16 Best Natural Eyeliners for Dry Skin

When you want to buy the best eyeliners, it is always advised to opt for natural ones as they will help you look perfect without compromising on quality. Here we will bring to you some of the best natural eyeliners that are currently tending in the market. We are aware of the fact that the options at hand are endless and so you should be willing to check out the details and proceed with the right ones. Long lasting eyeliners made from natural ingredients help repair and improve damaged lashes. Naturally made no smudge eyeliners will also fortify your lashes making them stronger and less prone to breakage.

Most of the natural eyeliners that we will be listing here are made of natural ingredients. Make sure to check out the details duly while deciding the type of eyeliners you need to buy. Often it is one right decision that can help you settle with the perfect makeup product that will help you look good and bring in the right kind of attention as well.

Be willing to explore the different natural eyeliners we have listed here and find the ones that seem to suffice your need in the right manner. The choice of make up products can vary greatly from one individual to the other. This is why we have tried to infuse as much variety as we possibly could.

1. Honest beauty liquid eyeliner

Honeys beauty is one of the top names in the world of beauty. This liquid eyeliner is hailed a sone of the promising options for all makeup lovers. It has a vegan design and is smudge, flake, and even transfer proof. It has no oil and is free of paraben and even carbon black. It is likely to stay out for 8 hours or so and is designed to be cruelty free and even hypoallergenic. The tip of the eyeliner is flexible which means that there will be no flaking or smudging. The quality of the product is spot on and it is also likely to last long as well. 

2. Burt bees natural defining eyeliner

Burt bees is perhaps one of the best and well known brands in the world of beauty. Their natural eyeliner product is hailed to be a really good one that seems to be a promising choice. It comes with a gel like feel which means the kind of shine it will lend to your eyes is spot on. Applying it is really easy as you simply need to swipe it left or right and you will be all set to let your eyes sparkle and shine. It also comes in a high color payoff. 

3. Almay eyeliner pencil

If you are looking for an advanced and cutting edge eyeliner pencil that can give you fine strokes and accentuate your eyes in the perfect manner, this is the eyeliner pencil you need to keep an eye out on. You don’t need to drag as applying it is a piece of cake. It also comes with a waterproof and long stay formula that allows it to stay put for a really long time. The formula is infused with the richness of vitamin E. it is oil free and cruelty free as well.

4. Physicians formula eye definer

Hailing back to the 1930s, physicians formula has managed to create a strong and firm foothold for itself in the world of cosmetic products. Their eyeliner too is hailed to be one of the very best you can look for.  They have been approved by dermatologists and are designed to be cruelty free and safe even for those who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes. It comes with a removable eye pencil sharpener at the end. It is easy to use and glides well and gives the perfect finish to your eyes. 

5. W3LL PEOPLE - Natural Hypnotist Eyeliner

This eyeliner by W3LL PEOPLE has a smooth formula that glides on like magic and you can create a crisp and defined line or smudge and blend the liner for a smoky look. The application is easy and the liner is chemical free as well as non toxic. It is the perfect one for sensitive eyes. This one comes in the shade brown and its adds the required definition to the eyes. The eyeliner application can be adjusted and you can keep it light or dark just as you wish.

6. Au Naturale Organic Eye Liner Pencil

The Au Naturale organic eye liner pencil is available in several gorgeous shades and you can go for the ones that impresses you. The liner is richly pigmented as the color pay off shows amazingly on the lids. It is extremely lightweight and you won’t feel any tugging or weighing down of the lids. The packaging of the liner is nice and decent. It is formulated with natural ingredients. The application is easy and the texture is so smooth that you love defining your eyes with it. Go for it!

7. Ecco Bella Plant-Based Eyeliner Pencil

This plant based eye liner by Ecco Bella comes in a pencil form and the texture is silky smooth. You can either draw fine crisp lines or can also opt for a smoky look by smudging the eyeliner post application. It is not waterproof and thus easy to take off but it also has the ability to stay all day long if not disturbed. The tip of the liner is fine and gives you the freedom to play with your eye looks. You will not feel any pulling or tugging effect post application.

7. Ecco Bella Plant-Based Eyeliner Pencil

This plant based eye liner by Ecco Bella comes in a pencil form and the texture is silky smooth. You can either draw fine crisp lines or can also opt for a smoky look by smudging the eyeliner post application. It is not waterproof and thus easy to take off but it also has the ability to stay all day long if not disturbed. The tip of the liner is fine and gives you the freedom to play with your eye looks. You will not feel any pulling or tugging effect post application.

