20 Best Platform Sneakers on the Market

Platform sneakers are usually flat or curved sole based high rise sneakers which look absolutely amazing when worn with denims, trousers or any other cloth for that matter. These shoes may or may not have heels but if they do, they won’t pretend to have one as the basic necessity for a shoe to look like a sneaker is to have a flat soul.

Designed for the ultimate in comfort and still can be used as a great fashion statement, sneakers are one of the most versatile type of shoes that was ever made. While the variety in the platform sneakers could be huge, they are mostly available with unisex styling. They may have a wider toe box to accommodate your foot perfectly and keep it relaxed. These shoes are good for running, jogging, sports activities and even walking. They remain flat to the surface and offer a great cushion.

These shoes are elegant and classy, and are a smart choice for the woman. So, are you excited about the platform sneakers too? We have come up with 20 best platform sneakers on the market and you can grab your favourite right from here.

Let’s check them out.

1. Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Knit Slip on Sneaker

Sneakers are meant to let your foot move the way it wants. They are light and flexible to keep your foot in shape. The Converse women’s chuck taylor all star shoreline sneakers are comfortable footwear. They do have white cotton laces but aren’t functional. The sneakers are made of stretchable polyester and you need to just slip on to wear them. The laces look attractive and youthful. The signature styling of canvas sneakers with a thick toe cover enhances the beauty. The sole walls are white and keep the elegant look intact.

2. Women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers - Mesh Slip On Air Cushion Lady Girls Modern Jazz Dance Easy Shoes Platform Loafers

With the rising demand for variety, manufacturers have gone hybrid with their manufacturing. We have sports shoes, sneakers, loafers and even a mix of all of these. The women’s walking shoes sock sneakers have decent thickness in the platform. It has a unibody style layout on the top. The meshed knitted and zigzag pattern above the ligament keeps you flexible with change in directions and speed. It is a slip on type shoe with a soft inner sole and synthetic outer sole for snug fitting and firm grip over different terrains.

3. Blowfish Malibu Women's Play Sneaker

Slip on shoes are comfortable to wear and walk. Slip-on shoes can be formal or casual. The Blowfish Malibu women’s play sneakers are casual wear shoes. Thet grey canvas looks rugged and looks active and smart. The 5 sets of eyelet holes are punched on the upper part of the shoe before stitching it together with the shoe tongue. The inner sole is soft and as the shoe uses a canvas cloth as its base, you’ll get the same to cover up your foot from inside too.

4. STQ Womens Lightweight Walking Shoes Lace-up Fashion Casual Sneakers Ladies Nursing Shoes

A thick platform sole is comfortable and offers adequate cushioning from gravel and uneven surfaces. Platform sneakers are among the good shoes which provide such features despite being attractive due to their thick soles. The STQ Women’s lightweight walking shoes are fashionable and furnishes adequate comfort. The whole is composed of an elastic material and hence, it has a lot stretchable factor. You get laces which can be  used to tighten up the shoe, however you may not require to adjust the same as the shoe itself is adjustable if you choose the right size.

5. WHITIN Women's Supportive Running Shoes | Cushion Lightweight Breathable Sneakers

While black and blues are unisex colours, pink is something that’s still more popularamong women. A pink sneaker looks great with denim and trousers and lets you have a sporty appeal. The Whitin women’s supportive running sneaker shoes are made up of mesh type synthetic material to keep your foot area airy and breathable. It also helps your foot to remain sweatfree and easy going. The shoe has functional laces and thick and strong laces to deal with the tightness of your foot in the shoe. The inner sole is extremely soft and gets a soft cushion around the neck and inside.

6. Skechers Sport Men's Vigor 2.0 Trait Memory Foam Sneaker

Sneakers are typically about soft material all across your feet. However, to add the touches of premiumness, you would probably think of some leather bits. Sketcher’s sport men’s vigor 2.0 memory foam sneakers are very comfortable shoes for running and walking purposes. They have a certain bit of leather to it that gets it a premium yet rugged appeal. It has strong and long synthetic laces with a well cushioned neck area to support your ankle. The sole is made out of synthetic material and hence, it is durable.

