15 Best Mini Blenders

If you are conscious of living a healthy lifestyle, you will need to stay hydrated and juices and smoothies might be a good way to go. There are tons of mini blenders out there that come with super portable design. This ensures that you can take these blenders even when you are heading out and this will allow you to stick to your diet no matter where you are and some of these blenders come with a one handed variant which means that they are really easy to use.

Depending on the style of mini blender that you get, it will be best suited to different types of cooking uses. Not only should the mini blender be the style that is attractive to you, it should have enough power to do the job you need it for. Many have the same amount of power as the larger blenders even though they are smaller. Especially if you are making smoothies since ice is a difficult ingredient to crush.

Most of the blenders will come with BPA free material which renders them safe to use. So, explore the details of the kind of power rating it has, the capacity of the cups, the style of the blender, the weight and portability factor and then you will be able to buy the perfect blender for yourself. We are sure that you will be able to find the right one in your budget and something that will also meet your requirements too. We believe that you should always opt for good quality of blenders that are likely to last long and will give you a good run of your money.

1. Zulay portable blender for shakes and smoothies

When you are opting for a portable mini blender that can help you have a healthy smoothie whenever you want, this is the right option to pick. With a net capacity of 13 oz, it is ideal for travel and also supports the USB recharge option too. It is available in several exciting colors and is made from the best quality of BPA free plastic. The materials are all food grade meaning that it won’t harm your health in any way. The motor is mighty powerful and you can have healthy juices in less than 2 minutes.

2. Hamilton beach personal blender

This mini blender is great for taking it on the go. It comes with its own travel cup and lid and no matter where you are headed, you can take this mini blender with you and be all set to enjoy the good time. It is available in several colors and two variants too. The design is super compact and portable and it is made of BPA free and food grade material. It has a 14 ounce capacity and the blending can be done with a single touch. The two is powerful.

3. Meet juice portable blender

If you are on the lookout for quick, efficient, and portable blender for your juices and smoothies, this might be one of the smartest choices at hand. It is available in three different color options and is made of premium quality of materials. It is eco-friendly, food grade material, and the best BPA free plastic.  It has a capacity of 17 Oz and the battery and blade is mighty powerful too. You can blend the juice with the help of a simple button and there is also a switch for power stop.

4. Ninja personal blender

If you are looking for a more professional look for mini blender, this one seems to be quite a decent pick. It comes with 2 cups measuring 16 ounces each and also comes fit with spout lids for easy drinking. Along with this, the motor is wonderful as it has a rating of 700W and uses the pulse technology. It also comes with the option for frozen blending too. It is safe to be used in dishwasher and is a portable choice. The overall form factor is impressive and it is robust and reliable.

5. Tenswall mini portable blender

For those who want to have a powerful yet super portable mini blender, this model seems to be a really good choice. It comes with a USB rechargeable option and the motor is powerful enough to churn different vegetables and fruits with remarkable ease. The cup has a capacity of 13 oz and the blender makes use of intelligent safety protection system. The blade is really good and there are 6 of them rather than the traditional 4. This produces smoothies quicker and better. It is made using the best quality of food grade material.

6. Home geek personal mini blender

If you are looking for a stylish mini blender that you cam carry with yourself to different places, this model seems to be an excellent option at hand. It comes with a portable juicer cup which you can use to drink your smoothie. There are 2 bottles of 20 oz each and it comes with an easy to use design as you can operate it with a single hand. You can crush fruits, vegetables, and even ice or anything you want to make a smoothie out of the motor is quite powerful.

7. Hotsch portable blender

Available in three exciting colors, this personal blender comes with a high degree of safety. It is made of food grade, BPA free material and the design is eco-friendly and safety enabled too. It comes with an auto stop design and has a shock absorbing and non-slip base for enhanced ease of use. The blades are powerful and come with 7.4 voltage rating. It comes with 4000 mAh USB rechargeable battery option that can definitely help enjoy the process of making several smoothies on the go with ease.

8. Ninja nutri pro compact personal blender

For those who want a more professional blender that can serve their need, this is the right option from the house of Ninja. There are two cups in it with varying capacity as one measures 18 oz and the other 24 oz. It runs on a motor of 900 watt capacity and this ensures easy breaking down of fruits and vegetables. The cups come with spout lids that help you carry your smoothies on the go. The blender is made of BPA free material and is completely safe to use. You can also put it into a dishwasher too.

9. Personal countertop blender

If you want one of the smart countertop blenders that pack in several features, this one by Cincred seems to be an exciting choice. It is really easy to use and can make juices and smoothies in the matter of few minutes. The design is such that you can put the cup wherever you want. The cup is made of the best quality of materials and can be carried everywhere and is also dust proof. It comes with a really powerful motor and there are four blades that can cut through vegetables easily.

10. Devan portable blender

Available in two colors, this blender comes with a really smart design. It has the smart safety enabled which ensures that the motor won’t get overheated even when you use it for long hours. The design is rechargeable and portable at the same time. It comes with a powerful electric motor and has 6 stainless steel blades. It has a USB rechargeable option and a battery rating of 2000 mAh which means that you will be able to make as many as 8 or 12 cups over a single charge.

11. Supkitdin portable blender

Another catchy design of mini-blender, this is a travel friendly model. The extractor part of this blender is made of premium quality of stainless steel. The body is made of food grade material which is eco-friendly and non-toxic too. The motor is powerful and can help you churn juices and smoothies in matter of few minutes. The design is versatile and can be used for varying purposes. It is portable and light in weight. The juicer cup can be taken on the go and is fit with rechargeable batteries.

12. Doshabal portable blender

Available in two color variants, this mini blender has a portable juicer cup that is designed to be non-toxic, BPA free, and even eco-friendly. In order to offer superb mixing, it also comes with 6 blades that are made of good quality stainless steel material. The mode has recharging option as the batteries can be charged again and again. It is multi functional and can also be used to carry baby food. It is really easy to use and cleaning the blender is a piece of cake as well.

13. Greecho portable blender

This mini blender boasts of the unique one handed design as you can make smoothies and juices with the use of a single hand and with remarkable ease.  It has been made using ultra smart safety protection idea. The material is made of food grade, BPA free, non toxic nature. The motor is mighty powerful and helps in churning smoothies on the go. It also has the finest ease of use and doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance either. The capacity is 12 oz and it comes with charging option too.

14. Oster my blend blender

Available in several colors, this mini blender comes with a unique design and also has a dedicated bottle to take your juices on the go. The sports bottle is made of BPA free material and is safe for use. The bottle is dishwasher safe. The motor is powerful and has a power rating of 400 watt. The fuse is resettable and revives the power in 15 minutes in cases of overheating. The capacity is 20 ounces and it also comes with a recipe book to enjoy the healthiest smoothies.

15. UIO personal blender

For those who want a really powerful blender, this model seems to be an excellent choice. It comes with 2 travel cups, each measuring 20 oz. It is made using the best food grade material and is designed to be BPA free as well. It can be put to a dishwasher for easy cleaning. The motor is powerful with a rating of 250W and it has 6 sharp stainless steel blades. This mini blender is really easy to operate and doesn’t need any special instructions. It is designed to be super portable.