15 Best Funny Socks to Buy

When it comes to shopping, socks are probably the most overlooked yet necessary items one cannot ignore. Most of us do not pay much attention to socks shopping. There are a plethora of socks available on the market based on where you wear them. Plain socks look boring and mundane, while colorful socks look bright and add a punch to the outfit. These are worn with some specific shoes to prevent odor and add more comfort. In antiquity, socks were made from matted animal hair and leather. Machine knit socks were introduced much later in the 16th century. Socks knitted by machine co-existed with hand-knitted ones until the 19th century when hand-knitting was stopped. Today, machine-socks are sold predominantly. These are available in umpteen colors, designs and style. Meant to cover the feet and ankle area, these socks come in different sizes based on one’s preference.

  • Over the knee
  • Knee-length
  • Executive
  • Crew
  • Anklets
  • Low cut
  • Extra-low cut
  • Invisible
  • Toe cover

Knee-high socks are usually preferred by women to wear under the shoes or boots during cold weather. It helps keep the feet warm during winters. Calf-socks cover some part of the calf, though it is a tad below the knee. The most common socks these days are ankle socks worn with low-cut shoes such as casual wears or loafers. It is perfect for a sophisticated look. These socks are designed to bring a smile to your face whenever you look at them. Whether it is animal or flowers or funny quotes, we have accumulated them all for you in a pair of socks. Here are the 15 best funny and colourful socks to buy to add some zest to your casual outfits, or your home clothes, have a look.

1. K. Bell Women's Original Collection Novelty Casual Crew Socks

The fuchsia socks in a middle finger design is a casual sock in crew size. It is made from cotton (55 per cent), spandex (2 per cent) and nylon (43 per cent). The premium quality imported socks are washable in the washing machine and are easy to maintain. Also, the pull on closure is convenient. Designed in Log Angeles, it assures high quality. These fish crew women socks match perfectly with casuals and athleisure clothes. The vivid fuchsia color looks bright and catchy.

2. Hot Sox Women's Food and Drink Novelty Casual Crew Socks

Another crew socks in hot pink color featuring pizza design look funny and cute. Wear it with sneakers, runners, flip flops or any other shoe, it goes well with everything. It is made of soft fabrics such as cotton (50 per cent), spandex (2 per cent), polyester (28 per cent) and nylon (20 per cent). These stylish and unique socks with smooth toe seam provide enhanced comfort. It is washable in the washing machine. Wash it inside out and do not iron. Also, the arch support keeps it in place.

3. HSELL Mens Fun Patterned Funny Novelty Crazy Cotton Socks

The colorful funny socks feature funky designs including burger, taco, sushi and cheese. These imported socks are made from 90 per cent cotton and 10 per cent polyester. Wash it in the washing machine or with hands, it is suitable for both. It is suitable for both men and women. Gift it to your male and female friends or family members, it is a perfect gift for people of all age. The crazy designs go well with casuals, night wear and much more.

4. Funny Mens Colorful Dress Socks - Crazy Design Socks

The funny men’s dress socks come with funky designs such as sushi, fries, taco and much more are perfect for him or even her. Wear it to office or outings with friends. Catch attention in these funny and comfortable socks. Match it with sneakers, flip-flops, slip-ons and sliders, etc. The bright colors and pop-culture design looks fashionable and chic. Feel cozy in these soft and cosy socks all through the day. Add these socks to your wardrobe and get the funky look you always wanted.

5. Balanced Co. That's What She Said Dress Socks

Made from 80 per cent cotton, the crew socks in black and light blue stand out amid mundane and boring socks. The premium quality socks feature combed cotton and ‘that’s what she said’ with Michael Scott design. It is soft, cosy and breathable, ideal wear with your shoes, be it runners, sandals and other shoes. The durable material lasts long. Besides, it does not fade or shrink. It comes in one size and is suitable for both men and women. Suitable with casuals, dresses, athleisure and funky clothes. The soft socks made from cotton (80 per cent), elastic (3 per cent) and polyester (17 per cent) are snug to wear.

6. K. Bell Women's Fun with Words Novelty Saying Crew Socks

The gray socks in the design of the mixed drink look cool and chic. It is made from multiple materials including polyester (73 per cent), cotton (24 per cent) and spandex (3 per cent). These imported socks are washable in the washing machine as they do not require any special care. Available in essential crew size, it is comfortable, cosy and breathable. The premium quality socks with ‘I have mixed drinks about feelings’ and mixed drinks design is perfect wear with casuals.