7. Mishansha Women's Running Walking Shoes Breathable Air Cushion Sneakers

Sports shoes keep your leg in shape and flexible at the same time. A good sport shoe is rigid and offers decent cushioning while playing busy sports or having a usual walk. The Mishansha women’s running and walking sneakers are well cushioned and offer decent comfort. The sole has a funky pattern to it which looks like a modern house window. This sole is so soft for your feet that you can simply roll it up the upper of the shoe is attractive and has multiple white dots which look nice.

8. Crocs Men's LiteRide Modform Slip On Sneaker | Slip On Sneakers for Men

The word Crocs has become a synonym to a rubberised slip on wide toe box airy open shoes with a band at the rear. However, Crocs has a big range of footwear along with sneakers. The Crocs men’s literide modform sneakers are a brilliant looker. It is made up of knitted fabric with a lot of airy stuff. The shoe has a solid build and it has a wide elastic band that goes across the upper part of the shoe with a Crocs branding. There is a white synthetic rubber sole which remains firm on all surfaces and caters enough confidence.

9. LUCKY-STEP Womens Chunky Sneakers - Classic Athletic Sports Walking Shoes with Lace Up Platform Leather Trainers - Sports Wear

Thick sole white sneakers look very elegant with contrast and white trousers and lets you gain some inches to your height as well. For some, it may look oversized, but wearing the same has a great feeling. The Lucky-step women’s chunky sneakers are a  classic set of high rise sneakers which go perfectly well with your youthful style. These are pure white shoes and made up of 100% vegan material. The upper portion of the shoe has a leather touch while the sole is made out of rubber.

10. LUCKY STEP Women Tennis Casual Fashion Sneakers Platform Chunky Suede Lace up Shoes

While the world is crazy about unisex products, having a slight differentiator isn’t bad at all. The Lucky step women’s tennis casual sneakers are the exact same differentiators. It has an elegant design on the sides of the shoe. The two big and bold stars with studded buttons make up a great combination and adds feminine touch to the shoe. These shoes are quite elevated from the base and keep you walking at least an inch above the ground. It is made up of PU leather and TPR outer sole.

11. Vionic Women's Splendid Kani Slip-on Walking Shoes - Ladies Athleisure Sneakers with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support

Stylish shoes are in abundance in the market and you would get a lot of options in the same. However, if you are searching for a simple, smart and casual shoe for your daily wear, you should check out the Vionic women’s splendid kani slip-on walking shoes. YOu can wear them on a variety o f occasions including walk, run and even in clubs and night outs. There is a white sole to suit the elegance of sneakers and a black upper part with very light embroidery. It has a very snug fitting which perfectly complements the comfort that your foot requires.

12. STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Women Fashion Sneakers Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers

The wider toe box makes walking a lot easier and offers you an amazing experience. You simply get more space for your toe to expand, stretch and relax while running, walking, jogging and even while doing serious sports. The STQ slip-on breath mesh walking sneakers are an absolute fun to use footwear. It has dual coloured sole with a translucent section at the rear side which looks modern and stylish, though it isn’t functional. The synthetic sole is rubberised and offers decent support over slippery surfaces and gravels.

13. Skechers Men's Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker

Macho and robust styling is every man’s desire. Though, wearing genuine leather may cost you more and it would also be a bit tough to maintain as you may not wish to take them in moisture filled areas, you may always try for vegan leather shoes. The skechers Men’s energy afterburn sneakers have got a lot of style and attitude. These shoes have a jet black shade of vegan leather and a rubber sole for optimum strength and grip. The laces are synthetic and work perfectly to keep your feet intact in the shoe.

