15 Best Large Mouse Pads

There are plenty of different types of mouse pads that are available in the market. When you are looking for large mouse pads, it will allow you to move the mouse quite a bit and that too with ease. So, you should make it a point to understand what your requirements are and then based on the same, you will be able to make an informed purchase. This extra support for your keyboard acts as shock absorption. It makes typing more comfortable and helps keep the wear on your keyboard to a minimum.

Always make sure that you are paying heed to the quality of the mouse pad because inferior quality ones may not give you the right clicks and they even tend to get damaged easily. There are several brands that make large mouse pads because there is definitely a good amount of demand for the same thing in the market.

If you have other specifications to be mindful of at the same time, you should try to explore those too. Some people are particular about the type of pad and the print they are getting too. So, check every aspect duly and choose the kind of mouse pad that will serve your need in the right manner. We believe that with the finest search parameters, you should be able to land up with the right purchase. 

1. Tonos Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

This gaming mouse pad available in two sizes (XL and XXL) is made out of premium textured lycra fabric that is so smooth that your mouse will glide on it like magic. It feels comfortable beneath the palm and you will not feel any irritation on your skin even after hours of continuous use. The mouse pad features an anti slip rubber base and it holds the table surface firmly once placed. The stitching on the edges is delicate yet strongly done and you will not find any deformation or fraying after long usage.

2. Anpollo Gaming Mouse Pad Large Size

Have an excellent desktop set up as this mousepad by Anpollo has a large size that can conveniently cover the desk surface and make it look neat and clean. Having an anti slip rubberized base, the mouse pad does not slip and helps you in easy mouse operation. The ultra smooth surface feels premium and allows easy, quick and efficient mouse movement thus you can have complete control in the game. The upper surface has a waterproof coating that not only repels water but also turns any spillage into droplet form that ultimately slips down from the pad.

3. YSAGi Desk pad

This beautiful and gorgeous looking mouse pad is big enough to accommodate the monitor, keyboard, mouse and other stuff on the desktop. You can pick from varied print options available. The upper layer is made out of PU leather and feels premium. You will love the soft and smooth feel of the surface. Being waterproof, this mousepad will protect your table or desktop from spills of any type. It also protects the desktop from scratches, dust, dirt and any damage. This mouse pad is also easy to clean and thus it is durable too.

4. EFISH Large Gaming Mouse Map Pad

The EFISH large gaming mouse pad with a map design looks cool and stylish when laid flat on the desktop. The premium built quality coupled with the apt size makes it one of the best options out there. It features an ultra smooth and soft finish that ensures proper movement of the mouse. The reinforced edges add to the life of this already durable mouse pad. It also has an anti slip sole made of rubber so that it clings well to the desktop surface. Having a 3 mm thickness, this mouse pad is waterproof and prevents the surface in every sense.

5. VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Provide your desktop a more upscaled and organized look by covering it with this amazing mouse pad that has an extra large size. The sides are so delicately and perfectly stitched so that the mouse pad does not easily wear, tear, deform and degum. It has got a dense rubber sole that prevents slipping and keeps the pad in place even when you glide the mouse over it. The super smooth surface helps in easy mouse operation and you will love playing games as the mouse will be in complete control. This mouse pad is also easy to clean as all you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth.

6. Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector

Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, this desk pad can revamp the look of your table, desk or any other surface where you set it up. It has got a pu leather make and feels premium to look at. The touch of the pad is also amazing. Having just 2 mm of thickness, the pad is ultra thin and you won’t be able to feel anything under your wrist or hands. It features a cork suede backing and thus stays firm on the table. The under surface is sure to stay protected when you are using this pad over it.

7. Gallaway Leather Desk Pad

Packed in a an amazingly beautiful sleek box, this desk pad makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones. The Pu leather make adds to the quality of this pad and you will love the feel of it when you rest your wrists on the pad for operating the mouse. The surface is ultra smooth and ensures the right mouse operation as well as control. The back is made out of suede and makes the pad anti slip in nature. This desk pad also has a slight cushioning effect to it and it eases out pressure from your wrists and hands thus adding to the comfort level.

8. iCasso Desk Pad

The iCasso desk pad is multi purpose as you can use it on several types of surfaces like gaming desk, office desk, dining table and anywhere else in your home or office. It is crafted in such a way that both the sides can be used equally. The desk pad also features a strap that helps in easy folding of the pad and you can carry it anywhere with you. It is water as well as heat resistant and thus durable. This also in return protects the table surface from damages of various kinds.

9. Dierya Gaming Mouse Pad

An exquisite glowing mouse pad, this one by Dierya has RGB lighting enabled and you can play with 11 dynamic and static modes combined. Having a dimension of 14×10 inches, the size is perfect to cover your gaming desk and have enough space to organise the monitor, keyboard, mouse and other stuff. This mouse pad not only has an anti slip base but the upper surface is so smooth that you will enjoy using it. The delicate weaving on the edge adds to the life of the mouse pad as there will not be any deforming or degumming.

10. Ktrio Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Crafted with premium quality material, the Ktrio gaming mouse pad is available in XL, XXL as well as XXXL sizes so that you can choose the one that suits your desktop or table size. It can be used at offices or as a gaming desk pad and you will love the smooth texture of the pad. The edges have been stitched delicately and it prevents fraying or deforming of the mouse pad that is a common issue with regular ones. The rubber base ensures that the mouse pad does not move from its position while you glide the mouse on its surface thus giving you perfectly controlled mouse movement.

11. Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate

If it is time to revamp your desktop look and fetch something that can not only protect the surface from damage and dust but can also jazz up the desktop setup, this large mousepad is the perfect solution. You can use it as a mouse pad, writing pad or simply for covering your table top. The undersurface of the mat is such that it can easily grip any surface type including wooden and lacquered desks. Crafted out of pu leather, the deskmate looks modern, chic and ultra stylish. It is water resistant and super easy to clean and maintain.

12. YSAGi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad

Coming in three size variants, it is easy for you to get the perfect one as per your desktop or table size. This desk pad has both side utility and you can flip it over to use the other side when desired. The pad is ultra thin and feels great to touch and use because of the super smooth finish. Made out of pu leather, it is one of the best things you can have for your desktop. It only only protects the surface from damage and scratches but also allows easy mouse usage.

13. MROCO Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Have your desktops and table tops covered with this premium quality mouse pad that provides the ultimate mouse gliding experience because of the ultra smooth finish. The mouse pad is also water resistant and it forces liquids to turn into droplets and slide off its surface instantly. It protects the table or desk surface from all sorts of damage and looks great too. The edges are so stitched that the mouse pad will not fray or wear out easily. The slip resistant backing keeps the pad firmly set on the surface once installed. You can pick from the two sizes available.

14. Cmhoo XXL Professional Large Mouse Pad

Available in a wide range of print designs, this large mouse pad by Cmhoo has a large size and can easily accommodate the keyboard and the mouse together. You will be amazed to see and feel the ultra smooth finish of the mouse pad. It features a rubberized crosshatch style backing so that the pad does not move from its place while operating the mouse on it. You can easily clean the pad by wiping it off with a damp cloth. The high built quality of the pad and specially its edges makes it a total winner.

15. INNÔPLUS Store Gaming Mouse Pad

Having the option to pick from four attractive designs, this large size mouse pad by INNÔPLUS Store has a high built quality. The smooth finish and rubber base ensures that you can have full control over the mouse movement and the edges are stitched to add to the durability of the mouse pad. You will not notice any peeling, fraying or deformation of the pad even after a long period of use. The thickness of the pad is around 3mm and it is enough to keep the mouse pad stable for a long time period.