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15 Best Luggage Covers

Travelling across the world is one of the biggest and most common fantasies that probably everyone has. We all purchase expensive clothes, accessories and footwear to show off our style everywhere. And to keep them safe, we purchase the best quality baggage which can accommodate our stuff safely.

As these bags may cost from a few bucks to 100s of dollars based on their brand and quality, you may not wish to get even a single scratch on them. The protection of your expensive baggage is also necessary and you should think about it as well.

How about if we tell you that you can have a long term insurance for your $100 suitcase in just $20? No we aren’t offering you any insurance scheme but we have a product that can protect your baggage from jerks, scratches and dust. These covers are usually made from different product and can range from variety of quality that can help prevent liquid stains and other damages.

If you use a cover for your smartphone, definitely you’ll be able to relate to this. We have brought 15 best covers for your baggage which are attractive to look and durable in build. These 15 covers are made up of spandex and polyester and have the best elasticity for your luggage.

Let’s checkout what we have got for you:

1. Travelkin Luggage Cover Washable Suitcase Protector Anti-scratch Suitcase cover Fits 18-32 Inch Luggage (Autumn leaves, S)

Travelkin Luggage Cover Washable Suitcase Protector

A baggage cover keeps your baggage in disguise. The Travelkin luggage cover is made up of soft material composed of spandex and polyester fibre. It is washable and can be washed in a machine or manually. It has proper cuts and cavities for handles, wheels and trolley handles. You can use the handlebar by opening the side zip which is made invisible and towards the inside. The rose gold, grey and other dark shades in the palm leaf pattern make it a good looking one. Its strong fibre keeps your baggage safe from scratches and mishandling. It is available in all sizes and you can have this in a size suitable to your baggage.

2. Explore Land Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector Fits 18-32 Inch Luggage (Black, S(18-22 inch Luggage))

Explore Land Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector

While patterns and designs may or may not suit your taste, solid colours always find their way in your assorted list. This travel luggage suitcase cover is elegant to look and feel. It has a bottom opening and a suitcase can be placed inside there. It has precise cavities for handrail and trolley handle and may suit suitcases of all type and shape. It has invisible zippers which are durable and last long. It remains hidden in the bottom so you need not worry about the baggage’s look.

3. Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover Protectors 20 24 28 30 Inch Luggage Cover for Wheeled Suitcase (28''(18.9''L x 12.6''W x 26.4''H))

. Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover Protectors

If you want to invest in a good looking suitcase, definitely you would wish to flaunt its beauty among everyone. But at the same time, you are worried about the safety of the baggage too. There, Yatako clear PVC suitcase cover comes to the rescue as it keeps your baggage visible and safe from sharp things. It keeps your baggage water-resistant and safe from scratches and dust. You can have this in various sizes. It has a set of hooks to be joined at the bottom and keep it intact at its place.

4. WUJIAONIAO Travel Luggage Cover Spandex Suitcase Protector Washable Baggage Covers (S (for 18--20 inch luggage), Go Travel)

WUJIAONIAO Travel Luggage Cover

Travelling with the best luggage bag keeps you free of worry. But you can do that in style too. If you have an old suitcase that has lost its charm due to multiple scratches and marks, you can put up a Wujiaoniao travel luggage cover on it and give it a fresh look. This cover has a nice pattern on it which shows the entire world in a nutshell. It looks great on the green shade and can be purchased as per the size of your suitcase. With an easy zipper, it can be fastened at the bottom for optimum safety.

5. Luggage Cover, THome Protective Washable Suitcase Cover - Travel Elastic Spandex Suitcase Protector with Luggage Tag Fits 19 to 20 Inch Flower

Luggage Cover, THome Protective Washable Suitcase Cover

The spandex and polyester fabric remains stretchable and fits perfectly on surfaces of its size. The THome protective washable suitcase cover is a well-proportioned cover that adds glam to your luggage. It has a trendy flower pattern which has multiple bright colours to suit your mood too. It is available for sizes ranging between 19 inches and 30 inches. It has a dual opening for handles and strong stitches with inner stitches zipper for prolonged usage. These washable covers can be washed in the machine or manually without any fear of tearing.

6. Travel Suitcase Protector elastic sleeve Cover 18"-20" Anti-Scratch Luggage Cover Size S

Travel Suitcase Protector elastic sleeve Cover

This travel suitcase has a dotted structure which looks different from other such sleeves. It has a stretchable combination of spandex and polyester with 15%:85% proportion respectively. It is well fitted for different shapes of suitcases. There are two slits for the handles on the top and side for easy access to it. It is easy to clean in machine and by hand. Alternatively, you can just flick it to remove maximum dust. The constant usage of this cover keeps your baggage secure. At the bottom, it has a zipper along with the elastic band with clip for double assurance.

7. 3D Print Giraffe Design Travel Suitcase Protector Elastic Sleeve Cover 19"-21" Anti-Scratch Luggage Cover Size S

3D Print Giraffe Design Travel Suitcase Protector Elastic Sleeve Cover

Kids love to personalize their stuff as per their taste. Since they carry their own luggage in a separate suitcase, they may love to have their favourite creature printed on the same. If your kid loves animated giraffes, this suitcase cover will be a fine choice to gift your child. It is made up of durable material which is elastic in nature. It can be fixed easily to the suitcase and removed for washing purposes. It has a strong and thick zipper at the bottom along with an elastic strip with a clipper for a proper grip.

