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20 Best USB keyboards of 2023

The typing speed and efficiency that you have depends largely on two factors. Your own typing style and the keyboard you are using. If you are the kind of person who is particular about your typing speed and accuracy, you must be on the lookout for the best USB keyboards. These keyboards come in a lot of variety and you should explore the specifics of each of the model.

The USB design is such that you can simply plug them on the laptop and the keyboard will be ready to use. Some of them require an additional driver but in most cases, you won’t need any external drover as the keyboard comes with plug and play facility. This means that after connecting your USB Keyboard into a free port on your computer, you can immediately begin using it without having to download or install anything. Plus, if you accidentally unplug your USB keyboard, no worries! You can just plug it right back in and pick up where you left off.

In order to find the perfect USB keyboard for you, it is important to understand what each keyboard offers in terms of features, silence while typing, key distance, and more. By taking these factors into account, you will be able to increase your productivity by finding a keyboard that suits your needs and budget.

1. Seenda USB Keyboard

Featured with LED-backlit, this USB keyboard by seenda offers an excellent visual experience and makes it suitable for business work or play. It is featured with 2 modes of lighting namely; permanent lighting and automatic breathing lighting. The brightness of the backlit can be adjusted as per requirement. It requires simple plugging into the USB cord which makes it easier to start using the keyboard. It includes 12 multimedia shortcut keys and is widely compatible with many operating systems like Windows 7/8/10, XP, etc.

2. Perixx PERIBOARD-117 USB Keyboard

This USB keyboard is designed with big, easy-to-see keys to make typing and reading simpler. The font size of the letters is three times bigger than on other standard keyboards, improving the visibility of the letters and reducing eyestrain. This full-size keyboard includes function keys, cursor-control keys, and a numeric keypad. It provides a reliable wired USB connection with 5’9 feet long cord that can reach the back of your computer quickly and easily for faster setup.. The top is designed with extra space between keys to avoid hitting the wrong key by mistake.


This wireless USB keyboard eliminates the need for multiple wires that keep the desktop smart and tidy. The unified Nano receiver saves precious computer USB ports. The angled tilt of the keyboard provides added support and the silky-smooth whisper-quiet keys let the user enjoy the work without any disturbance. The moderate size of the keyboard saves desktop space and makes it easy to carry during travel. The luxurious silver finishing greatly matches the user’s mac book or other laptops. The scissor-style keys are very responsive that makes typing easier and faster.

4. Aula Mechanical Gaming USB Wired Keyboard

Designed for both games and office purposes, this USB keyboard is developed by the joint efforts of the teams at home and abroad. The keys are both programmable and remappable that allows the computer to react to all the keys at a time when pressed together instead of just reacting to one of them. The three small buttons on the upper right of the keyboard have multimedia functions. M1: previous song, M2: play/pause, M3: next song.  Made from PBT plastic, the keycaps are durable and comfortable to touch. The keys have been given two colors that have good light transmission, do not fade, and allow seeing the letters even in dark.

5. Macally USB Wired Keyboard

Built with a standard layout full-size design, this keyboard does not include any extra key that will never be used. It requires a simple plug-and-play process for starting to use the keyboard which eliminates the requirement of installing any additional software. It is compatible with all desktops, notebooks, and PCs using Windows and needs a USB cord for connecting with the device. This full-sized keyboard is thin thereby lightweight and portable. This slim design helps saving desktop space and the kickstand allows using the keyboard at an angle. This wired keyboard and mouse bundle is very easy to use and no software is required! Simply plug them into a USB port and you are ready to go!

6. 9H USB Keyboard

Made in high-quality aluminum alloy material, this USB keyboard is designed with a numeric pad that looks very stylish, practical, and is popular among users. This keyboard can work with Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10). It does not require any extra driver or software in the PC which makes it a good choice for the user in the office or at home. It offers 12 hotkeys to easily access the operation of media player, volume down, volume up, mute, email, etc. It uses low-profile keys to provide a comfortable, quiet, and silent typing experience.

7. KLIM Chroma USB Keyboard

Featured with fast membrane keys, this USB keyboard is inbuilt with a response time of just 2ms. The keyboard is made from high-quality components and materials that provide durability and longevity to the same. Besides, the keyboard is budget-friendly. It offers an excellent typing experience as the keystrokes produce less sound as compared to the mechanical keyboards. It includes RGB lighting that enhances typing by making the keys visible even in dark. It is made of ABS plastic and is, therefore, lightweight and waterproof. To avoid key paint degradation, the keys are coated.

8. Mafiti USB Keyboard

Built to provide a comfortable typing experience, this USB keyboard is featured with low-profile keys. It includes a tilt stand at the top which enhances the visibility of the keys and reduces hand fatigue. It is designed with white LED backlit that makes typing easier even in a dark environment thereby making it suitable for home or office work. This keyboard can be connected to the device via a USB cord that reduces the need for any extra driver or software. It is compatible with desktops, notebooks, and PC Mac Laptop Windows 7/8/10/Vista.

9. Apple Magic USB Keyboard

The Magic keyboard is an amazing companion for iPad Pro and iPad Air. It features an incredible typing experience, a trackpad that opens up new ways to work with iPadOS. It has been designed with a USB port Type-C for pass-through charging and it folds into a case to provide front and back protection. This keyword comes with cantilever design for iPad Pro and attaches magnetically which allows you to smoothly adjust to the perfect viewing angle for you.  The Magic keyboard features a floating cantilever design allowing the user to attach it magnetically and smoothly adjust it to the perfect viewing angle for the user.

