20 Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers of 2020

Getting a 4-cup coffee maker requires brainwork and does need luck. With the right research, you can get your hands on the best coffee maker and save thousands of dollars. Making a suitable investment helps you wake up to the best coffee that you can have on-demand.

A single cup may not be sufficient, given that every member in the house loves coffee. The 4-cup coffee maker is the right choice for it dispenses coffee in a single batch. If you are not sure about the models available in the market and what brand fulfills your requirement, read ahead for the article covers the different models. Coffee maker features and details can help you find the right coffee machine for you. Finding the right coffee maker that can meet your needs and are up to par with the standards in coffee making can be quite a challenge.

Before purchasing a coffee maker, ensure that you understand the crucial factors related to the product. For instance, the brewing temperature, brewing time, and budget play vital elements while choosing a coffee maker. We have considered these factors along with additional features to give you a broader coverage of the models. Upon completing, you will be able to narrow your search to the one that fits your household and budget. You have everything outlined! Go through the content, learn about the specifications, and pick the one that meets your need.

1. Mr. Coffee Drip Coffee Maker

The drip coffee maker from Mr. Coffee helps you brew coffee to the expert’s taste. The machine stops brewing once you remove the carafe from the position and auto starts when replaced. It also features a removable basket for quick cleaning. Additional features include the dual-water window for a clear view of water level and power indicator. What makes it interesting is the ease with which you can operate in preparing a cup of coffee or for four individuals. As the filter basket is removable, you can eject it for a quick clean up before refilling.

2. Cuisinart 4-Cup Coffeemaker

Not every coffee maker gives you the rich taste that you expect a machine to deliver. However, the Cuisinart 4-cup coffee machine is one such product that stands out from the rest for it produces fresh and flavorful coffee for your entire family. The device comes with stainless steel carafe with a knuckle guard and dripless pour spout. It additionally features pause motion, which allows you to hold the brewing and continue after pouring a cup of coffee. The small footprint design makes it easy to place it anywhere in the kitchen.

3. Brentwood Coffee Maker

Your day is not complete without sipping a freshly brewed coffee. Brentwood offers an excellent way to consume fresh coffee. The 4-cup coffee maker functions efficiently in brewing the coffee beans at the right temperature for the perfect taste. All you have must do is add the beans and water before turning “On” the machine. The machine stops immediately when you remove the carafe. The warming plate protects the carafe while keeping the contents warm for an extended period. The coffee machine has a removable and reusable filter, which you can wash after each use.

4. SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker

You cannot beat the taste of Turkish coffee. The SAKI coffee machine follows the ancient coffee preparation ritual to give you the taste that you expect from the coffee maker. The machine uses anti-spill technology to prevent accidents due to outpourings. It comes with sensors that detect heat and switch-off the machine. The device also features the Ember-cooking function that helps you double the foam and taste. The Cook-sense technology ensures to enrich the beans by brewing at high temperatures and maintaining the same.  The 4-cup double spout pot is handy and helpful in pouring the liquid using the right or left hand.

5. Aigostar 4-cup Coffee Maker

The 4-cup coffee maker from Aigostar is a multi-functional machine, giving you rich coffee each time you operate the machine. It is the 30-second anti-drip system that makes it unique in its class. The mechanism allows you to pour a cup of coffee at any time during the brewing cycle with this feature. The nonstick insulation board helps the carafe maintain the temperature to extend the liquid’s temperature even after switching-off the machine. The space-saving design makes it easy to use it anywhere. The coffee maker has a reusable filter, which you can remove, wash, and reuse.

6. Gevi 10-Cup Coffee Maker

You can use the programs to select delicious coffee drinks. You will have complete control over the grinding of beans. The built-in steel grinder ensures smooth grinding, giving you an authentic taste each time you switch on the machine. The intuitive controls give you command over coffee strength, delicacies, and quantity. The warmer plate retains the heat for an hour, allowing you to enjoy the freshly brewed coffee at any time. The intelligently designed shape makes it sit prettily in the kitchen without occupying much space. Likewise, the removable and reusable filter helps you wash it after each use for a fresh start.

7. BOSCARE 4-Cup Mini Coffee Maker

BOSCARE gives you an authentic taste of the coffee with its 4-cup coffee maker. The classic functionality embedded into the system ensures that the taste is the same each time you use the coffee maker. The insulation board can keep the brewed liquid warm for 40-minutes. Likewise, additional features include the 30-sec anti-drip technology, which you can use to pour a cup of coffee during brewing. It even has the auto power-off technology, where the system shuts-down when there is no water. Plus, maintaining the device is easy, as you can remove and wash the filter after each use.

8. Black & Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker

The ergonomically designed 5-cup coffee maker from Black & Decker is an excellent addition to your home. With the machine’s help, you can create a rich cup of coffee at the flip of a switch. The machine brews the coffee beans to the perfect temperature and extracts the flavor with ease. The glass carafe retains the mixture for an extended period while the drip-free pouring ensures easy filling into a cup. The coffee maker hosts a removable filter basket, making it simple to clean and reuse after every session. Likewise, it has the Sneak-a-cup feature that lets you pause brewing for a single cup and continue.  

9. Mr. Coffee Advanced 5-Cup Coffee Maker

The Advanced coffee maker from Mr. Coffee features a plethora of options that you can use to create a perfect cup of coffee. For instance, you can use the delay brew timing so that you can wake up to that perfect cup of coffee. The programmable options allow you to control it with ease while sipping delicious coffee. It hosts the grab-a-cup auto-pause feature, allowing you to sip a cup during brewing. The water window helps you identify the water level without the need for overpouring. The machine even features the 1-hour auto shut-off that protects the device from over boiling.

10. Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Coffee Maker

The 5-cup coffee maker from Holstein helps you start your day with a beautiful cup of coffee. The elegant design and stunning appearance make it an ideal addition to the kitchen. The glass carafe helps you keep an eye on the coffee while you carry out other activities. The coffee maker comes equipped with a detachable filter basket, making it simple to clean and maintain hygiene conditions. You can wash and reuse the basket to keep the taste. Plus, you can see the water level through the visible indicator to ensure that the tank has enough to prepare your coffee.  

11. Sboly Espresso Machine

You can now enjoy all your favorite coffee variants at home using the Sboly espresso machine. The coffee maker can prepare espresso, cappuccino, and a latte at the touch of a button. The milk steamer is the added advantage compared with other models and a practical approach to making all the hot beverages. The machine also features the frothing option. Maintaining the device is simple because you can unscrew the froth’s plastic component and remove the drip tray to clean spills. It even has a visible water indicator and glass carafe.

12. Braun BrewSense Coffee Maker

The BrewSence comes equipped with a touch screen coffee maker from Braun. The device uses the FastBrew technology, which helps you brew a total of ten cups under ten minutes. The unique feature is the freshness indicator that talks about the freshness of the brew. Additionally, the FlavorCarafe featured ensures protection against air, thus retaining the flavor of your coffee. It comes with programs, which you can set according to the need. What makes it interesting is the timer, which you can enable to keep the coffee ready by the time you wake up from the bed.

13. Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffee Maker

The 5-cup coffee maker from Amazon Basics is an essential thing for your kitchen. The compact design occupies less space and helps prepare your flavorful coffee with ease. The glass carafe presents a clear glimpse of the mixture while you attend to other activities in the kitchen. The coffee maker comes equipped with a reusable filter, which you can remove and wash. Likewise, the additional feature of keep-warm ensures to protect the temperature of the mixture in the carafe for at least an hour. You can further choose the mid-brew feature, where you can stop brewing in between to have a cup of coffee. 

14. Homever Programmable Coffee Maker

You have every reason to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with the help of the programmable coffee maker from Homever. The 15-cup coffee maker helps you prepare coffee based on pre-set programs or customizable programs. You can alter the settings to meet the different preferences. The convenient thing about the product is its ability to prepare coffee in two minutes. The device features a touch screen with a seven-button system to choose between different settings. Alternatively, you can use the automatic cleaning mode to clean the filter after each use. You can also set the aroma of the beans according to the liking!

15. Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

It all boils down to the temperature and brewing time for the rich taste of the coffee. The Precision coffee maker from Breville has all the features that make it an excellent addition to the house. For instance, the gold preset mode enables the maker to automatically brew the beans to the preferred temperature as stated by the SCA, to meet the exact taste. Additionally, you can brew according to your requirement using the flat bottom and filter basket provided with the machine. You can further create a customizable program and save it for further use in the future.

16. LEEHOO Drip Coffee Maker

You cannot beat the taste of a coffee made from a drip coffee maker. The LEEHOO coffee maker is a beautiful addition to your kitchen, as it comes with the needed features that make it simple to prepare coffee. For instance, you can use the quick touch panel and pre-programmed menu to prepare coffee. Additionally, the device features the sneak-a-cup feature that allows you to pour a cup during brewing. It even comes with a 2-hour auto shut off mechanism that prevents overheating and overboiling. The clear view water window allows you to note down the water quantity and top it according to the requirement.    

17. Mixpresso 6-Cup Coffee Maker

The coffee pot maker from Mixpresso helps you obtain the right taste, as it boils and brews to the appropriate temperature and time. The simplistic design makes the machine an ideal use in the kitchen and anywhere in the house, occupying little space. Likewise, the see-through window for water quantity helps you fill it when needed. The dura glass carafe ensures longevity and protects the mixture from external elements. The coffee maker equips a removable filter basket. You can reuse the basket by washing and drying after each use to ensure that the machine produces the same taste.  

18. Ninja CE251 12-Cup Coffee Maker

It would be wonderful to have a 12-cup coffee maker at home. You can prepare all the coffee you need, whenever and, however. The Ninja CE251 allows you to prepare rich and aromatic coffee using the 12 pre-programmable menus. The device uses the latest hotter brewing technology to boil the water rapidly and precisely. Additionally, you receive the opportunity to adjust the warming plate’s temperature to maintain the temperature in the carafe for up to 4 hours. Choose the 24-hour delay timer to keep your cup of coffee ready for the next day. You can brew to two strengths: classic and rich.

19. CRUX 5-Cup Coffee Maker

The 5-cup coffee maker from CRUX is efficient in both design and performance. It uses the latest technologies to ensure that you have a perfect cup of coffee each time you use the machine to prepare coffee. The no-fuss coffee maker comes with a visible water reservoir level, allowing you to fill it when needed. Likewise, you can remove the reusable filter basket and clean it after each use. The space-saving design makes it convenient for use in the kitchen without occupying much space. The glass carafe is what keeps the mixture fresh and hot even after a few hours.    

20. OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker

The 8-cup coffee maker from OXO enjoys the gold standard. It means you want a rich cup of coffee each time you use the machine. The device uses the BetterBrew Precision technology that optimizes the temperature, water quantity, and brewing time. Additionally, you can use the single-serve option to eliminate the need for a pot. The device uses the Rainmaker shower head to disperse the water evenly over the granules. Plus, the use of the double-wall thermal carafe retains the heat and protects the content for exposure. The exciting feature is the convenient cleaning mode, which helps in cleaning the filter basket with ease.