20 Best Money Clip Wallets for Men

A wallet is a must have accessory for a man. It not only describes the lifestyle of an individual, but it also tells about the thinking and the mindset. A messed up, dull and fatty wallet may shout out the bad side of the owner and may describe him as unorganized. On the other hand, a properly done wallet which looks slim calls out the positive aspect and feels to be organized. When it comes to buying a new wallet, the leather takes the lead, but not all leather wallets are efficient and space saving.

Money clip wallets are discreet and more efficient and can hold eight credit cards inside. Two more slots outside will accommodate more business cards. When you unfold the wallet, there’s a gold-toned money clip on the center of the billfold that firmly grips the bills. When it’s time to pay for groceries, guys can draw the banknotes faster. So to choose the right wallet you may consider a lot of things like type of wallet, material, build, looks, etc. Here we’ll talk about the money clip wallets which are the latest trend in the industry. These wallets use metallic clips to securely hold the cash and hence keeps the wallet slim.

Let’s checkout our list of 20 best money clip wallets for men:

1. TRAVANDO Mens Slim Wallet with Money Clip AUSTIN RFID Blocking Bifold Credit Card Holder for Men with Gift Box

Carbon fibre texture has become a new trend lately. Although carbon fibre is meant to be a very strong fibre material which is used in heavy duty safety equipment, its texture has become a favourite of millennials. If you also want a high quality wallet with a rich carbon fibre texture the TRAVANDO men’s slim wallet is the best one that you can get. Thi wallet has a pocket on the top which can store a credit/debit card. Inside the wallet, there is a money clip to hold your money. Apart from this, there are multiple pockets to store your cards securely.

2. RFID Carbon Fiber Wallets for Men - Minimalist Aluminum Metal Money Clip Wallet

This is one of the most innovative ways to keep your cards and cash. It may not look like a real wallet at forts stance and you may feel a lack of pockets and folding design, but once you start using it, you’ll start loving it more. This wallet is made up of high quality metallic plates joined together with elastic material. Putting in and pushing out the card from this wallet is extremely easy as there is a dedicated slot available to push out the card. It has a metallic clip on the front to hold the money tightly into it.

3. Carhartt Men's Standard Front Pocket Wallet

For the lovers of traditional wallets and admire of money clip units, the Carhartt men’s standard front pocket wallet is a perfect buy. It is a brown and black coloured wallet with magnetic money clip on the top. The rear has a transparent ID card window. Inside the wallet, you’ll get 8 pockets to store your credit cards, debit cards, visiting cards, driving licence, vehicle RC, etc. This wallet is made out of genuine leather and has the finest stitches to hold each and every part. It is durable and long lasting with a heavy duty magnetic clip.

4. SERMAN BRANDS Money Clip Wallet - Mens Wallets slim Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder Minimalist Mini Bifold

The actual wallets are rather too smart and the world has been using a similar format of wallets since ages. We haven’t moved away from the traditional design because of the rightly made pockets, slots and format. If you also love the traditional wallets but expecting something new to the, then SERMAN BRANDS money clip wallet is a great step up. It is rugged and has a darker natural shade of brown. The wallet has two pockets on the top to place your credit cards. INside the wallet, you get 5 to 7 more pockets along with a cash clip to securely save money.

5. Money Clip, Front Pocket Wallet, Leather RFID Blocking Strong Magnet thin Wallet

The whole point of keeping a wallet is to securely store your money, cards and wallet essentials. If a money clip wallet fails to keep the same intact, then it’s of no use. Ths wallet obeys the basics of a wallet and it has 4 magnets to store upto 30 bills of notes and that too folded. This wallet has this magnetic strip on the front along with 3 pockets for cards. The rear possesses a transparent window for ID card and a covered one for credit card. Inside the wallet, you get a few more card sized pockets for your utility. This wallet is RFID safe and keeps your cards secure.

