20 Best Small Subwoofers

Don’t you want to enjoy the best of music? For those who seem to be hooked to the sound of music and are looking to buy the best of music equipment, you should surely check sub- woofer. They are an excellent way of making sure that you can enjoy the real bliss of listening to your perfect music.

There are endless brands that make different kinds of sub woofer and so when you are looking to buy one, you need to keep an eye out on the kind you want, the specifications you are looking for and of course the budget you have to bear in mind as well. We have tried our best to infuse massive variety so that regardless of the budget you may have, you will be able to find a befitting sub woofer for yourself. The subwoofer and main speakers have to work together as a team, and ideally one should never hear the subwoofer as a separate sound source. All of the bass should appear to come from the main speakers.

There are plenty of things you can buy and these include bass elevator, sound system, sub woofer, sound bars and more. The things you need to buy should be based on the kind of music you want, the setup you desire at home and of course the budget in mind as well. So, check out all of these and find the right product for yourself from our well curated list.

1. Skar Audio SK1X8V Subwoofer

Skar Audio introduces its SK series line-up of high-performance subwoofer enclosures to bridge the gap between competition-grade quality and universal fit pre-fabricated enclosures. The SK1X8V subwoofer enclosure is an 8”, universal fit, ported subwoofer enclosure that is designed for maximum bass and responsiveness. Finished in a premium black carpet and featuring the Skar Audio logo on the lower left side, this enclosure looks sleek and attractive in any application. It is featured with a kerf style port that offers deeper and more accurate bass. It is precisely tuned to deliver low-end frequency response.

2. Acoustic Audio PSW250-6 Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio’s Specialty Series powered subs immerse the user in the action of his fast-paced movies and sports. It adds impact to the user’s favorite movies and full-bodied bass to his favorite tunes. Its stylish design and superior sound make it a smart addition to any home theater. Its elegant wood finish is refined and complements most flat-panel displays. It features a high-current, 250W Amp which effortlessly drives its front-firing 6.5” woofer for dynamic low-frequency effects. The LFE, RCA, and high and low inputs let the user use any receiver or processor.

3. Theater Solutions SUB8SM Subwoofer

This Theater Solutions by Goldwood powered floor subwoofer is newly designed for consumers who demand extra powerful bass for their home theater experience. This subwoofer offers high-quality, lush bass, and a full-bodied sound at an affordable price. This speaker is perfect for playing movies or mega bass rap music. Made with only the highest quality, moisture-resistant materials, this subwoofer delivers unsurpassed sound in any listening environment. This slim versatile subwoofer comes with stands to set up in any area, a mounting bracket to attach to a wall, or the slim 4.75” height that can slide under most furniture.

4. Monoprice Subwoofer

Capable of producing 60 watts (RMS) output, this subwoofer is 8” and has a frequency response that ranges from 50Hz to 250Hz. It includes gain and frequency knobs on the control panel that allows adjusting the crossover filter and the power output to provide an optimal blend and balance of bass output with stereo or surround speakers. The subwoofer is housed in an attractive black wood cabinet that measures 13.75″ x 11.75″ x 11.75″ (H x W x D). It is housed in an attractive black wood cabinet and the driver and sound port are located on the front covered by a black cloth speaker grille.

5. Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofer

Add impact to your favorite movies and full-bodied bass to your favorite tunes with a sub that’s barely larger than a cubic foot. The PSW111’s high-current, 150-watt amp effortlessly drives an 8” woofer for dynamic low-frequency effects. This compact subwoofer sports a new, more powerful driver design to deliver deeper, louder, and punchier bass than previous Polk subs. Special circuitry inside the amp and a solid MDF cabinet with internal bracings ensures clean, detailed lows even when the user cranks up the volume. The compact size makes it suitable for easy storage and transportation.

