20 Best Mini Microwaves on the Market

Microwaves are an absolute must when you are cooking. This is because there are tons of things you can cook in it and even when you have leftover food from yesterday, you can put it in the microwave and heat it and it is ready to be eaten. So, there is no denying the fact that microwaves are an absolute must. However, they come in a whopping variety and so it is upon you to assess and understand as to what kind is it that you truly need. Recently, we have seen that there is a whopping demand for mini microwaves in the market. Perhaps, the key reason behind it is that these models tend to be trendy and it is suited for small scale families where people barely need to cook for two. It happens to be a cost friendly option and some of them come with a super portable design too.

Mini microwave oven is the best option for students as they are quite cost effective. They are sleek, easier to carry and versatile. They have all the multifunctional features of a traditional oven. They even perform functions like convectional cooking, steam and quartz cooking. There are several perks associated with mini microwave and we have brought forth the best of brands for you which are associated with the finest quality. So, make sure that you thoroughly check out the details of each of the models and pick the right ones out of it.

1. Nostalgia RMO7AQ Microwave

This mini microwave comes with a super sleek and retro design and it surely makes it stand out in your kitchen. It comes with as many as 12 pre-programmed cooking settings which makes it really easy to cook great meals. Along with this, it comes with a bright led display too and this makes it easy to use. It comes with five varying power levels and the maximum power output is 700 watt. The storage space is ample to cook considerable amount of food in one go. It also comes with delay timer and express cooking as well.

2. GE Appliances JEM3072DHWW Microwave

This mini microwave has been designed to accommodate small casserole dishes. It comes with 700w of power output and there are as many as 10 separate cooking levels which can be used for varied functions. The microwave has been designed for seamless and easy operation. It comes with an efficient turntable that ensures that your good will rotate thoroughly and thereby the cooking will be even. It comes with the best kitchen timer to ensure food isn’t over heated or burnt. It also comes with control lockout which helps in avoiding accident.

3. Galanz GLCMKA07BER-07 Microwave

This is another popular model of mini microwave and it comes with a great catchy design. You can cook different meals and even heat the varied beverages with remarkable ease. It comes with a one touch menu and there are several power levels that can be adjusted as and when needed. Along with this, it also comes with weight defrost programs too that makes it easy to clean this microwave. The overall form factor is impressive as the retro style makes it a must have addition to any kitchen. It is a fun and stylish addition to any kitchen, rec room, home office or dorm room.

4. COMFEE Microwave

Available in several color options, this model of microwave comes in an efficient retro design and it is also really compact. This means it can be kept wherever you want with ease. It also comes with a turntable that is so designed that it will return back to the original position after the heating is done. This is a great safety aid and avoids accidents. It comes with eco mode, interior light, auto preset cooking options, control panel and more. The led display too is a wonderful enhancement that makes this model a promising choice.

5. WINIA WOR07R3ZER Microwave

This retro style of microwave comes with a vintage sort of a look and has the best aesthetic while keeping in mind the need to stick to the best of modern convenience. It comes with five different power levels and there a similar number of auto cook options as well. It makes use of an exclusive concave reflex system. This ensures that the food is going to cook a whole lot faster and evenly as well. It also comes with a recessed turntable which is space saving design. Cook your favorite foods faster by using time or weight defrost function and eliminate the guesswork 5 Power Levels.

6. Commercial Chef CHM770B Microwave

This mini microwave comes with a countertop design and it has a power rating of 700 W. it is ideally suited for places which don’t have tons of space and yet need a microwave for different cooking needs. It comes with push buttons and touch controls and there is also a green led display to go with it. There are as many as 10 different power levels and 6 one rich quick cook menu options too. It also offers defrosting option too which makes it easy to clean the microwave sans hassles.

7. Toshiba EM925A5A-SS Microwave

Toshiba as a brand is known to one and all. This one comes with a black stainless steel finish and it has an evergreen look that gives it a timeless appeal. It comes with easy defrosting option and there are 6 auto menus in it. Along with this, it has 10 separate power levels which gives you plenty of options to customize the cooking prowess. It also has a bright led cavity light and an efficient glass turntable. The control panel comes with an easy to read interface and has a smart design.

8. Panasonic NN-SD372S Microwave

Panasonic has a good brand name and this one seems to be a great model. This smart mini microwave comes with an excellent color and has a smart shape and texture. The design is such that it will allow all kinds of food with remarkable ease. So food will simmer thoroughly and the surfaces won’t get over cooked as well. It also works on the turbo defrost option and this means that it is more powerful than auto defrost. The cooking speed is quite impressive and it makes use of smart inverter technology so as to offer the best kind of results and output.

