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20 Best Running Water Bottles

Life is not possible without water as we know it. We carry it everywhere we go, to schools, college, office, gym, and several other places when we are away from home. A comfortable, handy and lightweight bottle helps sip water to quench thirst in all seasons. Carrying a water bottle to workout is essential. Sipping water during breaks keeps the mouth moist and ensures an ample supply of the essential fuel required to keep our body in workable mode. People carry water bottles to work out or outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing and running, etc. Keeping the body hydrated is vital to maintain the body’s balance. Carrying a water bottle while running could be tedious, and thus choosing a bottle that keeps hands free is helpful. It is therefore vital to select wisely, evaluating all pros and cons. There are countless options available in the market, but here are some aspects to consider when you shop for a running bottle.

  • size
  • comfort
  • features
  • material
  • ergonomic design
  • comfortable to hold

The size of your water bottle varies on the length of the running track or route. And the availability of running water sources to refill when required. The weight on the bottle shouldn’t be much so that it doesn’t burden the runner. Some bottles feature pocket space for carrying your phone, keys, etc. Reflective features on handheld bottles provide enhanced visibility at night. Lastly, the bottle should be handy and comfortable to hold. Listed below are 20 best running water bottles you can consider buying.

1. Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle - 32oz Large

The grey bottle made from sturdy polyester material has a capacity of 2 pounds. The hard-wearing bottle is BPA free and exemplifies premium craftsmanship. It features an ergonomic design, and the premium quality plastic bottle comes with a strap, which enables carrying it without much fuss. The tough carry strap with reflective frosted casing looks stylish and adds to the convenience. Also, the spill-proof lid ensures not even a drop of water soils your clothes. Sip conveniently by pushing the button. It is durable, comfortable and handy. Keeping environment safety at fore, the running bottle from Embrava sports is recyclable.

2. Aonijie Quick Grip Handheld Water Bottle for Running

The handheld water bottle from Aonijie comes with a hand strap hydration pack. It has a capacity of holding 500 ml liquid/water. The soft water flask/bottle is convenient to carry as it features a comfortable hand strap. It is suitable for all hand shapes and easy to clean without much fuss. Easy-grip helps running faster without getting distracted. Also, the adjustable strap keeps your hands relaxed. There is also a thumbhole for additional convenience. The built-in storage compartment includes zippered pockets for carrying a cell phone, keys, cash, and other small items.

3. 2x 10 oz BPA Free Water Bottles

The BPA free water bottle from Runtasty has a capacity of 9.92 ounces. It comes in a subtle coconut white color and a running hydration belt with a touchscreen cover. This is perfect for fuel belts, as it fits perfectly and easy to carry in them. Also, the push-pull caps prevent liquid or water from spilling, thanks to the smart leak-proof technology. The bottle is BPA free and safe for cleaning in a dishwasher. It is compatible with most hydration belts and fanny packs. For long distance runners its perfect to fit into waist pouches or onto backpacks so you can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are while you run.

4. FlipBelt Water Bottles

The plastic bottle in clear color looks chic and stylish. It has a capacity of 320 ml. The small bottle is made from top-quality material free from harmful substances such as BPA and HDPE.  Also, the ergonomic design is suitable for all FlipBelts, which makes it versatile. Wash it in the top rack dishwasher as it is 100 per cent dishwasher safe. The soft bite mouth made from silicone material is safe to use. Besides, it is easy to carry and use. It features markings on the flank indicating the amount of water consumed while running.

5. Giotto 32oz Leakproof BPA Free Drinking Water Bottle

The stylish running water bottle from Giotto in soft A70. Ombre-Fuschia green color is made from sturdy Tritan material. It has a capacity of 2 pounds. The durable bottle features inspirational quotes and also has time markers on it. Besides, it helps to measure the amount of water consumed during running. It has a flip lid on top with a secure lock that prevents dust from seeping inside. The secure lid also keeps water from spilling. A tough carry strap enables carrying it with convenience. The reflective frosted casing is suitable for all environments.