14. CAMVAVSR Men's Sneakers Fashion Lightweight Running Shoes Tennis Casual Shoes for Walking

Few of the primary factors why people love wearing sneakers is their lightweight and compact size. The Camvavsr men’s sneakers are lightweight sneakers with a pinch of styling. This pair of shoes is pretty elegant to look, and offer decent comfort too. The white soft sole is ergonomically designed to support every single spot of your foot. As the shoes have slip on style, you may not use the provided laces, but they look good and enhance the show of these sneakers.

15. Womens High Top Shoes Wedges 2 in Fashion Sneakers Ankle Boots Bootie Platform Sneaker Heels for Women

Traditionally, we always wear shoes over the socks and this helps our feet to breath and remain hydrated. The women’s high top shoes wedge sneakers are two in one shoes with decent socks like the upper portion stuck to a soft sole. This shoe has a boot styling with proper “L” shaped to give it a rugged appeal. The shoe string is long enough but isn’t really required as the shoe has a stretchable material with an ankle covering fabric lining. It has multiple colour options but purple shade is quite different and attractive.

16. ROXY ROSE Women’s Platform Sneakers Breathable Knitting Glitter Mesh Non-Slip Walking Shoes

Apparels with golden and black colour base are usually considered party wear due to the extreme glaze. They are often worn by legends or on-stage performers in music or related industries. This outfit immediately becomes a style statement for the wearer and people start reminding the dress or outfit with the person’s name. If you are also searching for a similar set of sneakers then we got you covered. Roxy Rose women’s platform sneakers are high on golden glitter with a base of black. They keep you 1.77 inch higher than the floor. They are extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

17. BELOS Women’s Chunky Platform Sneakers | Trainers Lace Up Holographic Fashion Increased Dorky Bottom Walking Shoes

To remain high from the ground is the primary characteristic of a platform shoe. These shoes are most commonly available in white colour along with some sort of glaze. The Belos women’s chunky platform sneakers are well built above the ground and have a solid looking outer sole. The front and rear sections of shoe sole seem to be bridged by a rather thinner middle section. The upper section of the shoe is made up of PU leather which looks almost like the real polished leather. There is a mild strip of glaze silver material stitched on the toe cap to enhance the appeal of the shoe.

18. Athlefit Women's Wedge Sneakers Platform Sneakers

Wedges are usually high heels with zero gap between heels and the toes. They often have a covered or half opened toe with an open middle portion. The Athlefit women’s wedge style sneakers are well engineered to show off a sneaker like design while actually being wedges. So if you aren’t comfortable wearing flat sneakers, you’ll definitely like these wedge based sneakers as the original heel is hidden inside the matching cloth. It is made up of soft touch outer material while the inner part is prepared with utmost comfort for your foot.

19. FitFlop Women's F-Sporty Uberknit Sneakers Low-Top, 8.5 us

Do you have a very standardised and easy to go taste for what you wear? If yes, you should try FitFlop women’s F-Sporty Uberknit sneakers. These are coloured in a non-glaze black colour with mild usag of white part intermittently. It has a pair of laces in a similar shade of black but as the material of the shoe is elastic, you would just slip into these shoes and enjoy being there. The inner part of the shoe has no separate lining for the upper section but it’s comfortable. The white outer sole looks amazing and offers adequate sheen.

20. Women Wedges Sneakers with Hidden Heel Ankle High Platform Walking Shoes Fashion Bride Wedding Shoes

Here is another one for your hidden heels’ thirst. The Women wedges sneaker with hidden heels is a great buy for your sneakers’ and wedges’ combined desires. It is composed of PU leather for the upper section which has a lighter glaze to it. The sole is thick with 1.6” for platform and 2.7” for the hidden part. The upper section of the shoe’s heel is nicely crafted to hide the wedge part. If you find it uncomfortable to wear flat bottom sneakers, the wedges style sneakers are a perfect match for your everyday needs.