15 Best Outdoor Clocks

Are you on the lookout for the best outdoor clocks? There are several options in the market and if you too are looking to buy one, you should have some kind of an idea regarding the kind of design you will need and even the dimensions that will suit the area. We have tried to incorporate as much variety as we possibly can in the list of outdoor clocks. We believe that it is the right selection that will help you earn the satisfaction of having made the right purchase. Finding the right outdoor clock can complement the home or business and add a personalized touch or fascinating focal point. Outdoor clocks can have many purposes and can be an inexpensive way to bring the beauty and style to your outdoor living area.

Clocks are often a constant part of many people’s lives and many depend on them throughout the day to remind them to stick to their deadlines and schedules. It just helps in keeping a schedule. Most outdoor clocks tend to be larger in size and they mostly come with big numbers so that reading the time is not a Herculean task. It is also important to ensure that the clock you choose should blend with the overall theme and design of your place. A well chosen theme clock does wonder to accentuating and enhancing the overall look and feel of the place. So, keep an eye out on the different designs we have come up with and also check the budget factor in mind. When you have done both, you will be able to make the right decision and enjoy your purchase.

1. FirsTime & Co. Sundeck Outdoor Clock

This sun shaped wall clock with a rustic copper finish is a great option for adding a designer element to your outdoor decor. It also features a thermometer that displays the temperature on the clock face. With 19 inches of diameter and 1.75 inches of depth, the size is perfect for outdoor use. You can also alternately use the clock for a large indoor space. While using it in the outdoors, make sure to hang the clock in a covered area and protect it from extreme weather conditions like rain, extreme heat or cold.

2. SkyNature Outdoor Clocks

A hygrometer and thermometer enabled clock, this one by SkyNature comes with an 18 inch diameter and is big enough to be used outdoors. It features a waterproof seal ring that prevents water penetration inside the glass lens. There’s a battery cover to prevent permeation and add to the overall life of the clock. The metal frame not only looks classy but it also adds to the overall appeal. The clock is resistant to weather as well as UV radiations making it one of the best options for outdoor use. Watch out for the three different finishes that the clock is available in.

3. Smilemary 12-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Clock

Featuring a black plastic body with bright silver bezel, this clock with a retro design is one of its kind. It comes with a rear cover that is waterproof and the front face also has a rubber seal to prevent permeation. These factors make it resistant to weather and the best piece for outdoor use. The hanging slot at the back is wide enough for easy use. The clock features a silent mechanism as the hand movement in non ticking. It is durable and requires minimal maintenance.

4. PresenTime & Co 18" Indoor / Outdoor Luminous Farmhouse Wall Clock

Available in three different finishes and two size variants, this self illuminating clock is a wonderful utility and decor item for your outdoor setup. The smart light sensor works flawlessly to automatically light up the clock when it is dark. It features a thermometer and hygrometer that displays the temperature and humidity levels respectively. This clock is also resistant to UV radiations and hence durable. Both front and back of the clock is sealed for making it resistant to water. Go for this vintage style clock and add elegance to your outdoor area.

5. Pure Garden Wall Indoor Outdoor 18” Clock

This 18 inches wall clock meant for both indoor as well as outdoor use is available in four different finishes. All the finishes have a white clock face with black metal hands thus time keeping is very easy. The simple yet modern look of the clock can easily blend with your existing decor. The waterproofing ensures that the clock can be easily used outdoors and can survive all weather seasons. It also features a thermometer and a hygrometer that works efficiently to display the temperatures as well as humidity reading. Go for the finish that appeals the most to you.

6. FirsTime & Co. Garden Stone Outdoor Wall Clock

This plastic wall clock featuring a stone finish look is meant for people who love accent clocks in their outdoor areas. Being made of plastic, the clock can easily withstand natural elements but not when the weather is at the extremes. It is suggested to be mounted in a covered outdoor space for more durability. The clock has a thermometer and a hygrometer enabled. Having 18 inches of diameter with large roman numerals, it is easy for you to note the time even from a distance. Watch out for the varied stone finish options available.

