20 Best left Handed Mice

Are you looking for good left-handed mice? If you are left handed, it can be a real pain to operate the regular laptop mouse. This is because it is mostly designed in a way that right handed people can use it. Some mouse come with an ambidextrous design but if you want the best ease as a left handed person, it is advised to look for left handed mice. Many of our designs can be easily calibrated for both right and left-handers, making these versatile for everybody.

You don’t have to worry as there is going to be ample option at hand. There are so many brands that make left handed mice and you can keep an eye out on the design and other related details and specifications as well. This will allow you to come to the right buying decision.

Simply, checking the orientation is not all as you also have to check the kind of click speed it has, the scrolling wheel, the likelihood of it lasting long and so on. Each of these details is going to add up and will allow you to buy the kind of mouse that will seem to be befitting for your needs. We are sure you will be able to spot the perfect piece. Some mice come with plenty of additional buttons. These can be configured to help speed up your workflow, and help you be even more productive.

1. Perixx PERIMICE-713L, Left Handed Vertical Mouse

PERIMICE-713L is a wireless ergonomic vertical mouse for left handers with high-quality rubber coating surface. It is designed for all different sizes of hand fitting the natural position of palm and wrist muscle while gripping the mouse. This mouse is recommended for RSI users and user works who suffer repetitive strain injuries because of working for long hours on the computer, e.g. office workers, game lovers, and internet users. This mouse reduces the chances of the mouse arm or tennis elbow. The 6 buttons allow easy access to multiple usages.

2. Lekvey Left Handed Mouse

Specifically ergonomically designed for left-handers, this left-handed mouse is the intersection of class, comfort, and functionality for the 21st century. This mouse encourages healthy neutral handshake wrist and arm positions to make the movements smoother and reduce overall strain. It offers a 2.4 GHz strong and reliable wireless connection by plugging it through the Nano receiver. The mouse is featured with 6 buttons which include special function buttons for convenience purposes. The 3-level DPI suits both ordinary and gaming requirements with quicker response and higher precision movement.

3. ELECOM Left-Handed Mouse

Featured with the ability to provide a smooth movement with fewer hand motions, this left-handed mouse offers accuracy on the screen that further improves productivity and efficiency. It is designed with 6 buttons that can be customized and allocated different functions through Elecom Mouse Assistant Software that is available from the website of ELECOM NET. This mouse is designed with a gaming optics system sensor and lens that offers high-performance. The cursor movement can be adjusted between 750 and 1500 to move faster or slower.

4. Perixx Perimice-719L Left Handed Vertical Mouse

When it comes to using computers for long hours on daily basis, the mouse plays a very vital role. This Perimice-719L is suitable for small and medium-size hands. The mouse is featured with 6 buttons that allow easy access to multiple functions. It uses wireless 2.4 GHz wireless technology with an operating range of up to 10m. The ergonomically designed mouse is inspired by the natural handshake position thereby preventing repetitive strain injuries. It includes a built-in DPI for an easy switch and an optical sensor for quicker cursor movement.

5. DELUX Left Handed Vertical Mouse

Made from skin-friendly material, this left-handed vertical mouse has a slope design that fits the human hand perfectly with a concave area for thumb and a little extended bottom edge for the pinky finger. This in turn offers smoother movement and a comfortable grip. This mouse helps to release pressure thereby reducing stress on hands. This mouse can work for a week for 8 hours a day after being charged completely. It has an inbuilt Type-C cable and the auto energy-saving sleep mode helps to last the battery for a month.

6. WishLotus Left Handed Mouse

Being exquisite and compact, this left-handed mouse is designed with a transparent logo of the brand which enhances the look of the mouse. The mouse is made with a matte process that further offers a comfortable feel to the user. It does not require a computer setup to operate the mouse and can be used by just plugging into the device and start playing. It is featured with an 800DPI resolution that offers a comfortable grip and precise and comfortable movement. The tact switch offers a comfy feel and improves the life of the product.

7. Acedada Left Handed Mouse

Recommended for left-hand users suffering repetitive injuries due to long hours of working, this left-handed mouse has a design encouraged by natural handshakes that further reduces overall strain and provides smoother movement. The three-level DPI allows adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse allowing the user to move the cursor fast or slow as per requirement. It is featured with a premium optical engine that allows quicker response, smoother tracking, and high precision movement. It has been inbuilt with a high-capacity rechargeable battery that offers a long life to the product.

8. Babycow Left Handed Mouse

Designed especially for game lovers, office and IT workers, and draftsmen, this left-handed mouse offers the most comfortable grip with a reduced wrist strain. The mouse fits the palm and wrist muscles of left-handers perfectly and includes three levels of DPI which further adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse movement. It is featured with optical tracking technology that offers smooth and precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces. It can be used by simple connection via a USB receiver and is inbuilt with a Lithium battery.

9. FLY WAY Left Handed Mouse

Featured with an ergonomic and upright design, this left-handed mouse is unique and reduces stress on arms and wrist while keeping the hand in the natural position. It offers convenience during web page browsing through the ‘Page Back’ and ‘Page Forward’ buttons. The three DPI levels allow easy adjustment of the sensitivity of the mouse that further offers quick response, smooth tracking, and precise movement. The click of the mouse is silent creating a non-disturbing working environment. The built-in rechargeable battery makes the usage convenient.

