20 Best Silent Keyboards

The typing sound can often be a very irritating noise. This is why offices can sometimes be downright frustrating because there are just too many people punching the keys on the keyboard. This is precisely what has sparked the demand for silent keyboards. There are plenty of companies that have started making silent keyboards because even when furiously typed, the keystrokes don’t really makes a lot of noise.

A traditional keyboard may have been enough for the computer games of yesteryear, but the increased complexity and depth of today’s games cry out for a next-level keyboard. This is sure to enhance the peace of mind that you can enjoy and it will allow you to type and still not make noise. These entire silent keyboards offer full-size keyboard with numeric keypad and a precision mouse, so you can work comfortably away from your computer or laptop.

However, we will be quick to add here that simply because a keyboard is silent isn’t enough reason for you to buy it. You should also be looking at several other specifications like the orientation of the keyboard, wither or not it has an ergonomic design, the space for numeric keypads, the style rating and so on. Each of these points will guide you into making the right decision. Also, be mindful that the silent keyboard isn’t always actually so. You can duly check our list and try to decipher the model that seems to be the perfect choice for you.

1. RATEL Silent Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

Featured with a wireless connection, this combo includes a 104 key full-size silent keyboard and a mouse to have a comfortable working experience. 2.4 GHz wireless provides a powerful and reliable connection up to 10m without any delays. The easy to install USB receiver at the back of the mouse eliminates the requirement of installing any additional software thereby providing a strong and reliable connection. The keyboard is featured with an advanced crater that reduces noise thereby offering a silent working environment. This full-size keyboard contains fast-access hotkeys, a built-in number pad, and versatile function keys.

2. KLIM Chroma Gaming Silent Keyboard

KLIM Chroma combines aesthetics, performance, lightness, and comfort. With a response time of just 2ms, the Chroma is the most reactive membrane clavier on the market. The keystrokes are particularly silent and accurate which makes it ideal for both gaming and office. The vivid backlighting shines on the desktop while using the keyboard which attracts everyone’s attention. Besides being very light, the Chroma is very resistant with a durability of 20 million keystrokes per key. Thanks to its anti-ghosting feature, the user can press multiple keys simultaneously while gaming without encountering any issues.

3. BFRIENDit Wired Silent Keyboard

Designed with the ability to get easily installed, this keyboard offers comfortable and quiet typing which creates a silent working environment. The ultra-slim design makes it light in weight thereby portable from one place to another. Also, the slim design offers an elegant look and enhances the beauty of the desktop. It also takes less space thereby saving desktop space for keeping other items. It is featured with multimedia hot function keys for fast working and the rainbow LED backlit helps to identify the keys even in the dark.

4. Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Featured with the capacity to eliminate the requirement of multiple cables on the desktop, this combo of keyboard and mouse comes with a wireless connection. The keyboard and mouse are battery-operated and requires a simple plugging into the USB port that helps to establish a solid connection of up to 10m with the computer. The keyboard is designed with silent keys that reduce disturbance of the environment allowing the user to focus on his work. The thin and compact size makes it easy to store and move.

5. Verbatim Wireless Silent Mouse & Keyboard Combo

Say goodbye to noise and hello to silence with the Verbatim Silent Mouse and Keyboard. Using new Silent Technology, silent click switches, and rubber covers, these Verbatim products are truly silent. The nano receiver is small enough to plug in and leave connected and the 2.4 GHz wireless performance allows for a lag-free connection. The silent mouse features Blue LED Technology allowing users to point and click on more surfaces. The silent keyboard features a full numeric keypad and full-size function keys all within a slim, efficient design.

6. Powzan Quiet Gaming Keyboard

Featured with silent technology, this gaming keyboard creates no disturbance around while using it at home or in the office. The keyboard is featured with a scissors switch that allows efficient and accurate typing that too silently. It includes an LED backlight function that allows reading the letters and keys in dark thereby making it comfortable to work in any condition. The brightness of the light can be adjusted as per preference and requirement. It allows multiple keys to work simultaneously providing an excellent gaming experience.

7. WisFox Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse

Designed with only one USB port, this keyboard and mouse combo requires connecting with the micro receiver without installing any other drivers or options. It offers a solid connection of up to 34 feet and provides a powerful and reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection. The keyboard is featured with quiet buttons that make the work of typing comfortable and smooth. It includes 13 easy-to-reach multimedia keys for controlling functions like music, email, video, and many more. Being light in weight and slim in design, this keyboard is perfect for home, office, or travel.

8. Corsair K55 RGB Silent Gaming Keyboard

The K55 RGB is the first step towards enhanced performance. It includes intuitive RGB backlighting modes, 6 dedicated macro keys, and multi-key anti-ghosting and media controls that provide the customization and control essential for victory. The three-zone backlighting offers immersive lighting effects that allow the user to work in the dark. The user can directly access the audio without interrupting the game. It includes detachable soft rubber wrist rest that reduces stress on the wrist thereby allowing the user to play for long.

9. Kensington Silent Wired Keyboard (K72357USA)

Featured with a slim profile, this silent wired keyboard is just 0.75 inches thin. The Kensington Advance Fit Full-Size Slim Keyboard is a full-size USB keyboard with laptop-style scissor keys for precise control. It also features one-touch controls for increased productivity allowing the user to access email and standard media buttons. It includes a tilt stand that lets the user angle the keyboard at 30-degrees for comfortable typing. The matte black color with a high gloss finish offers an elegant look making it perfect for an office environment.

