15 Best Minimalist Chronograph Watches

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In recent years, people are starting to appreciate the simplicity and uniqueness that minimalist product brings to your outfit, style, and way of life. Minimalism does not have to do with only fashion, it is a way of life. Now that people have lived flamboyant lifestyles, minimalism is the new type of unique. You do not have to be loud before people notice you, and before they can tell the amazing quality you have on. If you want to be minimalist, you would stop yourself from buying unnecessary items that you do not need. You would only buy essential commodities. The same applies to chronograph watches. 

There are different types of chronograph watches, but the minimalist brands do not contain unnecessary features and designs that other regular wristwatches contain. You can buy a minimalist chronograph watch to help cut down on your spending, or because of environmental factors, or just to have a clutter-free environment. These are some of the reasons why people prefer going for minimalist products. It depicts a simple, and easy going lifestyle.

When you buy a minimalist chronograph watch, you should not expect the watch to have the unnecessary flashiness and flair that most products have. Minimalist products only deal in essential, important details. Minimalism has been accepted by different people, and different professionals from all walks of life. Some of the professionals that have accepted minimalism into their profession and way of life are; engineers, architects, fashion designers, and many more. They incorporate minimalism to help keep their job simple, stylish, and cost effective. The best minimalist chronograph watch you would buy should not be too expensive or flashy.

Over the years, watchmakers have been gradually incorporating minimalism into their products, and there are quite a number of minimalist chronograph watches available on the market. To make the best choice, you have to be careful, take your time, and ensure that you review the product you want to buy carefully before making your purchase. Here is a list of the best minimalist chronograph watches available on the market.

1. Nordgeen Philosopher

This is the first watch on our list, and it is a product of Danish watchmakers, Nordgreen. This company has been able to successfully battle their rigorous competition by providing quality and durable products that only the top producers in the watch industry can offer. This watch was designed by the lead designer Jakob Wagner. The aesthetic design is beautiful and pleasing.

You can make your choice between either the 40mm or 36 mm polished stainless steel case. The inner dial is paper-like white, and the outer base and indices are matte stainless steel. The base of this watch is wider than the face, this would always draw your attention to the centre of the watch. If you are a lover of minimalism you should go for this product. It is available on Amazon.

2. Timex Weekender Fairfield

This collection from Timex also consists of watches with minimalist designs. They have a simple dial with stick hands, and bar hour markers. The white watch face is in a 41mm silver-tone frame, and is covered by a mineral crystal window. It has quartz movement, and the Indiglo night light allows you to tell the time in the dark.

For a minimalist watch the double-layered color variety is an option you can go for to display your creative side. The nylon slip-thru strap allows you to strap the watch to your wrist securely and comfortably. The nylon straps are interchangeable, this allows you to choose your preferred mood for the day. It is available on Amazon.

3. Fossil: The Minimalist

If you are looking for another brand that produces quality, minimalist product, Fossil is another brand that you can trust to deliver according to your specifications and expectations. This brand offers a wide range of sophisticated, minimalist watches. You can always check out their collection to select your preferred choice.

However, all the products available from the company have the same quality standards has this product. The big face of this watch is encased by a 44mm case. This allows you to easily read and tell the time. You can also choose between the three-hand and two-hand model. The company ensures that their straps are versatile and interchangeable. You can make your purchase on Amazon.

4. Timex Reader

This is another durable product from Timex. The minimalist design of this watch is second to none. It has a simple dial with stick hands. This watch is water-resistant up to a distance of 30 meters. It has quartz movement, and all features apart from the second-hand are colored black.

For a minimalist watch this lightweight and simple piece is fashionable. It weighs an amazing 3.17 ounces, and it would blend seamlessly with different type of outfit. It has interchangeable straps that allow you select your preferred design, color, and style. It is available on Amazon.

5. Victorinox Alliance

You might have been wondering why we have gone this far, and we have not mentioned any Swiss product. Well, watches that are Swiss-made are believed to have superior quality when they are compared to other watchmakers. This is one of the reasons why Swiss-made watches are always expensive.

However, a lot of work has been put in to ensure that this minimalist watch is top-notch, affordable, classy, and simple. The strap of this watch is made from pure stainless steel. The black analog design makes use of silver indices and hands. This watch is powered by the Swiss-quartz movement. It is water-resistant up to 330 feet. It is available on Amazon.

6. Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom Watch

This product has taken minimalism in chronograph watches to another level. When you look at the black dial, all you can see is the slim hour hand and minute hands. There is date bar at 3 o’clock, and a 12 o’clock market. All these exceptional design brings out the beauty and simplicity in minimalist watches with this product. 

It is encased in a 40mm stainless steel, and is covered by a mineral dial window. This watch make =s use of quartz movement, and it does not require batteries. It is powered using light energy. The 23mm black band is made from leather, and the tang buckle clasp allows you to securely strap the watch to your wrist. It is available on Amazon.

7. MVMT Revolver Ghost

This brand is similar to the Fossil brand mentioned earlier. They also offer a wide array of minimalist watches. This particular model has a sleek design, and it’s second and hour hands are available in different colors for you to choose that which would suit your style perfectly. Some of the colors available are; white, grey, navy blue, bronze, and nude. The watch has hour markers, and the MVMT logo is stylishly designed at the 12 o’clock.

You can decide to wear this watch on either casual or formal occasions. It would fit either occasions seamlessly. The straps available are either; leather or stainless steel. This watch is water-resistant and durable. It also has a 2-year guarantee. It is available on Amazon.

8. Triwa Midnight Falken

When you buy this minimalist product from the stables of Triiwa, you would be getting an all-black simple watch with an amazing design. The only part of this watch that is not black are the hour and minute stick hands. All other features like the case, logo, and crown are all black.

The 38mm case of this watch is stainless steel, and the leather black strap is durable and stylish. The buckle closure lets you strap the watch to your wrist easily and comfortably. It makes use of the Citizen Miyota movement, and it is water-resistant. There is a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. It is available on Amazon.

9. Original Grain Wood Watch

This minimalist watch is a product of Original Grain, and it would supply with top-notch, effective services. It has a sleek 40mm stainless steel case. The thin wooden bezel around the dial complements the stylish design of this minimalist watch. The white dial has an analog display, and is covered by a scratch and dust-resistant mineral glass.

This watch makes use of quartz movement, and it is water-proof. The band is available in a 24mm brown leather. This brown leather would complement the wooden bezel and overall style of this watch. It would blend seamlessly with either formal or casual wears. It is available on Amazon.