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20 Best Tennis Shoes for Men

Buying a tennis shoe for men isn’t as simple as it seems. While color choice and aesthetics are vital, there are several aspects one cannot ignore. There is a shoe for every foot type. It might sound a tad amusing, though, shoe companies manufacture a variety of shoes to suit different preferences, comfort level, etc. Some shoe aid performance, while some are designed to prevent injury.  Aside from budget, the shape of your foot and size help select the right shoe. Also, the playing style is pivotal while making a decision. Tennis shoes are rugged, designed to withstand most wear and tear. Also, they allow swift lateral movements, slides and easily let players start and stop during the game. Besides,  there is a lot more that needs to be evaluated before choosing the right pair of shoes. The list below shows some factors that one must consider:

  • Toe Guards
  • Lateral Support
  • Shock-Absorption
  • Sturdy Materials
  • Ample Cushioning
  • Reinforced Sole

Shoe manufacturers such as Nike, Prince, Asics and Babolat among others are known for designing some of the most durable shoes out there. Nevertheless, comfort level and breathability top the list when it comes to selecting a tennis shoe for men, as one should feel comfortable while wearing it. For those looking to buy durable, comfortable and sturdy tennis shoes, the list curated below takes you through some of the best options available on the market. Go through the 20 best tennis shoes for men that suit your pocket and offer uncompromised comfort.

1. GESIMEI Men's Breathable Mesh Tennis Shoes

The bright red shoes from GESIMEI are comfortable and keep your feet cosy for a long duration. Mesh design looks stylish and keeps feet cool. It has a stretchy upper and a soft insole for a snug fit. MD sole curbs weight, keeping it lightweight and comfortable to wear. Low-top and lace-up closure with pull tab towards the back is easy and convenient. The sole offers excellent traction and durability. Wear them to the gym, jogging, while travelling or working out, it is a perfect fit for your feet.

2. Autper Mens Air Athletic Running Tennis Shoes

The air athletic running shoes for men from Autper are suitable for playing tennis. The rubber sole is durable and provides a firm grip on all surfaces. Platform measuring around 1.0-inch allows steady grasp, bearing abrupt movement while playing tennis. The lightweight knit-wear construction keeps feet cool and dry. Air cushion design provides soft cushioning for a comfortable experience. Designed in tandem with human body engineering, it protects knees and foot. The rubber sole features flexible anti-skid grooves and a firm grip to adjust to different surfaces.

3. Mevlzz Mens Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes Tennis Shoe for Men

The knitted upper on the all-black casual shoes for men from Mevlzz comes with an MD sole, providing strength, grip and ability to adapt to all surfaces. Also, the mesh upper allows keeping your foot cool and comfortable for long hours as you run, walk or sweat it out at the gym or elsewhere. The soft and protective cushioning keep your foot breathable at all times. The MD sole helps curb weight, offers excellent bounce-back ability and stability. Designed for casual wear, these are suitable for running, outdoor activities, walking, travelling, working out and much more.

4. Adidas Men's Ubersonic 2 Clay Court Tennis Shoe

The black shoes from Adidas with a hint of white and true orange look sporty, casual and rugged. Made from 100 per cent other fibers, the imported shoes feature a synthetic sole. The shaft measures around 6 to 12 inches from the arch, while the platform is between 0 to 3 inches and the boot opening is 0 to 3 inches wide. Laces allow convenient closure and keep your feet firm. Mesh upper features Adituff toe enabling breathability for a comfortable fit. Lightweight sprint-frame eases movement and provides a firm grip on all kinds of surfaces.

5. BRONAX Men's Lightweight Tennis Running Sneakers

The black and white shoes from BRONAX are lightweight men’s tennis shoes suitable for other activities such as running, walking, gyming, and other outdoor activities. Knitted upper allows air to seep through mesh material and keep your foot cool and snug. Also, it provides full wrap-around structured support. It has a convenient lace-up closure with a lightly padded tongue. Also, the collar provides a comfortable fit and excellent support. Lightweight cushioning and resistance for compression set are courtesy blade midsole. While the outsole made of synthetic material provides additional cushioning.

