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15 Best Universal Adapters

One of the most irritating things when travelling overseas is to find that your charger plug isn’t compatible with the socket. This is the reason, most people who tend to travel a lot will end up buying universal adapters. They are a handy choice and a lifesaver as they come with different kinds of holes which can support all kinds of sockets. Along with this, it is mostly seen that these adapters can connect multiple devices together. So, you will be able to connect different devices to a single socket and charge them on the go without bothering to wait for one of them to be fully charged These too come in a lot of different designs and power rating.

The universal adapters are made in such a way so that people can use it anywhere, despite of which country you are heading for (100V-250V-50/60Hz). This is probably the reason why the Universal Travel Adapters are so popular. So we will advise you to keep an eye out on the specifics and then decide the kind of adapter you are looking to buy for yourself. They aren’t too expensive so we will recommend to emphasize strongly on quality because this will ensure that they will last really long and will give you the best return on your money. If you are looking for the best travel friendly device, packing an adapter seems to be a smart move.

1. EPICKA Universal Adapter

This universal adapter is so designed that it is supported in more than 150 countries all over the world and this includes top nations like USA, UK, and more. It comes with a universal style and design and thereby supports varied kinds of plug-in options. To add to this, it comes with 4 USB ports. This means that you have the ability to charge as many as six devices in one go. The first set of ports facilitates faster charging while the remaining two charge comparatively slower and are best suited for phones.

2. SublimeWare Universal Adapter

This adapter has been designed to charge as many as 4 devices in one go and this can include devices like laptop, iPad, dslr camera and more. It comes with multiple port and 4 of the USB ports have a power rating of 3500mA. The design of this adapter is such that it will lock and unlock all the 8 pins that are present securely into their respective position. It is mainly a safe diem converter that will convert 220v to 110v easily and vice versa without creating any form of over heating.

3. NEWVANGA Universal Adapter

This adapter is so designed that it is suited in more than 150 countries and this includes some of the top nations as well. It comes with built in shutters which comes in handy to add enhanced safety measure as this will prevent the user from coming in direct contact with the live parts on the socket outlet. It also comes with five different kinds of input plugs as well and this ensures that it will be tightly connected. It also comes with dual charging ports which enjoys a wide degree of compatibility. This adapter comes with a maximum power rating of 6A

4. Bluegogo Universal Adapter

This adapter comes in several colors and enjoys compatibility in as many as 150 countries all over the world. This means that no matter where you need to go, if you have this adapter you won’t have to worry about the charger anymore. It is compatible with almost all kinds of usb devices and is a great choice. The adapter comes with a power rating of 6A and it also has several safety features like led power indicator, safety shutters, fuse protects and so on. It works with most devices and enjoy a high degree of compatibility.

5. Unidapt Universal Adapter

This adapter is known for sporting the best of multifunctional design and it comes in handy for the sake of ensuring that all of the user’s device can be fully charged when they are travelling without having to carry different kinds of sockets. It comes with a really easy to use design as all you need to do is push the black button and the plug will be seamlessly inserted. The pushing out mechanism is similarly easy as well. It enjoys a wide degree of compatibility with several different devices. It is also made of the best flameproof material.

6. Belker Universal Adapter

This adapter comes with the unique ability to set the voltage just as you want. It can fit different kinds of devices with the help of a little key. It also comes with several different output and the maximum of them is 1A. Mostly all devices which have a power rating equal to or less than 12W are going to be supported with this adapter. It comes with 8 premium plugs and this also includes a micro usb plug as well. This comes in handy for charging smaller electronics on the go.

7. FIREOR Universal Adapter

This universal adapter comes with 4 USB ports and it also has an all in one socket as well. This infers that when you are using this adapter, you will be able to charge 5 devices in one go. It makes use of the intelligent charge technology and this helps it identify devices automatically and at the same time, it delivers the best suited current to it. This in turn ensures the most optimised level of charging and enjoys a wider degree of compatibility and can be used nearly in all countries across the world.

8. TENACHI Universal Adapter

This adapter comes with a really compact design and it also has the ability to convert the plug present on the device to the type of plug which may be needed by you. It comes with a really simple design that can be put in sans hassles. Operating this adapter is a piece of cake and it is suited in as many as 150 countries across the world. The current rating of this adapter varies from 6 to 13A and the voltage is going to fluctuate from 120 to 240V. It also comes with the provision of safety shutters which means that it will prevent the users from coming in direct contact with the live wire.

9. inShareplus Universal Adapter

This adapter suits both AC and DC and has varied rating for each of the configuration. There are as many as 8 interchangeable tips that are present in it and this feature makes it suited to 95% or the home appliances and thereby makes it a very robust choice. The DC plug that is a part of this adapter comes with positive and negative polarity options and is therefore irreversible. Not only this, it makes use of advanced secure technique too which means that there is an all round protection from different issues like short circuits.

10. Ceptics Universal Adapter

This universal adapter are just slightly larger than the prongs which they convert. They are designed to be super economical, small, and simple in design. This means it is best suited to those who want to have an easy to carry adapter and even those who have a multi port usb wall charger too. It comes with three of the common international plugs along with the US plugs as well. This adapter enjoys a wide degree of compatibility in several different nations and thereby helps people have a right item.

11. Insten Universal Adapter

Regardless of where you are, this travel adapter has been designed to power up the different devices of the users without any hassles. It comes in a stylish and sleek design that is super compact and thereby increases the ease of portability and doesn’t take up storage space either. By using this adapter, you will be able to charge several devices at one go and it enjoys compatibility in more than 150 countries. It is also integrated with the right kind of safety design and this means that it will keep users safe even in cases like over heating.

12. ALITOVE Universal Adapter

This adapter comes with a maximum power output of 6A and has the best of configuration and comes even with varied DC output. It comes with as many as 14 interchangeable tips and this in turn ensures that it is suited for several appliances which fall in the 12 to 24V range. It comes with a 2A port that supports 5V and so you can use this adapter to charge a flurry of devices. It also comes with 2.2k cable which means you can connect devices at faraway places.

13. SLMASK Universal Adapter

This adapter is upgraded with the best of advanced feature and it is supported in as many as 150 countries. This also includes some of the top nations like USA, UK, and more. It also comes with the best of charging solution that is suited for worldwide travelling. It comes with 4 types of plugs and 4 USB ports as well. This adapter is so designed that it will automatically detect any device and ensure that it charges it optimally at the right level. It also has the safety feature integrated to it.

14. MINGTONG Universal Adapter

If you tend to travel a lot, this is one of the adapters you need to have. It helps in converting the power outlet and is very well designed. It comes with the finest safety features and enhancements as it has fuse protectors, led light indicators, safety shutters and more. It also comes with dual USB ports too which makes it suited for use with several devices. Even small appliances can be charged easily using this adapter on the go. It is surely a compact. handy, and economical choice.

15. Amazon Basics Universal Adapter

This adapter has been designed for international travelling purposes and it comes with five interchangeable plugs which means that it is suited for most countries all across the globe. It comes with dual outlets and this in turn is equipped to deliver 100 to 240V of power to the different devices. There are 2 usb chargers as well and it makes use of smart charging technology which allows it to detect the different devices and adjust the current output in the right manner. It is perfect for frequent travels and when you have several devices to be charged.



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