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20 Best 16 inch Bikes

Cycling is considered the best activity a kid and adults should do outdoors. Every kid is a cyclist as parents usually give them a good cycle or bike as a learner and later on they get it replaced by a much capable one. But finding a good bike could be cumbersome at certain times. In some cities and countries people have started reaching their work on cycles. Even kids have started using bicycles extensively and that’s really good for their growth. Cycling helps each and every body part to move at a particular speed.
So while choosing a good bike for your kids, you may come across a lot of things. The market has a lot of options and when the options increase, the confusion increases as a byproduct. A bike can be chosen on the basis of various aspects that includes brand, style, size, colors and a lot of other available options.
Don’t worry. We have come up with an assorted list of best bikes for your kids. If your kid is 4 to 8 years old, a 16 inch bike would be the ideal choice for him/her. We have compiled a list with 16 inch bikes for your little ones. Now you need not search anymore and you can just click on the link to get the deal.
There you go.

1. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 16", Yellow/Black

The Dynacraft Magna is a stylish yet comfortable bicycle or bike for young boys. It has a bright yellow shade which complements the rider’s swag as it can be witnessed from a distance. It has deep steering which complements the comfortable riding posture. The central connecting rod is useful to keep the steering balanced as well as adding a better build to the bike. The seat material is soft and kids would find it cozy for prolonged use. It is a bliss for beginners as it comes with support wheels to train kids for cycling. The handlebar has soft padding around it with a graphic design to match it with the bike’s appeal.

2. Dynacraft Magna Starburst 16" Bike

Dynacraft is a good brand and produces dynamic bikes for kids. The Dynabust Magna Starburst is a smart-looking bike that will suit girls more than boys. It has a slanted frame painted in the purple shade with white and pink shades other parts. The handlebar is painted in white and the tyres are also white colored. However, the seat, hand grip, and paddles are pink colored. This 16-inch bike has plenty of graphic designs to complement girls’ choices. The matching color on the support wheel adds to the overall appeal of the bike. It has a durable frame and able to withstand a bit of extra strain. While the color is quite lucrative, you can opt for other lucrative color options as well.

3. JOYSTAR 12" 14" 16“ Kids Bike for 2-7 Years Girls 33-53 inch Tall, Girls Bicycle with Training Wheels & Coaster Brake, 85% Assembled, Macarons

Though this cycle is available in various sizes, it can be a perfect pick for 4 to 8 years old kids. You can be easily sold to this bike with just one sight. It is designed to be comfortable for kids and has different parts colored in different English colors. The primary frame is colored in a light blue shade, the chain cover has a shade of purple, the forks appear in a shade of pink while the tyre rims are light green colored. It will be an absolute joy for younger ones. It has a reflector mounted in the front and rear for better visibility of the bike in the dark.

4. Cycmoto Unicorn 12 14 16 inch Kids Bike for Boys & Girls with Training Wheels,18 inch with Kickstand Toddler Bike with Basket & Handbrake Blue Pink Purple

Available in various sizes ranging from 12 inch to 18 inch, this bike feels an ideal pick for kids demanding a 16 inch bike. It has a stable frame which is available in 3 color choices; Pink, Purple and Green. Usually kids wander around near their home but due to the availability of front tyre brakes, kids can cover some extra distance, may to their friend’s place as well. The brakes provided to the front wheel are rigid and rubber based and perform well. There are reflectors on both the ends of the bike to keep the bike visible in dark. There is a utility basket fixedon the handle bar which can carry a lunch box, toys, water bottles, etc.

5. Cycmoto Nancy Girls Bike for 3-6 Years Child, 14" & 16" Kids Bicycle with Basket Bell Hand Brake & Training Wheels(Pink Purple)

This bicycle is a complete package for young kids, especially girls. It has a nice glossy paint which suits the feminine appeal and hand grip, seats and frame are painted in the same color. The handle bar has a brighter white color which looks good and the same is followed on the front forks. The wheel rims are painted in black which looks sporty and matches the tyre’s color. It comes with caliper brakes and coastal brakes for safer rides. The training wheels or support wheels are well designed for adequate performance and do their job efficiently. The 1.2 mm steel gauge of the frame is robust and good for most purposes.

6. Cycmoto Princess Girls Bike for 3-6 Years Child, 14" & 16" Kids Bicycle with Basket Hand Brake & Training Wheels(Pink Teal)

Kids are fond of colors and they cherish colorful things. Anything with a combination of contrast bright colors attracts them. Hence, Cycmoto Princess Bike is a great choice for young kids within 3 to 6 years of age. It has a stable frame that complements kids rough riding habits and keeps the bicycle rolling without any issues. The front of the bike has a similar shade basket which can store a kid’s small utility like toys and bottles. It has a very simple construction and a layman can assemble it in a few minutes. You may require an air pump for tyres and you are good to go for a ride.

