15 Best Small TV Stands

Small TV stands are available in different styles, materials, colors, and designs. What makes them an added benefit is the space they provide to store magazines, books, audio, and video DVDs, and more. The layout and the availability of the space change according to the model and its importance.

With the flat TV screen’s becoming the new normal, owning the best TV stand will help you fit everything and execute the plan flawlessly. Given that the televisions’ base has become small and occupies less space, contrary to the older generation TVs, upgrading the TV stand to the newest model is essential. While most TV stands are designed to sit flush against a wall, meaning that you have to give up half or more of one wall in your living room, some are designed for corner use.

The options are plenty to choose from: corner, rectangle base, portable, including tiered. As you will find it tedious and tiresome to search and identify the right product for your television, we researched the best small TV stands. The list consists of corner, portable, and tiered stands. You can go through the details and learn about the features and specifications. Based on your requirement and the television that you own, you can choose the one that sits perfectly in your house. Ensure that you are keeping your options open to select an appropriate model for your television.

1. FURINNO Turn-N-Tube 2-Tier Elevated TV Stand

A comfortable viewing spot is what you need when you are watching your flatscreen television. The 2-tier elevated TV stand from FURINNO provides you the exact spot of viewing a TV. The comfortable sizing ensures to fit any TV along with entertainment centers. The shelf helps you store added entertainment elements along with your TV. What makes it to the top spot is the design and the no-tool requirement for fixing the stand. The round edges provide a better finishing to the structure and prevent accidents. The table can hold onto a TV measuring 25-inches with a weight of 20lbs.

2. IRIS USA MDB-3SW Modular TV Stand

IRIS USA delivers everyday solutions. The modular TV stand from the company is an excellent addition to any room. The classical layout gives plenty of room to place the television on the surface and all the AV equipment. The best feature of the product is its ability to assemble quickly. The television stand can accommodate 32-inch television with a maximum weight of 44lbs. The product has holes in the backboard for a comfortable arrangement of the cords. The wooden material ensures longevity and helps you create the perfect entertainment space in the house.

3. FURINNO Beginning TV Stand

FURINNO focuses on manufacturing products that fit spaces and budget. The beginning TV stand is an excellent choice if you are running tight on money. It is the simplest of all and hosts a contemporary design that accommodates televisions with a maximum screen size of 37-inches. The bottom shelf provides ample space to place all the entertainment equipment related to the television. The table uses particle board as the ingredient, which withstands both strength and durability. The weight tolerance is of 88lbs, making it suitable for holding television, AV components, and gaming consoles.

4. Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand

There would be nothing more you can ask for your flatscreen television – a universal swiveling TV stand.  Hemudu made sure that you had everything in a single stand: height adjustment and swivel, making it the right pick for your complete entertainment requirement. The heavy-duty steel frame with 8mm tempered glass accommodates most models of the brands. The 100-degree swivel feature is unique and provides a better sitting posture. You can increase the height of the base and lock it with the safety screw system.

5. FURINNO Turn-S-Tube 3-Tier Square TV Stand

If space and budget are what you are searching for in a TV stand, pick the Turn-S-tube model from FURINNO. The three-tier television stand offers you ample room when compared with the rest. The TV placement provides you the best viewing angle, giving you the needed comfort while watching the TV or playing a game. The shelves are open and help you accommodate all the audio and video components you can hook with the television. The composite wood is sturdy and quick to assemble. The round edge finish ensures no accidents, while the stand bears a maximum weight of 75lbs in total.

6. FURINNO Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier TV Stand

What else could you ask for when you have a TV stand with four shelves? The room that you have is sufficient to stack all your entertainment equipment, gaming consoles, DVDs, and other items along with your flatscreen television on the top. The viewing angle is perfect, and you will have a relaxed view of the angle, which is an ideal requirement in today’s space. Installation is a simple procedure. The wooden shelves stack on each other at the preferred height, and you will be using the PVC tubes for the arrangement. The unit holds up to a 25-inch screen size.

