15 Best Vintage Suitcases you can Buy

When you are out travelling, you will surely need to buy several suitcases because how else would you travel without items to load your baggage. Some people are very particular about the type of suitcase they are buying and one of the trendiest choice at the moment has to be vintage suitcases.

In the category of vintage suitcases, you are going to be impressed with the kind of whopping variety that you will get to see. Make sure that you always emphasise on the quality while buying and then the overall style, form factor and the print as well. When you make it a point to explore these details, it is sure to aid you in making a good purchase. These suitcase is as just as important as the process of packing, as it is the protective layer for your clothes and establishes the amount you can carry with you.

There is no dearth of brands and options as far as vintage suitcases are concerned. They will come in a lot of sizes and thereby the budget too is going to span a wide bracket. This is why you have to make sure that you are picking the kind of suitcase that will perfectly suit your travel need and at the same time, will gel with the kind of travelling personality that you have as well.

1. Vintiquewise Vintage Suitcase

If you are looking for something that can add to the old charm look and retro appearance of your space, this Vintiquewise Vintage Suitcase is the perfect choice. You can showcase it as a piece of décor, store essential items in it, or use it as a display. The trim of the suitcase features faux leather that adds to the classic and retro look. This suitcase has a sturdy strong wooden make. It is spacious enough to store items and valuables which in turn will aid in keeping your room organized and well settled.

2. Jewelkeeper Vintage Suitcase

Carrying the vintage grace, this suitcase is your apt solution for better organization thus keeping the room neat and up to date. You can easily place it under a table or keep it stacked in your work space thus giving you an easier and convenient storage option. This suitcase can be put to many uses like presenting a wedding gift inside it, using it as a baby shower gift, or as a display in kid’s birthday party. It is a wonderful piece for craft lovers as it can be used for storing sewing as well as knitting supplies. It is crafted with high-quality paperboard and features a shiny finish.

3. UNIWALKER Vintage Suitcase

Made out of premium quality PU leather, the Uniwalker suitcase has a vintage feel and features a classic design. The classy piece is lightweight, durable and also waterproof. The base of this suitcase stands on four 360-degree spinner wheels that provide smooth mobility in all directions. It also comes with a telescopic handle with which you can adjust it to different heights and feel comfortable while rolling the suitcase. The 3 digit combination lock on this suitcase if flawless and provides security to the user. There is mesh pocket in the interior that provides for extra and convenient storage.

4. CO-Z Vintage Suitcase

If you love suitcases that can be effortlessly rolled in all directions, you do not have to look any further. The 4 spinner wheels at the base glide like magic. This suitcase also features 2 TSA locks that provide ultimate security and a telescopic handle that adds to the comfort of the user. There are numerous pockets designed in the interior that aid in perfect organization, storage, and sorting of the stuff. You will be the center of attraction while using this suitcase in the public. The color options are blue, white, and pink thus making this piece apt for both men and women.

5. Urecity Vintage Suitcase

Handcrafted with precision, this suitcase is made out of durable PU leather material and is long lasting. You can easily adjust the height of the suitcase with the help of the telescopic handle . The suitcase also has two handles one on the top and the other at the side that helps in better handling. It is completely waterproof, and easy to clean as well as maintain. The border of the suitcase features a rose gold aluminum frame that not only looks elegant but also offers great sealing support. The lining is made out of polyester and the multiple storage compartments come in handy while sorting and stuffing the suitcase.

6. Deco 79 56976 Vintage Suitcase

This set of 3 suitcase boxes are made out of MDF board and features a matte leather finish thus providing a vintage look and adding to the already classic style of the suitcase. The brown color enhances the vintage feel and you will love the charming effect. This set seems to have been specially curated for people who are fond of retro or rustic-inspired decor pieces. It will enhance the overall appeal of your space. Apt for both home and office, these suitcases have ample storage space. The metal edges and the leather straps make these suitcases all the more sturdy and durable.

7. Unitravel Vintage Suitcase

Having a high-quality PU leather make and fine grainy finish, this vintage suitcase has a  fantabulous appearance couple with attractive looks. It is resistant to scratches and very easy to maintain as well as clean thus adding to its durability and longevity. For safety purposes, the suitcase is equipped with a 3-digit combination lock which you can set up easily. It is also quite simple to reset the combination as and when you desire. You will love the breathable polyester lining and the mesh pocket that can hold small little stuff. The reinforced corners make the suitcase extra durable.

