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20 Best Portable Gaming Monitors

If you are a gamer, you must be keen towards buying different kinds of gaming accessories that are known to be top notch. This is why there is a lot of demand for portable gaming monitors as you can carry them on the go and this in turn allows you to have a great time no matter where in the world you are. The developers too are well aware of the fact that the demand has been shooting through the roof and hence, there are endless brands that make different types of gaming monitors. Here, we are going to talk of some of the best choices that are sure to meet your needs and demands.

The perfect or the best gaming monitor has to incorporate some very important features in order to enhance your gaming experience up to a pleasant and efficient level. It is important to ensure that you thoroughly check out the details and specifications of each of the model. Doing this will give you a better idea of what to expect from any of the model and therefore you will be able to come to the right buying decision. Some people emphasize on the resolution of the screen while other may more have to do with the RAM and the processor speed. So, decide what your top priority and focus is and work accordingly.

1. Zissu 15.6” ultra thin portable monitor

Zissu is one of the top rated brands in the world of laptops and monitors and this model flaunt a 15.6” screen. It has an ultra slim design and the resolution too is spot on as it has full HD 1080P screen that too HDR. The IPS screen offers vivid resolution and it doesn’t occupy a great deal of space and can slide anywhere with remarkable ease too. The video streaming is great which truly enhances the overall gaming experience. The built in dual stereo speakers offers the best sound output too.

2. Fangor portable 15.6 monitor

Fangor is another name that has managed to make quite a mark in the world of portable gaming monitors. This model seems to be feature rich and is a great choice for those who want vibrant graphics. It comes with 1080P full HD display and an IPS screen as well. The resolution stands at 1920×1080 which ensures high definition detailing and accurate pictures. This portable monitor can be used with several devices which include but are not limited to laptops, desktops, PS 4, Xbox, phone, Macbook, and more. It has dual speakers for enhanced sound effect and improved clarity.

3. Lepow 15.6” portable monitor

Those who are on the lookout for the perfect gaming monitors that are feature rich, this is surely a great model to keep an eye out for. It has an impressive full HD resolution of 1080p and the 1920*1080 means that the pictures will come to life. The IPS screen also comes with eye protection that ensures that even with prolonged use, your eyes won’t get tired. It also comes with mini HDMI and USB-C ports which offers enhanced productivity. It also comes with screen protector and smart cover that protect the monitor completely.   

4. Simpfun 15.6” portable gaming monitor

Simpfun makes some of the finest gaming monitors and this model seems to be packed with the right features. It comes with a smart 15.6” screen and has a vivid resolution and 16.7M colour display. It also has HDR function and the 1920×1080 resolution means the pictures will come to life. It is compatible with a lot of different devices including but not limited to PlayStation, Xbox, Pi, and a whole lot more. It has the latest USB-C 3.1 interface and requires no driver and can transmit video signals seamlessly. The light and slim design makes it a great choice for those for whom portability is one of the top concerns.

5. Lepow 15.6 inches portable monitor

Lepow has been making a lot of portable gaming monitors and this one too is a good option. It flaunts the full HD 1080p display. The resolution stands at 1920×1080 and this gives a very vivid output. It comes with an IPS screen that also helps in giving an impressive viewing experience. It supports connection to multiple devices and helps in seamless switching between different devices. The model is slim and sleek and is designed to be light in weight. This facilitates portability and ease to carry on the go. There are also dual speakers and it comes with HDR mode. The volume is clear, crisp, and loud.

6. ZSCMALLS 15.6” portable monitor

This company is known for making some of the finest gaming monitors and this model is power packed with the most stunning features. Like most gaming monitors, this one comes with an impressive resolution of 1920×1080. The screen is IPS enabled and it also has an ultra HDR provision too. This means that the pictures are going to be vivid and full of life. It also comes with the plug and play feature and you won’t have to bother installing the drivers. It also supports thunderbolt 3 and the smart and sleek design makes it a handy model suitable for carrying on the go.

7. Uperfect 13.3” portable monitor

This is another smart portable gaming monitor for all those who don’t want to settle for less. It comes with a high colour gamut and the resolution stands at 1920×1080. It comes with full HD display and also has the eye care integrated to it. Along with this, the IPS screen ensures that pictures will come to life. It also comes with DP speakers that truly deliver the best sound clarity. You can use it with all computers that support thunderbolt 3.0 and even phone that support USB 3.1.

8. AUZAI 15.6” portable monitor

Auzai has been making some of the finest portable designs of gaming monitors and this one is no different. It comes packed with the right specifications. It has an ultra slim design and the HDR resolution ensures that you get the most vibrant of images that will come to life. It also has the most powerful stereo speakers that will pump the finest clarity of sound to elevate the gaming experience by several notches. It also has type C and HDMI ports as well that facilitates seamless connection. It is compatible with several devices which mean that you are sure to enjoy the gaming experience sans hassles.

9. SunFounder Raspberry Pi display 13.3 inch

SunFounder has managed to establish itself as one of the top names as far as portable gaming monitors are concerned. This model has 13.3 inches of screen size and a resolution of 1920×1080. The screen is full IPS and the colours come to life thereby making sure your gaming experience is completely enhanced. The screen has been designed keeping the gamers in mind and is compatible with several devices. It also has the video intelligence technology integrated and comes with several video interfaces and a powerful speaker too.