6. HEELYS Men's Voyager Tennis Shoe

Black shoes are a favourite among men for their sheer styling, design and aesthetics. Paired with red, these black shoes from HEELYS are perfect for men with an affinity for outdoor activities during the week or over the weekend. The lace-up closure adds to its convenience. Slip in your foot and adjust accordingly. Stay snug in these soft, cushiony shoes for the rest of the day while getting engrossed in the daily activities. The low-top arch from the shaft keeps your foot comfortable and snug. Buy these black/red shoes for your workout, gyming, casual wear, or other outdoor activities.

7. Azooken Mens Sports Footwear Tennis Breathable Jogging Lightweight Shoes

Made from 100 per cent synthetic material, the orange men’s tennis shoes from Azooken are stylish, rugged and sporty. It comes with an anti-slip rubber outsole that prevents slipping and maintains stability during abrupt movements. 3D mesh upper allows air to seep in, keeping your feet cool and breathable. Also, the wear-resisting sole features an air-cushion design that absorbs shock and keeps your foot snug. The blue and orange combination appears sporty and stylish. Wear them to running, jogging, walking, and other exercises such as gyming or working out, these are perfect for such activities.

8. DYKHMATE Men's Walking Shoes Lightweight Fashion Sneakers

Made with stretch knitting, the rugged and sporty black and red shoes are perfect for men. The imported shoes feature a synthetic sole. It has a soft mesh upper fabric which makes it super light and allows air to pass through, keeping your foot breathable and cool. Slip-on construction also features lace, providing flexibility to adjust the tightness. The lightweight shoes with cushiony insole offer extensive comfort. The above qualities make these shoes suitable for activities such as travelling, gyming, camping, running, walking, workout and much more.

9. Honnesserry Men's Fashion Sneakers Slip on Tennis Work Shoes

The bright green shoes for men from Honnesserry features a slip-on construction. These athletic shoes come with a rubber sole for added durability adapt to all kinds of surfaces. Also, the blade-sole design provides good elasticity. While the blade rubber outsole is lightweight and provides cushioning to take on most of the dints while walking and running. Besides, it has other properties such as anti-twist, anti-slip and resistance for abrasion. The rubber sole prevents your feet from ankle sprains. Wear these comfortable shoes for running, walking, gyming and much more. 

10. Adidas Men's Advantage Tennis Shoe

Made with 100 per cent other fibers, the all-white shoes look classic yet stylish in the simplistic design. The imported shoes have a synthetic sole which provides a firm grip on all kinds of road surfaces. The shaft on the shoes measure between six to twelve inches from the arch. Also, the platform measure between zero to three inches. The boot opening is between zero to three inches. Available in a regular fit, these have a lace-up closure, leather upper and a rubber outsole.

11. GESIMEI Men's Breathable Mesh Tennis Shoes

The dark grey shoes for men from GESIMEI are a perfect pair of tennis shoes. Featuring a mesh upper, these are breathable and keep your feet comfortable for a long duration. Also, the lace-up closure adds to the convenience. It allows adjusting the fit as per the wearer’s comfort. The MD sole is durable and rugged. It enables a firm grip on the surface. The lightweight shoes allow optimum traction and durability. Multifunctional tennis shoes are perfect for workouts, jogging, running, walking, travelling and much more. Pair it with your casuals and slay the rugged look.

12. Adidas Men's Grand Court Sneaker

Made of 100 per cent leather, the black and white shoes from Adidas in a classic styling are a perfect fit for your casual wear. These imported shoes with a durable rubber sole provide a firm grip on surfaces, suitable for all kinds of road conditions. The shaft on the shoe measures between 0 to 6 inches from the arch, while the platform is nealry 1 inches and the boot opening is around 6 o 12 inches wide. Available in a regular fit, it has a convenient lace-up closure.

