the new iPhone 12 series) and other phones with wireless technology. The solid aluminium material provides strength to hold huge weight. Besides, it features four USB 3.0 Hub ports for connecting devices, such as mobile phones, hard discs, kindle, etc. 30 days no reason refund and Worry-free 12-month after sale service, Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

13. Monitor Riser Stand Desk Shelf - with Drawer Keyboard Storage

The white monitor stand from Bambloom made with engineered wood and bamboo looks simple, yet stylish. This modern monitor stand is designed to hold heavy devices. It has two nifty slide-out bamboo drawers for storing items including cup, cell phone, notepad, pens and other useful items. This stand comes fully assembled, saving you from the pain of putting it together. Besides, the ergonomic viewing position saves you the trouble of experiencing backache, neck pain and other strains caused due to a bad posture.

14. Simple Houseware 2PK Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser with Organizer Drawer

The black metal monitor riser in the pack of two can solve all your issues of a comfortable viewing position for your monitor. Sturdy construction ensures holding heavy devices. It features a sliding drawer latter tray for storage purposes. Additionally, side pockets allow keeping daily necessities at a reachable distance. It raises the height of your computer, laptop, notepad, etc., to a comfortable viewing position, preventing aches triggered by a bad posture.

15. WALI Tempered Glass Monitor Riser Desktop Stand Height Adjustable Table Top

The rectangular monitor stand with glass shelf and stainless steel legs is a simple option for those looking for a monitor riser. Its ergonomic design enables sitting in the correct viewing position, avoiding strain and aches caused in the neck, back and shoulders. Set a comfortable viewing position by adjusting the height of all four legs. It can help elevate the monitor by three to three and a half inches, as suitable.

16. LORYERGO Monitor Stand - Monitor Riser Built with Drawer

The monitor stand from LORYERGO adjusts to three different heights. Choose the most ergonomic viewing position based on your convenience. The height of your monitor riser can be adjusted from two to five inches. A detachable drawer helps organize office supplies and other daily necessities. You can keep your phone or calculator in the drawer. Besides, it also features useful slots for more storage. Tool-Free assembly simplifies adjusting the monitor riser and saves time.

17. VIVO Black 24 inch Monitor Riser

Your quest for a sleek, modern, lightweight, yet durable monitor stand ends here. The stylish stand from VIVO for placing your monitor can go well with your interior. Place it in your study, living room, bedroom or carry it to office, it fits perfectly everywhere. The sturdy wooden construction holds heavy devices with ease. Also, the anti-slip padding underneath legs prevents sliding, ensuring your device is safe. Remove clutter by storing office supplies or other useful stuff in the under storage area.

18. Foldable Monitor Stand Riser, Klearlook 3 Width Adjustable Computer Stand

The width of the monitor stand is adjustable to three positions. You can elevate it to 16.5-inches, 18-5-inches or 20.5 inches width based on your convenience. The ergonomic setting provides a comfortable viewing position preventing the user from neck strain, backache, shoulder aches and stress. Placing the keyboard in the under storage area reduces clutter and organizes better. The metal hinges and ABS platform provide stability and allow holding heavy devices.

19. Tempered Glass Computer Monitor Riser/Triangle Desktop Corner Stand

Elevate the triangular-shaped monitor riser to an ergonomic viewing position to level it to your eyes. It helps align correct body posture, attenuating pain in the neck, back and shoulders triggered due to the wrong stance. You can store all daily necessities and other useful stuff in the underneath area. Moreover, the tilt function enables adjusting the monitor stand between 0 to 15 degrees as per convenience. The triangular shape fits perfectly in corners and L-shaped desks.

20. Simple Trending 2-Tier Monitor Stand Riser, Metal Desk Organizer Stand

The all-black multifunctional monitor riser is suitable for holding devices such as laptops, computers, monitors, etc. Keep it at home, in your office or any other place it fits perfectly. Ergonomic positioning alleviates strain in shoulders, neck and back initiated due to bad posture. The built-in drawer is used for storing office supplies or other regular necessities, your cell phone, kindle, etc. It helps tidy up by reducing clutter. Additional space provides room for large things such as cable, gaming console, etc.

21. FITUEYES Computer Monitor Riser Stand

It features 6 mm tempered glass for safety. The durable monitor stand is designed to withstand 88lbs weight, suitable for keeping devices including laptop, printer, computer, monitor, etc. This multifunctional monitor stand is easy to assemble and saves time in putting it together. The stainless steel legs add strength and enable holding large devices. Besides, it allows adjusting monitor stand at eye level for an ergonomic viewing position.

22. Monitor Stand Riser with Vented Metal for Computer, Laptop, Desk, Printer

The black monitor stand made of sturdy metal material features perforated holes for enhanced airflow. This design keeps your devices cool by letting warm air pass-through holes during prolonged use. It can raise your monitor by 3.8-inches. Adjust accordingly for an ergonomic viewing position. The sturdy construction, featuring 14-inch steel plate, can hold devices weighing up to 44lbs without wobbling or shaking. Non-slip legs stabilize and protect furniture from damage.

23. 2 Pack Premium Laptop PC Monitor Stand

The simple yet modern monitor riser in black fits perfectly in a corner. Keep it in your living room, bedroom, study or even office. It improves your posture and restricts aches/pains in areas including the neck, back and shoulder. The durable and smooth metal sheet withholds large devices without wobbling. There is plenty of space for storing daily necessities and office supplies, etc. Also, the non-slip rubber in legs prevents sliding and stabilizes.

24. Mind Reader MESHMONSTA-BLK Metal Mesh Monitor Stand

The strong and lightweight monitor riser is made of heavy-duty metal. It features a mesh plate at the top and fits most of the flat-screen display devices. Raise your monitor for an ergonomic viewing position alleviating neck pain, backache and strain in the shoulder. Non-skid feet prevent sliding and stabilize. There is a slide stand underneath for storing tablet, kindle, and other office supplies.

25. Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer

The sturdy desk stand features an “H” shape design for an increased duration. Strengthened construction easily holds large devices such as printers, monitors, etc. Integrated drawer provides ample space for storing daily necessities and other supplies. It allows elevating monitor by 4.7-inches, improving your body posture. Besides, it comes assembled, saving time in putting it together. Bring this desk stand, and simplify your work, reduce stress for enhanced productivity.