7. FITUEYES Swivel TV Stand

A universal swiveling TV stand provides enormous options to adjust your television according to the need. The FITUEYES uses a heavy-duty stainless-steel body to give better support to the TVs. The frame accommodates screen sizes from 27 to 55-inches with six different height adjustments. What makes the design excellent is the cable management system, which lets you arrange the cords with ease. The stand also gives you a choice to swivel the unit between -30 degrees to +30 degrees. Therefore, based on your use and point of view, you can tilt the screen for comfortable viewing.

8. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Tier TV Stand

Convenience Concepts focuses on contemporary designs. The 3-tier TV stand is an excellent addition to the home, where space and modern outlook is essential. You can optimize the area and arrange all the entertainment equipment with precision. Fashioned with particle board shelves, stainless-steel poles, and plastic feet, the TV stand withstands time and endurance. The finishing requires you to spend only a few minutes and without much use of tools, and you are good to go. It can hold onto a TV unit with a maximum screen size of 32-inches.

9. TAVR Universal Swivel TV Stand

You would be having everything at your disposal when you own a universal swivel TV stand. The TAVR stand is one such product, allowing you to accommodate flat TVs to a maximum screen dimension of 65-inches. Additionally, swivel and height adjustment features enable you to adjust the stand according to the TV and the preferred viewing angle, giving you complete comfort. The sturdy construction can manage a weight of 110lbs. The cable management system is another feature, allowing you to arrange all the entertainment cables to perfection.

10. mDesign Fabric Storage TV Stand

mDesign was born to produce quality, stylish, and durable home products. The modern TV stand features fabric storage units, providing ample space to store utilities and other entertainment goods. The steel frame of the structure is rigid and offers enhanced support to the TV unit. The permissible weight of the TV is 70lbs, while you can place up to 25lb in each of the storage compartments. The middle shelf allows up to a maximum weight of 40lb. Therefore, you can store all the entertainment equipment in one place, either in the hall or bedroom.

11. Winsome Wood Zena Entertainment Espresso

Winsome has a genuine name for producing and delivering solid wood products since 1977. You can use the Zena entrainment espresso to reclaim floor space. The corner TV stand is ideal for placing everything in the corner: the TV, DVD player, speakers, and gaming console. The simplicity and versatility help you put it in any room of the house. The stand can hold a television measuring 27-inches and comes equipped with an open shelf. It also has a pull-down door to store entertainment components, DVDs, and other goods.

12. Modway Render Mid-Century Low Profile TV Stand

The low-profile TV stand from Modway is an excellent addition to your home. Not only it adds elegance but also offers incredible support to your flatscreen television and other A/V equipment. The slatted sliding doors open the storage space where you can store your gear. The tapered legs leave no mark behind and ensure stability. The superior construction of the system accommodates a television with a maximum screen size of 59-inches. The use of natural wood grain laminate with center cable management gives you everything that you expect from a well-established elegant-looking TV stand.

13. FURINNO Turn-N-Tube TV Stand

FURINNO is always innovating and bringing out products that are ready-to-assemble and use. The Turn-N-Tube TV stand is one such entity that gives you the chance to store and organize things in the living room. You can adjust the height using the tube and panel system. You can place the shelving unit in any room and accommodate all your entertainment equipment with ease. The wooden platform ensures stability and durability, while the PVC tubes offer resistance and long life. Together, they provide the best TV stand your money can buy. The TV stand accommodates TVs up to 25-inches.

14. Convenience Concepts Big Sur Highboy TV Stand

The Big Sur Highboy TV stand is suitable for your home if you want to present an elegant atmosphere. The well-designed product is quick to assemble and requires little or no tools. The TV stand is a blend of the traditional layout with a modern approach. For instance, the rear platform consists of big holes through which you can arrange the cables of the different equipment you will be storing. The closed-door shelves protect while giving the classical feeling in the room. The stand has a long life due to pine and birch veneer use.

15. Walker Edison Universal TV Console

If you are settling down in your home forever, bring home the Walker Edison universal TV console. The timeless design is capable of accommodating flatscreen televisions up to 65-inches. What makes the TV stand different from the rest of the models is the addition of an 18-inch electric fireplace at the center. You can control the LED flames and heat separately, making it an ideal choice for bringing warmth into the home. The two sides give you ample storage room for different media equipment. The shelves are adjustable and come with soft close hinges.