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20 Best Monitor Stands for Desks

A workstation can only be functional if it suits the basic needs you want. It is often seen that people who spend hours on the computer without any brakes suffer a lot of problems ranging from backbone deformations, neck issues, weaker eyesight and a lot more. One of the primary reasons for these diseases is bad sitting posture. Your ergonomically designed chair can relieve you to some extent but if your desk isn’t proper, you would catch these illnesses quickly. You may need to look after a better docking and desk option for your work. The desks come with many features which the user can benefit from such as charging stations, etc. The user sitting or the one standing or both can use these types of desks. This allows them to increase productivity, spreads a positive impact on the environment, and saves them from unwanted pains and diseases.

But if you have already purchased a desk that falls short and is causing problems for you, you would like to get a stand for your monitor which will suit the ideal height that you want. The market is full of such stands and they are available in a variety of shapes, size, material and functioning. This article will guide you with the same and we have brought 20 best monitor stands for desks that will help you relieve from the bad posture negative effects and add more premiumness to your desk.

1. Mind Reader MESHMONSTA-BLK Metal Mesh Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer with Drawer, Black

While a monitor stand could make your work a lot easier but a small level of utility inclusion makes it more usable. The Mind Reader MeshMonsta Metal Mesh monitor stand is one of the best utilities which is made up of iron frame with a mesh grill top. Below the main stand, there is a mesh metal drawer with three solid sides and the front one is kept open. It slides out of the stand and can store your diaries and calculators or similar stuff. The left side of the stand is simple and plain while the right-hand side has two compartments that can store your pens, sticky notes, stapler, eraser, earphones, pen drives, etc.

2. MOUNTUP Single Monitor Desk Mount - Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Arm, VESA Mount with C Clamp, Grommet Mounting Base, Computer Monitor Stand for Screen up to 32 inch, MU0004

If you want a monitor stand which can remain flexible with the positioning of the monitor, you should look at MountUp single monitor desk mount. It is a flexible monitor stand with three hinge joints to give you an optimum position as per your working style. It can be attached to your table with the help of tightening screws. The three hinges that support your monitor are mounted near the base, in the center of stand and behind the monitor with the former two being 360 degree rotational and the last one with 180 degrees rotation. Thus the combination helps you get your perfect viewing position.

3. FITUEYES 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Length and Angle, DT108001WB

Designers, programmers and creative people may sometimes need a secondary monitor to refer to other files as well. In this case, FITUEYES 3 shelf monitor stand makes a lot of sense. It has a minimalistic design with a central full structure stand to support two single-legged stands. Now you can keep their placement as per your convenience by either making a curve or keeping them in line, etc. You can use the spare space to place your books, flowerpots, pen stand, notes, speaker, etc. Also, the space under the stand can also be utilised to store your objects and accessories.

4. MOUNTUP Single Monitor Stands - Free Standing VESA Monitor Desk Mount fits 13 to 32 inch Computer Screen with Height Adjustable, Swivel, Tilt, Rotation, VESA 75x75 100x100 MU0023

The table mount stands may have a fixed height upto which the monitor can be raised. If you want to keep your monitor high or keep its height flexible. The MountUP single monitor stand is a useful product. It has infinite positions to place the monitor and has a rigid screw mechanism to keep the position intact. It has a triangular base which has a good weight to it for flick free stable viewing experience. For the adjustment and tightening purpose, this stand is provided with Allen keys with a dedicated slot to store them.

5. LORYERGO Monitor Stand - Monitor Riser 16.5 inch, 2 Tier Desktop Stand for Laptop, Laptop Desk Stand with Slot for Phone & Cable Management, Desk Stand Riser for Printer, Computer etc

For people who want a monitor stand with a desk organiser, this is the solution for them. The Loryergo monitor stands provide 3 in one solution for your workstation. First, it has a rigid surface to mount your monitor, second, it has 2nd level storage to store your diary and pen, third, the ground level storage can grab your tablet or your favourite book, and fourth, It has dedicated slot to keep your smartphone. All the parts in this monitor stand cum desk organiser has been perfectly screwed together. It helps you in maintaining a healthy sitting posture while keeping all your stuff in place.

