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15 best high back office chairs

When you are working at your office, the kind of chair you have assumes gargantuan importance. It is important to have a high back office chair for the simple reason that it gives your back the right arch which in turn supports the body weight and gives your spine the right posture too. If you fail to have the right office chair, it is going to make it tiring and cumbersome to work incessantly. So, you should make it a point to have the best high back office chairs that come packed with adequate cushioning and support.

When your body is well supported, you will be able to work for long hours and this in turn is going to have a positive impact on your productivity too. We have tried to come up with some of the best options as far as high back office chairs are concerned and we are hopeful that you will surely find something good among these options. There is no denying the fact that with the right selection, you will be able to enjoy your time at the workplace and focus in the perfect manner too.

Carry out your daily activities with much more ease by buying this kind of office chair. Selecting a good office chair should be given much importance because it affects a lot of factors in our everyday life. To stress this point, let’s look into high back office chairs.

1. Office ergonomic chair high back multifunction

If you are on the lookout for a multi function high back chair, this one by Adolavie seems to be a perfect pick. It boasts of an ergonomic design and comes with the best lumbar support along with having an adjustable headrest too. This chair has been designed to offer the right support and posture to the spine and is suited for long working hours too.

The backrest is adjustable as the angle can change between 90 to 135 degrees. It also comes with a pneumatic lift system and has a breathable mesh back. It is also very easy to install as well.

2. Morcoe high back ergonomic executive office chair

For those who are on the lookout for big high back chair that is trendy and super comfortable at the same time, this one seems to be a great and befitting option. The adjustable chair has been designed to offer the right back arch and can be adjusted as per one’s height, body shape, and preferences too. The handle offered can also control the tilt present in the chair as there are two modes to pick from – tiltable and fixed. The armrests too are a great aid and add to the overall comfort and stability.

3. Intergreat executive office chair

Intergreat is one of the reliable brands in the world of office chairs and this model seems to be a popular choice too. Like most other chairs, it comes with an ergonomic design and so will suit the curvature of the body perfectly. The waist pads are thick and so are the cushioned seats as well. Along with it, the armrests seem to be arched. It is made using the best quality of leather. Besides, if you think of all the benefits you will be getting with a high back chair, consider it as an exponential return on your initial investment!

4. Lorell soho high back leather executive chair

Those who are on the lookout for an efficient high back chair that offers the best of comfort should make it a point to check this one. It comes with the best quality of leather material. The height is easily adjustable and it also comes with 360 degree swivel which allows for complete and seamless rotation. There is also provision for centre tilt control and it comes with the option of upright lock too. Buy the right office chairs that will fit your working needs is harder than you think.

5. Noblewell ergonomic office chair high back

This high back office chair boasts of one of the best possible quality and is designed in a way that it is meant to mimic the shape of the spine. This in turn ensures that the right sitting posture can be maintained. The headrest is adjustable and the armrest is a great aid too. There is a breathable mesh design and the sponge cushion too gives adequate support.  A high back chair will give good overall back support whether you are working or resting.

6. Neo chair ergonomic adjustable office purpose

Neo chair is one of the well known and trusted brands in the world of chairs and this one too seems to be the top choice. It comes with the right kind of lumbar support and also had an adjustable rolling swivel that allows you to glide wherever you want with ease. The base is wider and improves the stability and it also has anti-shocking protection. It boasts of the finest quality and has a capacity rating of 300 lbs. A high back chair gives general overall comfort for the body as the back has proper support, along with the neck and head.

7. Gabrylly ergonomic mesh office chair

This premium quality office chair has been designed keeping a lot of points in mind. It has 4 key supporting points and gives the best lumbar support. Along with this, the height of the seat is adjustable and it is large enough to accommodate people with larger body build too. The armrest can be loaded and adjusted easily. It comes with breathable mesh fabric and can be installed with ease. This chair is indispensable for every level of business, from receptionists answering phones to executive offices.

8. Smugdesk office chair

The Smugdesk office chair comes in dark black colour and is made of good quality textile. It has a breathable mesh and also comes with memory foam. These ensure that the body can stay cool and comfortable even with long working hours. It also comes with easy to adjust height provision and even the angle of the headrest can be adjusted with ease. This prevents soreness from developing in the neck region. This chair is perfect for all those people who labour hard in their offices sitting on their office chair, the least they can ask for is a comfortable chair.

9. Ticova ergonomic office chair

Ticova is one of the well known brands and they always make it a point to stick to the best of quality standards. This high back office chair comes with 140 degree reclining angle and also has a rocking mesh. It also comes with an adjustable headrest and a comfortable armrest as well. The backrest can fit the spine well and will ease the backache. It has a waterfall edge design and can help in dispersing the pressure evenly. Getting Ticova chair can help reduce or even eliminate the source of this back pain and ensure your working hours become a much more pleasant experience.

10. Gaming computer desk office chair

If you are on the lookout for a versatile chair that can be used at office and also for gaming purposes too, this one by Nihami seems to be the perfect pick. The material is top notch as it comes with high density shaping foam that lends extra support and cushion. It also has built in electric massager for enhanced comfort and the lumbar pillow will give you the kind of comfort you can only dream of. The segmented padding is surely an advanced enhancement.

11. Homall gaming chair high back

This gaming chair by Homall comes packed with several important features and it comes in exciting colours too. It is made using the best quality of material and can support weight up to 300 lbs. It comes with an excellent recline function as the angle can be switched from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. This chair also comes with a rocking function and offer the best of support to both gamer and office goers. It is likely to last long and will give good comfort even with prolonged use.

12. Furmax Office executive chair

This executive chair by Furmax comes with an excellent design and is suited for several different place and events. The cushioned back and even the upholstered seat are sure to help you stay fit even after slogging in the office for a long time. It comes with a heavy duty base and has 360 degree swivel for easy movement. It also has pneumatic controls and you can easily lower or even raise your seat just the way you please.

13. Berlman ergonomic high back mesh chair

Those of you who are very particular about the kind of comfortable chair you have, Berlman surely hold the answer for you. It come with a mesh back and has a breathable fabric. It is made from premium quality of material that will last long and has a high density sponge for cushioned comfort. The seat is wide to accommodate even those with larger build and can be assembled with remarkable ease. The supported load is 250 lbs. This chair provide a calming and relaxing environment then the employees will definitely give their hundred per cent.

14. Amazon basics Classic office chair

For those who are on the lookout for a minimal design of office chair that will serve your need, this one is surely a smart choice. This chair comes upholstered in black bonded leathers and has a padded seat for extra comfort. It also comes with easy seat height adjustment and the dual wheel casters are a bonus. The highest supported weight is 275 pounds and with the instructions offered, assembly can be done with ease. The chair is comfortable to use and is likely to last long.

15. Halter executive office chair

Halter is one brand that is known to many. This executive office chair features high back and comes with reclining design as well. It has a very thick padded seat that guarantees the right kind of comfort and the caster wheels ensure that you can glide the chair sans hassles.

This chair has been designed to offer you the best kind of spine support and even the arm rest is well designed to give you the right cushioning. The chair is set on 5 point base for enhanced stability. The high back chairs have great features that make adjustment easy, appropriate and convenient.

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