20 Best Wool Socks in 2020

We all love to wear woolen attires as you can show off this side of your wardrobe. WInters bring a lot of things with it like colours, fabric, layers, etc. Every year we receive a huge variety of winter wears with unique styling and concepts.

Just like any other winter wear, woolen socks play a very important role in our life. These socks are normally used as a multipurpose one. We can use them in hiking, jogging, wak, while sitting in-house, in the office, etc. While the main purpose of the winter socks i sto guard you from the chilling winter season, they serve your feet with a well cushioned all round protection.

While choosing a good pair of winter socks, you may consider a few things.

  • Fabric quality
  • Warmth
  • Thickness
  • Design
  • Elasticity of ribs

Check for these points, and you will get the finest quality socks for your purpose. Still if you need a thorough list of socks to choose from, we have come up with 20 best wool socks in 2020. Here we go:

1. Time May Tell Mens Merino Wool Hiking Cushion Socks Pack (2/4 Pair,6-13 Size)

While buying a pair of socks, do you see tangling threads out of this. These threads look so bad that we start behaving weirdly for that brand. Time May Tell is a brand which has taken this into their consideration and brought men’s merino wool socks which are super warm for your chilling winters. These are constructed for the hiking purpose, so if you are planning your weekend towards mountains and snowy lands, these socks will be the perfect companion for you. These are high on cushion and well shaped to accommodate your feet.

2. Buttons & Pleats Wool Socks for Men & Women 80% Merino Thermal Warm Cozy Winter Boot Sock

Do you love wearing boots, you would probably love these socks. Buttons and pleats is a good brand in socks manufacturing. Thier wool socks are unisex and are made up of 80% Merino wool. It has appropriate height as per the boots and lets you feel relaxed in it. You get dual colours with prominent shades of gray. Though the socks have a good wool composition and are effectively warm, they do not cause itching which may cause irritation after a few hours of wearing it.

3. SERI1969 MerinoLifeSocks 3-Pack, Long-neck Socks, Cushioned & Breathable, Merino Wool 60% Socks

While colourful socks look great with funky outfits, you may seek a pair for formal purposes too. Formal socks usually have plain colours without any designer marks. The Seri1969 has prepared a brilliant piece of socks for you to deal with your formal clothing needs. It is a thick and meshy pair of socks which stretches upto to your knees and remain firm there. It has a great ability to absorb the sweat and keep your feet dry for longer hours. It is made up of Merino wool for the best purpose.

4. Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack

Dickies has come up with smart looking socks for your everyday use. Men’s dri-tech moisture control crew socks are packed with a plethora of warmth. These are made up of cotton material and keep your foot flexible to move in all possible directions. It has a great arch compression controlling which manages your foot to remain calm and composed even after prolonged use. The durable reinforced heel and toe are very useful and helps in keeping it for long. The fabric quality is top notch and doesn’t lose its colour

5. EnerWear 4 Pack Women's Merino Wool Outdoor Hiking Trail Crew Sock

We are always on our toes and that literally means a lot while choosing the right pair of socks. The Enerwear women’s merino wool socks are elegant to look and comfortable to wear. These woolen socks are ultra soft and easy to wear. You’ll enjoy a full day of warmth with these socks which are durable and long lasting. These socks are well engineered to be used for mountaineering and hiking and don’t get skidded due to mshy texture.

6. Qupish 5 Pairs Winter Fuzzy Socks for Women Cozy Wool Socks Warm Home Microfiber Fluffy Christmas Socks

Girls and kids love to have animated character and cute things on their stuff. If you visit a kid’s house, you’ll notice hundreds of such stuff around there. So if you also want to have a set of socks which may have such patterns, then look no further that Qupish winter socks. These socks are well designed to be used in winters along with being quite tough and durable. They have a nice looking cute cat’s animation on the upper part which may interests small kids.

7. 2 Pairs Thermal Socks for Men,WXXM Heated Socks for Women, Warm Thick Winter Socks Insulated Cold Weather

Thermal socks are super warm and a must have inclusion in your wardrobe if you often visit chilling peaks or stay in a snowy area. These thermal socks are made up of thicker material than the usual socks and create a well insulated wall between your foot and outside weather. These have a very smart looking texture and pattern and can be worn on different occasions including office, picnic, shopping, outing, etc. You can have these socks in a variety of colours to suit your outfit and mood.

8. Amazon Essentials Men's Cotton Casual Crew Sock

Though walking and running endows enough warmth but it starts depleting as soon as you take a break. Hence, you need something that can keep you warm even when not in motion. Amazon has crafted a very pair of socks for casual purpose, which keeps your warm for a longer duration. These socks can get you enough warmth from chilling weather and you can wear them the whole day without any side effects of itching and irritation. It is made up of 67% cotton and hence it’s very soft and comfortable for day long use.

9. 5 Pairs Womens Wool Socks Vintage Soft Cabin Warm Socks Thick Knit Cozy Winter Socks for Women Gifts

Colours are one of the finest accessories that kids and women love to have in their wardrobe. Here we have brought 5 pairs of elegantly designed socks which carry amazing traditional designs and use a lot of colours and patterns. These are ultra soft and comfortable for daily use. Though they are thicker than your usual socks as they are meant to be worn for winter purpose, they easily get into your shoes. These socks look great without shoes, so most of the time you’ll be keeping them bare shoes.