6. LORYERGO Monitor Stand - Monitor Riser Built with Drawer, 3 Level Height Adjustable Laptop Stand, Desktop Stand w/Slot for Phone & Tablet, Monitor Stand Riser for Computer, Laptop, Screen

This is one of the lightest and usable monitor stands. The Loryergo monitor stand is made of hard plastic which is durable and long lasting. It has a drawer with 4 slots to store different accessories and office utilities. Alternatively, it also has a slot for smartphone or tablet. One of the biggest advantages of this stand is its high adjustable feature. The legs of this stand are divided in 3 slots which can be removed and added to the required height of your monitor. You can have your monitor of almost any size on the stand.

7. SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser with Organizer Drawer

This simple yet elegant monitor stand is durable and made out of mesh iron grill and iron molded pipe. Below the main stand, it has a drawer to store your papers, diary and other utilities. On the sides, it has pockets to store your pendrives, stickers, pen, pen drive, hard disks, steplers, smartphone, etc. It is very convenient to use a stand and easy to carry as well. It may look pretty compact to look at, but it can hold your big monitor screens quite well. If you aren’t using it for a monitor, you can place your laptop on this to bring it to the level of the monitor and enjoy the secondary screen experience.

8. 2 Pack- Simple Trending Monitor Stand Riser, Metal Desk Organizer Stand with Anti-Slip Suction Cup for Laptop, Computer, iMac, Pc, Printer, Black

The ultra durable set of monitor stands is here. This simple trending monitor stand comes in a set of two. These are metallic simple stands with a mesh grill on top and metallic legs. While the above layer can be used to mount monitors, the below part can be utilised for other things. While you can use the first stand in this way, the second one can be used for your laptop to make it a secondary screen. Also, you can place these stands one above another and increase the height of your screen for better viewing action.

9. Monitor Stand Riser, 2 Tiers Wood Monitor Riser Stand with Storage Organizer, Desktop Ergonomic Monitor Stand Riser with Cellphone Holder and Cable Management, 16.7 Inch Shelf, Black

A compact monitor stand can produce a significant difference in your working style. This small yet effective monitor height raiser stand can heighten up your screen by upto 5.6 inches. Not just this, it is ergonomically designed and has generous space for other utilities too. There is a smartphone placeholder which can accommodate almost all sizes of smartphone. The cable management system on the side is a useful addition and helps your organise monitor cables smartly.

10. MOUNTUP Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand, Full Motion Computer Monitor Arm Mount for 2 LCD Screens up to 27 Inch, Dual Monitor Stand with C-Clamp and Grommet Base MU0002

For the users of dual screens who want their height flexible, The Mountup dual monitor desk mount stand is an ideal choice. It is available in C-clamp mount (which can be used on the table corner using tightening bolt) and Gommer mount (which can be mounted anywhere on table and needs a hole for the bolt to pass through). The parallel mounts for two screens have two folding and one rotating hinges each. With the help of this, you can adjust the reach of your screen and also rotate them for vertical cooperation

11. Vaydeer USB3.0 Wireless Charging Aluminum Monitor Stand Riser Support Transfer Data and Charging,Keyboard and Mouse Storage Desk Organizer up to 27inch for Computer MacBook PC (Black)

The Vaydeer USB 3.0 monitor stand is way better than any other stand and can be called as a smart stand for monitor. It has a wireless charging dock to charge your smartphones with wireless charging functionality. Most if the modern generation Samsung and Apple smartphone are blessed with wireless charging and hence, it’ll be a bliss. It also has 4 USB ports and doubles up as a USB hub to connect your wireless keyboard and mouse, pen drives, had drives, and other USB devices to your computer. It is made up of high quality aluminium metal and has ample storage under the monitor bay too.

12. Monitor Riser Stand Desk Shelf - with Drawer Keyboard Storage Stylish White 22" x 10.6" x 4.7"

Wooden stands have a sense of quality and so does the Blamboom monitor riser stand desk shelf. It is a well designed and well built monitor stand in white colour shade. It has dedicated slots for smartphone, office stationery like clips and stapler, and cup or glass. The second layer houses two drawers which can be used for notes, writing pads, pencils, pens , etc. It has a white coloured fine surface with wood coloured drawers, however, there are various options in colours as well and can be chosen as per your preference.

13. Single Monitor Stand - Computer Monitor Stand for 13 inch to 32 inch Screen, Adjustable Height, Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, Weight up to 17.6lbs

If you have a table which has enough space on the opposite side of your sitting and you want a stand which can be adjusted for its height and vertical angle then this single monitor stand is a great choice for you. It has a clamp with multiple holes to fit almost any ideal size monitor. This is joined to a thick and long stand through tightening screws and it can be slided easily for almost any variable height. The clamp and mount are made up of heavy duty material and reliable for prolonged use.