7. Cycmoto Flower Girls Bike for 3-6 Years Child, 14" & 16" Kids Bicycle with Basket, Hand Brake & Training Wheels (Blue Pink Purple)

The Cycmoto Flower girls bike has a unique look. Just like other bikes from this brand, it also has a dual color outfit which blends perfectly with kid’s taste. It is also available in a choice of 3 colors. In terms of accessories, it has a basket in the front which is usable for bottles, lunch boxes, toys and other light objects. At the rear, it has a mini grab handle which can let adults support their kids during training or practice. It is very well suited for girls due to its slant and single rod frame in the center and trendier colors. This frame is sturdy and has good life.

8. Magna Rip Traxx 16" Bike

Magna Rip is a stylish yet robust bike for boys. It is shaded in dark greenland black theme and resembles a mean machine for rough terrains. It is constructed with two solid bars in the center for optimum rigidity. The handle bar is properly shaped for stress free riding experience. It has a coaster braking system which means the rider has to stop paddling in order to bring the bike to halt.The chain cover has jungle theme graphics which looks good. The brand has worked great to make it look distinct with wrap arounds on the handlebar and central big bar. The support wheel let the kid practice efficiently as well.

9. Dynacraft Trolls 16"" Bike with Training Wheels and Trolls Hair Bag, Pink

Children usually don’t settle with the ordinary and often find something better and creative. Hence, if your kid is also among those highly creative kids, then you can gift your little one with the Dynacraft Trolls bike. It is flared with colorful stripes hanging from the handle bar. Not just this, its hand grip is also colored in multi color. The pink colored frame looks charming and will suit your daughter’s choice. It has a colorful bag attached to the handle bar which makes it usable to carry nicks and nacks. It also has support wheels which are sticked with rich graphics and the wheel rims are colored in contrast to the frame.

10. JOYSTAR 16" Balance Bike for Big Kids 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Years Old with Rubber Tire and Adjustable seat and Front handbrake, Blue, Pink, Beige, Black

Unlike other bikes that come with a support wheel to learn cycling, balance bikes are different and lets your kid learn the balancing techniques. This helps them gain better understanding of weight management and keep the cycle going in a straight direction. The Joystar balance bike is an ideal gift for your toddler who needs to learn cycling in a much efficient way. The bike looks macho in the creme clear boasted with brown seats and handle grip. It has efficient breaks in the front wheel which are rubber based. While the above said color is a good fit for boys, you can choose other colors as well including pink which goes great for your daughter.

11. JOYSTAR 12" 14" 16" Kids Cruiser Bike with Training Wheels for Ages 2-6 Years Old Girls & Boys, Toddler Kids Bicycle

If you as a parent loves classic bikes, this bike will complement your taste as well. It has a classic style fender for the front and rear wheels.the handle bar is elongated and feels like a proper classic vintage bike. The white strip on the tyre walls are easily recognisable as an impression of a vintage bike. The saddle like seat has spring suspension for optimum comfort and stress free experience. The coaster brakes are efficient to bring the bike to halt easily. Just like the elongated and curvy handlebar, the frame is also curvy and has a lot of bits to call it a proper vintage bike.

12. JOYSTAR 12" 14" 16" 18" Kids Bike for Ages 3-9 Years Old Girls, Children Bike with Training Wheels & Front Handbrake

Simple yet stylish, these two words describe Joystar Kids bike very well. This bike has a great mix of elegant colors which looks soothing to eyes. This bike is meant for girls and hence it has a lot pink color bits all over its frame and rims. It has coaster brakes at the rear and handbrakes in the front which are very well suited for this bike. The handle bar has a smart looking wrap around the central bar. The plastic basket looks cute and usable for small and light utilities. The support wheels are also shaded in pink and white to match and emphasise the appeal of this bike.

13. Magna Firefly 16" Bike, Pink

The variety in kids’ products is vast and colorful. If you look at the collection of clothes for kids in the market, you’ll see a lot of colors everywhere. Similarly, they love to have multiple colors in their each and every stuff. The Magna firefly is one of the most attractive cycles that houses in bright colors that can be seen from a distance. The combination of pink and yellow immediately strikes the onlooker’s eyes. The white color tyres wrapped around blue rims look cool with white and pink colored support wheels.The central bar in the frame and handle bar are wrapped with soft plastic wrapping which looks great.