13. UMYOGO Mens Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes

When it comes to choosing a perfect shoe for men, black is the safest option. Men have an affinity for black though, other hues add to the vividness and aesthetics, black has its charm. Another black shoe that makes to our list is this UMYOGO tennis model with a durable rubber sole for additional support. Also, the elastic blade soles are flexible and allow bending shoe during sports or outdoor activities. Knit upper material is snug, keeping your fit breathable and cool. The lightweight casual men’s shoes are perfect for physical exercises, or as casual wear.

14. Mizuno Men's Tennis Shoes

The bright shoes in vivid blue color go well with casuals, gym gear and other looks. Wear it while traveling, gyming, working out, or pair it with your denim, it complements well with everything. It has a gum rubber sole which provides stability and durability. Also, the lace-up closure adds to the convenience of wearing it. Adjust the tightness accordingly, whether you want to keep it loose or tight while playing a sport or otherwise. The inner textile material keeps the foot cosy and snug, allowing some air to pass through the mesh upper.

15. ASICS Men's Gel-Game 7 Tennis Shoes

The all-white shoes from one of the world’s most renowned shoe manufacturers, Asics, comes in their signature design featuring the company logo on the panels. These imported shoes come with a rubber sole which provides an optimum grip on the surface and help maintain stability on all kinds of road conditions. It also has a removable sockliner that can be removed for accomodating an orthotic for a medical reason. Add this classic shoe to your wardrobe and pair it with your blue denim, other casuals, etc.

16. Babolat Men's Tennis Shoes, 12 UK/8 us

The white shoes from Babolat feature splashes of blue and orange on both panels. It has a lace-up closure for added convenience. Also, the thick sole underneath provides stability and strength. These rugged sneakers look perfect with casual wear such as jeans, tees and your gym gear. It matches perfectly with everything. T+65he soft and cushiony inner material keeps the foot cool and snug. These tennis shoes are cosy, rugged and fit well in feet. Choose tennis shoes according to your foot type and exact size. The foot should fit comfortably without any stretching.

17. La Moster Men's Athletic Running Shoes For Tennis

Another all-black tennis shoes from La Moster are super comfortable and soft. It is perfect for casual walking, tennis, baseball and racquetball cycling. Mesh upper ensures the foot is cool and breathable. It prevents sweating as well as the soft cushioning offer a snug fit. The lightweight shoes with a durable sole underneath are suitable for all types of surfaces and road conditions. Wear it with denim and other casuals. It goes perfectly with everything. Always check the outsole and toe guard of the tennis shoes is important as they ensure durability of the shoes.

18. NIKE Men's Court Lite Tennis Shoes

The all-white shoes with a hint of grey and black look sporty, rugged and chic. Made of textile and synthetic materials, it is super comfortable and durable. These imported shoes come with a rubber sole that provides stability and adapts to all types of road conditions. The mesh tongue allows breathability, keeping your foot cool and comfortable. Also, the full-length midsole made from phylon material helps curb weight and enhances cushioning. An additional layer on the toe prevents abrasion.

19. Mevlzz Mens Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes Tennis Shoe

The knitted upper allows moisture to seep through the small holes to keep your foot cool and comfortable. It has an MD sole for additional stability and a firm grip to adapt to all kinds of road conditions. The soft and snug fit keeps your foot comfortable. While he soft and cushiony inner material keeps enhances breathability. It is lightweight with optimum bounce-back technology. Featuring a unique design, it is suitable for gyming, casual walking, outdoor, running, travelling, work out and much more.

20. FUSHITON Mens Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes

The athletic tennis shoes from FUSHITON look stylish, rugged and fashionable. These all-black shoes with a hint of red on the sole are perfect for casual wear and other physical activities such as casual walking, running and much more. The designer sneakers from FUSHITON go well with shorts, denim and other casuals. Rugged sole made from hollow carved technology provides optimum support for enhanced stability. These are lightweight and feature a  mesh upper for enhanced breathability for a snug fit.