14. HUANUO Single Monitor Mount Stand - Full Motion Monitor Arm Desk Mount for 22 to 35 Inch LCD LED Computer Screens, Height Adjustable VESA Bracket with Clamp, Grommet Mounting Base, Holds up to 26.4lbs

Quality products’ often overshadow the feature-rich products and if you are searching for a top notch and best quality stand for yor single monitor, then Huanuo single monitor mount is the best one you should stress upon. It has a C-Clamp to mount on the table edge and grommet mount for a non-edge mounting. The vertices and hinges looks and feels sturdy. They are functional for various positions and functions smoothly. It significantly lifts up your monitor and helps you get rid of back aches if you spend a lot of time working on the computer.

15. Monitor Stand Riser with Vented Metal Base, 2 Tier Desk Organizer Stand for Laptop Computer, Desktop Printer Stand with Anti-Slip Pads Holds 44lbs, Versatile as Storage Shelf & Screen Holder by HUANUO

A monitor stand made  up of wrought iron always shows its strength. The Huanuo monitor stand riser with vented metal base is an adequate solution to raise your screen. It is well suited for use at home and office. It has two sections which are extremely usable. The top one is supposed to be used for monitoring while the second layer can be used as per the utility. The space bloe second layer is also usable and can store a good amount of stuff. You can use this stand for other purposes as well like for printer, set top box, etc.

16. Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer - Mesh Metal Desk Organizer PC, Laptop, Notebook, Printer Holder with Pull Out Storage Drawer

Do you sit with a lot of things on your desk and keep your desk scattered? If yes, then this monitor stand will be a great utility for your desk. It is completely made of mesh grill. With two sets of drawers, it helps you make a good place for all your stuff wandering across your desk. One of these drawers is divided in 3 parts while the second one is a single unit for bigger and longer objects for better placement. To make the structure rigid, the top layer is supported with an H-shaped support.

17. Monitor Stand Riser, Computer Laptop Riser Shelf with Organizer Drawer (White, 19" L x 8" W x 4" H)

This is one of the finest desk organisers. It’s completely shaded in white colour with multiple sections. You get a huge space to keep you monitor. If you have an Apple iMac, then you’ll be able to store more objects around it as it has a not so broad mount. Below the main monitor mount layer, you get two shelves to store your books, diaries, papers and other straight objects. On the right hand side, there are multiple vertical sections to store your smartphone, sticky notes, clips, pins, and other similar objects.

18. SimpleHouseware Computer Monitor Riser, Glass

Elegance is proportional to premiumness. A glass piece always looks elegant and has a naturally tendency of impressing everyone. The SimpleHouseWare computer monitor riser is one such product which immediately impresses everyone in your vicinity. It is made up of high quality toughened glass which is strong enough to bear your monitor. It stands on 4 chrome legs which have a rubber base for anti-skid operation. As it remains at a height from the surface, you get extra space under it to keep your keyboard and mouse. Hence you can easily utilise the space.

19. Monitor Riser Stand and Desk Storage Organizer, 2 USB 3.0 & Type-C Ports Computer Stand Support Transfer Data, Charging with Storage Drawer, Phone Holder for Laptop/Computer/MacBook/PC (Black)

While working in the office or at home, you need a lot of things to back you while working like charging cables, smartphone, sticky notes, pen, etc. And all these objects make your desk a messed up affair. To organise your desk like a professional, you would need a smart organiser. This Monitor riser has smart drawers and pull outs to store your smartphone, open, utility and other stuff. It can be shortened for width to fit in tight places. It also has USB slots for dat transfer and phone charging.

20. SUMGOTT Computer Monitor Stand with 2 Tiers and Desk Organizer Stand Storage Shelf, Desktop Screen Stand for Laptop, Bookshelf and Keyboard, Monitor Riser Printer Stand for Home, Office, School …

A desk looks to be organised if it does have adequate space for everything in a stale fashion. The SunGott Computer monitor stand has 3 sections with more than adequate space for your nitty gritties and other utilities. The first part of this stand is the main unit to mount your display. There’s ample space under it to store your keyboard and mouse. On the side,there is a two level shelf to store your books and other articles, may be a flowerpot or stationary.