10. Keychron USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard is equipped with 84 keys, an RGB backlight system, and offers a long life due to its aluminum frame. With broad compatibility and a reliable Broadcom Bluetooth chipset, this keyboard can be used for home offices or even gaming. Users have the option of wirelessly connecting via Bluetooth or through a USB Type-C cord.

11. BlueFinger USB Keyboard

Equipped with 87 keys, this USB keyboard provides a backlighting function which looks like a rainbow. The letters never fade and the 19 non-conflicting keys allow pressing or holding multiple keys simultaneously. The keys provide control over the RGB lighting mode and light breathing mode and also help to adjust the brightness as per requirement. The keyboard is suitable for both work and gaming purposes and is compatible with PC, Computer, Laptop, PS4, Xbox One, etc. it can be connected via a USB cord that makes it easy to use.

12. Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming USB Keyboard

Logitech G413 was conceived, designed, and engineered to deliver advanced performance with just the right feature set. The slim, blade-like chassis is made of a lightweight, high-strength 5052 aluminum alloy. Underneath, there is mouse and headset cable management plus adjustable height-feet with rubber stabilizers so the user can find the angle that fits just right. The backlighting function makes the keys always visible and never distracting especially during late-night gaming sessions. The additional, dedicated USB cable connects the USB passthrough port to its input for 100% power throughput and data speed.

13. BFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard

Available in multiple colors, this USB keyboard includes 105 keys with a numeric keypad and multimedia keys. The low-profile keys allow the user to enjoy a comfortable and whisper-quiet typing experience. It is featured with an ultra-slim design with scissor-switch key structure that is soft to touch and easy to read. This in turn helps to make perfect and accurate keystrokes. It does not require additional drivers or software and can be connected using a USB cable. The multiple colors make it suitable for both home and office environments.

14. iClever DK03 USB Keyboard

This keyboard features both Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4 GHz wireless connection. It identifies the hardware system and connects quickly to previously connected devices for the next typing sessions. This Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. This keyboard lasts for 90 hours of continuous typing or 90 days on standby. It is equipped with a power-saving function that activates the keyboard after 30 minutes of not being used. The scissor-switch keys allow easy pressing of the keys and the low-profile feature ensures fast typing speeds.

15. Snpurdiri USB Keyboard

This one-hand keyboard is designed for stability and performance, with a low-cost monochrome color luminous keyboard scheme. It includes 35 letters that do not fade and is featured with multi-key no-punch technology that allows the pressing of multiple keys simultaneously. The ergonomic wrist rest design provides a comfortable typing experience. It includes various other features like 35ms response time, tactile sensation, and great operating life. It can be connected to various devices via a USB cable that makes it easy to use.

16. Lumsburry USB Keyboard

Available in cool black and silver-white colors, this keyboard provides 9 different light modes which make typing easier in dark and do not cause any harm to the eyes. The LED light illuminates with the help of the inbuilt sound sensor. It includes 19 anti-ghosting keys that allow the user to use more combinations to win a game. The WASD and arrow keys are interchangeable and this keyboard is perfect for offices and games. The mechanical feeling design and heavy weight of the keyboard enhance the gaming experience.

17. ASUS ROG Strix Flare (Cherry MX Red) USB Keyboard

Flare up the game with ROG Strix Flare- a mechanical gaming keyboard that’s got everything one wants to have. The user can feel the satisfaction with every keystroke with the world-renowned Cherry MX switches. It allows enjoying access to dedicated media keys on the upper left while gaming. It also offers an experience of the unparalleled level of personalization with a customizable badge illuminated by Aura Sync RGB lighting. The user can boost the gaming flair as he will dominate the battlefield. It has a handy USB passthrough at the back which allows connection to various devices.

18. VicTsing USB Keyboard

Featuring exquisite appearance and ergonomic design, VicTsing multi-device wireless keyboard is not only space-saving but also ensures ultimate comfort. It provides 3 connection modes so the user can connect 3 different types of devices simultaneously through Bluetooth connection or USB receiver. The high-efficiency lithium battery provides sufficient power for 2 months and it comes with a 1.5m long cable that supports charging while in use. The compact size helps to make the working environment more comfortable. This helps the user to put the keyboard in the home office, studio, workplace, etc.

19. Adesso PCK-308UB USB Keyboard

The new Tru-Form Pro Keyboard by Adesso is contoured and has a split key design for added ergonomic comfort and it includes a built-in touchpad that acts as the user’s mouse. The touchpad also includes left and right mouse buttons providing full cursor features and built-in wrist support for added comfort. It also includes multimedia and Windows hotkeys so the user can instantly access the media tools and popular Windows applications. The gently slope-shaped design encourages the natural position of hands, wrists, and forearm for maximum comfort and long use.

20. SurnQiee USB Keyboard

This keyboard is perfect for people with vision problems, schools, special needs departments, libraries, etc. The white backlight makes it easy to see the letters and numbers on the keys, so you can type faster and more easily. It includes multimedia hotkeys for convenience purposes.