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15 Best Puffer Jackets for Men

Talking in favor of most human beings, we can take a hot summer day anytime! But when it comes to the bone-chilling weather that takes the temperature to minus degrees, we grab whatever we can to add the extra layer and warmth.

If you’re like me and believe in investing in some high-quality winter layers, I have something for you here. As you must have already inferred, we will talk about puffer jackets here. We all love a puffer jacket and I am pretty sure people living in extremely cold areas have at least one in their closet.

Well, not only does a puffer jacket give you extra protection against winter, but it is also a very practical yet stylish piece of outerwear that you must invest in. The outer protection and insulation on the inside make a puffer jacket perfect for extremely chilly days. This insulation is a result of filling made of duck or geese feathers, called down. That’s why this jacket is also called a Down Jacket.

The first puffer jacket was designed accidentally when back in the 1930s, its creator was stuck in a fishing excursion and was about to freeze to death. He took some quilted fabric and duct tape to create a puffer jacket and the idea saves his life. So, now, you have the idea why the jacket is designed the way it is – because it is practical and it really works.

So, let’s get straight to the point now and give you what you came looking for. Even if it’s not snowing in your area anymore, these jackets come in handy when you’re traveling to a colder place. Through extensive research, I have gathered a list of the 15 best puffer jackets for men that you can count on even in extreme weather:

1. Tommy Hilfiger Classic Hooded Puffer Jacket

Calling out all Tommy fans, here is your investment piece! A timeless puffer jacket with a classic design and the trust of Tommy, this one is a must-buy! The jacket is made of nylon to block the cold out and the collar is lined with fleece to keep it warm during the cold days. It has a pull-on zip closure and comes with a hood to give your head protection against cold and snow too. The tiny Tommy logo can be seen on the left chest of the jacket for that authentic and classic look.

2. The North Face Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Puffer Jacket

When it comes to finding the best winter gear, you can knock on the doors of The North Face any time and never be disappointed. From the house of a brand that knows what it is doing, this puffer jacket is the puffiest you can ever get. Whiles this jacket saves you from the chilly city days, it will help you face the snowiest days in the mountains as well. The jacket is made from quality ripstop fabric on the outside for added protection from cold and chill. It also gives amazing wind protection.

3. Columbia Men’s Centennial Creek Down Hooded Jacket

This one from Columbia is a down jacket that provides protection against cold, rain, wind, and snow. This jacket contains a patented Omni-Heat Reflective lining that manages body heat in such a manner that it retains body heat and keeps you warm. Along with that, the fabric is breathable that also doesn’t let you build up moisture inside the jacket. This is an investment piece as it will last you for many seasons. This will provide you with extra warmth and comfort while softening the appearance of even the most fierce style.

4. Calvin Klein Men’s Alternative Down Puffer Jacket

If you’re looking for puffer jackets to gift someone or if you actually want to invest in a high-quality piece – this is your cue! From the house of the reputed Calvin Klein, this jacket will last you for ages. With the classic puffer jacket design, this one is a perfect fit to be worn casually or formally. On heavy snow days or chilly windy days, this jacket will save your life. With a zipper closure, two lower welt pockets, and rib-knit storm cuffs, this jacket flaunts a classic look and the small CK logo adds to its luxury.

5. Marmot Men’s Stockholm Down Puffer Jacket

Ideal for the urban winter season, this puffer jacket is ideal for casual style. The down-proof high-quality fabric gives insulation and warmth along with keeping your style game up. The outer glossy fabric of this jacket is Down Defender-treated for more warmth when it snows or rains. The jacket comes with a removable hood. The jackets comes with patterned material, exciting colors like Rocket Red, Steel, Surf, Jet Black ands as well as more standard shades of tan and black as well.

6. Eddie Bauer Men’s Peak XV Down Jacket

If you’re looking for a technically-sound jacket, this is the one for you. Certified by RDS (Responsible Down Standard) and by the Control Union, this jacket has all the qualities a good puffer jacket should have. It is made with the I-Beam Baffle Construction technique, which helps eliminate all cold spots and maintains the down distribution evenly. The hand pockets at the front are lined with tricot for added warmth. You have to take the trouble to look for the right one that serves two purposes. The first is that it should keep you warm and the second is that it should also help you look attractive when you wear it. This one fulfills both.