6. Klipsch R-10SW Subwoofer

The R-10SW features a 10” copper-spun IMG driver that provides a remarkably low frequency response with minimal cone breakup and distortion. The built-in all-digital amplifier delivers ample power with high efficiency and true-to-source accuracy in reproduction. The low pass crossover and phase control allow the user to blend the subwoofer’s low-frequency tones with other Klipsch speakers as well as establish the ideal level of bass. This subwoofer is housed in a durable MDF cabinet and finished with a brushed black polymer veneer. The front-mounted LED power indicator lets the user know when the system is powered on or off.

7. Elac SUB1010 Subwoofer

Elac’s new SUB1010 is designed as the perfect complement to the user’s home theater system loudspeakers adding a powerful bass foundation to music and soundtracks that turns the system into a sensation that can be felt as well as heard. This subwoofer has been engineered and built to deliver huge performance at an affordable price. The compact design allows placement in almost any part of the room. This subwoofer is featured with multiple input options and the frequency response ranges between 38-200Hz. The peak power is 120W whereas RMS is 60W. For the rich, powerful bottom octaves are fundamental—literally—to the life of music and movie soundtracks

8. Skar Audio IX-8 D4 Subwoofer

The Skar Audio IX-8 D4 is a high-performance 8”, dual 4-ohm component car subwoofer. Featuring a high temperature 2” copper voice coil and powerful single slug, ferrite magnet motor, this subwoofer can perform at peak levels for extended periods of time safely. Furthermore, it utilizes an advanced cooling structural design which optimizes performance even further. Last but not least come the premium strength paper cone and high roll foam surround which allows for versatility of this driver to get nice and low while also being responsive. This subwoofers is designed to be both extremely efficient as well, and work great in both vented and sealed applications.

9. Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Subwoofer

The new Sonos Sub is designed to augment the base of any Sonos speaker or can even be used with the user’s speakers if he powers them with the Sonos Amp. It gives the user the ability to choose between gloss black and gloss white color. The sub is roughly 15” high by 16” wide and about 6” deep. It weighs just 36 pounds which makes it easily portable. The relatively thin cabinet design allows the user to hide it in many applications. the corners are rounded and offer a more finished and refined look.

10. Yamaha NS-SW100BL Subwoofer

The black NS-SW100 from Yamaha is a powered 10” subwoofer designed to provide rich and impactful bass response making it well suited for home theaters, game setups, and music reproduction. This subwoofer utilizes a twisted flare port that reduces air turbulence noise when compared to a conventional port resulting in clear and accurate low frequency reproduction. The inclusion of Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II (Advanced YST) allows the speaker and amplifier to work together to cancel out impedance so the speaker unit maintains linear motion and ensures the highest levels of sound pressure and overall performance.

11. JBL BassPro SL Subwoofer

The 8” (200mm) woofer in the BassPro SL is designed specifically to provide low distortion and great bass performance in an ABS enclosure with a remarkably compact footprint. The amp that powers the subwoofer produces minimal heat and it does not require a lot of current from the car’s electrical system. It employs high-pass filters and limiters that deliver exceptional at-the-limits performance. A manual crossover control lets the user adjust how much upper bass and mid-bass the subwoofer produces. This subwoofer fits under the front seat of many vehicles and supplements a car audio system’s full-range speakers with powerful bass.

12. Soundavo PSB-400DSP Subwoofer

Soundavo has introduced the PSB series single-channel subwoofer amplifier which is designed for stereo music systems, home theaters, and multi-zone audio applications. This subwoofer amplifier can drive medium-to-large-sized in-wall or floor standing subwoofer speakers. It provides 400 watts RMS @ 4 ohms (1000 watts peak power) with built-in digital signal processing (DSP). The menu function screen of the subwoofer allows access to choose and adjust the master volume level, crossover frequency, four different crossover slopes, phase, and four different low cut settings. It features lightweight Class D amplification, crossover control, etc. Set and save your 3 favor bass frequency and volume level setting.

