20 Best Laptop Mice

When you are using a laptop, a lot of people prefer to attach a mouse to it. This is because the convenience offered by a mouse is always far more than what a track pad has to offer. Be it selecting some words, Shuffling form pone side of the page to the other. Multi tasking on the laptop or any other juggling commands, somehow, the muse is a whole lot easier as compared to the touchpad. Optical mice have pretty much taken the place of the old mechanical mouse with the little ball that rolled around on a mouse pad. They can work on most surfaces as long as they aren’t too shiny and at least one species can even work on glass.

Of course, the final decision comes down to you but if you too are really comfortable with a pause, you have landed at the right place. Here, we are going to talk of the bets laptop mice you can pick from. Make sure to go through the details of what each of the designs have to offer and then you can decide as to which mouse seems to be the right choice for your use. We have tried out bets to infuse the much needed variety in our lost of selection. This will; ensure that you will be able to look for your exact needs and specifications. The right mouse is sure to last long and when sued right, it can also boost the productivity b several notches.

1. Microsoft 3500 wireless mobile mouse

If you don’t want the hassles of a wire and you are on the lookout for a wireless mouse, this one seems to be a great pick. This wireless mouse design by Microsoft is on point and it comes in cyan blue color. It works on blue track technology and is not just restricted to laser and optical ones. It also has a nana transceiver which means that you don’t need to manually plug it off as it will shut down on its own. The battery life is good too as it can last for as long as 8 months. The design is ergonomic and hence easy on the hands.

2. Wisfox wireless computer mouse

WisFox is one of the modern and renowned companies in the world of laptop mice. This model too comes with a smart ergonomic design making it apt for prolonged hours of use. It comes with a good plug and play feature and makes use of the improved and advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The range too is good and you can enjoy improved ease of use with this model. This model also enjoys improved compatibility and it works with a lot of different devices. It comes with an auto sleep mode integrated.

3. Logitech M325 wireless mouse

Logitech requires no further introduction as it is brand that has managed to make a thumping mark. This model of wireless mouse comes in several exciting colors and works on 2.4 GHz connectivity. The scrolling is micro precise for improved accuracy. It comes with an ergonomic contoured shape that allows prolonged use with ease. It comes with 18 months of long battery life. The features are good enough to allow you to enjoy increased productivity. It also has a unifying receiver that helps it to be connected with different devices simultaneously.

4. Dell wireless computer mouse

Dell is perhaps regarded as one of the doyen among computer accessories companies and this mouse seems to be a testament to the same fact. The wireless design means that you don’t have to bother with too many wires leading to clutter. You can connect as many as 6 compatible devices with this mouse as it comes with a single receiver worthy of it. The design is contoured and ergonomic design that makes it handy to be used even for prolonged hours. The range is pretty impressive and the overall form factor is decent as well.

5. Logitech M535 compact wireless mouse

Logitech has tons of laptop mice in the market and this one too seeks to be an exciting model to choose. It comes with a really compact design and is wireless and thereby saves you unwanted clutter. It comes in several variants and you can choose the ones you want. It supports the best of Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with several different devices. The compact shape means you can slip it anywhere and it also comes in an ergonomic shape that makes it convenient to use. It can be used with either hands and is comfortable to the fingers.

6. VicTsing MM057 portable mouse

If you are on the lookout for a laptop mouse packed with decent specifications and one that falls in the affordable bracket, this might seem to be a smart choice. It comes in several exciting color options and has a really comfortable ergonomic design as the thumb rest and the arc is designed spot on. It supports plug and play and no additional driver is required. It comes with 5 separate levels of dpi and enjoys really wide compatibility. It also comes with auto sleep mode to preserve battery when not in use.

7. Jelly Comb slim wireless mouse

Jelly Comb has come up with a great choice for laptop mice as this model is real slim and packs in great form factor. It comes in a lot of exciting colors and has a wireless design. The mouse click noise is minimal and allows for peaceful working. It supports the plug and play feature and is super convenient to use. It comes with auto sleep mode and enjoys a wide degree of compatibility. The range is decent and impressive too as you can use this mouse for up to 15 meters.

8. HP Wireless mouse Z3700

Another wireless mouse by HP, this model is a good choice for those looking for an apt design. It is super slim, sleek, and boasts of an ergonomic design that makes it super comfortable to use. It supports the 2.4 GHz wireless connection and you can simply plug and play as and when desired. The battery life is impressive as it can last for up to 16 months. It also comes with 1200 DPI optical sensor and so you can enjoy the best of speed and accuracy. You can use it with several devices.

9. Logitech M585 multi device mouse

Another smart mouse by Logitech, this one is an advanced version and is really amazing to use. You can navigate easily between two computers with the finest cross computer control. It also supports dual connectivity and can be used simultaneously with several devices. The scrolling is very precise and the curved design allows your hand to be rested thoroughly and enhances the ease of use. The battery life is very impressive too with 2 years on power on a single battery. The form factor is spot on and the mouse seems to be robust.

