15 Best Drawing Sets You Can Buy

Do you have an artistic side to yourself? Do you love to sketch or paint? A lot of times, parents want to indulge their child in drawing and painting as it helps boost their creativity immensely. This is why you should be on the lookout for some of the best drawing sets. These sets come in whopping variety and most of them come in a zippered bag which means you can take them on the go. Also highlighted is the key role that such retail construction drawing sets play in helping all the parties involved, including the architects, designers, and contractors.

No matter whether you are looking for drawing sets for toddlers with the most basic elements or those for professionals who sketch to make a living, we bring to you the best of options at hand. Feel free to explore the different options we have listed here and we are sure that you will be able to find the right match. Most of the sets we have here are made using the best quality of materi-als and they are also likely to last long. So, explore the details of the features and specifications and see the kind of supplies that are present in them. This will allow you to make the most of the sets and thereby have the best buying choice too.

1. Bellofy Drawing Kit

Bring down your imagination on to paper by using this amazing drawing kit by Bellofy that is apt for beginners as well as perfect for professionals. This 33 pieces set includes pencils, graphite sticks, charcoal sticks, sharpeners, erasers etc. It also comes with a complimentary sketchbook wherein you can showcase your talent. The set is packet beautifully in a case that is compact and can be carried anywhere you want to. It is a great all in one drawing tools kit that every artist will love to have. This one will also make a great gifting option.

2. Premium Art Supplies Drawing Kit

Having a wide variety of graphite pencil grades and much more, this drawing kit serves as the perfect tool kit for art lovers. If you are a beginner or a pro already, this kit is meant for one and all. This 41 piece set is beautifully arranged in a zippered carry case that not only looks stylish but keeps all the tools and supplies secured. The pencils are arranged on folding stands and this makes selection easier. You will love the pencil extender that helps you in taking full use of the pencils even when they become tiny in size.

3. Norberg & Linden XL Drawing Set

This drawing set is a delight for every art lover and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you will absolutely love sketching with this gorgeous art set. Packed with tools that art lovers die for, this drawing set also includes a 100 page sketchpad with premium paper quality. The pencils included in the set are anti slip and provide a good grip. The set comes beautifully arranged in a zippered carry case that is travel friendly too. You can also gift it to an art lover you know.

4. U.S. Art Supply

It is time to dive into the world of art by opting for this amazing art supply kit comprising of 143 pieces. All the tools come beautifully packaged and organized in a premium looking wooden box. The artistic box packaging makes it easy for you to take the kit along wherever we go. You also get 2 sketch pads measuring 9 inches X 12 inches, so all you need to do is open the box, take out the sketchpad and use the color medium that you prefer. The kit has both wet and dry medium colors.       

5. Deviazi Artist Drawing Pencils Sketching Set

Including varied pencils, charcoal sticks, art knife, sharpeners, erasers, and much more, this sketching set consists of 40 pieces of art tools. Perfect for avid art lovers, this drawing set is a versatile one and it can be easily used by beginners as well as professionals. The sketch pad available with this set has 100 micro perforated pages so that you can easily tear off the sheet when you want to. All the contents of this drawing set come beautifully packed in a carry case that has a zippered closure so that the contents are safe.

6. H & B 48 Piece Sketching Pencils Set

Crafted with high quality raw materials, this sketching pencils set includes a wide variety of pencils like sketching pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, pastel pencils etc. You will also get graphite sticks, charcoal sticks as well as pastel sticks in this set. Apart from all this, there’s rubber eraser, kneaded eraser, sharpeners, pencil extender and many more tools. The pencil case is a pop up style stand that makes pencil selection easier. The carry case makes the set travel friendly and it is also compact enough to fit into school bags or any other small bags.

7. Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set

Consisting of colored pencils, crayons pastels and watercolors, this 142 piece art set is a dream come true for art lovers. You will be amazed to see the wide range of painting mediums included in this gorgeous drawing set. Everything is beautifully organized in a wooden carry box that also features a drawer for easy storage of the stuff included in this set and it also helps in keeping your art tools more organized. You can easily carry this wooden art set with you on the go and you will also find it to be an amazing gift for friends and family.

8. Cool Bank 72 Professional Watercolor Pencils

This gorgeous set consisting of 72 vibrantly colored pencils is one of the best watercolors pencils set that you can own. The pencils have a soft core and the pigmentation is so rich that a simple gliding movement will give you a burst of lovely color. You can use a wet brush to intensify or blend the colors and work as per your desire. Having a non toxic make, these pencils are completely safe for children. It comes in a tin box packaging and the pencils are labelled nicely so that you can easily pick the color that you need.

9. Cool Bank Professional Art Set

Every art lover is sure to adore the colors and art tools available in this art set. You will get three sketch pads having 50 sheets each and the paper is spiral bound for ease. You will be impressed seeing the wooden carry box that has all the items available in the set, beautifully decorated and organized in it. Both beginners as well as pro artists will love to own this set. This set is toxin free and completely safe for children. You can also carry it with you if you wish to.

10. AmazonBasics Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit

If you are the one who is looking for drawing sets for a comparatively lesser amount, this one is the best buy. This 17 piece set has a high quality make and it is meant for people from all age groups and also all skill levels. The kit includes, pencils, sharpeners, charcoal sticks, erasers etc. You will get several drawing mediums for such a small amount and it will definitely turn out to be your best buy among all the other options available if budget is a factor for you while comparing various drawing sets. 

11. AGPTEK 53pcs Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set

This 53 piece set by Agptek has everything that any art lover yearns to have always. The pencil variety is so wide that you will love to experiment with your drawing skills and create something new and happening. This set comes packed in a canvas carry case that not just looks pretty but it also keeps the pencils and other tools intact. This wonderful drawing set will appeal to art lovers from all age group. The watercolour pencils included in this set are highly pigmented and add just the right flush of color to your artwork.

12. Sunnyglade Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set

This all in one art set is a complete package for art lovers to experiment and play with textures and colors. Including crayons, watercolour cakes, markers, color pencils, brushes, sketch pencils, oil pastels, sponge and other art tools, this art set also has a double side pop up easel that helps in creating an artwork anytime anywhere. Packed beautifully in a carry case with a handle, you can easily carry this set with you anywhere and the velcro closure keeps things intact. The set is safe for kids as it is non toxic.

13. Glokers 72-Piece Arts Supplies and Drawing Kit Set

Packed in a slim carry case, this drawing kit set is compact and will take up little room in your bag when you wish to carry it somewhere. It has a wide range of pencils like metallic, charcoal, colored, graphite etc. Apart from the pencils, the kit also includes a sketchpad as well as other drawing tools like erasers, sharpeners, pencil extenders,  sandpaper pencil pointer etc. All the items included in the kit have a quality make and the overall look of the kit is upscaled thus it will make for an amazing gift for friends or family.

14. Colore Premium Art Pencils Pack

This pack of 50 pencils by Colore has premium quality pencils including colored, metallic, watercolor, drawing as well as charcoal pencils. It is one of the best pencil collection for budding as well as professional artists. It will be a fun to use these pencils and create art beyond imagination. Kids will love filling colors with these high quality pencils. The colored ones come pre sharpened for ease of use. These pencils are all lightweight thus easy to handle and use. They are resistant to breakage and have a creamy smooth texture.

15. Lucky Crown Professional Art Kit Drawing and Sketching Set

A delight for art lovers, this professional art kit set by Lucky Crown has all the necessary and additional art tools that help artists in creating art beyond imagination. It is a set of 58 pieces and it includes so many stuff that any art lover would go crazy after owning this set. The contents are packed in a stylish looking wooden case with a metal hook closure and a carrying handle that adds to the charm of the set. The super luxurious and gorgeous look of the kit makes its an amazing gifting option too.