10. FENIFOX Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse

This combo of wireless keyboard and mouse provides a stable and easy connection to the devices without the installation of any other driver or options. The concise style and space-saving design make it easy to store and the lightweight feature enhances portability. Constructed with 102 keys, this silent keyboard is ultra-thin and compact making it easier to store in a handbag or suitcase thereby making it suitable for travel, office, home, café, library, etc. the keyboard is featured with scissor-key switches that offer a silent working environment.

11. Vssoplor Silent Keyboard and Mouse

Featured with three-level adjustable DPI, this 2.4 GHz Quiet Full-Size Keyboard and Mouse allows the user to choose whether to let the mouse click or remain silent. The keyboard has quiet keys that create a non-disturbing environment and a scissor-switch design that responses fast making work easier and quicker. Both the keyboard and the mouse can be charged within two hours. The keyboard can be connected to the computer up to 10m away making it a great option for presentations in large boardrooms.

12. LEKVEY Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This keyboard features a stylish, elegant, and ergonomic slim design that provides a beautiful appearance on the desktop. The scissor-switch style, silent keys, ergonomic tilt, and fashionable keyboard design allows the user to enjoy comfortable and smooth typing and clicking. It provides a solid connection up to 10m away without any delays. No additional software is required to be installed as the keyboard requires easy plug-and-play with the nano receiver. The full-size keyboard consists of 109 keys including versatile function keys, numeric keypad, and hot-access keys.

13. Amazon Basics Wireless Silent Computer Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Featured with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, this ultra-quiet keyboard offers a solid and reliable connection making work faster and easier. The compact size makes it perfect to carry and store and the functional element adds a versatile feature to the keyboard. The US layout (Qwerty) is comprised of 12 multimedia hot-access keys, a numeric keypad, and other versatile function keys. The contoured mouse is provided with textured rubber grips that add comfort and reduces wrist fatigue. The keyboard uses a small USB receiver and 2 AAA batteries. For security purposes, the keyboard is inbuilt with 128-bit AES encryption.

14. Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Armed with new, improved features, this Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is backed by the legacy as the first and most iconic mechanical gaming keyboard. It is available in two variants i.e. green and yellow mechanical switches. The yellow switches produce extremely smooth keystrokes with no tactile bump and include sound dampeners to reduce its already low sound profile even further. The completely clear design provides brighter RGB lighting to display the true brilliance of what Razer Chroma RGB can do, from deep lighting customizations to greater immersion.

15. Jelly Comb Multi-Device Bluetooth Silent Keyboard

Designed with Bluetooth 3.0 technology, this keyboard provides a cable-free and clutter-free connection up to 10m distance. It offers a fast channel switch between 2 devices without any interference or disconnection. The pairing process does not require to be restarted. The 0.46 inches slim design with an integrated stand on both sides allows the user to keep his smartphone and tablet at the same time. It is featured with separate on/off switch and smart auto sleep functions that save power. The scissor-switch Bluetooth keyboard provides with comfortable and pleasing typing experience.

16. TopMate Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Eliminating the requirement of installation of additional devices, this wireless keyboard and mouse can be connected with the computer via Nano receiver providing reliable and solid connection up to 10m. Featured with silent keys, this keyboard offers a better feeling and reduces noise while typing. The scissor keys provide easy access and fast response making typing comfortable and easy. The keyboard has an ultra-slim and portable design that not only makes it easier to store but also convenient to carry. It is compatible with operating systems like Windows XP/ ME/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.

17. Logitech Silent Keyboard

Featured with illuminated keys, this keyboard offers convenient typing in low light or in the dark. The bright keys are sharp, bright, and easy to read. This slender keyboard is the perfect blend of function and style. It is featured with whisper-quiet, comfortable typing, and built-in soft-touch palm rest for reducing wrist fatigue. The brightness of the keys can be adjusted as per requirement and the keyboard requires to be simply plugged in the USB cable to start typing. The color is classic black with a touch of orange to help identify the FN functions.

18. Arteck Universal Silent Bluetooth Keyboard

Designed with the ability to connect to 3 devices at the same time, the user has the option to switch between 3 devices with a single key clicking. Made from stainless steel material, this keyboard gives a heavy-duty feeling and includes low-profile keys, full-size keys, arrow keys, number pad, and various shortcuts which offer quiet and comfortable typing. The keyboard is compatible with all 4 major operating systems that support Bluetooth and can be connected to computers, laptops, iPad, etc. The keyboard has an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery.

19. E-YOOSO Wireless Silent Keyboard Mouse Combo

Constructed with 12 easy-to-reach function keys, this keyboard offers a quiet and comfortable typing experience and allows multimedia control of music, video, email, and so on. The stable 2.4 GHz connectivity offers a reliable and powerful connection up to 33 ft. the keyboard can be plugged into the computer via USB cable that makes installation easier. It is operated through 2 AAA batteries and is durable and long-lasting. The ergonomic design and low tone reduce the interference for work thereby saving time and making work easier.

20. Perixx PERIBOARD-429 US Wired Mini Backlit Keyboard

This mini keyboard does not include the number pad section thereby saving desk space, and making it comfortable to use. The keyboard is featured with all-around LED backlighting that allows the user to see and type in dim light or the dark. When not in use, the backlighting automatically turns off after 10 minutes thereby saving power. The keyboard includes 10 shortcut keys which make the work easier and faster. The stable and low-profile keys give the feeling of a laptop thereby enhancing comfortability.