20 Best Surround Sound Headphones

Headphones have become increasingly popular because music is everywhere we are; it’s on our phones, MP3 players, and laptop computers. The newest generations of slimmed down headphones bring high resolution music or home stereo sounds directly to our ears no matter where we are. For those of you who are looking for good quality headphones, it is important to explore the surround sound options. These headphones stand out for being one of the best types as they help you enjoy the immersive experience and the 3D effect as well. There is no denying the fact that the world of headphones will have massive variety to offer. So, when you explore the surround sound aspect, you will actually be able to feel the difference in music. It is best suited for music lovers who just can’t do with an ordinary pair of headphone.

Even when it comes to surround sound, the kind of options you have at hand is whopping. So it goes on without saying that it will span varied budget too. You can check out the budget you have and then study the different options we have listed for you. We are sure that you will be able to find the befitting headphone and get yourself lost in the world of music . Some of these headphones come with noise cancellation feature too. So, even when you are a crowded environment, you can still be alone with your music.

1. Newaner Surround Sound Headphones

Constructed with 50mm drivers, this headphone delivers rich bass and crisp highs with the help of a mic inbuilt. It has a sensitivity power of 105dB and the frequency range is between 20Hz to 20KHz. It is featured with a 7.1 surround sound that helps to track the direction and identify the footsteps of the enemies coming. The Omni-directional microphone is featured with noise-canceling technology that picks up sounds with great sensitivity and removes the noise. The long flexible mic design makes it convenient to adjust the angle of the microphone.

2. Sony L600 Surround Sound Headphones

Featured with the ability to immerse the user in whatever he is watching or listening to, this surround sound headphone delivers a high-quality sound that enhances movies, dialog, games, and sports. The 98.43ft wireless listening range gives the user the freedom to move around while enjoying the music. It is equipped with a theater mode that ensures an authentic theater sound experience with the combination of Sony’s unique Virtual Phones Technology (VPT). It is featured with different sound modes to match the user’s entertainment. Enjoy crystal clear, 7.1ch1 cinema-style surround sound simulated by Dolby Audio. 98.43-Ft wireless listening range gives you the freedom to move around and listen comfortably for up to 17 hours on a single charge.

3. HP Surround Sound Headphones

Designed with an immersive 7.1 surround sound, this headphone allows the user to detect where the enemies are coming from to win the game. It offers incredible positional audio that gives the user an excellent audio experience. For voice clarity purposes, the headphone is provided with a mic that is anti-static and adjustable to place in the desired position. The 50mm drivers deliver stable and elegant sound and the skin-friendly breathable ear cups offer comfort for a long time. The ear cups are designed with volume control wheels to adjust the volume accordingly.

4. RUNMUS Surround Sound Headphones

Suitable for both games and music, these headphones are inbuilt with 50mm high audio drivers that offer an immersive audio experience to the user. The sound is so clear that the user can easily identify the footsteps of the enemies coming towards him. The retractable headband provides a snug fit whereas the breathable ear pads are made with lightweight material providing comfortability all-day-long. The 3.5mm jack makes it compatible with many devices like laptop, PS4, PS3, PC, and mobile phone. The noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise and the LED light design enhances the gaming experience.

5. ONIKUMA Surround Sound Headphones

With the built-in 7.1 surround sound technology, these headphones help to maximize sound clarity providing a wonderful gaming experience. The high-grade 60mm drivers with neodymium magnets deliver clean and clear bass taking the user’s gaming experience to a higher level. It works on various devices and is adjustable and flexible to pick up sound in 360-degree. Equipped with strong cords and joints, these headphones are durable and long-lasting. The ear cups are thicker and bigger but softer and breathable to isolate ambient noise. They’re really comfortable, even with glasses on!

6. Corsair Surround Sound Headphones

Featured with adjustable ear cups, these headphones provide exceptional comfort for long gaming sessions. These headphones are equipped with 50mm neodymium audio drivers that deliver clean and clear sound with the range to hear everything clearly. The Omni-directional microphone helps to pick up the user’s voice clearly with the aid of a flip-up mute function and a built-in LED mute indicator. The frequency range lies between 20Hz and 20KHz whereas the impedance is 32-ohm. A USB adapter is included for supporting a wireless connection. The detachable microphone reduces ambient noise providing excellent voice clarity.

7. CUIZI Surround Sound Headphones

Designed to reduce power consumption and stable connection, these headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This in turn helps in speed data transmission within a distance of 20m without any delay. It reduces the fear of interference with the noise-reduction technology. It uses upgraded dynamic coil speakers that enhance the sound of bass, presence, and space. The large-capacity battery illuminates the emergency flashlight to help the user to move easily in the dark. The headphone is featured with auto power on/off and an automatic Bluetooth connection that makes it easy to use.

8. Beexcellent Surround Sound Headphones

Designed with high-grade magnetic neodymium audio drivers, these headphones offer a 360-degree soundscape that adds a sense of reality to the gaming session and reproduces crystal clear sound. These headphones pick up the user’s voice and suppress the background noise thereby providing voice clarity. The 120-degree flexible design of the microphone helps to adjust it in the desired position to offer a better gaming experience and other application scenarios. These ergonomically designed headphones are equipped with soft earmuffs and an adjustable headband that offers comfort throughout the day. It requires a 3.5mm jack to connect to various devices

9. Ultrasone Signature Surround Sound Headphones

Hand-crafted in Germany, these headphones are equipped with S-Logic Plus technology. The comfortable ear pads and the special headband make it possible to work and listen stress-free for long periods of time. These black Signature Pro headphones may have a minimalist design but can handle hard work and are a sheer pleasure to wear. The nameplates made of finely polished toughened safety glass emphasize its professional focus. The dark-grey ear and headband pads are made from leather that provides long-lasting quality, a snug fit, and outstanding insulation. 

