20 Best Organic Eyeliners in the Market

Skincare and beauty products have been a part and parcel of a woman’s life in some capacity or other. The intensity of use of the products may differ but no denying it does form a considerable portion of consumption and hence the impact on self and environment. Natural ingredients to look for include all natural plant extract, natural clay, olive extract, natural herbs, beeswax, and flower essence. The healing and gentle properties of organic ingredients have made these ingredients a popular choice for millions of people around the world.

Eyeliners have been a product that has been part of the outfit traditionally. However, more and more technical advancement has happened to make the product safe for regular use. Along with it even consumers are waking up to understanding the impact of the products on self and on the environment. 

Here we have catalogued 20 handpicked products under the organic category. These eyeliners are made with organic ingredients that in turn help reduce your carbon footprint and the lasting effect of the consumer products on your health and safety. Keeping this in focus, these makers have made the eyeliners organically sourcing natural ingredients like coconut oil, Shea butter, Jojoba extracts, Aloe Vera, etc.

Organic makeup for sensitive skin is one product more people are choosing to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The switch to organic makeup leaves women with smooth, soft, and clear skin resulting in improved skin health. Also, it is worth noticing of the eyeliner is gluten-free, paraben-free, toxins free, cruelty-free, etc. This ensures no harmful substances, toxic ingredients are used in making the product. Special care has been given to push for cruelty-free products asking for products where no animals were harmed.

1. Fifth & Skin Better Eyeliner Pencil – Natural

The Fifth and Skin Better eyeliner comes in pencil tip. This pencil tip eyeliner is all-natural and provides a black shade that is safe to apply. The application is very smooth and leaves a natural impact. The formula is crafted to be hypoallergenic ensuring that it suits all skin types without causing any allergenic reaction. The product is Gluten Free. This ensures further safety. Also, the key highlight of this eyeliner is that it is paraben-free and does not carry any harmful chemicals. The product pride itself on being cruelty-free. No animals have been exploited or harmed to test these products.

2. Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eye Liner, Jet Set

The Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eyeliner is available in deep matte black color. The application of this quality natural eyeliner is smooth and does not leave any unwanted effect on you. The formula is gluten-free reducing the chances of an allergic reaction. The product is also paraben-free reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals on the daily basis. The product is entirely natural to the extent it uses no ingredients that may affect any animals in a harmful way. This Honeybee Gardens Eyeliner is also certified by PETA. This means you can be assured that the product meets the manufacturing guidelines and standards for a cruelty-free product.

3. Honest Beauty Liquid Eyeliner, Black

The Honest Beauty organic eyeliner comes in a liquid formula. This liquid formula provides a deep black hue and shade that will work with your everyday and special attires too. The product being liquid-based is easy to glide and apply to allow you to use it with a high degree of convenience. The eyeliner is smudge-free, transfer-free, and flake-free adding to your convenience. The product is entirely vegan. It is silicon free and also no carbon black in it. This quality eyeliner is Ophthalmologist Tested providing you added assurance on its quality.

4. Au Naturale Organic Eye Liner Pencil

The Au Naturale Organic eyeliner has a pencil tip. The pencil tip is soft and easy to apply. Even for beginners, this is a good product to go to as the application is very smooth. Also, the product is organic and safe to use for all sorts of consumers. The product is made in the USA, a hallmark of its quality. The carmine free is a highlight of this eyeliner. The carmine is made from ingredients extracted from animals and now many consumers are becoming aware of using more natural products to reduce the harm done to animals.

5. PuroBIO Certified ORGANIC Black Eyeliner

The PuroBIO certified Organic eyeliner is the organic eyeliner that is made with special care to being a vegan product and also works with the same effect and long-lasting performance. The eyeliner is made with Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, Baobab Oil, Vitamin E extracts all the natural ingredients good for your skincare. The formula is highly pigmented and provides an extra black shade. The product is made in Italy, the place affiliated with fashion. So, you can be assured that you will get the latest trends and products. The product is Nickel tested and the makers ensure that it stays free from harmful minerals.