10. HP X500 optical wired mouse

This is a wired design of mouse from the house of HP. It comes with a one step USB design and you can avoid the use of batteries altogether. You don’t need any software as you can simply insert the wire and start the use of the mouse. It comes with a super contoured design that helps you enjoy the use of the mouse. It comes with some of the best and easy controls and also has the optical tracking technology that makes it suited for several surfaces.

11. HP Wireless Mouse X4000

HP has several laptop mice in the market. This model too seems to be a great decent choice as it comes with an impressive list of specification. The kind of comfort that it has to offer is spot on and it works on the HP ink-5 technology which is quite decent. It is compatible with several versions of Windows and it boasts of the best of design. The edges are smooth and it comes with striking lines. The design is ergonomic and comes with the best contour that allows you to work for prolonged hours without trouble.

12. Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000

Microsoft has some of the smartest mouse and this model is a wireless design that seems to be quiet promising. It is available in four different colors and works on the Blue Track technology that allows you to enjoy precise controls on almost all kinds of surfaces. Along with this, the mouse flaunts an ambidextrous design and can be used with either hand seamlessly. It also comes with a nano-transceiver that is fit at the bottom of the mouse. It works on 2.4 GHz wireless connection that allows it to be connected for range up to 15 foot.

13. Memzuoix wireless mouse

If you are looking for a flashy wireless mouse that will serve your need, this one seems to be a great choice. It is a budget buy and has the optical movement detection technology. The shape is ergonomic and the contouring is just right to allow your hands to be at ease. The design is skin friendly and sweat resistant at the same time, it comes with the plug and play feature and supports 2.4 GHz wireless transmission. This allows you to stay connected too as far as 43.0 feet. The design is such that it won’t consume too much battery.

14. TeckNet Pro 2.4G mouse

TeckNet is a decent brand and makes some really smart laptop mice. This one comes in a lot of exciting colours and runs on 2.4 GHz connection. This gives it a working distance of 33 feet which is quite impressive. It comes with 5 adjustable DPI level and also supports the easy plug and play feature too. The rubber grip and the overall contoured shape mean that it allows your hand to rest duly even when using profusely. It comes with a hassle free design and also has an auto sleep mode that conserves battery in the right way.

15. Pictek wired gaming mouse

Pictek is a smart choice when it comes to gaming mouse. This model is a wired design that comes with programmable breathing light and also has an ergonomic contouring. It is compatible with several versions of Windows and is ideal for those who are looking for a gaming mouse that can give the best of productivity. It has a 4 polling rate that is also adjustable. The mouse supports macro editing and has a really intelligent and comfortable design. The backlit LED has 16 million colours which is pretty impressive to say the least.

16. Targus compact mouse

Targus is a top rated brand as far as mouse and gadgets are concerned. This model of mouse runs in Blue Trace technology and comes in several different variants for you to pick from. The tracking is really impressive and it comes with a smooth compact design too. It also has an adjustable cord that extends to 2.5 foot. The design is super compact which means that it can easily fit in different laptop cases too. So, if you are looking for a small, sleek, and efficient laptop mouse, this one seems to be quite an economical option.

17. Lenovo laser wireless mouse

Lenovo, an s a brand, needs no introduction. This mouse comes with a wireless design and has a really impressive form factor. It is designed to be used with either hands or runs on 2.4 GHz wireless technology. It comes with a USB receiver that has a micro size and can be stored with ease. It also comes with a scroll wheel that works 4 ways and the contouring is perfect even for prolonged use. It also has a soft touch finish that means it is gentle on the hands. The overall design is spot on.

18. Logitech pebble M350 wireless mouse

Logitech has some of the most impressive mouse designs of all time and this one seems to be a top notch model. With an ambidextrous design, it runs on optical movement detection technology and has silent clicks and the scrolling too is designed to be super quiet. This makes it a noise free model. The modern and slim design ensures it has a great form factor. It also supports dual connectivity and it comes with high precision tracking. The battery life is pretty long too as a single battery can last for as long as 18 months

19. HP wireless mouse Z3700

Yet another masterpiece by HP, this mouse comes with a really sleek design that ensures that you can carry it easily on the go. It has a wireless design that supports the plug and play feature. It runs on the Blue LED technology that allows you to operate this mouse on nearly all kinds of surfaces. It is compatible with different kinds of operating systems and the battery life is definitely impressive as a single charge can last for as long as 16 months. The accuracy and speed of the mouse is spot on as it has 1200 DPI optical sensor.

20. Ratel 2.4G wireless mouse

If you are on the lookout for a stylish mouse that can make a statement along with serving your purpose, you can surely check out this impressive model by Ratel. It is a wireless model that is designed to be noise free. It comes in a lot of vibrant colours and makes use of 2.4 GHz wireless connection. This helps in stable and fast transmission and has a range of 33 feet that is really impressive. The design is ergonomic and suited for long hours of working. It comes with auto power saving settings too.