10. Jelly Comb Left Handed Mouse

Constructed with the ability to reduce strain on the wrist and arms, this left-handed mouse offers a comfortable grip thereby improving work efficiency and productivity. It provides three different DPI levels that allow the user to adjust the speed of the mouse as per need. The DPI button allows adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse cursor thereby offering quick response, smoother movement, and great tracking. The click of the mouse creates less noise maintaining the silence of the workplace.      It does not require the installation of any other device for its operations.

11. Funwaretech Left Handed Mouse

This vertical-shaped design of the mouse makes it perfect for resting thumbs and offers close grips that support the palm thereby keeping the hand and arm staying in the natural position.  When compared with a regular mouse, this left-handed mouse provides excellent comfort by reducing wrist and arm strain. The mouse is featured with optical tracking technology that offers more sensitivity and provides smooth tracking and precise movement on a variety of surfaces. The mouse works while charging as it is battery-operated which can be recharged with a wireless connection.

12. INPHIC Left Handed Mouse

Equipped with a 500mAh rechargeable battery, this left-handed mouse can be recharged whenever required. The mouse gets into the sleep mode automatically after 5 minutes when not in use and wakes up with just a click which saves energy and power. It is featured with a silent clicking design that makes it perfect for use in public places like the library, dormitories, offices, etc. The mouse provides a blue light indication while charging and gets switched off automatically when completely charged. The mouse offers a reliable connection up to 10m working distance.

13. Zienstart Left Handed Mouse

Featured with an ergonomic design, this left-handed mouse fits perfectly to the left-handers giving a comfortable clicking experience to them. It is inspired by the natural handshake position thereby offering smoother movement and reduction in overall strain on the wrist and arms. This makes it perfect for users during long working hours on the computer. It provides a secure connection up to 10m range without any delays or dropouts. It is featured with optical tracking technology that adjusts the speed of the mouse.

14. SUNGI Left-Handed Mouse

This ergonomically designed vertical slope-shaped mouse allows having a great palm grip and thumb rest that offers maximum comfort. It is perfect for small hands and the surface is sprayed with rubber oil that provides a comfortable touch. It provides a stable connection up to 10m working distance and can be connected via a USB receiver included in the package which further makes it easy to use. It includes an automatic sleep function which deactivates the mouse after 8 minutes when not in use and can be reactivated with a click.

15. FIRSTMEMORY Left Handed Mouse

Featured with the ability to accommodate the hands of the left-handers, this mouse offers a completely natural position without the need of twisting the wrist. This in turn helps to reduce pressure on the wrist joint and reduces the risk of cramping. The mouse is featured with an auto-sleep function that saves energy and has been designed with 3 adjustable DPI levels for smooth and precise tracking of the mouse on a wide range of surfaces. It includes forward and back buttons on the left side which makes it suitable during web browsing.

16. Adesso iMouse-E90 Left-Handed Mouse

iMouse E90 Wireless Left-Handed Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is designed with a vertical orientation and a contoured shape that provides a uniquely comfortable user experience. Designed specifically for left-handers, this wrist-friendly contour support helps to hold the user’s hand in a healthy ‘handshake position’. This feature prevents the forearm from twisting when using this mouse. Featuring two ergonomic buttons that are located on the side, this mouse allows seamless back and forth browsing. The 800/1200/1600 switchable DPI control provides three levels of mouse cursor speed that works in different environments.

17. AURTEC Left Handed Mouse

The AURTEC Left-Handed Mouse is perfect for small hands and is specifically designed for left-handers as it provides thumb rest and grips fit the contour of the user’s palm thereby providing maximum comfort. It can be easily plugged into the computer via a USB receiver which makes it easier to start using the mouse. It is featured with six buttons that improve control over the computer systems. The mouse is inbuilt with a rechargeable battery that saves money. The auto-sleep function helps to save energy and the mouse is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Linux, etc.

18. DURAGADGET Left-Handed Mouse

Enjoy a pain-free work experience on the computer or notebook by using this ergonomic mouse. It provides great assistance for the intensive, everyday movements of left-handed users. The vertical design helps to reduce excess strain on the shoulder and wrist thereby enhancing comfort. It provides a natural posture while working which further improves the convenience of the user. The adjustable DPI switch is inbuilt that allows adjustment of cursor speed as per requirement. The surface is coated with rubber to provide maximum comfort and grip.

19. Mugast Left Handed Mouse

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, this left-handed mouse can adjust DPI in 3 different levels and includes a receiver at the bottom which needs to be plugged into the USB port of the computer for starting to use the mouse. The user is not required to install any program and can use the mouse while charging. It is featured with 6 programmable buttons and reduces stress on arms and muscles with the natural handshake position. It also includes the back and forward navigation buttons on the left side for convenient web browsing.

20. 3D Connexion Left-Handed Mouse

CadMouse Pro Wireless Left is the full-size, left-side solution for CAD users who prefer a left-handed mouse or require a transition to reduce or prevent chronic Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Offering 3d Connexions’s precision technology and advanced ergonomics in a left-handed body, CadMouse Pro Wireless Left is an ideal daily-use mouse for CAD professionals. The high-quality, long-life switches are made with resilient components and materials. It is equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable battery and a high precision optical sensor. The three main buttons offer a concave design providing an organic and natural feel.