13. Devmo GELF Subwoofer

Featured with an ultra-thin design, this subwoofer can be placed at the bottom of the car seat bringing a more wonderful travel experience to the user. This subwoofer has been tuned by a senior sound engineer and has a strong and elastic low frequency which fills vibrancy in every note making it enjoyable in the user’s ear. It is a blend of power amplifier and loudspeaker that makes installation simple and saves space inside the car. The thickness of the subwoofer is only 2.7” which allows easy installation under car seats.

14. Bose Bass Module 700 Subwoofer

Designed exclusively for the Bose Soundbar 700, this subwoofer is the best wireless bass module for any of the home cinema systems. It connects wirelessly to the soundbar and adds even more depth and impact to everything from explosive movie effects to house-rocking playlists. With its premium glass-top finish, this subwoofer offers a sophisticated look. It is featured with QuietPort technology that helps to reduce distortion thereby delivering a dynamic range of the bass. This subwoofer has a wireless range of 9 meters and can stand at less than 16cm high.

15. Bestisan Subwoofer

Featured with a size of 6.5”, this compact subwoofer is enclosed with the perfect air space for the purpose of maximizing sound quality and punch. The 60-watt powered subwoofer has a variable crossover range of 60-250Hz and a frequency response range of 40-250Hz. This subwoofer can be connected to various speakers, soundbars, smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets, etc. via wired inputs like RCA and optical cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. This subwoofer provides rich and big bass in this compact design. The subwoofer when combined with the built-in amp provides a home theater experience.

16. Skar Audio SK8TBV Subwoofer

Featuring a bass tube design with a rear port for enhanced bass output, this subwoofer was engineered to get loud and low. Rated conservatively at 200 watts RMS/400 watts maximum power output, this premium and compact unit is the perfect solution for someone looking to add incredible aftermarket bass to their vehicle. On top of sounding incredible, it looks stunning as well finished in a professional-grade black trunk liner and featuring a sleek protective mesh subwoofer grille. The dual 2-ohm voice coil is wired internally to a 1-ohm final impedance load.

17. Audioengine S8 Subwoofer

Serving as the perfect bass extension for Audioengine powered speakers or as an upgrade to any music system, this powered subwoofer offers excellent performance for music, movies, and games. It has an 8” custom woofer and is small enough to place in a corner or hide behind furniture. The S8 delivers great bass performance and its low light, tight, and smooth bass blends well with the other speakers in the user’s system. Dual audio inputs are included on the rear panel so connecting S8 to all the gear is easy. All Audioengine products come with a 3-year transferable warranty.

18. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Subwoofer

With a built-in amplifier and 120W RMS, this subwoofer gives superior bass output so the user can enjoy deep, clear, and accurate bass in the sound system within the saving space. This subwoofer is designed in a cast metal construction for strong performance and enhanced durability. The side panel offers easy access to RCA and auto-sensing speaker inputs. The side panel also gives access to Phase, Gain, LP crossover, and wired remote controls for greater flexibility during installation. With a compact size, just 70mm deep, 230mm wide, and 340mm tall, this subwoofer does not use much more space for installation.

19. KICKER 46HS10 Subwoofer

The Hideaway S10 is a compact powered 10” subwoofer that delivers surprisingly low frequency impact in a tough, all-aluminum frame. Accepting input signals ranging from a mere 0.25 volt to as high as 40 volts and fully compatible with newer vehicles using start/stop systems, the HS10 works with almost any vehicle without the added expense of a line output converter. The included remote control allows the user to change the amount of bass without changing the radio volume for the perfect mixture of bass in the music at any volume.

20. SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer

Considering the deep bass extension and thunderous SPL output without sacrificing musicality, PB-1000 defies expectations at every level. The front-firing driver features dual high-grade ferrite magnets and FEA-optimized internal motor technology that enable extreme excursion for high output with extremely low distortion. The lightweight cone material of the subwoofer’s long-stroke driver reproduces massive LFEs and subtle music tones with lifelike realism making the subwoofer a perfect option for both home theater and music lovers. Round edges and a fabric grille cover on the cabinet give it a refined look.