15 Best Drones For Kids

As kids, you may be curious to do tons of things. There are several exciting products available for kids in the market and one such product has to be drones. There are lots of drones available and they come with different kinds of features as well. So, here we are going to share some of the diverse variety of drones for kids and you can check out what each one of them has to offer. Based on these details, you will be able to analyze the kind of drones that seem best for your kids to play with. Also there are so many choices available it’s extremely difficult to pick out just one that can be considered the best drone. It just makes sense to attempt to find the drone that is the best fit for what you need it to do.

While the adult versions are suited for professional photography and even tracking of location and other navigation help, kids can explore their imagination significantly with the help of these drones. So, if you are looking for some exciting stuff to order for your kids that can have them engaged and also work on their creativity and broaden their horizon and knowledge base, you should surely check out the different drones for kids. Most kids get super hooked to these devices and are likely to spend hours on end trying to fiddle with it. So, there are options galore, check those out.

1. HR drone for kids

HR is a renowned name in the world of kid’s drones. This model comes with 1080p HD camera and is designed to be a headless model. It also features one key start and land feature too as the drone will start to fly automatically on pressing the key and will make a smooth landing too. Along with this, the model is also capable of performing 360 flip and it can roll in several directions. This model is also capable of FPV real time transmission too. The drone also offers the best of gestures control as well.

2. Potensic Upgraded A20 mini drone

This mini drone is best suited for kids and comes with several exciting features. It has an easy to play design as it offers the option of holding the altitude and also comes with one key take off and landing feature too. It may also be stabilized during flight without hassles. It has a flight time of 10 to 12 minutes on a single charge. The drone comes in a headless mode and it can fly in any direction by operating it with remote controller. It has 3 speed options as well.

3. Xinhome hand operated drone

If you are on the lookout for a hand operated model of drone, this seems to be an exciting option to check. It comes in two color options and has motion sensors hand that helps in controlling the drone with effortless ease. The motion sensors aid in detecting the different hurdles in the way and the drone can be steered by hand. It is very simple and easy to use and is rendered safe for flying. This model is rechargeable using USB and takes nearly half an hour to charge completely. Fully charged, it will offer a flight time of 5-8 minutes.

4. Cuku hand operated drone for kids

Another smart interactive model, this drone comes in four different color options. It is fully hand controlled and doesn’t require any remote. It makes use of infrared motion sensors so that it can find the hurdles and cross them. The drone comes with a kid friendly shell. Flying this drone is extremely simple and easy. One simply needs to toss it in the air and it will start to hover. It comes with flashing LED lights and has a rechargeable USB mode too. The flight time is 15 to 30 minutes. It is designed to be portable.

5. Snaptain H823H mini drone

Snaptain is a well known brand and this mini drone model acts like a nano quadcopter and is packed with several features. It has a headless mode and can do the best 3D flips as you can move it in any direction you want. Along with this, it also has one key return and can offer the best of speed adjustment too. Upon releasing the throttle stick, it will also hold the altitude and maintain it. It also comes with the provision of controlling three different speed options too.

6. WXFXBKJ New GPS drones

If you are looking for slightly advanced version of drones, this one might cut it for you. It comes in several configurations for you to pick from. It comes with a massive 1200 mAh battery capacity and has a super compact design and comes with foldable arms as well. In order to offer stable flight, it has a dedicated mode function for the same thing. You can also take stunning photos and videos and use the Wi-Fi to transfer it as well. There are three separate camera options to choose from.

7. Force 1 scoot led hand operated drone for kids

Available in two color options, this hand operated drone comes with an ultra bright led that is sure to catch the fancy of the kids. They are very easy to use and come with the best infrared sensors that help in detecting hurdles and offering a seamless flight. It also comes with 360 degree flips and can be moved in almost all directions. It can be used indoors as one simply needs to toss it in the air and it is good to go. The product has been rendered kids safe and has the best quality.

8. Kids flying toys remote drones

This perfect kids toy is the right one to pick when you are looking for a kid friendly model to fire up their curiosity. It is remote operated and can perform different functions including 3D flips, moving in different directions, and more. On a single charge, it can last for 5 to 8 minutes and it takes nearly 40 minutes to charge up completely. This model comes with a UFO shape which can be used for day to day flying. The design is sturdy and robust to avoid being damaged if it gets hit by something.

9. Deerc D20 mini drone for kids

This model of drone is a perfect gift for kids. It is remote operated model and comes with several functions including but not limited to one key land and take off, 3D flips, adjusting the speed, altitude hold, and a whole lot more. It can take some of the most stunning photos and videos which can also be transferred using the integrated Wi-Fi. This model also comes with emergency stop and has 4 propeller guards to ensure safe flight. The batteries can offer 20 minutes of flight time.

10. Holy stone HS210 mini drone RC

This is an excellent gifting option for kids because the drone is a great way to keep the child hooked and increase their curiosity as well. It comes with a headless mode and offers several functions like 3D flip, auto hovering, altitude hold, and more. It offers 21 minutes of flight time and has a very easy to use design. The headless mode ensures that you can move it in any direction you like. Controlling the drone is very easy and accurate and the designing is spot on. It also offers one key land and take off as well.

11. Holyton mini drone for kids

If you want an advanced model for kids as far as drones are concerned, you should surely check this one out. It comes with remote and can be hand operated too. It has several features including the likes of throw to go, auto rotation, auto hover, circle fly, altitude hold and so on. It also has 5 sensors that help it in going front and back and left and right as well. It also does the 3D flip and comes with the best of gesture control too. Designed to last for 15-20 minutes of flight, it has a decent battery.

12. KToyoung hand operated drones

If you want the best of hand operated drones that are likely to last long, this one might be a really good choice. It comes in two different colors and is really easy to use. You can simply throw it away and it will start to fly. The design is portable and can be carried on the go. It comes with a smart sensor and it also offers 360 degree complete rotation. It comes with built in propellers and 4 motors as well. It is made using the best of kid friendly material.

13. Bbtops mini drone for kids

This mini drone has been designed for kids and is an interactive toy that comes with the best of LED lights. Available in two variants, this one makes use of the smart and improved technology. It offers 360 degree complete rotation and has the best infrared motion sensors. It helps in detecting obstacles and overcoming them to enjoy seamless flight. It is really easy to operate and one can simply throw in the air and it will take off. It comes with a USB charger and takes 40 minutes to full charge.

14. Dwi Dowellin mini drone for kids

This is another good choice for drones for kids as it is made crash proof and packs in several amazing features. You can enjoy one key take off and landing and also make the drone perform several flips as well. Available in three different colors, this model comes with a protective design and has the propellers and motors built for the best flight. It has 3 different speed modes that can be adjusted as per need. It has a headless mode that allows you to move it in any direction you like.

15. Q9s drone for kids

Another remote operated model, it comes with some of the brightest LEDs that is sure to have the kids hooked. The neon green and blue light makes it a super hit model among the kids. It has three different display modes as far as light are concerned. The style is made durable and kid friendly and crash proof too. It also has the one key take off and landing button. The headless mode is present that allows you to move the drone in any direction you want. It comes with double the flight time too.