7. Smilemary 16 Inch Large Outdoor Wall Clock

Add a rustic element to your existing decor and revamp your outdoor look by mounting this gorgeous clock. Having a plastic make with a bronze finish, this clock has a white dial with large numbers so that it is easy to read the time even from a distance. It features a waterproof rear and a sealed front thus making the clock waterproof and apt to be used outdoors. You can read the temperature and humidity too. It is easy to clean and maintain the clock.

8. La Crosse Technology 404-1946-INT 18-Inch Clock

This wall clock by La Crosse comes with an atomic self setting time technique and the pewter color finish adds to its beauty. This classic vintage looking clock has a plastic make and is resistant to weather thus apt for outdoor use. The numerals are large sized on white clock dial thus it is easy to take note of the time. It also features temperature and humidity readings and both are clearly visible on the clock face. The dial is protected by a glass lens. This 18 inches wall clock is perfect for all decor types.

9. AcuRite 75133M LED Illuminated Outdoor Clock

This big sized wall clock features a 24 inch diameter and has large numerals for effective time keeping. The big clock face is visible from a distance and the luminescent feature makes it easy to see the time even when its is dark. You get three light modes to set wherein you can either keep the light always on, deactivated or set a four hour timed mode. You can pick from two finishes and both are equally beautiful to look at. There are two gauges on the clock dial; one for temperature and the other for humidity.

10. BEW Store Large Outdoor Clock

One of the best clocks for outdoor use, this one by BEW Store comes with a sealed ring to prevent water seepage. The 18 inches of diameter along with black numerals on white clock dial makes it super easy to note the time even from a distance. Constructed out of anti corrosion metal, it is perfect to be used outdoors. The hygrometer and thermometer gauges display the humidity and temperature efficiently. The clock has a silent mechanism and looks exquisite when hung on the outdoor wall. You can pick from five variants available.

11. 45Min 12 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Wall Clock

Featuring a black frame with bright silver bezel, this wall clock will a clean and simple look is just the perfect one for you outdoor setup. It has a silent quartz mechanism and temperature display coupled with large numerals that help in easy time keeping. The glass lens covering the clock dial has a rubber ring that prevents water penetration and it is also easy to clean the clock. There is also a rear cover that protects the back of the clock from water damage. You can also use this clock indoors if you wish to.

12. Amotpo Retro Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Wall Clock

The Amotpo outdoor wall clock is the apt choice for you if you are looking for gorgeous retro vintage style clocks for outdoor use. You can also mount this clock indoors but it has specific features like waterproofing that makes it perfect for outdoor use. The waterproof glass lens makes the clock fit for all weather seasons. It works with a silent quartz mechanism and looks elegant on the wall. The 12 inches of diameter with clear big numerals makes the time easy to read. Pick your choice from two available variants.

13. Yumtim 12 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Waterproof Wall Clock

Grab this retro style clock having the perfect vintage vibe to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor decor. Featuring temperature reading and large sized numerals on a cream colored dial, time reading is very easy on this clock. The glass lens is waterproof and makes this clock one of the best choices for outdoor display. You can pick your desired option from two variants available. The glass lens is also high quality thus making this clock upscaled. The clock is easy to clean and you need not spend hours in maintaining it.

14. SecreShow indoor outdoor large clock

This stylish indoor outdoor clock comes with tons of features. These include but are not limited to hygrometer, thermometer, and more. It is also designed to be waterproof and the face won’t steam up either. The design is undoubtedly classy and elegant and is sure to fetch you tons of compliments. The face of the clock is so designed that you can read it readily and easily sans hassles. There are different areas where you can place this clock and it is sure to rev up the style factor. It is easy to use and makes use of battery. It can be handled easily too.

15. FirsTime & Co Laguna outdoor wall clock

This 18” wall clock comes in one of the stylish design that is sure to appeal to people of different age groups. It is round in shape and features an all in one weather station along with a thermometer and hygrometer as well. It is made of good quality plastic and is likely to last long as it is versatile. It comes with an additional distressed teal frame that accentuates the overall look. The clock can be hung both indoors and outdoors.