20 Best Books About Cars

Do you absolutely love cars? There are tons of books about cars out there and the kind of variety that you will find in them is mind boggling. From books that talk about the types of cars to the ones that are super informative about cars, the list is on and on. This is not all as you will find several kids books about cars too and once again, the variety is whopping. Some of these books are very illustrative and catchy while others may have to do with informative content. So, you need to check as to what kind of book you are looking for, explore the options and then decide the right ones to buy. Of course, based on the type of book you choose to buy, the budget will vary too.

When buying books for kids, you should emphasise on the illustrations, font, color as these all matter significantly to ensure that kids are hooked to the books. On the other hand, when buying for adults, it is the content that will always hold paramount importance. There are number of cars that are fascinating to read about the history of these car companies and their offerings, some of which you may have never seen or heard of!

So, judge well and then come to the right decision regarding which book seems to be the right choice for you. We are sure you will find the best match here.

1. 100 Cars That Changed the World

Featuring an illustrative as well as descriptive information of 100 cars, this book does full justice to its title. Available in the hardcover format, you will enjoy going through 144 pages of car information. This book is a perfect gift for car lovers and one can also add this in any waiting room table and it would definitely make waiting worth it. The car pictures are attractive and the print quality is superb. The cover of the book looks classy too. In the book, you will find cars introduced at the end of the nineteenth century and till the year 2020.

2. A Man & His Car

Whether you are a hard core car lover or you just love reading personal stories of people, this book is sure to appeal to one and all. Featuring around 40 different stories of people with feelings coming straight from their hearts, this book has beautiful pictures that would melt the heart of a die hard car lover. The stories on the other hand are so interesting to read that any person will enjoy pages after pages of sheer perfection. This is the kind of book that one will want to keep reading on just to know more about what the next person felt about his/her car.

3. Built for Speed: The World's Fastest Road Cars

A perfect book for people who are crazily in love with sports cars, this one has dynamic car pictures and you will love the resolution of the pictures. The overview presented for each car is quite informative and it also has factual data that is interesting to know and read. The book will be enjoyed by children as little as 6 years of age and it is also apt for grown ups and adults. The hard bound format adds to the life and durability of the book and holds the 144 pages securely together.

4. Engines of Change

Written by Paul Ingrassia, the ‘Engines of Change’ is a masterpiece. A pretty lengthy book, this one is a gem for people who love reading in depth information about cars, their evolution, the growth, downfall and the how these impacted the American nation. The book is addicting to the extent that you will go on and on once you start giving it a read. It is available in paperback, hardcover, kindle as well as audio format and you can opt for the one that will suit your need. The cover of the book is well designed too.

5. Ford GT

If you are a die hard Ford lover and yearn to know in and out everything everything about the Ford GT, this is the book you need to land your hands on. It deserves to be on the book shelf of every Ford lover and even the ones who are crazy when it comes to cars. From mind blowing facts, to gripping history and the story of success, this book also has fascinating illustrations that add to its charm. The content is interesting to read and you will enjoy going through this one while sipping your hot cup of coffee.

6. How Cars Work

For people who are always very inquisitive regarding cars and how they function, this book is all about the working of a car, the parts and the mechanism involved. The information listed is supported by pictorial representations of around 250 car parts and accessories. Available in a paperback format, this book has a total of 96 pages and it weighs around 11.7 ounces. What’s more amazing about this book is that each chapter ends with a test so that the reader can test his/her knowledge after going through the chapter. Go for this one to expand your car knowledge base.

7. My Dad Had That Car

If you want to know how glorious and fascinating the American automobile history was, this book is all you need. Having informative and illustrative details about cars from years 1920 to 1990, the matter spans through 1376 pages and is beautifully hardbound. The reader will have an amazing time gazing through in depth details of vintage cars. The ones who have immense interest in car history and are looking for a beautiful book should definitely try this one out. Keep this in mind that the pictures are not colored but black and white.

8. Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile

Bringing the perfect blend of old and new, this book deals with car models since 130 years. You can learn about the evolution of cars, car parts, the classic cars that went on road and also about the latest sports race cars. The illustrations are majestic and you will love the feel of the book. It also holds informative descriptions and can add to your car knowledge. It will be fun scanning through the 360 pages of this amazingly compiled book. A treat for car enthusiasts, one must grab a copy of this one.

9. Cool Cars

This little book is easy to hold and handle but is pretty voluminous having around 480 pages. Including 100 cars, this book has pictures of cars from varied angles and descriptions for almost all the pictures. This book will make a good read for car lovers. The pictures are all high resolution and this book is a treat for the reader. You will enjoy reading the informative descriptions written alongside the illustrations. Written by Quentin Willson, you can already make out the standard of the book as Willson is a known car specialist. Weighing just 1.55 pounds it is an amazing book for one and all.

