20 Best Fashionable Camera Bags for Women

Photography is a new profound fantasy in which not everyone is efficient enough. A good photographer should have the proper skills and creativity to click the best images for the purpose. They may need a lot of apparatuses to click that one fine picture, and such apparatuses include lenses, tripods, laptops, etc. Ever imagined yourself going for your photography session with all those bulky and delicate gadgets? It would be a pain. These delicate articles can’t be simply placed in your normal backpack as they may get damaged.

Camera bags for women are a fun and functional way of protecting your camera while keeping it close by your side, no matter where your travels may take you. Choose one that is right for protecting your camera and any needed equipment under all types of conditions. This means, you need a good backpack. But being a fashion centric and trendy enough is also important. Women always admire the classic feminine style bags for their utility and hence, to serve your photography fantasy, here are 20 best fashionable camera bags for women. You can carry all your necessary gizmos in this bag and enjoy your clicks.

1. MegaGear Torres Genuine Leather Camera Messenger Bag for Mirrorless, Instant and DSLR Cameras

DSLR cameras are by default bulky and require more space than any other camera. However, you may not prefer carrying a bulky backpack for this. Hence, MegaGear Torres genuine leather messenger bag is a perfect take for your photography excursions. The denim blue colour of this bag is a definite attraction. It has golden buckles with steel studs. It has tight open pockets on the sides to store your cards, and money changes. The main compartment has two partitions out of which the first one can store the DSLR and the second one can be used to store your lens or other peripheral devices.

2. MegaGear Torres Mini Genuine Leather Camera Messenger Bag for Mirrorless, Instant and DSLR Cameras

Photography may require a lot of things. IT may include more than 2 lenses, batteries, charger, memory cards, etc. And hence, you may require some extra space than the previous one. But if you liked the design and quality of that product, here is the extended version of the same. This smart looking MegaGear Torres genuine leather camera messenger bag has some extra depth inside so that you can practically include one mirrorless camera apart from other things. It also has side pockets for cards and cash, but the main compartment is big enough for your photography needs.

3. DSLR Camera Purse for Women, Stylish Genuine Leather Shoulder Camera Bag for Travel, Crossbody Hobo Camera Carry Case Fits Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Digital SLR and Mirrorless Camera by Meliae (Pink)

If you aren’t too casual with your choices and need a bag which can safely keep your camera along with a few more things, then you should go for a shoulder bag. The Melie genuine leather shoulder bag for cameras is one of the finest choices if you want to accommodate your camera with your wallet, keys, and cards, and similar stuff. This bag has a wide slot which is divided in 3 parts. It can easily swallow in your DSLR camera with a lens attached along with another lens or a slim camera. In its sides, you get space to keep your change, wallet, and keys.

4.BAGSMART Camera Backpack, Anti-Theft DSLR SLR Camera Bag Water Resistant Canvas Backpack Fit up to 15" Laptop with Rain Cover, Tripod Holder for Women and Men (Black)

A fashionable bag lures with its looks and the creative aspect of storage and size. However, if your camera can also accommodate your luggage for the weekend, it would be a welcome thing. The BAGSMART camera backpack anti theft DSLR camera bag is a DSLR camera bag from the brain and weekend luggage from the heart. It has a big front pocket which gives access to DSLR and other accessories. You can store upto 3 ideal size lenses along with its charger and peripheral devices. There’s another pocket which opens up from the top where you can store your clothes and other utilities.

5. Jo Totes Missy Camera and Laptop Bag, Mint

Being mysterious is no harm in some cases, and carrying an unpredictable camera bag in one of those cases. A typical camera bag looks like a backpack, but Jo totes missy camera and laptop bag is a unique creation that has dedicated slots for camera and laptop. Now no more boring bags for your outdoor trips. This bag has two pockets on the front with strap and buckle lock. The main compartment is divided with detachable partitions into 6 parts and can be adjusted as needed. You can store your camera along with other necessary objects.

6. DSLR Camera Purse for Women, Stylish Genuine Leather Shoulder Camera Bag for Travel, Crossbody Hobo Camera Carry Case Fits Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Digital SLR and Mirrorless Camera by Meliae (Black)

Black is the ultimate cool and it is one of the most picked colours too. This bag has a semi glossy finish on the outside and looks fab. It has golden colour buckles and zippers to add more punch to its glam. There is a front zipper to store your wallet essentials.  The main compartment has 3 slots for the camera storage. You can comfortably store your DSLR and lens in this bag. There are two zipper pockets inside the main compartment as well to store other essential components to support your photography needs.

