15 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

Gaming is not just about doing something in free time, it is about an experience which may ruin or make your day. It is a great activity to jazz up your logical skills on how to tackle situations and deal with the worst scenarios. Hence, playing games need proper setup and gadgets for the best experience.

But as computer gaming is an expensive hobby, the gadget you would require for a satisfactory gaming experience, you may need to dig deep into pockets. Though, not anymore. We are here to serve you something as affordable as under $50.

Gaming keyboards are mostly constructed as a mechanical keyboard as these keyboards have well balanced keys and move freely than any other keyboard. They are also heavy duty with best available switches and features. The major part of gaming mechanical keyboard is the rigid and heavy chassis, rainbow backlit LED and gaming modes and macros for easy and faster response while playing.

The backlit of a gaming keyboard usually comes with a number of features and functions. The number of features is endless but their main purpose is to enhance their enthusiasm and serve it with flowing, breathing, vibrating, etc type of modes. The audible clicks of the mechanical keyboard paired with backlit and shortcut modes makes up a great piece for your gaming needs.

So, if you are also searching for an awesome gaming keyboard, here is  a list of 15 best gaming keyboards under $50.

1. Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with PBT Pudding Keycaps, 89 Keys RGB Backlit Wired USB Computer Keyboards with Blue Switches & Surround Lighting for Desktop PC Gamer

Do you like to move with those rainbow lights and click notes? Havit Mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the finest quality keyboards which uses the latest tech to serve your gaming thrust. The translucent keycaps lets you feel your involvement in your feature and graphic rich game. It is an 89 keys machine which is connected through wire and has a USB socket at the end. It has 14 kinds of backlight modes along with 11 surrounding light modes. These 25 modes together create an awesome gaming aura.

2. ABKONCORE 100% Mechanical Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard K595, Full Key Rollover Wired USB Rainbow LED Backlit, 104 Keys Splash-Proof GTMX Blue Switches for Gaming, Work, Home, Office, PC, Mac, Windows

Gaming is about living a virtual life and fighting with weapons, enemies, crushing the cars, and doing a lot of such stuff. All these activities need to be felt and hence it should be 3 dimensional. Gaming keyboards sparks-up your zeal and you enjoy it much better. Abkoncare is a computer peripheral device manufacturer. Their mechanical keyboard is composed of GTMX switches which translates every single click in an adrenaline rush. It used cherry mx blue equivalent switches for perfect audible clicks for best experience.

3. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, K1 LED Rainbow Backlit Keyboard with 104 Key Computer PC Gaming Keyboard for PC/Laptop(White)

A white color keyboard may look different for the gaming purpose, though it would look like a person wearing white suit and bow in the crowd of black tuxedos. This gaming combo includes a keyboard and mouse. Both these gaming spec devices have a rainbow effect which matches your mood to spice up things. The keyboard is a full size one with 104 keys. It is designed ergonomically to let your fingertip reach the right spot within the fractional interval. The mouse has 4 adjustable DPI settings. It’s a great utility for gaming and office purposes.

4. FIODIO Membrane Gaming Keyboard, USB Wired Keyboard with Rainbow Backlit, 104 Comfortable Quiet Silent Keys, 26 Anti-Ghosting Keys, Spill Resistant, Multimedia Control for PC and Desktop Computer

We use multiple keys at once while playing games on our computer. However, pressing multiple keys may confuse the system and you may lose your virtual challenge. To bring such issues to an end, we have got you covered with Fiodio membrane gaming keyboard. This is a USB wired keyboard with 26 anti-ghosting keys which can be played simultaneously to convey your commands to the system easily. Hence, it keeps your game moving in the right direction. It is a 104 keys silent unit with soft rubberised touch area.

5. Amazon Basics Gaming Keyboard

Amazon has a vast portfolio of affordable and high quality products. With their firm steps in computer peripheral devices, they have manufactured an amazing gaming keyboard which is minimalistic and smart to look at. It is well built and well programmed to understand the complex inputs. To serve program custom macros, it has 5 dedicated keys (G1-G5) along with 3 mode keys (M1-M3). These keys provide you a combination of upto 15 acro settings to zeal up your gaming. It has anti-ghosting features on 19 keys.

6. FIODIO Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Rainbow Backlit Ergonomic Keyboards with 104 Multimedia Keys Wrist Rest, 1600 DPI Gamer Mouse for Windows PC and Desktop Computer (F-1100, Black)

Fiodio wired gaming combo is a value for money pair of gaming keyboard and gaming mouse. Both the devices have a sturdy build quality and work effortlessly. The brand calls it an all in one PC gaming value set. The backlighted keyboard has 26 conflict free anti ghosting keys with a total of 104 keys. Hence, it is a full size keyboard with a number pad. To enhance your gaming experience, you get backlit buttons which work in tandem with the game and lets you feel the essence of your game.

7. BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard and Backlit Mouse Combo, USB Wired Backlit Keyboard, LED Gaming Keyboard Mouse Set for Laptop PC Computer Game and Work

If you need a true RGB colour backlit keyboard with a transformer inspired mouse that possesses the same attitude that you do, you must check out this one. The Blufinger RGB gaming keyboard is a feature rich keyboard with 104 keys for your every single computing purpose. It is made up of ABS plastic and has a sturdy built. There is a steel plate inside the keyboard which keeps the things stable and rigid. The mouse has 4 different LED breathing lights. This combo comes with a mouse pad as well which has optimum quality.

8. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard – IP42 Dust and Water Resistance – 6 Programmable Macro Keys – Dedicated Media Keys - Detachable Palm Rest Included (CH-9206015-NA)

Corsair is a fast growing brand in computer peripheral device manufacturing. The Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard is a feature rich gaming device which comes with multiple modes and characteristics to enhance your gaming experience. It has 6 dedicated macro buttons to program your shortcuts and structure your gaming in a premium and effortless manner. It has a detachable soft rubber palm rest which works as great utility. It is backed by a powerful software to control the RGB and macro toggles.

9. Mafiti RK100 3 Color LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Multimedia Mechanical Feel Keyboard for Primer Gaming Office

While rainbow colours zeal up your gaming experience, single backlit colour looks dope. Mafiti RK100 is a 3 LED backlit gaming keyboard with green, red and yellow LEDs. It is a full size 104 key keyboard with 12 hot keys. The keys are concave shaped to keep them ergonomic and usable. The fragile buttons like the spacebar are strengthened for better operations and longer life. The backlit is functional and can be adjusted for brightness as per the application. The keyboard lights go off after 10 min of standby and can be brought back to lit with a single press of any key.

10. PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard, Crater Architecture Backlit Computer Keyboard with 8 Independent Multimedia Keys, 25 Keys Anti-ghosting, Splash-Proof, Ideal for PC/Mac Game, Black

A gaming keyboard’s primary job is to have an extremely fast response rate. It should also have a lot of shortcuts and macros to enable the real time modes for an unmatched experience. If you are also looking for a similar gadget, you would probably like the Pictek RGB gaming keyboard. It is a wired keyboard with multiple dedicated functional buttons. With 12 shortcut keys, you’ll be able to access volume, music, search, email, etc functions within a flick. It has non-fading characters and hence the keyboard has a longer life.

11. Rii RK100+ Multiple Color Rainbow LED Backlit Large Size USB Wired Mechanical Feeling Multimedia PC Gaming Keyboard,Office Keyboard for Working or Primer Gaming,Office Device (US Layout)

Easy operation of keys is a must for unmatched gaming experience. The Rii RK100+ is a wired gaming keyboard with the usual 104 keys. It is a full size keyboard with 12 shortcut function keys. It has rainbow backlit and characterised by special fonts on every single key. It is an ideal gadget for home, office and gaming purpose though it isn’t the real mechanical keyboard. It has a good audible click sound to enhance your experience. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Windows, MAc, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Google Android TV, etc.

12. DGG YK600 RGB Wired and Wireless Dual Mode 60% Compact Mechanical Keyboard,61 Keys Mini Gaming Office Blue Switches Keyboard with 1850mA Rechargeable Battery for Windows/MacOS/Android System, Black

A compact keyboard serves you with a lot of ergonomic and space utility options. While wired keyboards ensure the best in class functionality, wireless keyboards have gained the technology for flawless performance. DGG YK600 is a wired cum wireless keyboard for your gaming needs. It is available in white and blac colors and has a USB type C connector for wired operation. It supports 2.4G wireless mode which runs a 1850 mA battery. This battery is good for 10 hours of backup. This 61 key keyboard is ergonomically designed for prolonged use.

13. PICTEK TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB LED Rainbow Backlit 60% keyboard with Blue Switches, 27 LED Lighting Modes 87 Keys Keyboard, 100% Anti-Ghosting Tenkeyless Keyboard for Windows PC/MAC Games

Pictek TKL is a true gaming keyboard and possesses maximum features and requirements of a gaming setup. It is equipped with double shot injection molded keycaps. These keycaps create a nice aura with lights and increases the life of the key characters. The concave shape of key tips is ergonomic and lets you slide your fingers from one end to another. Thus, it helps you while playing to select multiple modes and controls to defeat the opponent in a much lesser time. It has 87 keys layout with 12 shortcut keys and Win lock key.

14. MFTEK RGB Rainbow Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Compact 87 Keys Backlit Computer Keyboard with Gaming Mouse, USB Wired Set for PC Gamer Laptop Work

The MFTEK rainbow gaming keyboard is a decent gadget for gamers. It has RGB backlit and 87 keys for all your gaming needs. It has double shot injected molded keycaps which are ergonomic and lets you switch between one function to another quite effortlessly. This is a combo surprise for you and packs a keyboard and mouse for your gaming needs. The mouse has 6 buttons and 4 DPI modes for an unmatched gaming experience. It has a breathing LED effect which is a must for a perfect gaming atmosphere.

15. FIODIO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, LED Rainbow Gaming Backlit, 104 Anti-ghosting Keys, Quick-Response Black Switches, Multimedia Control for PC and Desktop Computer, with Removable Hand Rest

If you aren’t sold till this point, then you must be expecting this one. The Fiodio mechanical keyboard is the most unique and highly functional keyboard. It has uniquely styled keys with ergonomically curved keycaps. These keycaps help users to slide fingers like a breeze and fulfil the demand of gaming. The black key switches are awesome to use and perfect for a next level gaming experience. It comes with a natural inclination and the removable wrist rest is a very good inclusion. The full-spectrum backlit looks great and enhances your overall feel.