14. Cycmoto Hawk Boys Bike for 3-6 Years Child, 14" & 16" Kids Bicycle with Hand Brake & Training Wheels(Black Blue Green)

Cycmoto has always been bringing stylish yet minimalistic designs in bikes. The Cysmoto Hawk bike for boys is a stylish affair which is available in contrast dual colors. It looks very appealing as the colors used are blended perfectly with black color. Most of the shades have black rim and tyres along with black handle bar. The contrast color is painted on frame, chain cover and handle grip. The seat is perfectly cushioned with a grab handle at the rear. It has a coaster brake in the rear wheel and hand brake in the front wheel. The 2.15 inch wide tyres are adequate for all surface types and the whole bike doesn’t need much maintenance.

15. Petimini 14'' 16'' Kids Bike for Boys Girls 2.5-6 Years Old with Training Wheels & Front Hand Brake,Green,Blue,Silver,Pink

If you’re looking out for a simple and robust bike with a no-nonsense appeal, Look no other than Petimini Kids bike. It has a unique styling which matches with girls and boys both. While the bike is available in various colors, the brown color on the handle grip and seat remains the same which looks pretty balanced with all the color options. It has a big chain cover to avoid unnecessary accidents while riding and servicing. The rear wheels have coaster brakes while the front has hand brakes. The side wheels are completely blacked and hence enhances the look of the bike. It has a steel frame which is rigid and has 85% assembled parts.

16. JOYSTAR Whizz Kids Bike with Training Wheels for Ages 2-9 Years Old Boys and Girls, 12 14 16 18 Toddler Bike with Handbrake for Children

This bike is a show stopper. Its single bar frame is thick and can sustain jerks and stress. Its unique proportions of colors are well suited for dynamic demands of kids. The handlebar, tyres, wheel rims, spokes and support wheels are painted in black while the frame is available in various different colors. The simple graphic stickers on the frame adds to the overall appeal of the bike. It has a full chain cover to avoid riding difficulties. It has one of the best quality paint jobs and every single joint is welded perfectly. The front and rear reflectors together with reflectors in wheels offer adequate visibility to surrounding people.

17. Minions 16" Bike with Training Wheels, Yellow

Minions are among kids’ most favourite. They cherish almost everything in the shape of a minion. The Minion bike is a glossy yellow colored bike with a very easy going appeal. The same color is applied on the support wheels as well. It has a visor placed on the U cut of the handle bar which adds to the Minion theme of the bike. The frame of the cycle is rigid and thick enough to sustain heavy loads. The support wheels are rigid and welded nicely for optimum output. The unique and transparent chain cover looks futuristic and different. It has coastal brakes at front and rear and is easy to stop the bike.

18. Schwinn Jasmine Girls Bike with Training Wheels, 16-Inch Wheels, Multiple Colors

This bike has so many colors which make it an ideal choice for a girl. The pink frame is joined together with purple fenders, green rims and handlebar grips. It also has a rubberised flower attached to the handle bar ends. The support wheels are also painted in dual colors. Pedaling in this bike is very easy and smooth and hence doesn’t need much pressure. The height adjustable seat makes it convenient for kids of varied heights. The coaster brakes and handbrake together create a strong braking. The basket at the front has a multiple strip structure that matches the bike’s color. The graphics on chain cover and frame make it an ideal choice for girls.

19. Royalbaby RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle Gifts Children Bikes Inch

The Royal Baby kids bike is exactly as per its name. It is one of the most sportier looking bikes for kids. The frame looks so handsome and it will definitely compliment the swag of your kid. The black rims and handlebar makes it alluring while the bright frames’ color adds to the sturdier appearance. The best part about this bike is the zero curves in the frame to make it look robust. It has the options to connect a fender at the front and rear or a bottle holder at the rear. It comes equipped with support wheels which can be replaced with side stand in the later stage of kid’s practice.

20. PHOENIX KAKU Kids Bike for Boys and Girls, 12 14 16 18 inch with Training Wheels, in Multiple Colors

Phoenix bikes is one of the oldest bike manufacturers and they have a legacy of manufacturing robust and trendy bikes for kids. This bike is a great fit for your kids’ pleasure. It is composed of a sturdier frame that keeps the bike young for many years. It has a smooth chain which is adequate for kids and can be serviced easily. It comes in a small packaging with 85% assembled parts. Perhaps, assembling the remaining parts is also easy and can be done at home using the instruction manual. The high carbon steel structure of the bike is tough and withstands jerks. It has hand brakes in both the wheels. It also has a mini basket at front to carry some utilities.


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