7. Save the Duck Giga 9 Jacket

The brand’s name must have given you some idea about what they do. Well, they save the duck, which means, they create down jackets without the feathers from ducks or geese. So, what do they use? They use PLUMTECH, a padding material created to imitate the fluffiness of natural down and give the same advantages. This technological thermal lining is revolutionary and is made from recycled plastic. This light and sleek silhouette keeps you comfortable without having adding too a lot bulk, so it is the suitable item to sport through individuals crisp days of fall prior to the winter chill sets in.

8. Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Packable Puffer Jacket

Do you love traveling and camping? If yes, you will love this jacket! The major reason besides all others is that it is a packable jacket, which makes it easy to carry when you’re traveling. Available in many colors, this jacket is ideal for winter weather and has the trusted name of Amazon. The jacket has a stand-up collar and elastic cuffs for cold protection. It can easily be folded and packed for easy carrying. It offers you should be as lean as possible and the jacket should be a good fit.

9. DESCENTE Deon Down Ski Jacket

If you’re a ski lover, this jacket is specially made for you. With the top reviews for their ski-suitable and technically sound winter wear, Descente has the trust of many consumers. The brand is known to back several athletes from Japan and delivers top-quality products, including this jacket. This jacket is highly waterproof and keeps you warm all day long with quality down insulation. So, forget the worries of being cold and focus on skiing. If you are looking for something more stylish you could select this as it comes with attractive but which has an attractive glossy sheen.

10. ZSHOW Men’s Winter Padded Puffer Vest

It’s been years that puffer vests have taken over the markets, making them a wardrobe staple for many people during the winter season. A puffer vest is a perfect choice when the weather is warming up a little. This one from ZSHOW is a super stylish option that comes with a detachable hood. The jacket is insulated with hand-plugged cotton padding that keeps you warm. The jacket is waterproof and wind-resistant, making it ideal for traveling, camping, skiing, hiking, and whatnot.

11. Wantdo Men’s Winter Puffer Jacket

Made from high-density oxford fabric, this jacket by Wantdo is another option that is filled with thick hand-plugged cotton. Thus, the jacket promises added warmth, comfort, and a toasty feel. The jacket comes in a color-block design with a 3-piece detachable hood that also features faux fur.  Long puffed sleeves with ribbed coughs will help keep the wind and cold away from your arms as well. How your long puffer jacket looks on you will also depend on what you wear it with. A pair of skinny jeans or pants looks best.

12. 32 Degrees Men’s Down Lightweight Jacket

For comfortable layering during the chilliest days, this oversized jacket will help as the must-have extra layer to save you from the cold. The jacket is water-resistant, making it ideal for rainy and snowy days. The other plus is that it is a packable jacket and comes with a pouch. Thus, it is ideal for traveling and carrying in your bag. The RDS-certified jacket gives the needed warmth and gives a comfortable fit. This product has managed to hold its own by still providing a fashionable product that still manages to be as functional as it should be.

13. Lanmay Men’s Ultralight Packable Hooded Down Jacket

Another lightweight and packable option, this one from Lanmay is a good option for travelers and campers. The jacket comes with an attached hood and is available in different colors. The jacket is insulated with 90% white duck down, making it a very warm companion on chilly days. Available at an affordable price, this one can be happily added to your wardrobe. This highly warm quilted puffer jackets iconic style to a line of men’s jackets. It offers you should be as lean as possible and the jacket should be a good fit.

14. WOCACHI Men’s Down Jacket

This durable packable jacket from WOCACHI is for those who don’t want to splurge on their winter wear. Ideal for daily wear, the jacket is made from high-quality material and is a stylish option too. Available in many colors, this jacket is suitable for you if you’re not looking for anything heavy and too fancy. It can keep you cozy no matter how extreme the weather and temperature gets during winter. With the insulation material it will keep you really warm and toasty inside.

15. MADHERO Men’s Puffer Jacket

The usual classic puffer jacket, this one comes in a very lightweight design in a variety of color options. This is a water-resistant jacket with complete protection from extreme cold weather. The zip closure and elastic cuffs prevent the cold from entering into the jacket, keeping you warm. The jacket has been insulated with duck down and duck feathers. Whether you prefer classic styling or you’re a trend-junkie, this one for everyone in the hottest looks for the coolest months.

With this, our list of the 15 best puffer jackets for men ends! We hope you’ve found the piece you’ve been looking for. Let us know if we missed something here.

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