20 Best Car Seat Mats

When you have a car, there are plenty of accessories that you need to own. This is because some of the accessories are downright essential and they help in ensuring that your car can stay new for a long time. One such car accessory you should always invest in has to be the car seat mats. They come in whopping variety and have lots of different options as well. There is no dearth of brands that make car seat mats. The good way of buying the right one is to ensure that you always choose the ones that are made of good quality material. When you do so, it will last long and this in turn will make sure that it will give you the best return on your money.

Car seat mats are especially useful during long drives as they make the seats comfortable. Also, they help to avoid backache due to continuous driving. Car seat mats also keep baby seats firmly anchored to the seat, even if the seat is a bit loose. This provides greater safety when there is a baby on board. Also, be mindful of the size when you are buying these mats. Based on the model of your car and the desired size, you should choose the apt sizing of the mats. They should fit the space seamlessly and despite placing the mats, do not get casual as far as cleaning the car is concerned. One of the best practise is to clean these mats periodically too.

1. Dear Auto Seat Protection Mat

The Dear Auto seat protection mat has a big size and it provides complete protection to the car seat. The fabric is waterproof thus your seat is protected from spillages. The mat also has an anti slip backing and it stays in place once installed. It will take hardly 25 seconds to set up the mat with the help of the insert tab provided. Having five layers of protection, this mat is strong enough to prevent scratches, dents and wear and tear of the car seat. Being thickly padded, the mat provides good protection to the seat.

2. Shynerk Auto Seat Cover Mat

Having dual rubberized grip, this mat does not just have an anti slip backing but also an anti slip surface so that your child’s booster seat stays in place. The mat provides triple protection as it keeps the car seat free of dirt, dust as well as spills. It features a tall back panel so that it can be used in modern day high end cars with tall seat backs. You can quickly and easily clean this mat by wiping it off with a wet tissue. Crafted with high quality material, this mat is long lasting and adjustable too.

3. Copap Car Seat Cushion Mat

Keep your car seats, office chairs or chairs at home, safe and protected by using this cushion mat that features three layers. The upper pu leather layer is comfortable and stylish to look at. The second layer of foam adds to the comfort factor and the third and last layer is silicone anti slip backing that keeps the mat fixed. You can also install the mat using the two plum buckles. There is a really cute and useful little storage pocket wherein you can keep your mobile phone or other similar stuff.

4. INFANZIA Car Seat Protector

The Infanzia car seat mat is the ultimate solution to keep your car seat up to date and prevent any damage. With its four layers of protection, the mat is sturdy enough to prevent wear and tear of the seat. With its anti slip backing and super friction, the mat does not budge from its place once it is set up nicely. The installation can be done in seconds and it is simple as well as easy too. It is also aptly sized to make it compatible with most of the car models.

5. Diono Super Mat Car Seat Protector

Just like the name goes, this one is a super mat in true sense. Having large size, the mat can be easily installed in almost all car models and it can easily accommodate all types of baby car seat be it infant, booster, latch equipped and others. You will get three storage pockets so that you can keep stuff that you readily need. The mat is water resistant and also protects the seat from indentations, scratches, dirt, etc. This amazing mat also has a high density foam that makes it all the more worth it.

6. Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mats

If you want to avoid the scene of daily cleaning of the car seat to wipe off dirty footprints, scuffmarks etc, these kick mats are the perfect solution. Coming in a pack of 2, these kick mats can be installed on the back side of the front seats to prevent your children from staining the seats. You can install these mats with the help of adjustable buckle straps and these are very easy to clean too. These waterproof mats are made of high quality material and are durable. You can use the mesh pockets to store necessary stuff.

7. Viaviat Car Seat Protector

This eco friendly car seat mat is totally safe to be used as it is safe for children too. The premium quality material and built makes it one of the preferred choices when it comes to car seat mats. It has a large size to cover the seat completely and support almost all vehicle seats. It features two aptly sized mesh storage pockets that can hold ample stuff and keep children happy during the car travel time. The back of the mat is made of felt and it is soft enough to keep the car seat safe and protected.

8. Big Ant Store Car Interior Seat Covers Cushion Pad Mat

The Big Ant Store car seat cushion pad mat is the ultimate seat protector you need to keep your car seat safe from damage as well as wear and tear. It comes with chuck and metal hook attachment for proper installation. Made from premium quality materials, this pad mat has a wider compatibility as it can easily fit on seats of most of the car models. It is resistant to fire as well as water and has anti scratch properties too. This easy to clean mat is available in multiple color options.

9. Diono Ultra Mat

The Diono ultra mat is a durable mat constructed with 5 layers of protection to prevent your car seat from damages, spills, indents, scratches etc. The Oxford fabric surface feels premium and has a high quality. The mat has a high density foam that prevents wear and tear of the car seat. You will get complete protection in every form possible. The mat also features an anti slip backing to make sure the mat stays fixed once installed. You can use the three mesh pockets to keep stuff that you wish to keep close by.