10. Logitech Surround Sound Headphones

Featured with Dolby 7.1 sound output, these headphones appears to surround the user as if it’s coming from all possible directions. These headphones are lag-free and interference-resistant and the speed and agility keep the signal clear and strong. It is equipped with G-keys that are conveniently located on the left ear cup and can be customized with easy to use Logic Gaming Software. The noise-canceling mic helps to pick up the user’s voice reducing background noise. The advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection allows faster data transmission and is less susceptible to interference.

11. Sony Surround Sound Headphones

Comprised of three different functions, these headphones are speakers, headphones, and a 16GB MP3 player. These multi-functional headphones provide a variety of choices to the user as to how the user listens. Ideal for the purpose of sports and active lifestyles, these headphones are lightweight and consist of a unique design that makes them different from other headphones. It provides wire-free and hands-free operations that make it suitable for outdoor activities as well. The ear pads are cushioned providing comfort all-day-long. The sealed acoustic design provides a high level of isolation.

12. Jeecoo Nubwo N13 Surround Sound Headphones

Featured with 50mm audio driver speaker units, these headphones provide a proper surround sound experience so the user can hear most sound effects and details to enhance the gaming passion. To enjoy a loud and crisp conversation with the gaming team, these headphones are equipped with an upgraded microphone that picks up the user’s voice and reduces ambient noise. These headphones feature a lightweight design, adjustable metal headband, and breathable memory cushion ear pads that are extremely soft and thick to provide long-lasting comfort for the head and ears of the user.

13. MSI Surround Sound Headphones

Designed with the ability to capture every sound from surrounding in games, these headphones are equipped with 40mm drivers that are designed and tuned by ONKYO. The built-in ESS DAC & AMP allows the user to enjoy the high dynamic range and ultra-low distortion which further helps to enrich the user’s audio performance. These headphones are constructed with 3D Sound technology that provides the user with an enhanced gaming experience. The GH61 features a high-quality retractable microphone to capture what the user is communicating with his teammates during use.

14. XINWU Surround Sound Headphones

Available in black, red, and pink colors, these headphones provide an excellent sound experience with the aid of noise-canceling technology which further helps to reduce ambient noise thereby providing crystal-clear sound. These headphones offer high-quality surround sound at any volume level. Made from soft protein breathable material, the earmuffs are lightweight, adjustable, and provide comfort for long-term gaming sessions. It is equipped with a 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery that provides 20 hours of working time and 18 hours of playing time. The foldable design makes it easier to store and carry during travel.

15. Generic Surround Sound Headphones

Made with high-resolution dynamic audio drivers, these headphones produce excellent sound thereby enhancing the gaming passion of the user. It is constructed with the capacity to reduce the environmental noise by 90% allowing the user to have clear sound without any external distortion. These headphones provide the user with the power, quietness, and clarity required to enjoy the music better. The earmuffs are made of memory foam that not only provides comfort but also provides a perfect fit for any head size.

16. Vowor Surround Sound Headphones

These drive-free design headphones are easy to operate as it requires a simple plug-and-play method to start using the headphones. With 7.1 surround sound technology, these headphones maximize sound clarity enhancing the audio experience of the user. These headphones are featured with an effective noise-canceling technology that cancels 85% of noise made by machines such as a bus, airplane, factory, etc. The ergonomic head beam design makes the headphones light in weight and provides comfortability for long gaming sessions. The ear cups are padded with soft cushions to provide comfort and isolate ambient noise.

17. HUAHUA Surround Sound Headphones

Featured with a detachable and flexible mic with a foam cover, these headphones help to pick up the user’s voice clearly and naturally. This makes it suitable for multiple scenes and is, therefore, flexible and convenient. These headphones are compatible with various devices like PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and many more. For providing excellent comfort and sound isolation, these headphones are equipped with soft and breathable earmuffs that are made from durable materials. The microphone helps to reduce background noise and captures the user’s voice easily. These headphones are available in blue, red, and yellow colors.

18. WUAZ Surround Sound Headphones

Designed with a microphone, these headphones are ideal for all kinds of activities like daily life, travel, outdoor walking, and so on. These headphones work in both wired and wireless mode and include a volume control button to adjust the level of volume as per convenience. It can be quickly and reliably connected to various Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, PCs, etc. within a 20m range. It is also compatible with most devices and can be connected via a 3.5mm jack. The built-in microphone allows hands-free calling.

19. VANKYO Surround Sound Headphones

Featured with the quality to provide an excellent gaming experience, these headphones are equipped with a 7.1 surround sound technology and include 50mm drivers. Suitable for various head shapes, these headphones include double-padded ear pads that reduce head pressure providing comfort for long gaming sessions. It is featured with a unique 2-in-1 split cables design that supports both a USB port and 3.5mm audio jack which makes the headphones compatible with many devices like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, etc. the built-in microphone can be adjusted at any angle and provides high-end noise cancellation facility to reduce background noise.

20. LucidSound Surround Sound Headphones

These headphones are compatible with many devices like Sony PS4, PC, Mac, Windows, mobile devices, iOS and Android devices, etc., and games like battle royal, Pub, Fortnight, and many more. To provide deep bass and clear highs, these headphones include 50mm speakers with neodymium magnets. To enjoy an interference-free audio experience these headphones are equipped with advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology and channel-hopping technology. The ear cups are equipped with the independent game and chat controls. The headphones include a rechargeable battery that works 15 hours per charge.