7. Leg Avenue Women's Knee High Casual Party Socks

The calf-length socks in white color with splashes of red and black look funky and fashionable. It features the ‘ I love cocktails’ design. The premium quality socks made from 100 per cent polyester are soft & snug. It is not advisable to wash in the washing machine. Only hand wash for long sustainability. The pull-on closure is easy and convenient to wear. Draw everyone’s attention in these cool & stylish socks. Wear it with casual wears, athleisure and house clothes, it looks cool with everything.

8. Blue Q Socks, Womens Shoe Size 5-10

The cute and chic socks in crew size are ideal for girls and young women. Wear these with shorts, jeans, dresses and much more. These comfy socks from Blue Q features ‘give no fucks’ with two flowers and a flower pot. Woven from premium combed cotton, spandex and nylon, it is durable and long-lasting. Give your feet the comfort of these soft socks. Feel breathable in the comfy crew socks and stands apart among your friends, colleagues in these chic and cool socks.

9. Hot Sox Men's Food and Booze Novelty Casual Crew

The men’s socks from Hot Sox in black color with beer design are perfect for weekend wear. These casual crew socks are made from cotton (53 per cent), spandex (3 per cent), polyester (23 per cent) and nylon ( 21 per cent). Wash these imported socks in the washing machine, they do not require much care. It is lightweight, comfortable and breathable. Your feet will not feel sweaty or uncomfortable in these socks. The premium socks are durable and dapper. Eye-catching design meets lightweight comfort on these men’s burger socks as well suitable for casuals, formals, athleisure and much more.

10. Blue Q Women's Crew Socks, Bitch I AM Relaxed

The chic and fashionable socks from Blue Q for women have a slip-on closure. Made from materials such as nylon premium combed cotton and spandex, these are durable, soft and durable. Nylon adds strength to the socks. The subtle floral design looks pleasing and fashionable. Washable in the washing machine, it does not require much care. Pair them with casuals, dress, denim and much more it stylizes almost everything. The perfect gift for you and all those A Personality, alpha dogs on your list and try these pair of Socks for keeping your feet warm and your look cool.

11. Jefferies Socks boys Monster Pattern Crew Socks 6 Pair Pack

The multi-colored socks from Jefferies are perfect for boys featuring monster design. It has a crew pattern and comes in a pair of six. These imported socks are made from 70 per cent cotton, 3 per cent spandex and 27 per cent polyester. Also, no closure closure is easy and convenient. Wash them in the washing machine, it is durable and eas to maintain. Also, the colorful patterns and stripes add to its funky look. Wear them with casuals, athleisure and loungewear, it is cosy, funky and breathable. They are perfect for everyday, school, online school, playing, casual wear, relaxing at home, and much more!

12. Hot Sox womens Animal Series Novelty Casual Crew Socks

The crew socks from Hot Sox in grey color with splashes of pink along with yellow, brown and white looks cute and charming. These are made from 60 per cent nylon, 2 per cent spandex and 38 per cent cotton. The imported socks have premium quality and are advised to wash in the washing machine. It is snug to wear and breathable, which prevents your feet from getting sweaty. The women’s socks are funky and ideal for casual wear, or dresses, etc. These artistic and novelty designs attract life-long fans who love bringing wearable art to life.

13. Hot Sox mens Conversational Slack Crew Socks

The slack crew men’s socks from Hot Sox is made from 54 per cent cotton, 2 per cent spandex and 44 per cent nylon. These imported socks are washable in the washing machine. It has a lightweight medical design that looks cool and chic. Wear them with formals and casuals and stand out in these fashionable and funky socks. Made from soft materials, these are super comfy and breathable. Women love cute stuff and thus we have designed cute ankle socks especially for cute ladies out there. Try out our range of exciting prints and socks designs to let the world know that you are different.

14. Men's Funny Design Printed Crew Socks, Casual Socks

The funny men’s socks in multi-colors are funny, funky and chic. These are cosy and breathable, allowing a snug space for your feet inside enclosed shoes.  The knitted socks with funky patterns are perfect for casuals, formals, athleisure and much more. They require no special care and are washable in the washing machine. Feel comfortable and snug in these quirky pair of socks and add a punch to your outfit. The bright colors look vivid and rich. Choose brighter and colorful apparel can lead to a brighter mood throughout the day.

15. Blue Q Women's Novelty Ankle Socks

The bright and colorful socks with slip-on-closure are convenient to wear and easy to maintain. Wash them in the washing machine, they do not require any special care like hand wash or dry cleaning. Give the mundane and plain socks a ditch and wear the colorful, funky and chic socks with bright patterns. The floral patterns with the ‘super fucking awesome’ look cool and awesome. Pair them with casuals like denim, shorts or dresses. They look good with sneakers and other shoes. It comes with a single Helicase Brand sock Ring to help you keep your new favorite pair of socks from getting separated and lost in the wash.