10.Heatuff Men's Winter Wool Socks Warm Soft Full Cushion Crew Socks (5 Pairs)

Sometimes the winters are so chilly that sitting at home with a blanket on might not help you with the cold. You need something that can snug fit on your body and let you have the real warmth. Heatuff men’s winter wool socks are among the finest quality socks for winters. Your ordinary or regular socks may not not gain enough warmth for you and hence, while staying in a blanket, these socks add up extra warmth which is necessary.

11. Pack of 4 Winter Warm Wool Socks Hiking Socks Knit Crew Socks for Women Soft and Comfortable

Designer socks have gradually become quite popular and people are following them for their extreme detail to designs and patterns. Specially woolen socks are now getting good designs. These thick socks use high quality threads to perform the dual purpose of keeping you warm and show off the style. The socks we picked for you here come in a pack of 4 with 4 different colours and patterns. These are composed of 80% wool and 20% other fabrics. The colours available are elegant and suit most of the upper outfits.

12. Mens Heavy Thick Wool Socks - Soft Warm Comfort Winter Crew Socks (Pack of 3/5),Multicolor,One Size 7-12

Woolens are probably the coziest clothes one can wear. Not just your sweaters, muffler or shawl keep you cozy, but your fluffy socks are also cozy enough to let you enjoy winters to the fullest. Yoicy men’s thick wool socks are the perfect cozy wear for your winters. These socks are composed of 45% polyester and 30% wool with the remaining part filled with mixed threads. The composition is so good that you’ll never feel any issues in terms of itching or over warmness.

13. Zando Womens Wool Socks Winter Athletic Socks Crew Sock Warm Hiking Merino Wool Socks Soft Thick Mid Calf

We have earlier shown you a colourful and full of pattern socks. We called it rich in woven traditional patterns and now we brought another set of socks which are equally rich in terms of performance and style. The Zando women’s wool socks are a great atheletic-cum-winter wear. YOu can wear it occasionally as well while going for a friend’s house, picnic, party or other casula events. They are lightweight and long lasting. The vintage design is a self woven one and offers a design look.

14. Merino Wool Socks for Men Lightweight ,Winter Therminal Wool Dress Socks ,Crew Socks, Sweat-wicking ,Black & Argyle,Gifts

Merino wool is one of the most common wool types. It is sourced from merino goats which is one of the major sources of wool. This wool is very warm and available in abundance and hence it is widely used. We have brought you merino wool socks for men which are among the finest quality socks for men. They have a decent diamond shape pattern and are available in a variety of colours. The fabric is stretchable and has upto 50% merino wool composition with the remaining one being other mixed threads.

15. 6 Pairs Merino Wool Winter Socks For Men and Women Athletic Socks Warm Thick Socks Debra Weitzner

Not everyone buys different socks for different occasions. Most of us purchase socks of one type and use them for all the purposes. Sports socks usually offer great support for the toes and heels while winter socks also possess a fluffy and comfortable cushioning. Hence, it is recommended to use these socks for their defined purposes but you can occasionally swap them. You can use them while performing sports activities or while getting cozy in your blanket. It is made up of merino wool which is one of the finest and most popular wools available.

16. DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Wool Light Hiking Socks 3-Pack for Men, Women & Kids, Lightweight, Trekking, Outdoor

As we already discussed, the Merino wool is among the most popular and durable wools available for winter wear including sweaters and socks, we have got a lot of products made out of this wool which find places in our good books. The Danish endurance merino wool socks are lightweight hiking ones. The 40% construction of these socks consist of Merino wool. Hence, these socks are good for moderate to low temperature situations. Even if you are going for hiking, you’ll be assured of the quality as these socks are manufactured by famous mountaineers Rasmus Kragh.

17. Women's Wool Socks Thick Warm Athletic Crew Socks for Autumn Winter Cold Weather

Winter season brings a lot of accessories and wearables with it. As an accessory, people love to wear mufflers, shawls, caps, boots, warmers, etc. Boots look extremely great and women love showing off their expensive ones. As boots can only be worn in winter seasons as they don’t have any mesh fabric for air circulation, You need efficient socks which can absorb as much sweat as possible and keep your feet dry. They are available in elegant and bright colours that easily match up with your outfit and style.

18. JAKIDAR 6-Pack Baby Socks Thick Wool Socks for Baby Cotton Warm Newborn Socks

Coupes with newborn kids often get confused with the choices and/or unavailability of socks for their new family member. These little angels need a lot of care and warmth, and one can’t just expose them to the harsh environment. To look after your concern for your baby, we have brought an amazing pair of socks for them too. The Jakidar baby socks are winter socks with mixed cotton fabric that remain soft to the skin. These are stretchable socks and fits perfectly on your baby’s feet.

19. Kids Winter Ski Socks for Boys Girls, 3 Pairs Warm Socks Over The Calf Ages 4-9

Talk about winters and you instantly start dreaming of santa claus, reindeer, snow packed trees, and sledges. All these signify that winters are almost here and things will get lighter from now. As we all love to live with the trends, it would be good to have winter themed socks. These socks are very popular among children and they love wearing them too often. The Kids winter ski socks are available in different colours with woven patterns. The elastic is neither too tight nor too loose and remains stuck to its position without leaving any strainmarks.

20. JOYCA & Co. 3-5 Pairs Womens Multicolor Fashion Warm Wool Cotton Thick Winter Crew Socks

Colours are very important in one’s life and the same needs to be there on their wearables. Multicolour socks are among the popular garments that one can have for winters. Joyca and Co. has come up with such a pair of socks which you’d love to wear barefoot. The design pattern looks incredible and performs wisely during the winters. The texture on these socks makes you keep staring at them. They got plenty of warmth and made up of mixed fibres. The feel and comfort is top notch and you’ll instantly love the way it is.