7. CADeN Camera Backpack Bag with Laptop Compartment 14", Water-Repellent DSLR Case Backpack with Side Access and Tripod Holder for Photograph Mirrorless Cameras Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Lens (Light grey)

Tall, dark and handsome. The CADeN Camera backpack is a one for all application bag. It has a no-nonsense design with a single full width pocket in the front. There is a side pocket which actually has a complete full width compartment that slides out and you can easily arrange your camera and other accessories in it and slide it back in the bag before closing it firmly with the zipper. On the top, it has the main opening where you can store more goods like lenses, headphones and clothes. It also has a dedicated slot for your laptop.

8. Topixdeals Vintage Camera Bag, DSLR Shoulder Camera Bag with Removable Inserts, Waterproof Shockproof Camera Case for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung

If you are a fan of leather and that too the real shade of leather, this is the bag for you. It is tough, durable and well designed to suit the swag that you possess. However, it isn’t the real leather, it does seem like one. It has broad straps with brass buckles which keep the bag closed firmly. On the sides, there are two pockets to store your phone, cards, cash and other handy stuff. The main compartment has a decent squarish shape and can swallow in your big bulky DSLR. This compartment is well cushioned and detachable to fix your camera comfortably inside.

9. MCHENG Waterproof PU Leather Camera Bag for Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Olympus Fujifilm Digital Cameras, Black

The array in leather bags is endless, you would find 1 and get 100. But choosing the one that suits your mood is the real game. The MCHENG waterproof PU leather camera bag is a true piece of elegance. It has a criss-cross design which is a favourite of women. The bag has multiple pockets on the outside with front and rear having a zippered pocket that can accommodate your memory cards, credit cards, and cash. The main compartment is wide enough for a DSLR camera and lens. The compartment has a central partition which is adjustable. The overall build quality of the bag is adequate.

10. S-ZONE Camera Bag Lens Pouch Protective Insert Case Compatible with Nikon Canon Sony

Cameras require a lot of care and hence most of the camera bags have soft cushioning to secure them from sharp and hard objects. But if you want the agility of a fashionable product with the sturdiness of a complex product, it would become a masterpiece. The S-ZONE camera bag lens pouch is one such bag which fits in all your needs. It is highly durable, waterproof, and multipurpose. The bag has a grey color cylindrical outer structure with a brown inner bag that closes with the stretch of ropes. There is a huge round metallic handle to hold the bag. Inside the bag, there is a supporting lining which supports your camera from harsh objects.

11. DSLR Leather Camera Bag - Top Handle Crossbody Shoulder Bag with Removable Insert - Fits Standard Size DSLR with Lens

The fashionable and trendy products keep changing and once they are gone, you may not get them back. And this bag is one of such bags which is so fashionable that you just can’t afford to miss it. It has bright tan shade and looks to be made out of real leather. It has a front pocket to store your camera’s batteries and charger. On the sides, there are two pockets on either side of the bag which can store your smartphone and other small utilities. The main compartment has a detachable section and it can store your DSLR along with the lens and your wallet. It also has some pockets on the inner wall for your pen and hard cash.

12. DSLR Camera Purse for Women, Stylish Genuine Leather Shoulder Camera Bag for Travel, Vintage Crossbody Messenger Case Fits Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Digital SLR and Mirrorless Camera by Meliae (Black)

You may not be able to carry your DSLR in your hand bag, but you can surely do the same with the DSLR camera purse for women by Melie. This black beauty is an amazing charm for your graceful needs. It is made up of high quality genuine leather with no extra marks of stitch or pattern, making it look simple and elegant. You would be surprised to see the space inside this bag which actually looks quite tiny from outside to serve your purpose. The main compartment of this bag can accommodate one DSLR with two additional lenses placed quietly in three separate compartments.

13. Qipi Camera Bag - Sling Bag Style Camera Case Backpack with Modular Inserts & Waterproof Rain Cover - for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras (Nikon, Canon, Sony) - Black

The Qipi Camera bag is a full size bag for photography enthusiasts. It has a unique shape to it which lets you accommodate all your photography essentials in your bag efficiently. It is a unisex bag which uses good colours to suit your youthful style and fashion. It has a dedicated compartment for your camera and essentials. YOu can store your lens attached camera with two more lenses, battery and charger, memory cards and other needed stuff. The cover of this compartment has a pocket on the outside to store more peripheral articles. On the top you get a utility pocket to keep your other essentials.