6. Zitahli Mens Wallet with Money Clip Slim RFID Front Pocket Wallets for Men

Do you carry a lot of plastic along with cash in your wallet? Probably you may have a bloated wallet. The Zitahli Mens wallet is the ultimate solution to the issues aroused due to a bloated wallet. It is smartly crafted to get maximum space for your cards without making a bulky affair. The carbon fibre texture is excellent to look at. On the top there are two pockets for your cards. As soon as you open the wallet, you’ll be greeted with 3 slots for cards in the left, transparent ID card slot in the right, and a money clip in the centre which makes it a perfect wallet.

7. Travelambo Carbon Fiber Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Wallet Slim Wallet Credit Business Card Holder (CB black)

If you already have a card wallet and need a clip to keep your cash handy while going out for mild purchasing, You may like the Travelambo Carbon fibre money clip. This money clip is made up of strong metal and has a carbon fibre texture in it. It comes handy when you just need to store some handy cash. You can install this to youtube existing wallet as well. It is a good gizmo to keep your visiting cards intact too. Your important slips and receipts as the clip is super strong doesn’t wander around.

8. Slim Wallet with Money Clip RFID Blocking Minimalist Bifold Wallet for Men Genuine Leather Front Pocket Card Holder

Thieves have also gone technologically advanced and as people started to use more and more plastic money or credit and debits, the risk of stealing money directly from their bank accounts has increased. Hence, you need a RFID protected wallet that can keep your money safe in your accounts. This leather wallet is efficient at safeguarding your cards while managing everything in it smartly. It has two slots on the top for your cards along with an ID card slot in the bottom. Inside the wallet you get 6 more card slots and a money clip for cash.

9. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Medium Size-Crazy Horse

Money clips are used to cut the weight of bulky partition material between note slots. How about a wallet which doesn’t have a money clip but efficient enough to store your money? The Travelombo minimalist wallet is the one that gives you such freedom. It is made out of genuine leather and has an interesting crisscross pattern on its surface. On the top, it has 3 vertical slots for your cards along with a horizontal slot. Behind this, you get a bigger slot to keep your cash half folded. In the back, it gets a transparent slot for an ID card.

10. Travelambo Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet Slim Minimalist Wallet RFID Blocking (Weaved Black)

As carbon fibre has become so popular, the Travelambo money clip has become an obvious inclusion in our list. It is a minimalistic wallet with a money clip and stores your stuff pretty well. The front has a money clip which is sturdy and can hold upto 30 bills. Below that you get 3 card slots for your credit and debit cards. Flip it and you’ll see a transparent ID card slot. This wallet also has a bigger slot in the center to store more cards and cash. It has strong stitches and remains in shape throughout its life.

11. Timberland Men's Minimalist Front Pocket Slim Money Clip Wallet

Timberland is referred to as one of the profound brands in the accessories industry. They have a huge range of leather products which has been impressing people with its high quality leather products. The Timberland men’s minimalist wallet is a slim money holder. It has two slots for cards in the front and a strong, durable and leather coated money clip on the back. Inside the wallet, there are two card slots on the right while a transparent ID card window on the left. The overall build quality of this wallet is top niche and it has multiple shades available too. 

12. SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Genuine Leather Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men with Money Clip Thin

Genuine leather has its own charm and its tan shade looks simply brilliant. The SERMAN BRANDS bifold genuine leather wallet is minimalistic. It has a card slot on the front with a sliding window to easily pull the card out. On the rear, it has an ID card slot which is transparent. Inside this wallet, it has 2 card slots in the left and upto 4 cards can be placed inside the right hand side slot which has a pull the rope mechanism. There is a money clip in the center to securely place your cash in it.

13. Laser engraved, RFID Wallets for Men, Minimalist Aluminum wallet for men-metal Money clip for Men, Slim wallet for Men, Front pocket wallet (American / National flag), comes in an attractive gift box. (Black)

The metallic card holders are well known for their durability and sturdiness. Your cards remain firm and steady in these card holders as they have high quality elastics and solid metal plates to keep your cards intact. The laser engraved aluminium wallet is a perfect gift for him. It has a laser engraved pattern which looks great and tasteful. This wallet has a money clip on one side to store your cash tightly. The card slot can swallow in upto 8 cards easily. They can be pushed out using the dedicated basin.