6. INIKA Organic Black Liquid Eyeliner, 0.12 OZ

The Inika organic eyeliner is 100 percent naturally made eyeliner. All the ingredients of this natural eyeliner are sourced from sources that are not associated with harming any animals in any way. Hence, the product is vegan certified owing to its focus on sourcing sustainable ingredients and cruelty-free track records. The eyeliner is high in performance parameters as well. The formula is liquid-based which is easy to glide and apply. Being liquid eyeliner, it need not mean you cannot draw fine lines with it. Owing to its smudge-proof performance, you can use the eyeliner the way you desire.

7. BaeBlu Organic Liquid Eyeliner

The BaeBlue eyeliner comes in a deep black shade. The eyeliner is under the organic eyeliner category of an organic line of products that is safe for regular use and leaves little impact on the environment compared to the regular traditional line of products. The ingredients used are 100 percent natural. The product is also gluten-free. The eyeliner is long-lasting and could last up to 24 hours which is the desirable aspect of this eyeliner. Also, the application is soft and does not cause any unnecessary irritation. The formula is quick to dry and the product is also suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

8. BaeBlu Organic Gel Eyeliner Pot, Black

The BaeBlu eyeliner pot is a liquid-based formula. The product has a tapered felt tip which makes it ideal for outlining and defining eyes. The product is good for all sorts of lines. You can use it for thin to thick lines, all with equally efficient and consistent output. The product is under the organic category. All the ingredients used are sourced from 100 percent natural sources. The product has key ingredients like Gum, leaves extracts, flower extracts, etc. BaeBlu has ensured that the product is hypoallergenic. It does not cause any skin reaction, any redness to the eyes, or any sort of irritation.

9. Mom's Secret 100% Natural Liquid Eyeliner Black, Organic, Vegan, Made in the USA

The Mom’s Secret eyeliner comes in black shade. The product is made in the USA. The product is of high-quality standards. The formula is 100 per naturally sourced and 75 percent organic. Also, the formula is made with ingredients that comply with being Vegan. The liquid-based eyeliner has a felt tip. The felt tip makes it easier to apply highlights and outlines. The applications stay smudge-proof and you can count on this product to give you a consistent look throughout the day.

10. INIKA Organic Pure Purple Eye Pencil, 0.05 OZ

The Inika organic eyeliner has a pencil tip. The pencil tip Inika eyeliner has an ultra-smooth application. This allows you to use it for multiple looks and experiment the way you want. The organic eyeliner is 100 percent natural and does not cause any allergic reaction. The product is hypoallergenic and even suited for sensitive skin type. The eyeliner is good for regular use and does not cause irritation to your eyes. The eyeliner has an intense shade of pure purple which makes your eyes more deep and bright. No animals were harmed in making this quality product.

11. BaeBlu Natural Hypoallergenic Eyeliner Pencil, Black

The BaeBlu organic eyeliner is a pencil styled eyeliner. This eyeliner is all-natural and all the ingredients used in coming up with this product come from natural sources. The product has no harmful chemicals and zero harsh additives and toxins that may impact the consumer in any other way. The product is made for regular and intense use and even all-day wear will not smudge it, fade it. The eyeliners have resistant to smudges. Also, the eyeliner is sweat resistant as well. It does not carry any fragrance. So, no artificial color has been used here to provide any additional features at the expense of safety.

12. puroBIO Certified Organic Cosmetics, Eyeliner Pencil - Nude 043

The puroBIO certified organic cosmetic eyeliner is a pencil type eyeliner. The product is made in Italy and carries the legacy quality of Italian-made products. The product is both natural and organically sourced. It uses almond, sesame oils, vitamins, waves, and plant-derived pigments. Hence, the product is sustainably sourced and you can pride yourself in reducing your carbon footprint in some way by selecting such an organically sourced product. The performance of the eyeliner is long-lasting with a matte finish that does not wear off as you proceed along the day.

The CCPB approval and cruelty-free promise make this a great organic option.

