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15 Best Wall Mounts for Monitors

When you want to have a proper workstation at home, it is important to start looking for the right kind of wall mounts for monitors. The wall mount is important as they help you align the monitor on the wall and most of them come with the provision to move it at several angles. This fascinates easy viewing angles and also gives you ample space on the desk because the monitor is seated high on the wall.

When you are buying wall mounts, it is absolutely important to ensure that you choose a good quality one. This is because the last thing you want is to discover that your monitor falls down and this is simply going to create more mess than what you had signed for.

So, you need to check the details of the wall mounts for monitors we have listed. Also, look at the kind of tilts, angles they can offer and you have to keep an eye on the budget factor. With all these points in mind, you will have to carefully make an informed buying decision. So, find the design and variety of wall mount that seems to be best suited for your needs. 

1. Huanuo Monitor Wall Mount

Have an organized and spacious desktop by installing this wall mount and ultimately freeing up the desktop space. With the ability to support monitors size ranging from 24 to 35 inches, this wall mount can hold a maximum weight capacity of 26 lbs. You will get complete motion adjustment like rotate, swivel, tilt etc. This ensures that you always get the correct viewing angle. Functioning on gas spring system, you can also adjust the height of the monitor and set it to the level that is comfortable for your use.

2. WALI Dual LCD Monitor Wall Mount

The Wali LCD monitor wall mount can be bought with a single arm as well as dual arm design. It works on the gas spring mechanism and you can adjust the tension of the gas spring as per the weight of your attached monitor. Supporting up to 27 inches of monitors, this wall mount will let you work more comfortable by providing the best and the favorable viewing angle as well as monitor height. This wall mount also ensures proper cable management and the set up does not look messy once the wall mount is installed.

3. NB North Bayou Full Motion Monitor Wall Mount

Available in two classy finishes, you can select either black or silver one as per your existing interior set up. This wall mount bracket can hold monitors having dimension 24 to 35 inches and a maximum load of 26.5 lbs. The wall mount initially holds the monitor at a distance of 3.9 inches from the wall but you can extend the distance up to 17.5 inches and set it as per your needs. Adjusting the tension depending on the size and weight of the monitor is easy. The bracket also allows rotation, swivel and height adjustment.

4. Amazon Basics Premium Wall Mount

The Amazon Basics wall mount having a premium built quality is an amazing one to hold monitors weighing 5 lbs to a maximum of 25 lbs. You can easily tilt, extend, retract as well as rotate the arm for better viewing angles or for shifting to portrait from landscape mode. The assembly and installation is easy and simple as you get the required hardwares along with the product. The arm that holds the monitor can be adjusted easily and you can get the most ergonomic position of the monitor that will help in a stress free work schedule.

5. Huanuo Dual Monitor Wall Mount

Quite an easy and simple task to install, this wall mount supports two monitors together. The compatibility is wide as it can hold both flat as well as curved monitors ranging from 17 to 27 inches in size. This is an absolute space saving tool as you get your desktop space for keeping other stuff. This wall mount makes office jobs or any other monitor related work comfortable as you can set the angle as well as height as per your requirement. Installing this wall mount is an easy task as you will get the hardware along with it.

6. ErGear Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

Supporting flat as well as curved monitor screens, this wall mount bracket has a maximum load holding capacity of 17.6 lbs. You can adjust the angle and height of the arm so that you get an ergonomic working posture and thus a healthy living. The bracket also supports arm extension and retraction so that you can adjust the distance of the monitor from the wall as per your choice. Compatible with monitors having a screen size of 17 to 32 inches, this one by ErGear is one of the best wall mounts brackets available.

7. NB North Bayou Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

For a hassle free viewing, gaming or working experience, opt for this monitor wall mount bracket by NB North Bayou. Adjusting the swivel, tilt angles, height, rotation degrees and the distance of the monitor from the wall is so easy with this bracket that you can do it in seconds. Adjusting everything as per your requirement gives you a personalized feel and you can have the monitor adjusted exactly how you want it to be. Tension adjustment is also simple with this bracket. You will find adjustable clips along the bracket body and it allows free and easy movement of cables too.