10. Classic Car

Classic car as the name suggests, is a lovely compilation of cars that came into being from years 1940 to 1980s. You can fetch a hardbound format or the Kindle version. The ones who prefer collecting books as keepsakes will love the hardcover. You will get a glimpse of around 100 car models  with pictures of varied parts, clicked from several angles. You can aptly call this one a car picture book and the pictures are all high quality. The descriptions though not too detailed is good to read. This is a perfect option for oldies or even adults who love vintage cars.

11. Cars (Disney/Pixar Cars)

This book is based on the Disney movie that goes by the same name and is one of the most loved car books by children. The young readers will love flipping the pages of this beautifully illustrated book. The pictures are big enough to keep your child engaged and attracted. The book does full justice to the movie and you can grab it in three different formats. The ones looking for hard copies can choose between paperback and hardcover and you can otherwise go for the kindle version. It is a 24 pages book that your child will enjoy reading.

12. Race Cars

An amazing book talking about class distinction, ‘Race Cars’ is all about the privileges enjoyed by the white society and how the black people have been condemned and left behind in all aspects. This book is a great way of teaching your kids how and why the society is so adamant and you can also in a way make your kids understand that it is not how they should let their mind frame grow. You will get three formats to choose from and as per your requirement you can go for the one you need. This book is filled with bright, attention-grabbing illustrations, a notes and activities section at the back helps for better understanding.

13. Dream Cars

Taking you through amazing car models that hit the market over a century of time period, this book includes around 70 cars. You will be amazed to see the awesome print quality of this book. Consisting of 144 pages, this book has gorgeous car pictures and you will be appalled to see the detailing in the pictures. You can also find facts and descriptions pertaining to those models. Getting to see cars like the Ford Model T, Bugatti Chiron and others, it is thrilling to go through ‘Dream Cars’. You will also love the cover of this fascinating book.

14. The Rally

If you have a thing for cars and coloring and not just a reading enthusiast, ‘The Rally’ is a coloring book featuring 25 sheets to showcase your talent. The illustrations are all unique and they are hand drawn thus giving you a different feel altogether. The cover of the book is glossy and gives the perfect hint of what to expect from the book. The coloring pictures are printed on separate sheets so that there is no risk of color transfer to another illustration. There is also a test sheet in the beginning that contains all the pictures together for reference.

15. Luxury Cars Coloring Book

A book that can keep artists engaged for hours in a stretch, this is a perfect coloring book for budding artists as well as experienced ones who love automobiles. You can gift it to children and also oldies who are sitting idle at home and need something to keep their life going. The car illustrations in this book are so detailed that you will want to fill in colors like crazy. Each car model has a small description and also facts like top speed mentioned below the illustration. It is available in paperback format and consists of 32 pages.

16. Tractor Trouble

A definite treat for young readers, ‘Tractor Trouble’ is a children story book revolving around Disney/Pixar Cars characters. The story is simple to read and appropriate for kids aged 3 to 7 years. You must grab a copy for your little one and this book is also a good gifting option for children. All the pages of the book have very colourful pictures that blend perfectly with the theme of the story or the part of the story written on the particular pages. You can add the hardcover version to your little one’s bookshelf or opt for the kindle format if you want to save space.

17. Luxury and Speed

Who doesn’t love luxury cars? If you want to feel the wind in you hair by getting lost in the world of race cars, this book can take you to an adventure land. The high glossy pages along with the hardcover binding gives this book the ultimate feel. Flipping through 320 pages of gorgeousness, you will love reading about the facts and figures as well as other important information about specific car models. Each car model has been given 4 pages and you will fall for the drool worthy pictures. Wait no more and grab your copy.

18. Muscle Cars

If you happen to be a fan of the muscle cars that was really famous in the sixties before disappearing a little and making a major comeback, this is the model to keep an eye out on. It features some of the most beautiful large format photography and the text in it is really deep and insightful to say the least. The kind of in depth information you will find here is really impressive as it covers not just GTOs and GTX, but there is mention of mustangs, impalas, galaxies and more.

19. Car Science

Available in both paperback and hardcover format, this book is one of the top children science book that deals with all things cars. It comes with an in-depth and exhaustive detail covering several aspects including but not limited to how it works guide, the basic physics concept related to cars, the future model, the need for eco-friendly model and more. This book is apt for all those curious minds who are hooked and obsessed with the thing called car. This book is ideally suited for children between age 7 to 10 years.

20. Classic Cars Coloring Book

If your child is on the lookout for one of the best child colouring book, this one seeks to be a good choice. It boasts of a premium quality and comes with 10 bonus pages too that are based on modem super cars. There are more than 20 colouring pages on it and there is one colouring page in every sheet which makes for no messy design. It can be used by kids and teenagers alike. The drawings are very vivid and is sure to bring the imagination of the child alive.