9. Impecca CM0674K Microwave

This mini microwave comes with as many as 6 different cooking power levels and it also has the option to defrost by both times and weight. The design is minimal, straightforward, and efficient. It comes with a super compact size that makes it easier to be stacked anywhere. Even if you have a small room, this one should fit just fine. It comes with a 30 minute cooking timer and even other mechanical controls that can help you cook with ease. It also has a push button door style design.

10. Commercial Chef CHM009 Microwave

This mini microwave comes with 900W of power and it has a decent internal volume too. This allows you to cook adequate amount of food and at the same time the model doesn’t consume tons of space either. It is made of stylish stainless steel and has a really good led display which is easy to read. It also has 10 separate cooking power levels and there are one touch quick cook buttons that are 6 in number. It comes with push button touch controls and exciting blue led display.

11. Kenmore 70713 Microwave

This model of microwave comes with a countertop design that is super compact and mighty efficient. It has the apt size even for small rooms and offers 700 W of strong cooking power. There are as many as 6 pre programmed auto cook heating preset and this will ensure that the food will cook super quick and evenly at the same time. There is also a separate button for adding extra 30 seconds and it comes with a removable turntable too. The led digital display is really good and catchy at the same time.

12. Frigidaire FFMO1611LS Microwave

This mini microwave comes with a multi stage cooking option and this means that users have the ability to program the different kinds of power levels and the cooking times as well. It comes with one touch buttons that are super easy to use and can help cook different meals with amazing ease. There are different additional buttons that come with separate functions and this also allows you to cook food with one touch. It also has 8 sensor cooking options as well which makes this model a really robust choice.

13. Kenmore 70729 Microwave

This stylish piece of microwave comes with a decent cooking capacity as the interior volume is good. The design is overall compact and can be stored even in small rooms. It comes with a cooking power rating of 700W and there are 6 auto cook preset heat options in it. There is a separate button for adding 30 seconds to the cooking frame. There is also the provision for defrosting and this means that you can clean the microwave super easily. The form factor is stylish and on point too.

14. Magic Chef MCM990ST Microwave

Magic chef is one of the top names as far as microwaves are concerned. This model comes with a stainless steel finish and has an impressive form factor. It comes with express cooking control and faster warm up time. There are also eight quick set menu buttons that will help you make some of the most delicious meals sans hassles. It also has a super impressive stainless steel front design and a led display that allows for easy reading of the details. The overall cooking power rating of this model is 900W.

15. Amana RCS10DSE Microwave

This mini microwave model comes with the ability to heat an endless variety of food. You can prepare different food quickly and easily in it. The design is space saving type and it also allows you to actually stack food inside and cook as well. It comes with strong stainless steel construction and this means it is likely to last long. It has a see through tempered glass and also has interior lighting which facilitates keeping an eye on the food being prepared. Overall, this seems to be a smart choice to opt for.

16. Advent MW912B Microwave

This model has been built keeping the RV and different kids of trailers, campers in mind. It comes with remarkably easy digital display and one touch controls that are easy to operate. You can adjust the cooking time, set the different settings, timer, clock, power levels and more. There are as many as 10 separate power levels to pick from and not only this, the 6 one touch digital cook settings are pre programmed too. This gives the users plenty of customization options and the ability to cook easily.

17. GE Profile PEM31DFBB Microwave

This company is mainly known for making some of the best futuristic designs and models and this mini microwave incorporates the finest smart home technology. It comes in a superb sleek design and the best of quality engineering has been put to use. It has a counter top design and the interior is spacious enough to accommodate decent amount of food. It comes with the right kind of sensor cooking controls as well which will help you adjust the time and power both. These facilities ensure scrumptious meals sans hassles.

18. Panasonic NE-1025F Microwave

Another great model by Panasonic, this mini microwave comes with 0.8 cu feet of cooking capacity which is the standard size. It comes with a solid stainless steel color and there are 10 memory pads that can be programmed as per your need. It also comes with 20 memory capability which can be a great aid when needed. There is also the touch control keypad that allows for seamless use. It comes with a see through door and tone control option as well. The interior lighting helps in seeing the cooking progress regularly too.

19. Muave’ Microwave

This mini microwave has been designed to offer 10 varied power levels and it is hailed as one of the smallest possible design in the market at the moment. It has a push button door design and this makes the operation superbly easy. It comes with as many as 6 express buttons and this will make sure that you can heat and prepare foods with the best of ease. There are auto menu preset buttons as well that comes in handy for novices in the cooking department. So the model is surely a great buying choice.

20. Avanti MO7191TW Microwave

The last entry in this list, this model comes with the best of electronic control panels and there are several one touch cooking programs in it. This ensure quick preparing of food. There is also a defrost function and it also has a cooking timer of 60 minutes. The microwave has a sleek design and the digital cooking timer comes in handy for convenience while cooking. It also has a kitchen timer integrated to it as well. The interior space isn’t too huge but good enough to accommodate a decent amount of food in one go.