10. Gaems M155 full HD gaming monitor

GAEMS has been making some of the very best gaming monitors and this model is supported on a plethora of different devices. This will allow you to enjoy lag free gaming as the refresh rate is really impressive at 60 he. The resolution of the monitor is decent at 1920×1080 and the pictures are sure to come to life. The mini USB port means that the power is reliable and you can enjoy gaming at hours on end. The design is slim and looks classy as the form factor is really good.

11. Mobile Pixels Duex Pro

This 12.5 inches of screen size of portable monitor comes with a full HD screen. It is an upgraded design that packs in several impressive features. It has an attachable dual screen and comes with anti-glare reflection. Along with this, it also has the provision to adjust the brightness and the IPS monitor ensures bright and vibrant real life colours. It comes with the simple plug and play feature enabled and there are 5 separate use modes too. It is light in weight which makes it an easy choice to be carried on the go.

12. Human Centric Portable monitor

If you are looking for an advanced and impressive gaming monitor that can be carried on the go, this one seems to be a really decent choice. It comes with a full HD screen and has a resolution of 1920×1080. This ensures that the gaming visuals are going to be top notch and they are sure to give you an immersive gaming experience. It comes with USB-C and HDMI connector that allow it to connect seamlessly to several devices. It also comes with dual speakers that give powerful sound output.

13. GTEK 15.6” portable monitor

GTEK is a promising brand in the field of gaming monitors and this one is no different. It comes with a full HD display and an IPS screen. The resolution is vivid at 1920×1080 and this will facilitate improved gaming experience for all. Along with this, it comes with external dual computer display which is surely an amazing upgrade. The refresh rate is super impressive at 60 Hz and the design is light, slim, and super portable, making it a great choice. It is really easy to connect and it simply need a USB. It also has the eye care option integrated into it.

14. NewSoul 15.6” portable monitor

If you are looking for an advanced and upgraded portable monitor, this is the model to keep an eye out on. It comes packed with a lot of impressive features as the 15.6 inches of screen has a full HD and the resolution stands at 1920×1080. It is powered by dual speakers which gives you great clarity. It also has the type-C connection which makes it easy to connect to several devices. It also has 178 degree full viewing angles. The overall specification helps in offering an immersive gaming experience. The slim design enhances the ease of portability.

15. Feiasia upgraded portable monitor

If you are looking for an improved and upgraded gaming monitor that will serve your need and help you enjoy the gaming experience thoroughly, this is a smart choice to pick. It has a 15 inch screen size and comes with full HD display. The 1920×1080 resolution means that the pictures will come to life and give you an immersive gaming experience. The viewing angle is full 178 degree and it comes with eye care protection as well. It is supported with several devices and is light in weight and thereby very portable.

16. Uperfect 17.3 inches frameless monitor

UPERFECT is a brand that is known to many. They design some of the very best gaming monitors of all time. This one comes with large 17.3 inches screen and has a frameless design. It comes with a 90 degree adjustable kickstand to ensure you can set the best viewing angle. It has a dual USB-C port and is compatible with several devices. The 1080P resolution means that the colors will be true and vibrant and enhance the gaming experience significantly. The response time is impressive at 3 MS and it also comes with adaptive sync feature too.

17. Hongo ultra thin gaming monitor

Hongo has several gaming monitors in the market and this one comes with a 15 inch screen. The monitor has IPS frosted screen and also has full HD display too. The resolution stands at 1080P and this brings the colour to it. It also comes with a dual monitor provision and doesn’t need any eternal drivers. It can be connected to different devices with ease. It comes with both HDMI and USB-C connection that allows it to seamlessly connect to different devices. The monitor is light in weight and super portable.

18. NexiGo 17.3 inches portable gaming monitor

If you like to play your game on a large screen to get the real feel, this might be a smart choice for you. This portable monitor by NexiGo comes with a large 17.3 inches screen size that has the full HD display. Along with this, the screen is fully IPS enabled and the resolution is sharp and impressive. This facilitates clear views and immersive gaming experience. It is also powered by dual speakers that give a lasting sound impact. It comes with HDMI and type C port to facilitate seamless and easy connections too.

19. Eviciv portable monitor

Eviciv is a renowned brand in the world of gaming monitors. This model comes with 13.3 inches of screen size and has a full HD display. It comes with an IPS screen and the resolution stands at 1080P. It comes with keyboard, touchpad, and a powerful battery life as well. Along with this, the dual speaker pumps loud volume and gives great clarity too. It supports 360 degree rotation too and this truly enhances the overall gaming pleasure. The type C connection and the mini HD port ensure that you can connect this monitor to multiple devices sans hassles.

20. KYY 15.6 inches portable monitor

KYY has come up with a smart design of gaming monitor. It has a 15.6 inches of screen size that comes with full HD screen and has a smart resolution of 1080P. The screen also has a full IPS panel and it comes with really impressive viewing angle too that gives you full round and complete view. It also has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and doesn’t make use of flickering. This cut down the eye strain. It comes with 2 USB C-ports and also has mini HDMI port as well. The dual speakers give the best sound output.