8. Neutrogena Precision Liquid Eyeliner

This amazing eyeliner is so richly pigmented that your eyes are sure to look dramatic and extra beautiful after application. The texture is super smooth and you can quickly apply the liner to your lash line. It also dries up quickly and thus there is no fading or flakiness to be seen post application. The liner has a long lasting effect and is hypoallergenic and perfect not just for dry eyes but also for sensitive eyes. The applicator of this liner is comfortable to use and so well built that you will love applying this liner to your eyes.

9. Physicians formula eye boosting serum

This is an advanced formula and serves dual purpose of helping you accentuate your eyes with the perfect eyeliner. Along with this, it also enhances and boosts the lashes by acting like a serum. This product is designed to make your lash thick and thereby gives a fuller look. It is rich in pigment and gives precise definition to the eyes and the lashes and is sure to bring you tons of compliments as well. This eyeliner will also last long and won’t smudge easily either. It is hypoallergenic and has been designed even for sensitive skin and will allow you to enjoy the right kind of look and beauty. 

10. Pacifica beauty natural eye pencil

If you are on the lookout for a stylish piece of eye pencil that will look classy wherever you use them, this is the perfect option for you. It is packed with tons of amazing features and is 100% vegan and cruelty free as well. It is rich in natural minerals and helps in adding a smooth and rich coating to the eyes that will make it last long. Be sure that the coat on your eye will look thick, rich and will stay put for long hours. It is also designed to be waterproof and has a buttery application as well. It will glide smoothly.

11. Mia Adora waterproof eyeliner pencil

This amazingly designed eyeliner pencil is your best choice if you are looking for a waterproof design. It is going to last super long and is also completely smudge free. Even when you rub your eyes, the eyeliner won’t smudge or move and will give you the perfect look all across. This eyeliner will accentuate your waterline and gives your eyes a much better and fuller look.  You can apply it with ease and you can team it with mascara to get the perfect cat eye look. 

12. Honeybee gardens eye liner

This stunning eyeliner by Honeybee is one of the top choices for anyone who wants to be sure that they are buying a good one that can bring out the best out of  their eyes. It comes with a smooth formula that helps you make your eyes look a lot fuller. It is free from paraben, and even gluten. It is also vegan and is great even for those who have sensitive eyes. Wearing this eyeliner is a piece of cake and you are sure to enjoy the ease. It is going to last really long too! 

13. Fifth and skin store eyeliner pencil

Made using the best of healing oil and botanical stuff, this eyeliner is completely non toxic and really easy to use. It is made using the best of herbal stuff and gives your eye the perfect look. It is also hypoallergenic and is suited even for those with sensitive eyes. It is reinforced with cocoa butter,  Shea butter, and even jojoba oil as well. It is easy to apply and gives a smooth and long lasting coat. The product is really good to use and you will love how your eyes will shine after wearing it. 

14. Zuzu luxe liquid liner

The zuzu luxe range is known to be one of the very best choices in the field of makeup. This liquid eye liner is no different as it is sure to live up to the brand name. This eyeliner is made with jojoba oil and aids in smooth and easy application on the eyes. This eyeliner also serves the dual function of hydrating your eyes in the right manner too. It is free from paraben, gluten, and other coal tar derivatives too. The water resistant long stay formula means that your eyes are going to look beautiful and the eyeliner will stay put for long. 

15. Neutrogena nourishing eyeliner

If you want the kind of eyeliner that will help your eyes radiate the fountain of youth and at the same time, nourish the eyes and the lashes, this eyeliner by Neutrogena seems to be the perfect pick. It has a creamy texture that will glide smoothly on the eyes and it comes with a built in smudgener and sharpener too. This eyeliner will help you get the smoky eye effect and has been tested by dermatologists and approved as well. It gives you a super thick coating and will last long. 

16. Benecos Natural Eyeliner

For a bold and defined eye makeup, this eyeliner by Benecos has a rich pigmentation. The effect is long lasting and the application is super easy. You will love the liner as it glides smoothly over the lash line and makes the eyes gorgeous looking. The lasting power is long and the liner is fragrance free hence it is also suitable for sensitive eyes and not just dry eyes. It is also enriched with the goodness of jojoba oil and Vitamin E thus is it nourishing and moisturizing too.