8. TAPE FIVE Washable Travel Luggage Cover Thickened Luggage Cover 18/24/28/32 Inch Suitcase Spandex Protective Cover (L(26"-28"luggage), Pocket Cat)

TAPE FIVE Washable Travel Luggage Cover

The tape five Washable travel luggage cover is a great choice for girls and kids. It has a denim print on the spandex and polyester-based fabric. It has a great fit due to its stretchable fabric. It is durable and offers adequate protection from external issues like dust, scratches, jerks, etc. the material of this cover is top-notch and usually remains in shape for years. It is a perfect gift for your kids and yourself for a happy weekend getaway.

9. DailyTreasures Travel Suitcase Protector Cover, 1pcs Fabric Elastic Spandex Luggage Velcro Cover+2pcs Suitcase Handle Covers+1pcs Luggage Tag, Protective Washable Baggage Cover M 23/24/25/26 Inch

DailyTreasures Travel Suitcase Protector Cover

This multicolor bag cover is a perfect match for your casual meeting, weekend picnics, and outings. It has a freestyle paint texture with several bright colours taking their shape as per the suitcase’s shape. The colour pattern is very eye-catching and can be easily recognised in crowds easily. The colour strips pattern is in a shape of alphabet S which looks great and creates some kind of illusion for the onlookers. This flexible cover has an elastic strap with clip and zipper at the bottom to keep things intact.

10. Travel Luggage Cover Anti-scratch Baggage Suitcase Protector Cover Fits 18-32 Inch 3D Colorful Pattern(Pulsating Earth)

Travel Luggage Cover Anti-scratch Baggage Suitcase

The black shade in almost anything looks classy and smart. It emphasises the look and appeal of any pattern or image placed over it. This anti-scratch baggage cover has a picture of the earth. It can be a great gift for children as they would be keen to play with this picture and find their place on the giant picture of earth. The fitting of the cover is top-notch and can be purchased as per the required size. It is a perfect buy for your new or old baggage and word well for the purpose.

11. WOMFUI Cute Mickey Mouse Travel Suitcase Cover Elastic Luggage Cover Black Protector Fits 22-24 Inch Luggage

WOMFUI Cute Mickey Mouse Travel Suitcase

Growing kids love to carry their own luggage. They also enjoy playing with it, dragging it, and making things on it. If you are afraid of their kiddush activity that may ruin your luggage, then try the WOMFUI cute Mickey Mouse travel suitcase elastic luggage cover which is made of soft material. Your kids would love to spend good time with these Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse animations and this will keep your baggage safe as well. It is made out of high elasticity material to fit perfectly on your luggage.

12. Explore Land Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector Fits 18-32 Inch Luggage (Carnival, M(23-26 inch Luggage))

Explore Land Travel Luggage Cover

If you have ever been a fan of abstract art and have some interest in modern designs, this baggage cover can be a good choice to add to your accessories. It has a rainbow coloured peacock printed on the half side of it while the remaining half is completely black. It looks extremely simple yet attractive to be used for your luggage. The soft material used in this cover is made up of Spandex and polyester for optimum fit and lasting age.

13. TRAVELKIN Washable Travel Gear Cover, Thickened Luggage Cover, 18/24/28/32 Inch Suitcase Spandex Protective Cover (S(18"-21"luggage), Country Map)

TRAVELKIN Washable Travel Gear Cover

The TRAVELKIN washable travel gear is a kids’ delight and offers high quality graphics to stand them apart from the crowd of suitcases. The world map printed on this cover attracts kids and they love tracing different countries and cities on these maps and play around with it. While the graphics are very attractive, this cover is very durable for prolonged usage. The world map also signifies that the baggage belongs to a traveller who wishes to travel the whole world or has already travelled. This cover has strong stitches and invisible zippers for attractive appearance.

14. Luggage cover Protection 19-21 Inch Travel Suitcase Elastic protective sleeve Washable travel luggage covers Prevent travel Suitcases scratch Luggage covers Travel Suitcase Protector (Orange, S)

Luggage cover Protection 19-21 Inch Travel Suitcase Elastic protective sleeve
Solid colors always grab people’s attention and if the colour is bright, it will definitely be a headturner. Earlier we showed you a solid black coloured cover which looked simply astonishing. This time, it’s a bright orange colour that can be recognised from a distance. It is ultra durable and can be stretched to fit suitcases of one or two sizes up. It has a zipper at the bottom along with stretchable straps and clips to secure the suitcase all across. If you know the dimensions of your suitcase, you can pick the right size as well.

15. Myosotis510 Cute 3D Luggage Protector, Don't Touch, Size L(27"-30" luggage)

Myosotis510 Cute 3D Luggage Protector

This is one of the finest choices for kids who wish to have a different appearance for their baggage. The bright sky blue color of the cover with “Don’t touch” marking on the same lets them have an authoritative appeal while emphasising their swag. It has a swag mood face printed on it which looks attractive and cute to kids. It has double stitching for better build and double protection at the bottom with zipper and elastic strap. This’ll make it firm at its place throughout your outing.