20 Best Low Rise Jeans for Women

Women have so many options to consider when buying a pair of jeans. One versatile style of jean are low rise jeans. These can be paired with a number of flirty styles and make a great addition to any closet. Low rise jeans have become a style statement and women usually love to wear these jeans as it helps them to show off their curves and beauty. They usually rest below the hip line or very much close to it. These are also called low-rider jeans and possess huge demand. With the growing demand, manufacturers have started adding variety to it in terms of colours and style. You can easily find low rise jeans with ankle length, bell bottoms, and so on.

Low rise jeans look great when paired with an empire waist top that flows and is loose at the waist. Another classic low waist style is to wear it with a chunky belt, drawing people’s attention to your waist. The growing popularity of low-rise jeans has inspired manufacturers to make lowrise styles of other kinds of bottom wear as well. Usually, while choosing perfect low rise jeans in the offline market may make you measure the zipper length. However, buy8ing the same online is way easier. If you are also searching for a perfect low rise jeans, here we have come up with a great list of low-rider denims. Here you go:

1. True Religion Women's Stella Low Rise Skinny Fit Jean

The natural creases are the most popular style in jeans. The horizontal lines on the thigh area go well with the physique of almost everyone. The True Religion women’s Stella low rise jeans is a skinny fit denim. The jeans is extremely comfortable and has proper fitting. This low rise jeans has a darker shade of blue and has a tan coloured stitching on the buckles and pockets. The similar tan shade thread is used across the other stitched parts. The 5 pocket style layout is usable with 3 pockets upfront and two at the rear.  

2. Silver Jeans Co. Women's Tuesday Low-Rise Slim Bootcut Jeans

The most comfortable and smart looking shade in a denim is completely dependent upon the remaining outfit that you wear. If you are wearing a white shirt, a light shade of jeans would look amazing. If you also want jeans to wear with a white jeans, then Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Tuesday low-rise Slim bootcut Jeans is a perfect match for you. It has a lighter shade of blue with white coloured wash on thigh and knee area. The button is placed with an extended part and it has a 5 pocket layout for optimum storage.

3. Lucky Brand Women's Low Rise Lolita Skinny Jean

The age is just a number, but still one should look energetic and youthful. That means one should wear clothes which make them look youthful. The Lucky Brand Women’s low rise Lolita Skinny Jean is stylish and fits perfectly on the respective size without any dangling around bits. It has a tan coloured stitching all across and 5 pocket layout to store your smartphone and wallet. It has a mild colour wash around the thighs and knees. The overall length of this low rise jeans is upto the ankle and you can wear boots to enhance its look further.

4. Kan Can Women's Low Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans - Distressed - KC6050

Denims are restricted to colours and you would like to probably grab all the shades of jeans. While lighter shades of blue jeans look great with white shirt, the darker shades look brilliant with bright colours. The Kan Can women’s low rise ankle skinny jeans is a light coloured ankle length jeans with rugged patterns on the thighs. The rugged pattern enhances the beauty of the denim and keeps the youthfulness intact that you possess. The bottoms are rolled up for a cool look.

5. Wrangler Women's Cowgirl Cut Low Rise Ultimate Riding Jean

Though bell bottoms were popular quite some years back, they still hold their charm and can be used in certain occasions. The Wrangler women’s cowgirl cut low rise ultimate riding jean is dark shaded and almost plain in terms of wash. It has straight fit upto the knees while below that it has a slight bell structure. It possesses a 5 pocket layout with three pockets in the front and two at the rear. It has a mix fabric which makes it extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

6. Wrangler Women's Retro Sadie Low Rise Stretch Boot Cut Jean

We all love to go into the time and feel the retro version of ourselves, however we also wish to remain modern and stylish. A low rise jeans is ultra modern and mixing it with a wider hem lower makes it a nice piece of garment. The Wrangler women’s retro sadie low rise stretch boot cut jean is a stylish yet simple denim. There are white and tan colour threads used for stitching all across the jeans. It has a nice pattern at the rear which is made out of the same threads. The rear pockets possess the brand’s signature “W” embroidery with branding.

7. Lucky Brand Womens 7WD11147 Low Rise Raw Hem Lolita Skinny Jean Destroy Fray Grey

As every colour has a number of shades, the shades of gray colour are the most popular ones. They fit with almost any coloured companion outfit just like a blue shade denim. The Lucky brand women’s low rise jean is a snug fit plain denim. Despite being very simple, it has a good texture and glaze. The front has 3 pockets while the rear gets 2 pockets for your cards and cash. To enhance its active look, the rear pocket has slight ruggedness while the front has a ripped pattern on the right knee.

8. Wrangler Women's Retro Sadie Low Rise Stretch Boot Cut Jean

Are you planning to wear a full sleeves casual shirt with boots and want a boyish look, but aren’t finding any good typical “boyfriend’s jeans’ ‘, you should probably try the Wrangler women’s retro sadie low rise jeans. It has a mixed fabric for ultimate comfort and stretchability. It may look plain but has a wash effect on the front and the thigh crease lines. The 5 pocket layout is usable and the hem is wide enough for a boyish look.

9. DL1961 Women's Emma Instasculpt Low Rise Skinny Fit Jeans

Blue denims are so perfect in terms of their glare and presence that it sometimes feels much better than a formal trouser for an official meeting. It looks amazing with a cotton shirt, striped or checked. The women’s Emma instasculpt low rise is a plain looking skinny fit denim. It has a curvy fit design and snug fits on you. The front has a 3 pocket layout and a mild wash pattern. The rear has 2 pockets with ideal wallet size. This ankle fit jeans is a comfortable and easy to wear garment.