8. Rosetti Vintage Suitcase

This lightweight and expandable suitcase is available in gorgeous burgundy and leaf colors. This piece is absolutely perfect for domestic as well as international travels. Featuring  telescopic handle you can roll the suitcase like a boss as it reduces the stress on the user’s arms thus helping in easy dragging and pulling. The wheels glide easily and offer easy rolling to the user. The wheels also add to the balance and stability thus enhancing the overall built quality and strength of the suitcase. Made from polyester fabric, this suitcase will give you an upscaled feeling.

9. COTRUNKAGE Vintage Suitcase

Exuding elegance, this retro-style suitcase will make you stand out always. You can pull out the top handle to multiple heights as per your convenience. This in turn will let you easily hold the suitcase easing out any pressure on the arms. The handle is crafted out of a lightweight alloy that is not very strong, durable and anti corrosive. It also does not fade easily thus adding to the value of the suitcase. You will love the 4 spinner wheels that promote mobility and have a silent mechanism.

10. Okuna Outpost Vintage Suitcase

Having a versatile design, this suitcase can be aligned artistically on the countertop, decorated on your dresser, or kept on the table to add to your home decor and store valuables too . It can be used for storing in crafts, as gift boxes, to organize cosmetics, preserving keepsakes, and also for keeping important papers. It is thus apt for both home and office use. It is a set of 3 suitcases but each one can be used individually or you can keep them stacked like a tower if you are looking to save space. The outer surface made of  high quality paper coupled with silver alloy hardware makes these suitcases durable.

11. SLPR Vintage Suitcase

Comprising of two small old-style suitcases this classic set will make a gorgeous decor piece or you can also use it as a make shift side table when not using it for storage purpose. These suitcases carry a vibe that is sure to uplift the mood of your space. Apart from jazzing up your living space, these suitcases also provide ample space for storing lots of stuff like books, tools, accessories etc. You can also preserve your keepsakes or precious souvenirs bought from travel. You get the option to use these as individual suitcases, stack them onto one another or also one inside the other when not in use.

12. Herschel Vintage Suitcase

Constructed from sturdy and durable ABS material, this vintage suitcase from the house of Herschel is rigidly strong and capable of standing against the odds. The floral print adds a charm and makes this suitcase a perfect piece for retro lovers. The interior is sectioned into two equal halves featuring a zippered mesh storage on one side and cross-strapped design for particularly keeping garments in place. You can organize plenty of little stuff in the mesh side. The retractable handle is easy to adjust and you can set three different height adjustments as per your needs.

13. Wald Imports Vintage Suitcase

Crafted out of paperboard material and featuring attractive map print, this suitcase would make a great gifting option. The faux leather handle as well as brass snaps add a sense of elegance to this otherwise rustic piece. In order to enhance the overall appeal of the suitcase, rivet accents have been added on the handle as well as the body of the suitcase. You will love the perfect blend of the brown faux leather and the off white stitch details. The suitcase can be used to add a touch of elegance to your decor or can be used to store little things.

14. Cargo Vintage Suitcase

All the retro style lovers out there, take a look at this vintage inspired suitcase set. It can hold essentials, little items, etc. you can also use it as a beautiful gift box or organise and store your craft supplies. Having a fiberboard make, the suitcases are sure to have a long life. Both the exterior as well as the interior has been given a colorful lacquer finish that looks gorgeously beautiful. You can use the sturdy metal handle to carry the suitcase in your hands if required. The contrasting stitch details is adding a finishing touch to these lovely suitcases.

15. Urecity Vintage Suitcase

Highlighted with an aluminium border, this suitcase has a sturdy built and it has also got elegant looks. To add more strength and stability to the design, rivets have been carefully attached to the piece. It is also uplifting the overall appeal of this suitcase. The guarded corners have been achieved with the help of special three dimensional sewing mechanism. This lightweight suitcase can be easily carried with the help of the sturdy handle securely attached to the body. You can pick from the vast range of colors available. Go for this piece if you are looking for a lovely gift for friends and family.