6. Polar Bottle Sport Insulated Water Bottle

The tri-layered insulated water bottle from Polar Bottle comes in a black fade color combination. It can fill up to 1.3 pounds of water. The 100 per cent BPA free bottle is free from harmful toxins and substances. Also, the triple insulation helps keep water cool. The sport cap with a handle allows drinking water by pulling it and locking with a push. Also, the leakproof bottle is easy to carry while running. It is comfortable to carry and easy to clean. The innovative bottle features a cap, two pieces and a valve.

7. Vapur Flexible Water Bottle Liter Carabiner

The cool and chis running water bottle in a cool grey color comes with a capacity of 16 ounces. It has a super cap that can be flipped. The tight cap with a tough seal is comfortable and easy to open. Also, it prevents water from spilling outside, allowing a relaxed run. Besides, the bottle can be folded, is durable and easy to carry. It is freezable, can be reused and is dishwasher safe. Also, it is made from BPA free material, has no odor and taste. The wide mouth enables drinking water conveniently.

8. Gear Beast Handheld Running Water Bottle

The ergonomically designed handheld bottle with a hydration pack comes with a phone holder. It is comfortable to carry and convenient to hold while running or performing other activities. The cell phone pocket is suitable for all phone shapes and other accessories. Also, the ultra-thin screen protector allows easy access, enabling you to use apps. It is made from premium quality material which is sweatproof and also water resistant. With this gear beast you can guarantee that there won’t be additional distractions that would otherwise compromise the benefits of your run.

9. 32oz Sport Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw

Made from Tritan material, the premium sport bottle in orange and green gradient combination has a capacity of 2 pounds. It features time markers that are great for keeping a track of the frequency of water intake. The practical design keeps dust from getting inside and the leak-proof lid is spill-free. Also, the secure lock protects against accidental opening. Free from toxins and BPA, it is safe to use and features premium material quality. Also this is a perfect portable bottle that can be used for Camping, Gym, Fitness, and Outdoor Activities.

10. Amphipod 12 oz Hydraform Handheld Runners Hydration Bottle Black

The comfortable, convenient and stylish handheld bottle in the combination of black and green has a capacity of holding 12 ounces of water. The ergonomically contoured insulated bottle features a pocket. It is perfect for both hot and cold water. It is a comfortably cushioned and breathable bottle that features a slotted design. The removable insulator enhances its versatility and allows washing without much fuss. Also, the hydroformed bottle reduces hand-cramping tension. It comes with a expandable zipper pouch pocket for iPod, phone, nutrition, keys and more.

11. Nathan SpeedDraw Insulated 18 oz Replacement Water Bottle

The silver bottle from Nathan has a water holding capacity of 1.1 pounds. Also, the BPA-free plastic bottle is made from sturdy Tritan material. It has a push-pull blast valve cap which is convenient to use. The stylish bottle is recommended for outdoor activities such as hiking or cardio such as running. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold while running. Carry it with convenience and stay relaxed during your run. For long distance runners, selecting bottles that fit into waist pouches or onto backpacks can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are while you run.

12. CamelBak Podium Chill Bike Water Bottle

The chill bike water bottle from Camel Back comes with a high-flow self-sealing cap. Available in multiple colors, it features sophisticated graphics and has a capacity of 1.3 pounds. Also, the mud cap keeps dirt from trickling inside, keeping water dirt-free and clean. All parts of the bottle can be separated for cleaning. Positive lock-out enables leak-proof transport. Equipped with the true taste polypropylene with the hydro guard, it doesn’t change the taste of water.

13. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The stylish and chic bottle in a vibrant blue color is made from silicone material. It can hold 650 ml of water, sufficient for your runs.  The silicone water bottle can be rolled up and carried easily while you burn calories. Loop it around the wrist or attach it with your bag, the portable bottle allows a relaxed run without fussing around carrying it. Also, the flexible, shatter-proof body is durable and easily survives steep drops. The patented sealing twist cap prevents spilling.