10. COVER GIRL Women's Skinny Butt Shaping Low Rise Cute Sexy Dark Blue Washes

A usual denim is lengthier upto the below ankle and fits properly above the shoes. The Cover Girl women’s skinny butt shaping low rise jeans is a dark blue coloured smart looking denim. The front has multiple scratch lines that adds to the rugged appeal of teh jean. It has a tan colour stitching across its length which looks cool and casual. The unique styling of this jean gives you a proper shape and makes you look a lot sexier. It has a good amount of stretch that snug fits on you and looks lovable.

11. Kan Can Women's Low Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans - Hem Detail - KC6051

The jet black colour is an elegant choice and finds place in almost everyone’s wardrobe. The black colour has a magical effect of making you look slimmer than actual. Hence, if you want to shed off a few inches virtually, then Kan Can women’s low rise ankle jeans is a good option as it is a skinny fit jet black jeans. As it is skinny, it keeps your curves and shape noticeable. You get 5 pockets and zipper closure for familiar functionality.

12. COVER GIRL Women's Juniors Jeans Butt Lifting Sexy Pull on Low Waist

Usually, jeans can be washed on a regular basis but they are known for a prolonged usage. Hence the dust colour or the colours which can hide daily routine dust are more preferred over the plain shades. If you also want a similar shade then Cover Girl women’s junior jeans butt lifting denim is sexy and youthful. This smart looking jeans has a tan shade of thread in use with rugged marks of bleached wash. The 5 pocket layout has  cotton inner on the front and patch style at the rear.

13. True Religion Women's Halle Low Rise Skinny Fit Jean with Back Flap Pockets

While jet black sare really cool to look at, a touch of contrast shade may enhance its glam. The True Religion women’s halle low rise jeans have a skinny fit. It is unique with its shape as it has white buttons on the front and rear pockets. The rear pockets have flap style cover and a horse-shoe embroidered pattern. The jean has a skinny fit and ankle length for snug fitting. There is a small zipper closure along with a contrast button. The fabric has a mix of multiple fibres and hence extremely fit.

14. COVER GIRL Women's Cute Low Rise Butt Shaping Skinny Stretchy Fitted Juniors

You may wish to show off your curves and denims are one of the finest garments to fulfill your wish. So if you are finding a well designed denim outfit that can shape you well, then you may want to look at the Cover Girl women’s low rise jean which gets you a cute and skinny getup. It is composed of a mixed variety of fabric with the majority of cotton. It is stretchable to properly accommodate you and can be washed in the machine without any worries. The slant embossed lines adds a more rugged look to your presence.

15. Faded Wash Boot Cut Jeans | Classy Low Rise Fade Washed Boot Cut Jeans for Women

We have brought another wide bottom pair of jeans for you. The Faded wash boot cut jeans have faded wash around the thighs and knees and grow up in width around the bottom. The fade wash’s yellow texture mixes well with the black shade. It has a nice pattern around the pockets and zipper with tan and white thread. Though you can pick the perfect size, it is recommended to check the same with the brand’s authorised size chart for perfect sizing.

16. CG JEANS Women's Cute Juniors Trouser Low Rise Large Twill Raw Hem Skinny

One of the major differentiators between jeans and trousers is the style of pockets. While jeans usually have a squarish pocket angle, trousers have a slant opening. This simple difference can produce big changes to the way you look. CG Jeans women’s low rise trouser is a cute twill raw skinny jeans with a slant pocket which lets you enjoy the comfort of a jeans in the style of a trouser. This jet black jeans has 4 pocket styling. The fabric has mixed thread to keep it relaxed and stretchable.

17. TwiinSisters Women's Super Comfy Basic Low Rise Skinny Jeans with Comfort Stretch

Being the most popular one, blue plain jeans are always in demand. It matches with almost everything you wear above it. It creates a simple yet elegant presence and while it isn’t very distinct, it looks great and suits everyone. The TwiinSisters Women’s super comfy low rise jean is full of comfort stretch and fits skinny on your body. It has a conventional 5 pocket layout that a normal usually has. It has a very mild wash on the thigh area. The fabric has a mix fabric with 97% cotton for unmatched comfort.

18. The Drop Women's Jessica Low-Rise Skinny Ankle Jean

Beating the glaze of jet black jeans is not every garment’s cup of tea. However, it is considered that black may attract more heat than other fabric colours, it isn’t really applicable. The role of a fabric in raising the temperature inside is a lot dependent upon the thickness of fabric and its insulation properties. So, if you wish to buy new black jeans, the Drop women’s Jessica low rise skinny jean is a great fit. It has a skinny fit and lets you show off your curves and butts. 

19. Ariat Women's R.E.A.L. Low Rise Bootcut Jean

Are you funky with your choices? If yes you are amazing and you find yourself happy on almost all occasions. So, when you keep yourself so content, your clothes should also feel the same. Ariat women’s R.E.A.L low rise jeans is a boot cut denim. It has white coloured stitches all across the garment. The pockets have their usual numbers and are garnished with white thread in front. At the rear, you’ll get a funky pattern embroidered on the pockets to enhance the bell bottom era’s footprints.

20. SIWY Women's Sara Low Rise Skinny Jeans in The Look of Love

The Siwy women’s low rise skinny jean has one of the colour shades which suits all body types, colour combinations and personalities. It has mild rugged marks on the thighs and knees. Its base colour is light blue and has wash patterns on the knee and thigh area. As this jean has ankle length, it goes pretty well with heels and boots. It has  raw hem to suit the rugged pattern above. At the rear, it is quite minimalistic and comfortable.