10. UMJWYJ Car Seat Protector

Time to travel happily with kids and pets as this car seat mat has a large size and it covers the car seat completely to avoid all sorts of damages. You can install the mat by adjusting the headrest strap and clicking the buckle in place. There’s also an insert tab that provides extra security. The mesh pockets come in handy to keep children busy during travel hours as they can keep their little toys at one hand distance. Last but not the least, this mat has an anti slip base that keeps it stable even during rough driving.

11. Whew Car Seat Protector

If you love traveling with your kids and pet, this car seat mat by whew is an absolute must have. The anti slip under side keeps it static at a place once installed and set up correctly. You can use the adjustable headrest strap for setting up the mat. The security flap once inserted will assure you that the mat won’t shift or slip from its place once installed. You will get to see 2 mesh pockets on the mat wherein you can keep knick knacks for children to enjoy.

12. FASITE Car Seat mat

This car seat mat is big sized and is made so keeping in mind the cars with larger seats, thus it fits all car models be it small or big. Being waterproof, it can easily prevent the car seat from accidental spillages. The eco friendly built of the mat makes it completely safe for kids. It is also resistant to wear and tear thus it will last long and keep your car seat looking new and fresh always. The handy storage pouches can hold little kids stuff or anything else that you want to store in there.

13. Ohuhu 4 Packs Baby Child Car Seat Protectors and Kick Mat

The perfect combo you need for your car, this one by Ohuhu includes 2 car seats mats and 2 kick mats. The kick mats have several pockets and pouches that can hold stuff and keep your car organized. The car seat mat can be installed quickly by fastening the headrest buckle and adjusting it as per your needs. The car seat mats too have mesh storage pockets for storing knick knack. There’s also an anti slip tab that prevents the mat from slipping. Both the mats can be installed in a jiffy without any hassles.

14. JOYSKY Car Seat Protector, Auto Seat Mat

The Joysky auto seat mat is a wonderful protector having a premium quality make. The size is big enough to cover the entire seat and provide all round protection from damage, spills, indents, scratches, and in general wear and tear. The PVC corners are extra strong and make the mat durable as well as long lasting. It is also waterproof and does not let any liquid seep in if there’s any spillage. You can quickly install the mat by fastening the headrest strap, inserting the tab into the seat crevice and attach it via the seatbelt opening.

15. INFANZIA Car Seat Protector

One of the best car seat mats out there, this one can easily accommodate all baby seats like infant, booster, toddler etc and it can also protect your seat from pets. Super easy to install, this car seat mat comes with an anti slip mesh backing that keeps it in place once set up. It not only protects your car seat from damages, scratches, scuffs and indents but is also waterproof and does not allow liquid spills to seep in. You can clean the mat easily by wiping it off thus is is very easy to maintain it.

16. Pido Car Seat Protector

Known for its thick cushioned padding, this car seat mat is capable of providing complete protection to your car seat. Your car seat is sure to stay protected and safe from scratches, indents, dust, dirt, spills etc. The mat is water resistant and it covers the seat fully so that no part is left exposed. It can fit all baby car seats on it like infant, booster etc. The high back panel also assures full protection and better fit. Having a premium quality with PVC corners and a non slip backing, it is one of the best choices for your car.

17. Meolsaek Car Seat Protector, Kick Mat Back Seat

This is a pack of 2 mats for the same seat as the car seat mat protects the front and the kick mat is for the back side of the same seat. The buckles and straps are so arranged that you can tighten the buckle for the perfect fit. The car seat will keep the front seat safe and the kick mat will serve as an organizer and protection mat for the rear seat passenger. You will get full protection from all sides and the high quality built of these mats make them durable too. Unlike most other kick mats, this one has no sag even when you load it with stuff.

18. Bolegner Car Seat Protector & Kick Mat

Let you kids enjoy to the fullest without being worried of dirtying the car as this seat mat as well as kick mat set is there to make your seats look new and fresh always. The car seat mat is the ultimate protector that your seat needs. The vinyl corners add to the grip and the anti slip backing keeps it in place. The quality of the material is high thus the mat has a longer life. Coming to the kick mat, it is large sized to cover the back portion of the front seat. It has pockets to keep your child’s stuff organized and accessible.

19. Orient Famulay Car Seat Protector

Crafted with high quality 600D Oxford fabric, this car seat mat is the one that you need to keep your car seat clean, maintained, fresh and new always. It is resistant to odor, wear and tear and is also completely waterproof. This mat protects your car seat from baby seats as well as pets. It is seatbelt compatible and keeps the baby car seat safely attached. Installation is super quick and easy and you can clean it simply by wiping it off with a damp cloth. if there is any problem, we promise to give you a prompt help within 24 hours..

20. SHIDAI-US Car Seat Protector

Your infant and baby car seats will no longer harm or damage the car seats as this mat is made to protect the seat from scratches, indents and dirt. The anti slip backing keeps the mat stuck at one place post installation and the reinforced PVC corners prevent the baby seat from slipping. You can fasten the mat with the nylon headrest strap provided. The mat also has a premium foam padding that  keeps the pressure of the baby car seat in control. You simply have to wipe off the surface to clean the mat at regular intervals.