14. ZORRI Sports Water Bottle

The Zorri Sports water bottles are made from BPA & toxin-free, phthalate-free materials. The lightweight Tritan bottle has a capacity of 1.5 pounds. The double leak-proof design comes with a pop-open top lid. The lockable lid seals the bottle properly, eliminating the risk of spilling water. Also, the ergonomic flip clip comes with a practical nozzle. The BPA-free bottle is free of plastic taste. It is easy to carry, thanks to the convenient strap. It’s easy to keep track of how much you’re drinking each day and capacity is enough to ensure the daily hydration needs.

15. Hydrapak SoftFlask - Lightweight Handheld Running & Hiking Collapsible Water Bottle

The handheld bottle from Hydrapak features an ultra-light design. It has a capacity of 1.6 Pounds and looks cool, chic in the malibu blue color. Minimalist design fits pack pockets and running vests perfectly. The collapsible water bottle is made from soft materials which can be packed or shrunk easily. Also, the portable bottle is easy to carry and features a locking cap for high-flow. Leakproof transport conforms to convenient portability while running. The 750 ml bottle ensures ample water supply during your runs.

16. Contigo Ashland Water Bottle, 24 Ounce, Chard

The chard colored plastic bottle with a capacity of 1.5 pounds is free of harmful toxins and BPA. Pop up straw enables slurping with one hand. Also, the protective spout cover keeps the bottle protected, preventing dust from contaminating the water. The leak-proof lid keeps water from spilling and adds to the convenience of carrying it without worrying about leakage. Button lock blocks pop up straw from unintended pressing. There is a clip-on handle for attaching it to bags, etc. Remember maintaining a high level of hydration and a good balance in your posture are two very important factors during such exercise.

17. Opard 32oz Sports Water Bottle with Motivational Time Marker to Drink

The blue bottle is made from BPA-free, Tritan material. Available in refreshing blue color the water markers on the outside help track the amount of water consumed during the run. Also, the Tritan mouthpiece retains the natural taste of water. You can simply push the secure lock releasing flip top lid just by one hand. The ergonomic design aide high water flow from the mouth-piece. This frosted water bottle is free from harmful substances such as BPA and other toxins that could harm the body. The lightweight and durable running bottle features a convenient strap for holding while you are on the go.

18. SLS3 Running Handheld Water Bottle

The easy to use black handheld running water bottle with 1.5 pounds capacity is convenient to carry while on the go. It comes with an adjustable hand strap. The bottle is made from premium quality plastic, free from harmful substances such as BPA. The premium quality plastic is recyclable. It also comes with zippered pockets for holding small articles such as a cell phone, money, credit/debit cards, etc. Also, the ergonomic design fits in all hand shapes. If running in hot weather is something you don’t mind doing and you’re doing it regularly, this water bottle belt is a great asset to have.

19. Under Armour Sideline 32 Ounce Squeezable Bottle, Pink

The black bottle made from HDPE plastic comes with a one-way shot valve ensuring a high-flow of fluid. Durable plastic is easy to squeeze and prevents plastic odor from ruining the taste of water. Besides, the BPA-free material is safe to wash in a dishwasher.  Also, the ergonomic design aide comfortable grip while on the go. With a capacity of 32 ounce, it can store enough water to quench thirst during your runs. The pack is designed to be lightweight and lays down the length of the back, to prevent drag when cycling.

20. Geila Handheld Water Bottle for Running

The handheld water bottle from Gelia is perfect for runners. Available in black color, it is made from Tpu and holds 500 ml of water at once. The single podium handheld system is convenient and adds to the comfort of carrying it as you burn calories. It is made from BPA-free, form-fitting, neropene material. Enjoy your workout/activity with the liveliness and vibrancy of near-neon colors. The soft material helps curbs weight, making it comfortable for carrying. There is also a small pocket for storing, it allows holding small articles such as a sleek cell phone, credit/debit cards, coins and several other things.