14. HOJ Co. DEACON ID BIFOLD Front Pocket Wallet for Men | Full Grain Leather | Bifold Wallet With Money Clip

The crooked and straightened texture of anything looks vintage. Vintage products are always in demand. People love such products because of the legacy and history behind it. However they come with some sort of problems and their age is the reason behind their huge maintenance. But if you can get the touch of vintage in a modern product, then it would be a great opportunity. The HOJ Co. Deacon ID Bifold wallet is one such money wallet that keeps your 8 cards and cash safely together. It is durable and well designed.

15. FIDELO Minimalist Wallets Card Wallet - Hybrid RFID Wallets for Men Slim Wallet

If you admire new things and cherish advancements in good old things, you would probably like the FIDELO minimalist wallet. This is a hybrid wallet which comes with a plug to slide out all the cards in a stepped manner. The cards are placed inside a hollow case of aluminium which has a plug to pull out all the cards. This case is further covered with a premium leather case which has two pockets on either side. One pocket is to hold some cash while the other pocket can accommodate 2 cards.

16. Alpine Swiss Harper Mens RFID Money Clip Wallet Minimalist Slim ID Card Holder Front Pocket Wallet Leather

Do you want a money clip wallet that stores more cash as a backup? The Alpine Swiss harper men’s wallet is a one stop solution for your needs. It has a heavy duty strip on the top to securely hold your cash. Behind this, you get three horizontal and one vertical slots for your cards. On the opposite side, there are 4 more slots for your cards. Now as we talked about keeping extra cash, you get an extra slot in the center of the wallet to store your extra cash.

17. Money Clip Leather Wallet For Men Slim Front Pocket RFID Blocking with Super Strong Magnetic

If you agree that a money clip wallet can accommodate extra cash in it and want to explore it more, here is another product to function in your style. The money clip leather wallet is a coffee coloured money clipper wallet which has a money clip to keep a hold of your cash. You can store upto 30 bills half folded in this as the magnets are quite strong . Behind this, you get 3 vertical pockets for your cards. On the other side, you get 1 slot for a card and another one for an ID card. The central part is open for more cash.

18. TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet"RIO" - Mens Wallets slim Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder Minimalist Mini Bifold Gift Box

Travando wallets have a superior touch of premiumness and it gets better with your usage. The money clip  wallet from Travando is made up of genuine high quality leather. It has a brand logo above the card on the front. This slot has a sliding window at the bottom of the slot. The inner side of the wallet is orange coloured and looks stunning. There are 6 slots for cards in for your credit/debit cards. The money clip on the right side is premium and holds cash firmly.

19. Real Leather Wallets For Men - Money Clip Bifold Mens Wallet Brown RFID Front Pocket Thin Minimalist Credit Card Holder

If you liked the previous wallet but don’t think that the orange shade would go with your personality, you may find this one good for you. The genuine leather texture and build make this wallet a good buy. It has a single slot on the top with a sliding window. Inside the wallet, you’ll get 6 card slots and a strong money clip to keep all your cash intact. This hole has an easy access thumb hole to slide out the card easily. The whole wallet is finished in a brown shade of leather and looks classy.

20. Lever Gear Toolcard Pro with Money Clip - 40 in 1 Credit Card Multitool. Sleek Minimalist Stainless Steel Wallet Multi Tool and Money Clip - Bead Blast Silver

As you have seen a lot of leather wrapped pieces of wallets, let’s try something totally different and useful. The Lever Gear toolcard pro with money clip is a multipurpose clip wallet which can hold your money intact and can help you to troubleshoot your household gadgets. This money clip is a part of a 40 tools in a credit card size metallic plate. It has a scale, multiple size wrench, bottle opener, screwdriver, and a lot of other necessary stuff to help you in your house or may during an excursion.