13. L'Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Never Fail Original Eyeliner with, Brown

The L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail eyeliner is available in rich brown shade. The rich brown shade is appealing and carries itself throughout the day without wear. It can sustain up to 16 hours without a further touch-up. The lines are smudge-proof and you can count on L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never fail series to provide a consistent experience. The products come in a mechanical pencil form with a Built-in sharpener. The built-in sharpener reduces the hassle of getting your tool ready in the time of need as you can use the eyeliner on the go.

14. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Precision Liquid Eyeliner

The Physicians Formula Organic Wear eyeliner comes in a liquid formula. The liquid-based eyeliner is highly effective. It can leave a lasting impression just with one stroke application. With one stroke of this eyeliner, you are good to go throughout the day. The smudge-resistant feature of this eyeliner helps in producing a lasting effect. The key ingredients of this product are all sourced naturally. The use of organic chamomile oil, organic Aloe Vera, Organic Jojoba oil, Botanical cactus makes the product a recommended choice on top of the organic shelf.

15. Neutrogena Precision Liquid Eyeliner

The Neutrogena precision eyeliner comes in a liquid-based formula. Neutrogena known for its cosmetic line of products for skincare and beauty has come up with this quality piece of eyeliner. The liquid-based formula is made with natural honey and coconut extract. The product is hypoallergenic making this product a viable choice for most skin types. This eyeliner does not cause irritation and redness of the eye. It is safe for everyday use. Also, the jet black shade is very appealing and goes with most of your outfits. Hence, a popular choice for eyeliner and a must to have in your beauty kit.

16. Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner,0.1oz, Precision, fine calligraphy tip, Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO. (Raven)

The Zuzu Luxe organic eyeliner is made from all organic ingredients. The product is entirely under the vegan category. The eyeliner formula is paraben-free and gluten-free reducing your exposure to any harmful chemicals and allergic reactions. The product is also cruelty free which ensures that special attention has been given to the way the product is made and tested without harming any animals. The product delivers high performance with its fine calligraphy tip. The tip makes it easier to experiment and use the eyeliners to explore more styles and ideas. The product is quick to dry and sustain the looks as it being water-resistant and smudge-proof.

17. Avril Organic Eye Liner Pencil White Lunar (Blanc Lunaire)

Avril eyeliner is one of the recommended choices under the organic eyeliners category. The eyeliner is made with key ingredients like organic beeswax and shea butter. These ingredients are good to take skincare and bring the same care to this quality eyeliner. The eyeliner is good to be used even with consumers with sensitive eyes. The product is certified by Ecocert, ensuring that the product is 100 percent natural and organic. The eyeliners leave a moony white texture which looks great when you wear it during the day in the office or outside in the evening.

18. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Origin Defining Eyeliner, Onyx

The Burt’s bees eyeliner is made with 100 percent natural ingredients. The product mainly has key ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil extracts, etc. that keep the eyeliner safe and strong for long hour usage. This eyeliner comes in a ubiquitous black shade. This shade covers you for all occasions. The application of this eyeliner is smooth and everyone can apply it professional or as amateurs. The satin finish of this eyeliner will definitely draw attention to the sharp-looking eyes of yours. Having such natural sources products is a positive step on your part for health and environmental conservation.

19. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques All Natural, Eye Liner Pencil, Organic Makeup (Olive)

The Lauren Brooke Consmetiques has brought to you an all-natural eyeliner. The eyeliner is also organic and carries special attention in sourcing the right ingredients. The ingredients are all carried out of a vegan handbook and do not harm any animal or insects in the process of getting this quality product available to the consumer. The product has met high-quality standards and guidelines for an organic product. It has got EU and certification along with PETA certification. Moreover, the olive shade is quite unique and will definitely add more zing to your beauty box.

20. Eyeliner- Best Cruelty-Free Eyeliner Pen by Mia Adora Store

The Mia Adora store has brought to you eyeliner with quality natural ingredients and tested to provide a stylish look. The eyeliner can helo you get the Winged, Cat Eye with a single stroke of the liquid-based gel formula. The eyeliner is also smudged and tear-proof. You can go on throughout the day working without a worry about the smudging and fading. The eyeliner required no Pencil Sharpener as it is self-sharpening. Key ingredients include organic castor oil.

High Pigment.