14. S-ZONE Water Resistant Camera Bag Canvas Leather Trim Camera Messenger Bag

The S-Zone water resistant camera bag is made up of canvas leather trim and has a very simple yet attractive shape. It has a squarish structure with exposed pockets. You get a leather strap to uncover the main pocket. This reveals a pocket at the front to keep your cash, smartphone, credit cards, memory card, etc. The main compartment is good enough to store two big DSLR cameras together in slotted compartments. The inner fabric is yellow coloured and quite bright to glam up the matte outer skin.

15. K&F Concept Multi-Functional Camera Backpack 600D Polyester Waterproof Photography Equipment Travel Bag for Tripod DSLR Camera and Accessory with Rain Cover

Age is just a number and denim is simply ageless. The K&F concept Multi-functional camera backpack is the new definition for youthfulness. It has a timeless design and durable build. The bag has pockets on either side to store water bottles and tripods. ON the front, it has a wide pocket to store handy utilities. The main compartment is accessible from the top but you do not need to put the camera from there. There is a dedicated side window to place the camera inside the bag. You can always put other stuff like your lens and clothing from the top.

16. Canvas Camera Case ZLYC Leather Trim Mirrorless Bag Small Padded Shockproof Pouch Vintage Shoulder Purse Satchel for Women Men, Black

Whenever we use the term photography, a big and bulky DSLR appears in our imagination. But technology has evolved and even smartphones have got the sensors which can click highly efficient pictures,and so are the point and shoot cameras. If you also use a similar sized camera, you may need a compact bag to store it along with certain other peripheral devices. The canvas camera case ZLYC leather bag is a compact and smart looking bag. It blackcoloured with tan borders and strap.It has wide compartment to accommodate your camera where there are two pockets to store nicks and nacks. On the rear, there’s another pocket for at hand items.

17. USA Gear SLR Camera Case Bag (Floral) with Top Loading Accessibility, Adjustable Shoulder Sling, Padded Handle, Weather Resistant Bottom - Comfortable, Durable and Light Weight for Travel

A camera bag, usually, is V-shaped. Such bags keep your camera intact in the bag and you don’t need to remove the lens to store it. The USA Gear SLR camera case is the bag which obeys such design. It has a nice feminine pattern to it that uses pink and red coloured floral design. This bag is made up of heavy duty Neoprene material. It has a mesh net pocket on the side to store your cards and easy cash tightly. There is a pocket inside the flap to keep your earphones and small attachments or cable. The main compartment is well shaped and padded.

18. CADeN Camera Bag Sling Backpack Camera Case Waterproof with Rain Cover Tripod Holder, Compatible for DSLR/SLR Mirrorless Cameras (Canon Nikon Sony Pentax) and Accessories Black

Cameras are bulky and you don’t want to carry it in an equally bulky bag. Adjusting a lot of camera accessories in a compact package which looks good too is an art. To resolve this, CADeN has come up with this innovative design in a triangular shape to absorb anything you throw at it. It has a robust buckle lock on the top which reveals a zipper pocket to store your smartphone, earphones, adaptor, etc. Then comes the slant pockets on either side which holds your lenses and main camera unit. These slant openings have pockets on them for minute peripherals like memory cards and ejector pins. On the bottom, you get buckles to accommodate a tripod.

19. CADEN DSLR SLR Camera Bag Backpack for Mirrorless Cameras/Photographers, Camera Case Backpack Waterproof for Nikon Canon Sony Lens Tripod Accessories Photography Men Women (Small-Grey)

A professional’s camera bag has a lot of slots to fix all your utilities and make them accessible as an when needed. Not just the camera but other required stuff as well including laptop and tripod. The CDEN DSLR camera backpack is a waterproof bag. It has a zipper pocket on the front for easy access to handy gadgets. The main compartment opens up from three sides of the bag for the best access to your camera. It has detachable partitions to keep objects of different sizes. On an average this bag can have 5 lenses along with one DSLR. The front flap has a dedicated slot for tablet or laptop.

20. VAN BEEKEN Fanny Pack for Men Women Belt Bag Waist Bag Hip Bag I Waterproof Bum Bag I Supreme Waist Pack Phanny Pack for Hiking Travel Running, Army

The VAN  BEEKEN Fanny pack for men/women is one of the most popular camera bags. This bag pattern has been in use since the last many decades. With constant revisions and advancements, these bags have grown up with space while keeping the size compact. This bag has 5 pockets for your utility. Though the 4th pocket is usable for a camera while other pockets can store your cards, cash, memory sticks, chargers, cables, earphones, etc. It is made up of high quality nylon material and is water resistant.