8. Huanuo Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

This modern looking wall mount bracket not only provides you more space on your desktop but it also adds up to the overall feel and look of your work area. With the ability to hold monitors from 17 to 32 inches in size, this bracket comes with a concealed cable management that makes your workspace look more sophisticated and well organized. You get easy rotation, swivel, tilt as well as height adjustments. You can also quickly adjust the damping when required. The load bearing capacity of the bracket is 3.3 to 17.6 lbs.

9. VIVO Pneumatic Extended Arm Single Monitor Wall Mount

Having an alloy steel make, this single monitor wall mount by VIVO has a clean and smart look with integrated cable management that adds to the sophistication. Compatible with monitors ranging from 17 to 27 inches in size, this wall mount bracket helps in making more space on your table for other stuff and you also get multiple viewing angles with easy swivel as well as tilt angle adjustments. Simple and easy to install and set up, you will get mostly all the required tools. Go for it and have the monitor set up as per your personal requirements.

10. Mount-It! Monitor Wall Mount Arm

Giving you the option to adjust the swivel, tilt angles, rotation angle as well as height of the monitor screen, this wall mount can be fully adjusted as per your needs and requirements. You can also extend the arm up to 19 inches from the wall and retract it back when required. The bracket is very easy to install and you will get the instructions as well as tools along with the product. It can hold any monitor up to 32 inches of size and it one of the best options to have.

11. Pipishell Store Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

Be it your work monitor, gaming monitor or TV, this wall mount bracket can conveniently hold any of these having size between 13 to 42 inches. The maximum load lifting capacity of the bracket is 44 lbs. After installation and mounting your monitor, you can retract it by 2.2 inches and extend up to 14.5 inches as per your needs. Apart from all this, this wall mount also features 360 degrees of rotation and you can easily shift between portrait and landscape modes. Also, it supports 180 degrees of swivel thus giving you perfect viewing angles.

12. VIVO Height Adjustable 17 to 32 inch Single Monitor Articulating Wall Mount

Built out of sturdy steel, this articulating wall mount is one of its kind and supports both curved as well as flat screen monitors with sizes ranging from 17 to 2 inches. You will get to adjust the swivel, tilt as well as rotation angles and you can set everything as per your preference. This is a complete space saving design as you will get the desk space cleared for additional stuff. You can adjust the monitor height by moving it up to around 3.3 inches and down to around 3 inches.

13. VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Monitor

The VideoSecu wall mount is made out of high quality alloy steel and is sturdy enough to hold monitors having up to 40 inches of size. The movements are fully adjustable as it provides 360 degrees of rotation, 180 degrees of swivel and also 5 degrees of tilt motion. You will have your monitor mounted on the wall just like you want. This bracket also allows easy retraction and extension of the arm so that you can adjust the distance of the monitor from the wall. You can also easily adjust the level once the bracket is installed.

14. PERLESMITH Heavy Duty TV Wall Mount

It is time to customize your TV viewing experience by setting up this wall mount by Perlesmith that supports both curved as well as flat screen TVs. Having a strong and sturdy built quality, this wall mount can be tilted, rotated, swivelled and adjusted in every sense possible just to give you the correct and desired viewing angle. Supporting 32 to 55 inches of monitors, this wall mount can carry a load of maximum 88 lbs. The arm is easily retractable and you can adjust the monitor distance as per your preference.

15. VideoSecu Tilt Rotation TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

A simple wall mount bracket, this one by VideoSecu has 40 lbs of maximum load bearing limit. It is easy to install and the powder coated alloy steel body makes it extra durable and sturdy. The bracket keeps 2 inches of space between the monitor and the wall and this in turns allows the body to cool after hours of continuous use. You ca also slightly tilt the monitor and adjust the viewing angle for the best viewing experience. Supporting TV and other monitor mounting, this bracket is an amazing option for people who prefer a simple mounting tool.